Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    @james as long as your account is open and card is not expired you should have no issue receiving the stimulus payment. Your negative balance will be paid off when the money deposits. Example: -$9.90 then the $600 payment deposits. Balance would be updated to $590.10

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    My turbotax card is showing a balance -9.90 and i was wandering the reason it was showing that and will i still get my stimulus money on my card

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    @Blake Thank you very much for the information you gave all of us

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    Turbo tax website says that this round of stimulus checks will not be available early or qualify for early deposit. You will more than likely get it on the day transcripts say you will get it.

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    @jorge no i haven’t seen very many people at all get it with turbo card. I got my last stimulus on my turbo card just fine. I checked my irs transcripts yesterday and mine says $2400 (4 people) deposit day of 1/4/2021. I would assume we should have it by monday.

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    Has anyone in California received their 600 stimulus check through Turbo Card???

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    I also have a -9.90 have had it for while .. thinking turbo or green dot closed our negative accounts and maybe we’re getting ours threw mail ..
    if it’s not here by Monday I don’t think turbo tax debit card is receiving it ..

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    #quenoftompkinsville Megan Bennett – not here to judge but ill make an exception for you. maybe you should invest that money instead of blow it on white trash stuff. get your kids some nice clothes, new toys, or buy some bitcoin and double whatever you have in a week.

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    Hi anyone get theirs on American express bluebird yet?

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    Mines say 39 cent on my tt card

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    Why does everyone’s turbo tax card have a negative balance of -$9.90???

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    #quenoftompkinsville Megan Bennett

    Im lucky in kentucky mine just hit about 7 mins ago at 12:22 CT. Time to go get me a carton of cigs and fill up my Rendezvous. Ill see you guys in about 45 days when I’ll be back waiting for my tax check. WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!! Happy Spending guys. GOOD LUCK THE REST OF YOU!! Me My sexy hubby and my kids are going to go out for a steak dinner tomorrow and then mommy is going to treat herself to a well deserved massage and spa treatment. WOOT WOOT!!!!

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    If you you provided your bank info to the getmypayment site for the first stimulus check because your banking info changed since 2019 , are they not going on the updated bank account info for DD

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    @Ken Thank you so much! Gives me hope!

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    @Mo yes, I read on The IRS website that they will look at 2018/19 for dd info to send the payment and that FAQ was updated 12/30

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    has anyone with a turbotax card gotten their stimmy? still havent gotten mine but my account is also at -9.90 so idk if that could be causing anything

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    @Ken ty for responding! So they went off her 2018 return?

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    @Mo my daughter did NOT file her 2019 taxes and she got her deposited on 1/1

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    My turbo tax card said my account was closed a little over a week ago.
    Last night I was told to try it again, and suddenly it wasn’t closed and I was able to log in.
    Does anyone know if that would cause the second stimulus to be rejected and sent back to be mailed??

    I have no idea. It’s worth a shot to ask, right?

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    @Lrjon my boyfriend did few days ago and I haven’t yet

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    Has anyone gotten the stimulus money on a Netspend card

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    2nd stimulus was in my chime account on Tuesday and I did the non filers (2020) Because of no income to file regular taxes. I used chime for non filers and received both stimulus in same account.

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    Thanks for the info. I will talk to her about that!

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    I’d also like to know if there is anyone here that did not file 2019 return, and still got their dd.
    I got the first one based on my 2018 return and it was dd without any issues, I didn’t have to give them any bank account info because I always have my refunds dd.

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    Shanmike09 nothing yet I have Netspend and still nothing

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    I hope they are not going base it just on 2019 returns. I did update my bank info on the IRS get my payment tool for stimulus 1 but got a check due to payment was already scheduled
    I’ll know more when the site is online again.

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    How did you check irs online? What site did you go to? All I see is the “get my payment” portal is down……..

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    Thanks. My 2019 return is in limbo turbo tax had a glitch with providing my last year’s AGI which too many e-file attempts forced my return to be mailed. They still have millions of not processed paper returns. That was my final offset to clear my tax liability and I don’t know if it has been processed. My online account for over a year has been locked and needs to be reset. I’ll take the credit if needed on this year’s return if so TY

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    @Victor glad to hear that man. That’s the same situation I’m in with negative balance. Got mine last time with negative balance. Can’t see my transcript so that’s good news you said. Hoping for me and my daughters $1200 next week

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    I can answer this. Payments are only automatic if you filed a 2019 return, get social security, or entered deposit info on irs website by November 21st, 2020.


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    I think that is the case. Stimulus 2 is based on 2019 return only and not the 2018 and 2019 return for stimulus 1.
    Did anyone not file a 2019 return for wage income and still receive stimulus 2 ?

    Please respond

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    Just checked my account on irs online. I have turbotax and it says i will be getting a deposit for 1200 (600 for me,600 for my daughter) 1/6/2021 so maybe that might shed some light on the whole turbo tax waiting question. Im negative 9.90 but was negative on my first stimulus and recieved it no problem. Basically if you got one before on your tt card you will recieve it agin no probs just be patient people.

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    I didn’t enter any payment info by November because I had gotten the first dd straight to my credit union, honestly didn’t think we were gonna get another dd. If anything I’ll just have to wait until I file in a few weeks, still crossing my fingers that we get something

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    So I was very surprised when on Wednesday when I woke up to a notification that I had a deposit into my serve account. I figured we’d be getting a paper check again. I know some are wondering what time serve deposits. Mine hit at 2.02 am. Hope this helps some. Good luck. I know many of us are struggling.

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    Yes it went on my serve card. We file with Jackson Hewitt. Yes back in April when I checked the GMP site it said they had no DD info on file and it allowed me to enter my info (serve) it then gave me a date of when it would be deposited. About 2 days later it had changed to paper check being sent out on that date.

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    My kids ssi survivor benefit stimulus is pending though.

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    So I’ll still get it if I didn’t file 2019? Its not on my transcript. Only the first one. I did enter my bank info back in may after I got a paper check the first time.

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    If you didn’t file 2019 taxes, but received ssi/ssdi or registered your bank info on website by November 21, 2020, payments are automatic.

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    . I hope not either. I didn’t file 2019 but I do see the first stimulus on my 2020 transcripts. I really hope we still get the second one but I’ve been told if you didn’t file 2019 you don’t get the second one but can claim it as a credit on the 2021 tax return for 2020.

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    How do you check to see if you have a pending deposit on the turbotax visa card

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    Did you file your 2019 taxes? when I look up mine and my husbands transcripts it doesn’t give me anything either, not even the first stimulus info. I didn’t file 2019 return, I’m hoping that, that isn’t the reason we haven’t seen anything yet.

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    The other transcript type to view is called
    Record of Account Transcript –

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    There are several types you should be able to access

    I believe the ones with stimulus payment data is on transcript called Tax Account Transcript or one that combines all your IRS info on one transcript called
    Read IRS types per link below. I’m locked out of my account

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    @amexserve on one of the fee/refund transfer websites they said that the IRS doesn’t send stimulus checks through refund transfer companies. I got mine on April 10th for first check, on Serve card. For 2019, my tax return listed the refund transfer company as deposit account, but for 2018, it had my Serve card account number. So, maybe thats why I didn’t get a paper check with the first one, because of 2018

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    I checked account transcript on irs site and it didn’t even tell about first stimulus check. Is the account transcript the correct one that’s the one I checked

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    I’m waiting for Amexserve also. I updated DD info also on the IRS website GMP tool. Got a paper check and not DD The payment had already been scheduled for stimulus 1 is why.
    Expecting stimulus 2 to hit my serve card issued by AMEXSERVE since they also have it on my 2019 tax return

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    Has anyone with a negative balance on their turbo card but the card is still active and working gotten a check in the mail???

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    @Neesee your tax refund went on Serve card, correct? Also, when you filled out direct deposit info on IRS website, was it for your Serve card? Finally, which tax prep company did you use? It sounds like for your first one, it got sent back to IRS due to fees taken out of refund, so you got paper check. But then, they used DD info from website for this one. Thanks for answering though.

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    Somebody also mentioned they had a negative balance but they thought the bank did something wrong with showing the positive stimulus check balance
    They went to use their card and it worked.

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    Stfu 🤫

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    Seen it asked a few times if anyone with Amex serve card has received theirs, I did. 1st stimulus I got a paper check even after filling out DD info into the GMP tool. This time I got mine of serve card at 2am Wednesday morning. Married, 1 eligible dependent. And yes we always get tax advance and pay fees out of refund.

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    How funny my cad has a -$ 9.90 balance also and I have no idea why lol I hope we get our money on Monday come on turbo tax card .

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    Read this from the official treasury department site about tax debt. You and your mom may want to look
    Into this. If incorrect amount if still working you can take a credit to get a larger refund when taxes are filed If not filing taxes in 2021 call the IRS. They open at 730 am EST M to F.. keep the letter from the IRS about stimulus your payment.

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    Sharon Johnson

    Chime card— guess it will be Monday , hopefully. In North Carolina

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    The IRS should not be ofsetting stimulus payments against outstanding tax debt owed

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    Also, my mother received hers and had it garnished (unpaid taxes). I thought it couldn’t be intercepted but I suppose unpaid taxes are a special case.

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    I agree that they could be getting a head start or trying to catch up .and iworking on it over the weekend
    They could be sitting on payments that should have been already scheduled to go out due to the holiday Friday.

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    I got mine to a Bluebird card at 4pm on Dec 30th. Someone else here with a Bluebird said they didn’t get theirs as of the 2nd, so clearly it doesn’t matter what sort of account it’s coming to.

    Still, I worry that my boyfriend didn’t get his yet when others with Netspend did. I guess the worry is inevitable…

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    All the direct deposit (DD) account stimulus payments have not been sent out. IRS is not even close to getting it all done and out everyone . Last week was phase 1. They will be back at it first thing Monday morning all week scheduling payments to go out.
    Keep checking your accounts and IRS transcripts

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    @amexserve Thank you. I got the payment pending for my kids ssi survivor benefits on the direct express card just not the regular payment to wells fargo.

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    If no stimulus 2 payment date in the transcript No scheduled stimulus payment has been sent out the IRS Keep checking though beginning Monday as it should be updated next week and more stimulus payments are being sent out all next week

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    I checked my transcript an hour ago and it shows my first stimulus but not my second. Does that mean I’m not getting anything?

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    [quote quote=4437066]I have a feeling our Turbo cards are getting stimulated Monday. People have gotten it in their turbo accounts already but it was on a weekday, everybody hang in there[/quote]

    I hope you’re right, Josh. My mom has been out of work since she was diagnosed in October (she’s an RN), and she could really use that money rn.

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    I have a feeling our Turbo cards are getting stimulated Monday. People have gotten it in their turbo accounts already but it was on a weekday, everybody hang in there

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    If anyone is interested

    You can set up account or log into your IRS site if you have an account already to view your tax record transcripts You may need credit card or a different form of id as mentioned in their site to verify you credit file.identity Once logged in you can view and print. It will show you any tax return refunds received and date stimulus was issued if they submitted it.

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    It’s me.
    If you efiled return 2019 and it was processed by IRS that new card is the updated DD account info on file and that is account where funds will be deposited to. IRS was You may want to check if that 2018 card account is still open or cancelled. though in case they attempt to send money to that card account

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    It’s me

    I got my first Stimulus on my turbo tax card that I got when I filed my 2018 taxes. However, when I filed my 2019 taxes, they sent me a new card. Does anyone know if it will go to the same card?
    I’m still waiting, however my friend who has turbo tax card also, got his Thursday

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    @Bounce: you’re right, nothing will go through the ACH until Monday. However, if banks already have our deposits, which is commonplace prior to the actual designated “deposit date” listed by the deposit issuer, they CAN make them available to us anytime, even on weekends. And some people said their deposits hit their accounts today, if you scroll down.

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    The ACH is closed which means no deposits till Monday no matter what card or bank. The checks we’re supposed to be dated Jan 4 so praying. Monday will be the lucky day. Turbo card single mother of 1.

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    Any updates on whenf n turbo is releasing their deposits

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    I got a feeling the Treasury f’d something up bigtime.

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