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Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    I’m so worried I didn’t have the 10$ to make my card in the positive.. on my turbotax card. I’m so afraid that will stop my stimulus from coming. I want to cry

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    How do you check your account transcript on TT

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    @bluebirdtexas the only answer I have for that is I’ve seen only 2 or 3 amex deposits on here and with other cards, some people who have received so far have dependents, some don’t.

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    @ava sorry. I meant transcripts. i just googled how to get transcripts irs. I would like to know if anyone has 1/6 deposit but got it today.

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    What about American savings bank? Did anyone get their stimulus?

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    I have Amex serve and I do not have dependents and I have not received mine yet

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    anybody with AMEX Serve receive theirs yet?? and if not, were you able to pull up your estimared DD OF 1/6 on your transcript? Called Serve this morning; they said they dont see a pending deposit yet. smh

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    It’s 11am if it says 1/4 u will get it. It goes out in batches. I have turbo card with dependent and I got mine at 7:13am in Ohio. Account transcript said 1/4.

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    You all need to relax. If you got your first stimulus, you will get the second one the same way. Some of you are calling the irs and turbo tax and shit like they are gonna have some type of answer for u. The answer is patience.

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    Tn still no money on my TT. Feel like a junkie waiting on my fix constantly checking.

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    Turbotax card, received dd around 7 am this morning.

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    Has anyone got theirs from TT

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    Meghan u should see it today. 846 is the code refund issued. One your looking for with the date beside it. It say 1/4 then your good

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    Hi ! Has anyone with a TT card that has a DD date of 1/4 not revive theirs yet ??

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    Bluebird by amex

    It would be nice if someone replied to what I post:
    I wanted to edit what I asked but I can’t

    I noticed that people without dependencies are getting their deposit sooner than the people with dependencies

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    Turbo tax card wv…. Nothing… Help

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    Where do you go to get your transcript on the irs?

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    I have turbo card and still have nothing , did anyone get there’s yet on the same card?

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    Arkansas turbo tax still -9.90 no deposit yet

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    Woodforest ohio transcript says 1/4/2021 code 841 but still nothing in my bank 😪

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    Hopefully this will post, just checked here in MO at 4:45 am and it is on my emerald card from HR Block! Good luck everyone!

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    Bluebird by amex

    People with bluebird and no dependencies:
    Did y’all get yours?
    I noticed people without dependencies aren’t getting them as fast as everyone else

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    Y transcripts say DD of 1/06 but I’m worried now that I might not get it since I’m seeing a lot of ppl comment that they had a DD for 1/04 and they still haven’t gotten theirs

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    IGMR Admin
    #4438200 Reply

    I told y’all so

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    My transcript says credit to your account 1-18-21
    And tax relief credit 1-18-21
    Refund issued 1-04-21
    Does that mean that I should see it today or the 18th?

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    @dan That sounds fairly typical of the IRS…Hope everyone is safe and healthy and gets the money they need! I can not wait to catch up on rent!!!!!

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    Annie F

    Anyone with Wells Fargo still not get there’s? I don’t know where to look when I get to transcripts on irs page let me know what to look for?

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    my boyfriend hasn’t gotten his yet and he’s got turbo tax… this is getting ridiculous!!!

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    Good morning! I get my refund through turbo tax and it gets deposited to my rushcard. My first stimulus i didn’t wait this long. And I do not do an advance. Has anyone with rushcard gotten their second stimulus yet?

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    just woke up turbo tax card california 7:26am and my deposit is there. i have 1 dependant

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    @tiny-tina by transactions do you mean transcripts? The irs website is telling you on your account what date you’ll receive it?

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    Jessica I asked tt customer service that question and she says it will post when they receive it. So she won’t give you a strait answer . I asked a few times and she said she has no further info. Basically just brushed me off

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    1/4 is the direct deposit date on the irs transcript.

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    What is this date people are talking about? 1/4, 1/6? Is that what you are seeing as a date in your bank?

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    @Jessica yes it is. The last time I got mine around 4. Fb groups have been saying if you don’t get it in the morning you’ll probably get it after 3

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    Got mine at 5:44am in mass no pending transaction or anything woke up to a deposit text

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    Mine is 1/4 but still have not got it.

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    Don’t blow up the IRS some of you guys r on different deposit days. If it says 1/6 then it’s 1/6. Mine was 1/4 and I got mine

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    Is it possible for it to come in the middle of the day? I have turbo tax?

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    @marcast also have Netspend all access I’m in Ohio and I’ve gotten nothing yet my boyfriend also has Netspend he got his three days ago

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    @pissed off. I found mine at irs website. I signed up for transactions. It tells u when payment goes out.

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    Has anyone from NJ gotten their stimulus?? Anyone at all??

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    That number took my to turbo tax. Im trying to talk to the irs. I didnt use turbo tax

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    Any got 2nd stimulus check that got 1st stimulus with 2018 taxes but didn’t have income to file 2019 taxes?

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    Still nothing with all access Netspend, only a few say they received it, transcripts say 1/04

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    How do you tell if you have pending deposits on turbo card??

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    Netspend all access account 911 in iowa still nothing

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    I have Chime and i got mine the first day they started deposits i woke up Wednesday 3am to a alert from Chime and it was there..

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    Pissed off

    Where are you all seeing all these pending deposits from TT? I don’t see anything, not have I ever seen anything pending

    #4438144 Reply

    The few that feel the need to tell us your waiting on food stamps while complaining you can’t buy your pot . .your the reason the people with real responsibilities are hurting so bad right now. Our Companies are struggling and we are unemployed and /or laid off for who knows for how long …we have families, God! Stop with the jokes and 3 min updates.

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    Anyone else have a turbo tax card pending for 1/06…

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    I have a posted deposit for 1/06 Turbo card anyone else have to wait until then as well? Kind of weird, I work with someone who received theirs the first date they were made available. He actually was given the option by chime to get 200 of his expected return upfront before the issued date. Then received the full amount two days later which was last Wednesday. Any insight or ideas would be appreciated, thank you all and a happy and healthy New Year’s to all

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    So if we haven’t received anything today what happens?

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    Also I contacted Turbo tax and they had no information for me other than she “heard” they were suppose to be depositing sometime today – Monday

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    Florida Amex Serve

    @amexserve how did you update your info with the get my payment tool? I thought it was down still?

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    Yes very I was locked out and had to wait 24 hours and the same thing. I thought by calling them they would give me date but no an hour wasted lol but last dd hit my chime on 4/13 like 3:30 in afternoon. I did read that they are spreading them out not to crash all the banks sites like last time. I’m not sure why she said it can come throughout the month thought they have deadline of 1/15. So confusing and not helpful either the irs site being down. This is the main issue.

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    Will Hurlock

    AMEX SERVE here, Sarasota Florida. Still nothing. I see no pending deposits. GET MY PAYMENT portal is still down as of 9.55 am Eastern Time. Can not access my IRS transcripts as all my accounts/cards are debit not credit. Waiting patiently, me and my two pitties are about to eat the last of our donated food. Praying for you all to receive this desperately need help 🙏 along with us 🙏

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    If it says IRS treas 310 you’re good, it came straight from IRS and not a third party bank
    Turbo card still waiting NC
    When the hell is the GD GET MY PAYMENT tool gonna be up and running again?!

    #4438127 Reply

    Call this number
    when they ask why ur calling sayin security issue. You will be connected to an agent ! Good luck to everyone …
    I’m still waiting on my TT still no deposit

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    It is 8:55 a.m here in Wisconsin and i have turbo tax and i got 1.00 still. lol

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    I have Woodforest…still nothing. Getting a bit worried.

    #4438123 Reply

    Does anyone have woodforest?

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    I still havent got my stimulus. My transcript says the 4th. I had no problem with the first payment. I called my emerald card and it gave me a message that they were notified of my 2nd payment and it will be sent to my refund transfer account as soon as the 4th. But there aint nothing in my back. Hr block wont let you talk to no one. Im freaking out. I tried calling the irs but cant seem to talk to anyone. Can anyone help me with how to connect with an irs agent?

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    i thi k this is all insane cant get into my irs account its saying its down turbotax doesnt tell you nothing at all greendot os no help so if its dated for the 4th why is it taken forever do they do this all day checks goes in your account

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    I find it frustrating that I can’t get my transcript online because my phone is on my mom’s plan.

    You can request a pin by mail and then once you log in the first time you will use the app to get a security pin every time you log in after that

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    Pissed off

    I believe it only goes through SBTPG if you opt to have your taxes paid out of your refund. If you pay your tax fee with a debit or credit card up front, it should come directly from IRS.

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    If your last stimulus deposit says it was DD IRS Treasury 310 Tax, does that mean Turbo Tax went thru the Santa Barbara bank or directly from the IRS? When i look up my account info it says I have Green Dot Bank. Not sure if my stim will be DDD or come in the mail. Thank you for any guidance.

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    I find it frustrating that I can’t get my transcript online because my phone is on my mom’s plan.

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    Chime member as of 9:41 nothing still

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    Hey, just to clarify, the IRS will not be sending anything to SBTPG or similar 3rd party. Yes, the SBTPG website says that “in the rare event”
    (their words) that they DO receive a stimulus payment, that they send it back to the IRS. However you received first stimulus in April is how you will receive this one upcoming.

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    I was just trying to do my transcript also. I tried my debit card and credit card numbers and it said they couldn’t confirm either! Ughhh so aggravating

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    @bre I have Netspend I’m in Ohio and nothing yet

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    Bre ✨

    Still no deposit, I have netspend and wondering if anyone has gotten their DD yet ? It’s 9:34am in NY.

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    @amexserve how did you find out you had to update your address and date of deposit? Thanks.

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