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Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    The stimulus is arriving at 7am est

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    Good look i got yall too ill let u kno b4 i bounce out to the ATM ha, Amex Serve still stuck on read

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    Bre ✨

    Ahkayyy cause I have a Netspend account and I’m tryna be where the money reside period. Still no stimmy highly disappointed. It’s 4:17am in NY.

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    I’ll update u frfr

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    🤣🤣facts ⬇️

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    Also negative 9.90
    California 1:14am and nothing yet ..

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    Here I am at 4:13 still waiting.. not sure why I stayed up since it’s all going to bills.. lol

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    Problem on here is usually once someone gets it they ghost so no real way to kno whos actually received lol

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    Pissed off

    Same…-9.90 and no sign of life

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    My normal DD usually hits between 5-6 est

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    Usually get my pua DD at 4-430 so im thinkin itll be then? 411 now

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    Same as A and Kayla XD

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    Colorado mom

    209 here in CO and nothing yet on ttcard

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    🤣 same boat as “A” lmao

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    Currently 4:06 am in NC still no deposit. Still negative 9.90 in turbo tax account. Hoping it will come in later in the morning

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    💯 but don’t let them upset you!!

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    To the tight ass square judgemental doushebags who know nothing about what they are talking about while they post on here crying about the same exact money they apparently need because they are the ones actually broke, fuck off. 16 Years as a chef, no kids, bills paid and plenty of food. You are the kind of people i avoid in day to day to life, and are probably the kind of ppl who call the cops for loud music and hate their own existence. Just, shat appp.

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    Any word on greendot

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    Where is Martie Bee

    i normally get my fix at the methadone clinic but i pissed dirty last week so i got cut off so im in a bad way right now. Im drinkin the hell out of coffee and taking excerdrein migraine plus taking direhal medicine

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    Ky at 355. Nothing new on tt.

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    Where is Martie Bee

    plus I draw food stamp and i get my kids clothe from a lady that steels them from walmart or otehr place and she i just trade her mt dews for the clothe

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    Where is Martie Bee

    I dont pay no bills right now i on a cold weather contarct with electric comapnye and i aint paid my rent since march we dont ahve to right now due to state law they cant evict us right now during pandemic and I ant never had water I just get it from my neighbors when they ant home or I use the pump well in my backyard to flush toilet or wash clothe so put tht in u pipe and smoke it

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    Anyone get TT deposit yet?

    Nothing yet. I live in Oregon, and I was told by another user on here to expect TT deposits to begin posting around 2AM PST. It’s currently 12:48AM.

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    @cece right?? You’d think they’d be spending it on bills… something other than drugs psh

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    Where is Martie Bee

    No id verifyed just call irs hotline tell them you want mail them you transcripts and you get them in a couple week. Im not ghetto i live in a big house in a rich neighbor hood on a golf corse.

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    My transcript has deposit code 846 for 1/4/20/21 but nothing yet.

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    Bob C

    Yessir, thsts cool i lived in Boca Raton for a year and ended up comin back. Ill be back tho, I loved it there

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    Pissed off


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    Anyone get TT deposit yet?

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    Pissed off

    Dee, I’m in Ky as well…nothing. How do you get transcripts? Do you have to do an identity check to get transcripts?

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    California turbo tax card .. nothing as of 12:34am checking when I wake up

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    YALL ARE STUPID! Spending money on drugs? Wonder why y’all are broke asf…

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    Why are so many people in this thread ghetto?

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    I’m thinking woodforest will be in tomorrow mine should load at 430 am est. Checked my irs transcript the other day and it says deposit 1/4/21

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    Bob C

    Ha Mediii,
    A Philadelphian I see.
    From there, been in Florida 15 years.
    Better stull at 2nd & Erie

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    What’s going on with turbo tax I’m in kentucky and still nothing at 330

    #4437506 Reply

    That irs messing up link is from April not this round

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    Pissed off

    It’s still 3:25 am ET and I have Green Dot turbo card, and received full 1200 last year, and nothing as of now….wtf is going on?

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    #4437502 Reply

    @Hunter same here. I didn’t get anything for my 4 dependents last week just $600, but my ddd is 1/4/21, which says the total amount of what I should receive that includes my dependents. Still nothing in my account and I’m in ga. So I’m confused also. Last year I got the full amount ….this year Idk what’s going on.

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    How do know that about the IRS messing up

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    I’m going off recent experience

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    3:11 in NC, turbo tax card.

    Still nothing. I NEED MY DRUGS

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    If I usually get it it’s withing the next hour or so, it’s 309 now I usually post dd at 348

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    I had my friend rubbing his phone trying to get it hot 😂 and he was watching me cracking up 🤦‍♂️
    Btw Amex Serve here – impatiently waiting

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    If you paid for your tax return through your refund on turbotax, your payment may have been sent to the wrong account. The treasury fkd up. And si have the wrong address on file so Im really fkd. DAMNIT!

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    Nicole @nicxxole

    Me too😂😂😂

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    Well, so much for that. I guess I’m off to bed. To lay there in the dark thinking about checking my phone every 2 seconds! 😛😛

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    Turbocard is green dot. Green dot is in California. Fingers crossed for midnight Cali time.

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    ok good now you get keep yous monies. if you log into you account and keep refreshing over and over you might push the deposit through i do tht sometimes and eventually my DD show up

    Stop. That is just not a thing.

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    Nothing yet for turbotax card in az as of 12:55 am
    Any good news for anyone else?

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    Where is Martie Bee

    ok good now you get keep yous monies. if you log into you account and keep refreshing over and over you might push the deposit through i do tht sometimes and eventually my DD show up

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    Where is Martie Bee

    Ya tcarey you get it hrblock did you get emerald advace cause they will take your stim money for da advance

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    I got my tax refund in 2019 in my b of a account and my first stimulus on my hr block emerald card , will I get my second stimulus on my hr emerald card? As of 12:41 am MST no deposit yet..

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    Where is Martie Bee

    Hunter I no u i think do you live in Tennessee? aint you a porno star

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    So last week we received $1,200. Should have received $1,800 (it’s me, my wife, and our 3yr old). Got full amount 1st go around.. I just checked my transcript and it shows $600 issue date of 01-06-2021.

    Does anyone else have this date and/or know if that’s the date they send it or the date I should receive?

    Thanks in advance and you all are awesome sharing all of this info!!

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    2:36 no greendot payment

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    Did anyone with turbo tax card get their second stimulus check or know when it’ll hit ?

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    Where is Martie Bee

    Hey Charles I know you I think. Do you live in Tennessee

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    Chime for me and nothing yet

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    My 1st one came on between 4-5am

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    Charles jones

    Any turbo card yet?

    #4437473 Reply

    Everyone who has TT card please keep me updated on here!

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    1:25 TT still negative smh

    #4437471 Reply

    Netspend nothing yet. 2:24am

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    Turbo tax intuit card is bull!!

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    I have American Express Bluebird and Still no deposit. Really wish too see a deposit!

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    @gam Kyle has KeyBank, in case he doesn’t come back since he has his deposit now

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    Anyone receive their payment on TT card yet?

    #4437466 Reply

    @kyle Whst card you using

    #4437464 Reply

    Sorry, my comment two comments down was meant for @Chris. Please see my comment two comments down about walmart card.

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    @kyle congrats.

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    @kyle also, I wouldn’t assume that walmart holds your money. I actually doubt it since they’re a non traditional deposit card and thats the main perk to getting one. You might have a later DD, not all deposits were sent for a date of 1/4. Also, banks usually receive deposits a few days prior to DD, but not always.

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    Just got mine. When I tried to sign in about 10 minutes ago it was telling me there was a system error. So I figured that was them trying to update my account that my deposit was coming.

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