Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    My mom has the Intuit Turbo Debit Card has not received her second stimulus yet. She hasn’t even received a deposit notification like some users have. The card does have a negative balance of $9.90, but it appears to be active. Should she be worried? Is it coming on the 4th? Thanks.

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    If my 1st stimulus came by check in the mail, why did my 2nd stimulus get deposited on to my turbo tax card?

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    Ah ok thx Paula makes more sense, thz

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    Didn’t file jointly.

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    I have h&r block emerald card nothing yet but its saying I have a deposit for Jan 4th hope that helps

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    Nothing on amex serve yet, 1st stimulus came fast. I get it when I get it I suppose.

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    Nothing yet in wyoming. I have turbo card

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    @richard I’m from Delaware also waiting for turbo card. You are not alone.

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    Update. Finally got in touch with a live representative on my turbo card app. My card is still active and good, they said they just haven’t received my stimulus check yet, but not to worry on their end so I can at least breathe now. Hoping for something soon and I wish all of you good luck!

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    Anyone with Netspend get anything today?

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    I file married jointly, last stimulas wr got full amount in one lump some not spread out

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    If your husband got his wouldn’t you get it same time or didnt file married file jointly

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    Same. My husband and I both use chase. He got his yesterday and I’m still waiting for mine

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    Anyone with chase still waiting? I got mine Friday but hubby is still.waiting. we both use chase and they came on the the first round

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    Just wondering when green dpt turbo tax will get 2nd stimulus check

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    I get banks hold money prob highest intrest accounts, but greendot usually gives me my pay day or two early

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    Kimberly S.
    Transcript IRS link below.
    Click on get transcript link. If you are a new user. Set up your account. Select the blue button sign up. if you have an account already sign in You will need a credit card or some other forms of identity to register. They will do a soft credit pull to verify your identity you can see all your tax info along with if a stimulus 2 payment was issued already

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    Turbo card: none yet, any luck for anyone else using this card.
    G parents got theirs on chime and navy federal.

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    Greendot has your money….they wont release it until the last minute they can hold it. They are drawing daily interest on millions of dollars. They are in business to make money. Just like every other major corporation… They dont give a #$%^ about the customer. Just the money.

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    Chime, Washington State, Just Hit My Account at 12:25 pm PST. They ARE clearing deposits on the weekends!!! Wish everyone the best.

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    1st stimulus people with TurboCard got it 5-6 days after everyone else and they werent ready again for this 2nd stimulus. no info given besides a little note that they are trying to get it to us “asap” for such a huge company handling so much money their phones are off and website shuts down its ridiculous. 2nd stimulus going to be 6-7 days later than everyone else. California TurboDebitCard nothing as of 1/02/21 12:05pm PST

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    Kimberly smith

    How do you check your transcript?

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    Has anyone who had fees taken out of tax refund gotten their deposit or checked transcript and has a date?

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    Seen my transcript says 1/06/2021 which means people if u have chime you’ll see it sun night or really bright early mon morn only thing open is a quick trip

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    Any one from Delaware get it on there turbo card

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    I have greendot 3 depends no stimulas yet nothing pending as of 1/2 @ 2est

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    Tasha L

    Just checked IRS acct transcripts had code 846 with $$ right across. With a date of: 01/04/21. It’ll be Monday for me. Just glad its coming!

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    @Rad you would only need to file 2020 taxes in order to get it if you don’t receive it by end of January. So, no, but with an exception.

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    Brian, sam,
    I read on irs website deposits only m_f no weekends or holidays so monday?

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    Also on Turbo Tax website it claims to be working hard to get us our stimulus DD

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    Does anyone know if you need to file 2020 taxes?

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    I got a DD to my Wells Fargo account 1/1 early morning. My tax preparation fees were paid up front. I am hearing that people who had their fees taken out of their returns last year are the individuals not getting theirs yet.

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    Nothing on turbo tax card as of today last stimulus check it told me pending deposit info this time nothing I’m hoping it just shows up Monday I really need bills paid .

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    @jason Not free, taxes are paid. I personally can’t work due to my young son and lack of daycare due to mitigation efforts. I don’t want his useless other parent’s money or to be under that person’s thumb though I’ve had to do it this past month after savings were exhausted to get my son what he needs. So if I’m over eager and want what was promised, that’s why. Even with useless other parent’s “allowance ” we can’t afford rent and many necessities.

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    My neighbor in ohio said they got there’s on turbo card Thursday. They also waited a month last time to get there’s. I’m broke asf and I’m not gonna flip out over free money. Plus I can also see it on my transcript for the 4th.

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    ronnie g

    california resident i filed my moms stimulus first time because shes on ssi dd to chase bank she recieved her 2nd stimulus new years day i did mine first on 1st round have turbo card still nothing onb 2nd\

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    Woodforest National customer here from San Antonio. I have not yet received the $600 stimulus check but my younger brother, who has USAA, received TWO payments of $600 a few days ago. That’s extremely frustrating considering we both knew who needed the money more.

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    So you got your stimulus $ added to your Turbo Tax Card this morning ?

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    I have blue bird by American Express and I still haven’t received my money hopefully Monday or tomorrow at midnight

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    I have Turbo Tax Card and haven’t got anything

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    I hope everyone receives their
    2nd stimulus very soon
    Let’s all hang in there

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    The ppl on here telling ppl to chill need to stfu fe you dont know what a person has going even more frustrating when they are seeing ppl get there money do get the off here if you not helping period

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    Chloe I got it this morning

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    Nothing from turbo today .. hopefully Monday morning ..

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    Bob C

    Walmart Money Card faq states that stimulus checks are not allowed to be deposited early (not sure why other banks are) and that they are working 24/7 to get them posted. So, most likely Monday for them.

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    I agree with Patrica here. People need to chill and relax. It’s only been since Tuesday Night since stimulus deposits were sent. 3 business days. Friday is a non-banking day. IT’S ONLY BEEN 72 HRS. There’s 350 million in the us, and it cant be done in 3 business days. Good thing is they have to be done by Jan 15th sending payments. It’s commin people, settle down relax.

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    my boyfriend has bluebird, his stimulus was deposited overnight on on new years. So he had it on new years day. He filled through TT, one dependent, no advance, his first stimulus was also DD.

    I still have my pending deposit for the 4th. I filled through TT with two dependents, I also took advance, updated my dd info on getmypayment, I received a paper check the first round, but it will be deposited tomorrow night.

    Hope that helps!

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    Monday is the day. With the holiday and the weekend

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    Anyone get a deposit with wellsfargo? I hate that bank!

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    Hi all.
    Chime StL MO. HOH with 2 dependants. Nothing yet… after reading through posts, truly believe Monday is the day!

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    @brandon you got a deposit today?

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    Has anyone got their 2nd
    On a turbo tax card ?

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    Just checked turbotax and I think they messed up just a little, they put 3,200 on it. I’ll take it sir

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    I really thought woodforest would post but they don’t on weekends on normal days so I guess Monday it is , hopefully

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    I have Woodforest, and I am still waiting…

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    yes nothing yet for us we are with turbo prepaid green dot

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    Husband and I have Chase bank. Haven’t seen anything for ours yet, but my sister who has and daughters friend with Chime have both gotten theirs. Still patiently waiting. And it definitely isn’t going by last names unless they are doing it backwards from Z to A

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    Chime account received 1st stimulus very quickly after we registered our account information but haven’t received anything yet. Family of 5 and scared the electric will be cut before stimulus arrives.

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    Anyone have woodforest and still waiting?

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    I’ve also been thinking that a possible reason for card delays is maybe because on the lines of what amexserve is saying. Places that take fees out of tax refunds for tax returns have money go into special accounts before disbursement to customers, which are now closed. So instead of having bank account listed on tax return, its the fee place. Some of those will bounce back to irs, who then sends it to account fee place has on file for person. Hopefully.

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    walmart money card green dot bank
    No Stimulus yet.

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    @Patricia : hardly. People waiting for money to support their families after economy, schools, daycares shut down. You don’t have to be here if you don’t want to hear people.

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    I have a small town bank that never releases deposits early but was in my account this morning. Hopefully you all will get it soon!!!

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    I’m with Wells Fargo and haven’t seen anything yet. Has anybody from Wells Fargo received theirs yet?

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    I’m with a real bank (US Bank) and have not seen a deposit or a pending transaction yet. Just FYI if people are like me out there.

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    Wouldn’t you be able to tell if your turbo card account was closed? I’ve had a negative 9.90 for a few months but I just ordered a new card I think in October, and plus I can log into the account website, I just signed up for text alerts this week too so I’ll know when my stimulus deposits. I mean wouldn’t you be able to tell if they’d closed the account

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    All you guys chill TF out. They started making payments last week but you could get it anytime within the next couple weeks. Have some patience damn. Like kids waiting for fuc$&ng Christmas.

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    Any updates on rush cards ?

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    Chime indiana nothing yet, got mine early the first stimulus check but the app says any transactions posted on a holiday takes up to 2 business days to process and no deposits happen on sat or sun so im hopeful for Monday

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    Any news on emerald card

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    Any news on emerald cards?? I called and it has a recording that says its going to be deposited on the 4th?

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    I have an open Bluebird account as well as Chase account and have seen a deposit in neither one. I have not been able to validate myself with irs because it is telling me the number entered is incorrect. Suggestions?

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    Kansas city chime nothing yet as well

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