Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    Wanted to share my personal career experience with managing electronic payment disbursement processing for major US companies for 15 yrs

    Still in all I’m hopeful we will see our payments soon post to our accounts if already sent

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    IRS may have taken a slow approach to processing to prepaid accounts due to concerns with possible kickback payment rejections for closed inactive accounts and the amount of work involved with fixing these transactions from their experience with stimulus 1 processing

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    Has anyone with Amexserve
    Or Bluebird checked their IRS
    transcript and a payment
    Schedule date is showing ?

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    @Amanda scroll down. People with Amex Serve and Bluebird have been mostly saying they haven’t received. Most prepaid cards haven’t received.

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    I wouldn’t call it free. They should do something because for many of us with young children, we literally cannot work due to mitigation efforts. I am not saying that their shouldn’t be mitigation efforts, but I’m a single parent to an asthmatic three year old. And I pay my taxes.

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    I don’t see it on my IRS transcript. Reasons why?!? And I still have not received it. I have a Bluebird

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    People the deadline to get the money out is Jan 15 stop stressing over free money.

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    Hey guys its because the actual pay date is jan 4th if we dont see them by then we should start worrying until then we just have to accept real banks are getting theres faster and its random for us atm

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    Whats the transcript everyone is talking about and how do I use it or find it? Thanks for the help.

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    I have Bluebird American express PREPAID and used it for 8 years with no issues for tax returns. Why isn’t my 2nd stimulus available yet. I’m really stressing. Anyone else with this issue? Thanks for any help.

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    BB&T bank in nc havent received my stim. yet but 6 of my family members got theirs yesterday.

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    NCSECU and still waiting.

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    GA. Chime, nothing as of yet.

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    Ky here chime card still nothing

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    Pa. Turbo tax card. Nothing yet.

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    Turbo card nothing yet

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    turbo card in indiana and nothing:/ no email either

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    Chase bank and still no stimulus

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    TurboTax card here. Nothing yet

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    We are in indiana btw.

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    My mom got hers on netspend Wednesday. I am still waiting on mine with turbo card. I will not use them again ill be using my wu netspend card for this years taxes

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    I have netspend. Nothing yet in NY

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    So what day you get yours should be the same

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    10pm still waiting on intuit turbo tax debit card .. hope they didn’t close the account since there was a negative for so long .. then I’d be waiting for a paper check

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    Go to IRS account transcript and you can find out when you get yours. I’ve got turbo card

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    Go to IRS account transcript and you can find out when you get yours

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    Any luck with turbo tax cards yet ???

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    patience a little longer now

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    BUCKS WON, patience is a little bit longer now.
    Come on Chime

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    Tasha L

    Still BROKE! 2 kiddos. Bank: Indiana members credit union…so brunt out with this foolishness!!

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    Any after 12am action ???

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    Anyone with Netspend got their 2nd stimulus yet ?? Me .. nothing :(

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    walmart money card here and filed through turbo not one red dime of my second stimulus check .please hurry

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    Walmart money card should really just deposit our checks by now geesh ….how is everyone else getting paid even Wells Fargo made stimulus deposits today on a holiday at that and that never happens with Wells Fargo.

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    Is it true that turbo could of possibly closed our negative accounts and now we’re getting a paper check …

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    Auto loan number is different than what irs has. U have to go by what your credit karma has it as. They usually take off the first 2 or 3 numbers. Had this problem till I checked my credit and realized the auto loan number was different.

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    #quenoftompkinsville Megan Bennett

    I have several credit cards and I used one of them to check my transcripts, mine is showing jan 4th I have direct express. Im getting 3K on my kids and 6 for myself and my hubby but im going to decide how it is spent. I thought about giving my kids 25-50 a piece for their cut and for the test Im going to get my stuff out of pawn and whatever is left momma gonna treat herself to some jewelry a massage and a spa date WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Chase customer here, still nothing. I am located in Texas. I tried the IRS tool but it blocked me and stated my auto loan number was incorrect. It wasn’t however. Anyone in Texas with Chase get the 2nd stimulus yert? Very Frustrating

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    I checked my transcript and only see my first stimulus check. I’m hoping it shows up or I receive my second check soon

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    Seeing how people are checking their IRS transcript how do you do that? Almost everybody I know shows there stimulus money as pending in their bank account and mine is not showing anything

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    @Jason thanks man, guess we’ll just get through the weekend. Happy new year everybody

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    Does anyone know if the extra unemployment benefits is for EVERYONE receiving unemployment or is there qualifications.. if so what are the qualifications or where can I see that at ..

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    Ok thank you Chloe, I guess I’m just stuck until Uncle Sam decides to give me my allowance smh

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    @ carey I have the Walmart money card. No deposit but on transcripts showing January 4.

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    @Joshua they must have one of the required forms of ID confirmation under that category in order to confirm their identity to create an account. No way around it. It might be that they have a credit card or an auto loan or student loan. Just because people use prepaid cards doesn’t mean they have bad credit. Many people like getting deposits early.

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    I just want to know how everyone with these prepaid debit cards are able to check their IRS transcript. I don’t have an actual credit card, but the turbo debit card I’ve used the past 2 years for my tax refund. When I try to create an account with IRS it asks all these questions that confirm my identity and it asks for the last 8 digits of my credit card. It will not accept a turbo debit card as a form of identity. So what’s up with that

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    I have Chime. My first stimulus check came on it but so far i havent got anything

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    Anyone else with Walmart money card get a deposit today?

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    Walmart money card still no deposit as of 7:10pm cst. I did check my IRS transcript and it shows 2400 refund for 1/4/2021

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    Will Hurlock

    Just got my SERVE balance alert right on time and still nothing. I saw a handful of folks with SERVE say they did receive theirs already though so who the hell knows

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    I just read this.

    Consumers need to realize that Jan. 4 is the effective date when the U.S. Treasury will actually transfer funds to the institutions for credit to the individual accounts, according to bankers.

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    Sharon Johnson

    Still nothing yet on my chime card here in North Carolina

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    Anyone with US bank still waiting?

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    Wells Fargo in AZ nothing yet here

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    I have American Express Bluebird and have not received anything yet.

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    My U.S. senator just sent me an email stating that although deposits began being sent on December 29th, they’ll continue to be sent for two weeks. Paper checks started on December 30th and will continue until the end of the month. So, if you don’t receive anything by Monday, don’t assume there’s an error.

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    Joshua The first stimulus was set to release on the 15th that’s why u got it the 15th. I have turbo card too but I got mine the 14th last time. It’s coming man. Probably the 4th. What my transcript says

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    Anastasiya Laplante


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    Single dad of 1 daughter in NC 6:42 p.m. nothing on turbo card, can’t check account transcript because iRS can’t verify my identity with just a debit card, getting really pissed off if I have to wait all weekend, got first Stimulus for me and my daughter April 15th, no pending deposit on turbo website, getting frustrated, maybe something soon

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    Yanira Rodrigues

    I have a deposit date of 1/04/21 on my transcripts $1,800. I have two dependents and I though since one turn 17 in April 2020 that they wouldn’t count him on the second stimulus but according to my transcripts he was 16 on 2019 and that’s what counts.

    Good luck to all.

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    Netspend in PA and nothing on my card yet .. anyone have netspend that have gotten theirs?

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    Still nothing here in Delaware in my turbocard. Nothing pending, no emails, text nothing. Account is still open. Had it super quick the first go around. Curious if they will be posting any tonight.

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    Everybody i know had gotten theirs except myself, my credit union will hold it as long as they can and they don’t have a pending so it’s just a guess when mine will come, most co workers get paid the day before me as well my CU just sucks need to find another.

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    I have the turbo debit card I haven’t got anything but the first stimulus check I got at 10 am an it said my balance was 0 but I was able to use my card I wonder if I’ll have the same issue again

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    I have bluebird and have seen nothing yet

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    I don’t have anything on my turbo card . I will not use them again because it’s ridiculous for them to be like other cards that release the money early they are losing a lot of business because of this. Why would I put my paycheck on it to still have to wait no way.

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    Shilee hubbard

    When I well have my next stimulus check on my turbo card

    #4436837 Reply


    Responding to a possible question

    #4436836 Reply


    turbox its 4:38pm and still nothing at all i cant even see if anything is pending

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    Tasha L

    Family member bank with chase bank got theirs today. Married couple with 3 small children. Only got half their $$ smh. No previous children from past relationships so no back child support. This happened to the same couple the first stimulus money as well. So be hopeful but be aware that you may not get full amount owed to you.

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    Will Hurlock

    So I checked all my notifications and emails from SERVE and they do in fact always come through between 5-7 pm. I have not seen anything hit my account yet but it may be an evening deposit based on my evening balance notifications

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    Thank you my family was confusing me saying 10 different things lol

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    When I checked my husbands transcript it also said this, and had an April date of 2020, I didn’t file my 2019 taxes

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    @amexserve are you saying you got your deposit or responding to a question about something else?

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