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Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    Nothing from Amexserve yet

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    Let’s get it going

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    Yes exactly what they said so what does that exactly mean I’m a little confused lol

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    @Sharon, I don’t know about other TFI’s, but I have PNC Bank, and my stimulus is pending but also part of my available balance.

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    Okay I’m not sure if this is relivant but I have 3 family members that have Wells Fargo account TD and Chase they have all said it hit their account but will not actually be available until Jan 4th to use. With that being said cards like Chime, Netspend, TT and others are available when released so to me it sounds like Monday will be the day for us to see our stimulus money in our accounts. Hold tight it’s coming … Happy New Year to you all!!!!

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    @April several of us have Serve, you can see what people have said by scrolling down. Most of us are still waiting. Only heard of one or two who said they received it and that was on Wednesday.

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    They have nerve not doing this instant,i know for a fact it can be done today my mentally challenge brother got his,td bank

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    nothing yet 3:15 turbo,they charge monthlys

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    I have greendot turbo card 3:15 nothing yet Td bank ppl got it ..theyre defnly not WAVE sending this time,more like polka dotting

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    I just checked my account transcript that just changed today to have 2020 on it and it said refund released 1/4/2020 so I’m thinking tomorrow or monday.

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    Single mom Wellsfargo in Florida nothing yet everyone I known got theirs and nothing for me :( I do need this $$ hopefully we all get it soon.

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    I have ufcw and I’m single, didn’t get mine yet, my bf has a serve card and he didn’t get his yet as well. Anyone else know with a serve card.

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    Shane In NC Have Chime. As of 3:00 Pm est I have not received nothing.. Maybe they aren’t posting today because of holiday?

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    I have an xpectations card witch I’ve used for all my deposits for the last 7 years. I usually get them 2 days early however my stimulus isn’t even pending as of yet. It’s hard being patient when we’re all in some type of financial situation… I didn’t even know I was getting the 1st one, it just randomly hit my card…Ig waiting is all we can do. Good luck everybody!!!

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    Some with SECU and BB&T got theirs today!!

    It’s coming!! I say Monday (hopefully) Emerald Card holders will get it!!

    Happy New Year!
    Be Blessed Be Kind Be Grateful Be Thankful

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    Green dot here 2pm texas nothing yet

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    I also have a -9.90 balance on my turbo card

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    Do you also have a negative -$9.90 ? I have had a negative since July 28th .. Got my first stim on that card now continuing to wait for this one .. I know some people personally who have gotten them thru Golden 1 and Wells Fargo .. fingers crossed for Monday morning!!

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    I have Bank of America and live in Arizona. I had a DD early this morning! Good luck guys!!

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    Annie Franke

    Wells Fargo still nothing and a single mom of 1
    Any one else with Wells Fargo not get theirs?

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    I have Chime and haven’t got mine either.
    I didn’t file my taxes until Nov 5 of 2020,still haven’t gotten my first $1,200 or my refund

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    My transcript says 4th and I have turbo card. So it will be the day before or day of for me. It’s coming people. It’s how turbo or how they sent it out in batches works. It’s always gonna be different.

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    Nothing on turbo yet

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    @Mo yes, I filed for both years and got my first one right away, and it included the 500 for my son, who I claimed for 2019, but not 2018. Still waiting for this one

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    You have to check account transcript not tax return. Account transcript. Account transcript.

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    I have a chime acct and I haven’t received my 2nd stimulus. Has anyone who has a chime receive the 2nd stimulus?

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    Everyone who says they have not received dd, did you file for 2019? Just checked 2020 transcript and it wasn’t helpful, just says no return filed. I did receive the first one right away only because I filed for 2018, I didn’t have to register any bank info, this time around I’m thinking that anyone that did not register for the first one and did not file 2019 taxes, will not get this second round of money until we file 2019/2020 taxes.

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    Do they got a phone number to call

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    What transcript is everyone saying something about i have netspend and been on here for 3 days thinking i would see what every one else is saying and im clueless but Havent got mine either can someone tell me where i xan get this transcript

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    Single filers made it first if have dependents well get it this time irs did easier single filers first thinks about people well get it

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    In Columbus ohio have serve card nothing yet, my cousin has chime and got hers 2 days ago. It’s coming just be alittle more patient. Easier said then done, I know.

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    My sister in law has chime card got hers last night. My other sister in law has emerald card got theirs last night. I used the turbo card when filing last year and got nothing yet. We are in ny. But I know others who have turbo card and have gotten it. It’s coming just the waiting game. 😊

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    I haven’t either and I have chase. At least I know I’m not the only one. My mom has chase and she got it this morning.

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    Some people that have Chase have received payment.
    Some like me have not.
    Guess it has to do with the issue date.
    Wish the tool on the IRS website was up to see when it’s coming.

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    Jacob w roath

    Where my check didn’t get my 1st one yet at all

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    I have a blue Walmart money card and I haven’t received mines yet.. does anyone else have a Walmart card

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    Am I the only one who has chase and didn’t get the stimulus?

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    Married with 2 dependents…checked transcripts and it’s only showing a deposit of $1200 (not $2400) for 1/4. Might anyone know if there will be a second round of the second stimulus?

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    Seems like they are going backwards this time. If yiu got yours last, it’ll be among the first this time, first will be last this time etc… i can’t explain it any other way lol

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    I have a turbo card and still haven’t gotten anything

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    Has anyone recieved theirs on
    A turbo card yet ?

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    Has anyone recieved the
    2nd stimulus check
    On their turbo card yet ?

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    Sam i know me neither I’m so annoyed

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    Bluebird still waiting (va)
    Knew I should have switched my account info over to chase.

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    nothing on money network (meta) anybody get there’s using that debit card.

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    I have chase and still haven’t got the stimulus deposit in my account

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    Yes mine also got his on his netspend but I see alot of single filers or non filers got the first batch this time ( he’s non filer). For me HoH 2 dependents with Chime and waiting. Good luck to you

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    Alyssa Mai

    I got an email yesterday from Wells Fargo saying they would release stimulus funds right away and It never showed a pending deposit before it got my account. I was in one of the last batches of people to receive it last time so I was surprised to actually have it already this time. I’m hoping everyone gets theirs soon.

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    @sharon thank you I have Netspend my boyfriend got his two days ago but I haven’t yet so I guess it’s a waiting game

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    Seem like most regular banks woke up with did this morning. I know 3 people. As far a prepaid debit or mobile banking no one has gotten anything today. Looking like Monday. I have Chime and I’m pretty sure they do not dd on sat and sun.

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    Has anyone actually gotten a deposit today with it being a holiday

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    Farhaad Naim

    Check ur chase accounts!!!!!
    Godbless chase

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    It’s coming people. Check your account transcript if your worried your not gonna get it. And child support or anything cannot touch it besides if you owe your bank.

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    It would be helpful if the IRS get my payment portal could get back up and running
    Been stuck in loop with the IRS accessing my online tax account to view transcript

    Missed new years.. last day of the year with work yesterday and financial closings. I’m ready to catch up today

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    If u go to irs page and u can see your transcripts it says 1/4/21. Account transcript for 2020 is what u wanna go to. It has my last one on there too. So if u can check it do it. I got mine a day early on turbo card last time so thats my guess.

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    Amex bluebird still waiting

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    Chime bank CT nothing yet..

    #4436747 Reply

    varo money here and still nothing as of today!

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    Christina still nothing! Annoying woodforest usually is the best with early deposits

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    I don’t recall if it was on my chime or MCU but either way nothing yet . Single mom with 2 dependents

    Brooklyn NY

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    Turbo card, still nothing. Turbo my ass. Last time I got mine at 3:00 in afternoon on first day. There is no ryme or reason to this. Single mother of 1. Memphis

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    Bank with US Bank in MO and nothing here yet. Received first stimulus on April 15th. Been hearing of a lot of other folks with US Bank see theirs this morning

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    Green dot here 1030am texas nothing yet

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    @BettyJean upon second review, there seems some sources saying that only first round stimulus payments can be intercepted and not second round. I still wouldn’t assume it will be fixed automatically. Also, your bank account can have a garnishment on it, which is a loophole to any non-interception rule. But again, you’ll have to contact child support or IRS. Best to get on payment plan instead of living in fear of garnished accounts etc.

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    I filled HoH with 2 dependents, recieved first check quickly as my childrens mother waited a week extra than me. This time she got her 600 and im still missing the 1800 for me. I use Wisely through my employer. We have the same bank account.

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    WA state 8:16 am nothing on tt card

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    Seen it first hand child support owed not taken out everyone keeps all the money

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    Looks like there has been no deposits made to any prepaid cards today.i haven’t seen one Just cleared in bank accounts for most .. looks like we are all waiting until Monday. I have Chime and apparently still waiting!!

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    Using intuit turbo debit card .. nothing yet .. 01/01/21
    8:07 am California

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    Lena S

    Netspend in NY. Nothing still. :( Boyfriend with Woodforest and nothing yet either.

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    I helped someone with child support owed and they still received stimulus 1. Appears IRS site mentions stimulus would not be taken If owed

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    Amex serve – still nothing. Usually direct deposits show up early. No way to check with serve because they aren’t answering calls due to high call volume. Yeah my ass.

    Idiots. After this tax season, moving on to Wells Fargo or Chase. Any advices?

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    D from Md

    Woodforest in Md. Deposit cleared 10 minutes ago.

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    @BettyJean also, though the dependent check is technically for the dependent’s expenses, the money belongs to the person or people it is written to and so therefore, subject to collection for child support arrears.

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