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Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    @Megan Bennet

    Why are you still here? Didn’t you lie and say you got your deposit early this morning? When
    No one in America is getting deposits today? If you got paid why you still here?

    As for everyone else I pray we all get it tomorrow, as we all are in need. Best of luck

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    My concern was whether they processed my backlog paper tax return mailed for 2019 I had a unpaid tax liability from 2012 on installment agreement. They must have processed 2019. Attempted to see if I can make a payment through the IRS app and it verified my identity from the 2019 tax year. Paid my final should be $52 balance. Come on stimulus and give me some back for penalties and interest

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    Ignore below and everything it says here forward.

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    #quenoftompkinsville Megan Bennett

    You guys are so pathetic, smh………….arguing over some b/s

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    So the turbo cash card bank closed back in May. Does that mean the ones who had the white turbo card has to wait longer for a check or do they automatically know

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    Nothing for Netspend in Virginia.

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    Are we getting this second stimulus on the first stimulus card I got from 2018 taxes I didn’t have income 2019 a little jail stay, but I use same card for work direct deposit now so no I don’t have negative 9.90 balance

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    @albyc3110 sorry, edit to my below response. I meant that payments are automatic for people who file a 2019* return. I typed 2018 by accident. Sorry, hard to concentrate sometimes with a three year old boy in background. So people qualify for payments if they didn’t file for 2019, receive ssi, or provide dd info by November 21, but from what I understand, they likely won’t be automatic payments and come at tax time.

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    Andrew Karstaedt

    Aktaxit- my back could not receive deposit since my phone number and address changed on my chime account through turbo tax

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    #4437244 Reply

    @albyc3110 is the TurboTax rep sure she knows for sure? That was the case for first stimulus check, but website says it’s automatic for people who filed 2018 return, social security recipients, and people who put info into system before nov 21st. People whose aren’t sent by November 15th can get them, but they have to ask got it on tax return. Not saying rep is wrong, but thats what irs site says

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    I have money network/metabank.. has anyone received a pending deposit yet ?

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    Any news on Woodforest yet?

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    Tiffany Manning

    Netspend California……Nothing yet

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    I’m curious if anyone who received the 2nd stimulus has viewed their transcripts for the deposit date. I’m wondering if 1-4-2021 is generic for all deposits, or if theirs reflected the date they got it in their account. If someone could check that out for us please 😁

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    Spoke to a rep from the turbotax 800 center..they told me eben if ya didnt fole ur 2019 taxes they are still gonna just go off of ur 2018 info.

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    Excuse my typo smisspellings or any other errors. Difficult using a cell phone to type instead of a real computer keyboard

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    All these card accounts on this forum are part to the Banking industry. There is no such thing as a real bank. They are all provide the same retail consumer banking services we are needing at the moment as the tier 1 capital bank companies like chase Citi BOA Difference is the amount of assets capital investments; consumer personal and business retail accounts they have that makes them well known

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    I’ve had a regular Bank account and I’ve had the Prepaid cards. If im being honest I prefer the prepaid card over a real bank in all aspects. I dont have to deal with hidden fees BS, I don’t have to go to a bank and deal with anyone. Greendot has been awesome. I get free cash back so I don’t have to worry about atm withdrawal and I have 0 fees.

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    If u read every news story out there. It says most deposits will be marked as provisional or pending until January 4th. My transcripts say the 4th. I have turbo tax card and we won’t see that money till tomorrow at the least. Makes no sense. Since they have a January 15th cut off. So if u don’t get it by the 15th then u got to claim it on taxes. It’s bs cause they said they wanted it out fast but look how it’s going.

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    Green dot update??

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    no one with a tt has got a deposit yet im stressing out i have 4 kids and could really use the money to get my children everything really please let me know if or when they start depositing please

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    @Danyell, no need for name calling. You weren’t just stating your situation. Unless you tend to talk to yourself and say “so calm down” like you’re having a dialogue with yourself. BTW, if you do choose to call someone a name like “stupid,” you might want to spell everything correctly first when you’re writing the insult.

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    Hopefully we all get our money on turbotax card tomorrow the 4th! Fingers crossed 🤞

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    My friend got his on Chime December 30th but my Turbotax still says -9.90😭

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    Kimberly smith

    Chime, still waiting

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    I am really starting to dislike reading all the us with real banks bs…who cares if your high and mighty ass banks with wells fargo or chase or bb&t…most of us dont give two f#$&s…all of us need this money and dont need the negativity right now.

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    Any budy with tt card get there’s yet alot of people’s transcripts say tomorrow so I’m pretty sure alot of us will be getting them tomorrow

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    I’m pretty sure they did a test batch with prepaid cards like they did last time. My husband also received his on Netspend on the 30th. Im HOH 2 dependents with Chime. I also have family members who bank with Wells Fargo TD and Chase that have pending deposits for tomorrow. We’ll see

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    @Oonaloona my boyfriend got his on Netspend three days ago I also have Netspend with two children still waiting

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    Anyone know whats up with netspend??

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    @ Danyell don’t worry, us with those “unreal” banks are still waiting, too. You’re not special I promise

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    In Kentucky I use chime still nothing I hope around mid night.i got my first one 2 days before the deposit date. But this time got hit with a holiday and a weekend

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    I never said I was annoyed stupid. I was just telling my situation. Next time think about what you say before you say it.

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    @Whitney. No not yet 😒

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    No deposit yet. I will be sure to let you and everyone waiting for Amexserve stimulus once received

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    @Danyell actually, if there is an error and for some reason the IRS doesn’t send our deposits or checks by January 15th, we have to wait to get it with our tax refund. So, if they send to wrong account or whatever error happens, people won’t have it this month. So for those who don’t know and have children and pick between buying food and cleaning supplies because of pandemic, it is a legitimate stressor. Maybe people annoyed at others’ concerns need to calm down.

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    @amexserve you’re welcome and you too. I will @ you and let you know as soon as mine hits my Serve card or I know a date (I can’t access online transcripts so would be through app), unless I’ve seen that you got yours already.

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    Its coming. Mt transcript say 1/4.
    Last time it said the date I got it that day. I bank with chase and them assholes hold it till that day. Us who have real banks always have to wait. Watch alot of us will have it as soon as 12 hits. So calm down

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    Anyone who used the turbotax card the last time get there second stimulus check yet?

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    I downloaded irs2go and it says it’s down until Monday, 1/4 at 7am. I’m thinking “Get My Payment” should be up too at that time. However, someone in the Irs2Go app section said they were able to see stimulus payment through it before tool went down for maintenance. Just for people who can’t see account transcript online because of id verification requirements.

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    Thanks for directly letting me .
    I will take that my DD info will be used this time for stimulus 2 payment
    Have a great day

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    @Tammy. I’m with chime in north carolina and still nothing

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    Keep loging in daily to check if a date is not shown i IRS updates tax account info quickly for these transcripts online

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    @amexserve but to be clear, I’ve seen multiple people who have said they received paper check first time even though they put dd info on and got it direct deposit this time. I think what matters is that the irs has banking info given to them for 2020. I think they don’t want to chance closed accounts, if possible bc of all the work. Also a way of delaying some payments until tax payments come in via tax season.

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    Anytime @jorge. You should see a date from when they sent the payment for stimulus 1 ..maybe it was April or May for you. Stimulus 2 ,as being reported if they sent for recent payment would be 1/4 If no date then not sent out possibly yet

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    @amexserve not sure exactly what you’re saying. Did you give irs your updated direct deposit info? I think they call it “non filer tool” but what matters is they provided direct deposit info for stimulus. Btw, I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t scroll down for answer when it is already there, down a few comments. Not about you personally.

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    Anyone with chime still waiting

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    @amexserve Thank you very much for the useful information. I live in California by the way.

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    IRS site states non filers tool by Nov I’m not a non filer with 0 wage salary income in 2019

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    Why can’t anyone scroll down a little to see if questions are answered already? I did answer this already. It would just be easier if people did a quick check for the answer first. @amexserve if you filed in 2019, get ssdi or ssi, or put your info on irs website by November 21st, your payment is automatic.

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    My bad it went through 2x

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    IRS site below. Log in and view the last ,2 types with payment data. If no account needs to be set up. To confirm identity you may need to use credit card or other form of identity for IRS to confirm it is you. Soft credit pull so want hit your credit score.

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    IRS site below. Log in and view the last ,2 types with payment data. If no account needs to be set up. To confirm identity you may need to use credit card or other form of identity for IRS to confirm it is you. Soft credit pull so want hit your credit score.

    I have a buddy from queens NY named Jorge

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    Rephrase question.

    Stimulus 1 bank info updated on site and payment already scheduled so paper check was mailed

    Did anyone get a stimulus 2 DD payment into the account that was updated on IRS site for stimulus 1

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    So I see someone did not file 2019 and still got stimulus 2 and DD.
    Good to know

    Has anyone got a paper check for stimulus 1 but updated bank DD info on website for stimulus 2 and received stimulus 2 DD info your account ?

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    Where in the website do you find your due date?
    Example lots of people are saying January 4th meaning tomorrow

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    I have Chase and still nothing.
    I did get it deposited last time with no incident.
    Guess we’ll see.

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    So i have turbo card if i have a dd of 1/4 i should get tonite after midnite correct?

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    I also have a turbo card with a negative balance of 9.90 since September. I finally got through to turbo card on the phone. He said there was no pending deposit yet but when it does deposit the negative balance will just be deducted. Hopefully Monday 🤞

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    Hello from WISCONSIN. Still no cash on this here turbo card. Also have negative balance of 9.90. Cmon mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

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    Part 2 see below. Also, the IRS is not allowed to send payments, paper or deposit, past January 15th, 2021. Those whose payments are not sent by that date will have to apply for payment on tax return. Btw, most people “qualify,” but it’s a question of whether your payment will be automatically sent or you will have to apply for it.

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    @Philly unless you filed for 2019, receive social security, or registered your deposit info on the IRS website by November 21, 2020; news sources are stating payments are not automatic. For those who do not receive a deposit or paper check by tax time, they can apply for it on tax return. I highly recommend people keep checking Get My Payment on to see if they can add info before January 15th, currently it is offline. Should be up Monday.

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    4 am Pacífic Time still waiting for stimulus check on Turbo Card
    Hopefully money goes into our accounts this upcoming Monday

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    from the east still waiting on stimulus of 600 ,account still neg 9.90 ,got my first check easy and fast ,2018 they had my tax records ,2019 did not file, do I still qualify? I think so
    And I do believe checks will come this Monday the 4th

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    Scott La Rock

    Negative balances on your Turbo Tax Card are 2 months of account maintenance fees. As earlier explained, that negative balance will be deducted from your total stimulus payment. That also shows your Intuit Turbo account is active and your stimulus will deposit to it. Especially if the account you received the first stimulus payment.

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    Has anyone got theirs on netspend yet

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    To answer people’s questions, they don’t just base it on 2019 returns for this check. It is based on 2019 returns, social security, or info submitted to irs site by November 21st. People have been saying they got check first round and deposit this time after having provided info on site. Btw, they are NOT using 2018 returns for info.

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    #quenoftompkinsville Megan Bennett

    Dadud why u worried about what i spend my cash on? huh??? Its none of your biz you are just salty. When I get my tax check mommys getting her some breast implants and are likely just jealous im way hotter than your wife.

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    @james as long as your account is open and card is not expired you should have no issue receiving the stimulus payment. Your negative balance will be paid off when the money deposits. Example: -$9.90 then the $600 payment deposits. Balance would be updated to $590.10

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    My turbotax card is showing a balance -9.90 and i was wandering the reason it was showing that and will i still get my stimulus money on my card

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    @Blake Thank you very much for the information you gave all of us

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    Turbo tax website says that this round of stimulus checks will not be available early or qualify for early deposit. You will more than likely get it on the day transcripts say you will get it.

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    @jorge no i haven’t seen very many people at all get it with turbo card. I got my last stimulus on my turbo card just fine. I checked my irs transcripts yesterday and mine says $2400 (4 people) deposit day of 1/4/2021. I would assume we should have it by monday.

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