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Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    @kyle like I was implying, with some banks, you can see pending deposits. Most banks you can’t see them though. Also, some people are going onto and seeing that they have a DD of 1/4 under their account transcript. I personally don’t have one of the required documents for id verification, so cannot see my transcripts online. You can go on there and try to make an online account and then if you can, view your account transcript.

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    CST here i have Amex Serve card got my first stimulus on it no issues was one of the first to recive it infact in april. this time nothing not even a pending deposit. checked my Transcrip with IRS shows i have a deposit date of 1/6 …. hopeing i at least see a pending deposit soon

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    I normally get mine around 4 am central time. several people I know have gotten thiers so that means Walmart holds the money

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    @Chloe I mean I get that but how are people able to see that they have pending deposits dated for the 4th? Or am I missing something?

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    I use Turbo Card and haven’t seen anything yet. I know the first round, I got a notification a few days prior say that the stimulus would be deposited on a certain date. I haven’t gotten anything like that this time around. Anyone else?

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    @Kyle many banks don’t show pending deposits until they’re available. I’ve never had a bank show them before they post as available, and have only heard of it from others. So try not to worry too much.

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    Crazy how no one has gotten a single deposit today yet. I am going to guess and say that the IRS must be sending a large batch today, but hasn’t yet. Someone earlier in the forum had a DDD of 1/6 when they looked on transcript, so maybe a lot of us who can’t access transcripts have that date or they aren’t transmitting before DDD with some of us for 1/4.

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    Does anyone know when KeyBank makes their deposits? I get SSI and never once has it ever showed as a pending deposit. My anxiety is at an all time high right now.

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    Tt nothing yet… #sc

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    Netspend, nothing. (1:42 AM)

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    PNC and nothing

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    @Jenn1983 i dont know how you know that but i’m in California and that sounds good to me! ill be checking my Turbotax card all night! im praying that it comes in!

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    Turbo Card

    Nothing yet.

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    For chime users of course chime is located in cali so its still the third for them until like 2 for most central time people time zones can change alot the may not be hitting send till its 12 for them

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    Still nothing in my bank.

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    Nothing for TT card yet

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    For greendot and turbo tax card check cards it should hit between 2 and 5 California time

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    Tom K

    Waited til after midnight in hopes of a miracle but alas nothing for my non 2019 filing self. Please let it work. Best of luck to you all.

    Chime. Do me right.

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    Amex serve still nothing here in PA

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    Collin B

    Anyone heard anything from greendot?

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    Tt card any deposits

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    Anyone have

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    I have AMEX Serve still no deposit

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    Any deposits for turbo card?

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    any Amex Serve deposits?

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    Gary Gilmer

    Gary Gilmer

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    I’ve seen some TurboTax customers on Twitter have received deposit notifications dated from last Thursday. I’m curious why my mom hasn’t received one, considering that everyone is saying it’ll probably be deposited on the 4th.

    The uncertainty, in a year filled with uncertainties, is just making us paranoid that it isn’t coming at all. But I have to keep reminding myself that it is lol

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    I have capital one so I don’t expect to see a deposit until 6am.

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    Nothing on netspend

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    If its going on in the am has anyone received the pending notification i have green dot

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    Nothing on chime yet I’m sure it will be deposited early morning

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    Nothing for netspend or turbo yet. I have netspend my bf has turbo

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    turbotax nothing yet its 12:05am guess you just gotta wait and see

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    Tiffany Manning

    Netspend in California… Nothing yet… I’ve had this account for over ten years and it never shows pending deposits. I also have never received a deposit before 8am. Hope that helps

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    Negative on turbo as of midnight

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    Nothing on Netspend yet

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    Nope nothing yet

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    Turbo tax customer

    Anyone get second stimulus on TT card yet

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    6am for TurboTax card is what I just seen on a fb post. Hope it’s true!

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    all you money network (metabank) customers check your account , mine just got deposited $600.00 at 6:08pm pacific.

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    @laurie. i have turbotax prepaid card amd i havent got no text or anything from what i been seeing jan 4th tomorrow check after 12am .. its 11:15pm my time so ima check at 12am if not wait till morning

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    @craigw. thanks i will

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    @ craig, Your refund was rejected by the bank and you will get a paper check

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    Anyone get an email or text stating the day the Mooney would be on turbo tax card?

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    its crazy i know a few people that didnt do taxes last year and didnt get the first check but got the second check thursday sheesh whats going on with this crazy stuff i dif taxes still havrnt got a text nothing on turbo tax its 11:08pm my time so they dropping after 12am

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    @Dana I would wait till midnight at least

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    Nay S


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    What does refund issued 1/4 mean? Does that mean I will get it Monday?

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    Nay S

    First stimulus turbo debit card deposit tear shortl after 1:40 est so I’ll be looking around thwdnd

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    craigw. its 10:43pm

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    @Dana What time is it where you are right now?

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    welp i still havent got a text ot anything i have turbo tax prepaid card so is it true it will come jan 4th

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    Can someone please explain how to check your transcript? I have turbo tax card.

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    @Shamika Johnson thank you for the response

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    so i saw that people with the turbo debit card saw on their transcript it said 2nd stimulus for 01/04/21. that matches the time frame of the first stimulus for turbodebit card users also. does that mean it could be available tonight at midnight? or some random time tomorrow? im really depending on it being there tonight or tomorrow morning..

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    My take way from this is stop using the short cut Ana use your bank real bank account. People with TUrboTax debit is really going through it.

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    So there was only one dd tonight so far????

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    Anyone know when Woodforest National Bank will be depositing the 2nd stimulus?

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    Everyone stop. The first date of deposits are Jan 4th. The only reason why some are getting them early is because of there card company. They see it pending and Release it. And some card companies dont give it to u until the day. So just be calm and stop worrying for nothing . We have all been through alot and we all really need this money. Everyone stay blessed. Its going to be ok. We just need to stay positive

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    also on TT u can’t even see pending deposits? correct? or anyone know how to do this?

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    Shamika Johnson

    @steven7960 can’t really say what time you’ll get it because we are all in different time zones but the federal reserve opened up and started releasing at 9 pm and stops at 630 pm the next day so hopefully you’ll see your funds tomorrow or later tonight

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    anyone know what time tomorrow TT card will submit the payments?

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    I have Netspend in Indiana no dd or pending I got my 1st April 11th. Hopefully I get it soon my card is still active but I have had no dd due to being sick without job

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    I’m sure it’s already been requested, but does anyone have good information about when the stimulus deposits will be in Turbo Tax Cards? Thank you 😊

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    so just to confirm others that have the Turrbo Debit Card saw that it will be coming in on 01/04/21 right? that matches around the same timeframe it took to get the first stimulus also. does that mean it could be available at midnight tonight? or will it be at some random time tomorrow? sorry im just really depending on this money coming in and if its not tonight at midnight or tomorrow then i dont know what im going to do.

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    Has ANYONE who had fees taken out from TT last year gotten their stimulus??

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    Shamika Johnson

    If you check your account transcript for your taxes you will be able to see. I have used turbo tax and have their card. I see the 846 code next to the expected stimulus payment with a date of 1/4 so hopefully tomorrow you all will see something. I hope this helps

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    Any stimulus deposits on TurboTax card ?

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    Hopefully the get my payment IRS site may launch again and we can see what is going on with stimulus 2 for some of us

    Possibly Monday morning

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    I Just got the deposit tonight money network (Metabank) 6:08 pm pacific

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    Let me reword , Was entering that bank info I was prompted to by irs when checking my 1st stimulus status called the non filer tool and I just didn’t realize it?

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    Also I believe for stimulus 2 IRS site won’t allow to update bank info due to congress deadline to issue all the stimulus by the ,15th

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    On google search a lot of TT card users had that issue with Stimulus 1 It appears TT will send the payment back to IRS. Not sure if Stimulus 2 they will issue you a check or a one time IRS prepaid card.

    Ijist a friendly suggestion avoid using those tax preparer debit cards when filing your returns for refunds. Open a chime with no fees or netspend or Amexserve or green dot. If you file your 2021 return update your bank info on it

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    Metabank(money network) just dropped

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    Yeah I have to get mine mailed so I’m nervous about that! Any one get their mailed checks yet?

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