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Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    Just read the IRS update as of tonight-everyone who has status #2 not available on their account will not get a second stimulus until they do their taxes….absolutely ridiculous 😡😡😡

    Thats so fucked up. Good thing I only need to eat and pay bills when I get my tax refund, Once a year!!

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    Just read the IRS update as of tonight-everyone who has status #2 not available on their account will not get a second stimulus until they do their taxes….absolutely ridiculous 😡😡😡

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    checked transcripts it has a date 1/4/21 check on its tool, says info un available. I used TT LAST YEAR. this suck BHBS

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    Rich Penkoski

    I have emailed my Senators and my representative. I suggest you all do the same

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    Anyone else still have a negative balance on TT account?

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    This is Bull. We need the damn money, and now they are conveniently going to take it out of returns. This defeats the purpose of the entire thing. How could they be so dumb? People need to rock the boat and make sure everyone hears about this.

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    returns* not refunds

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    Because it was deposited to your tax preparers banks. Now it’s being returned to the IRS. So far the IRS said they’re not going to be reissuing them and we’ll have to claim them on our tax refunds. No it doesn’t matter if you got it last time. This is different.

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    @Lin I used TT for my tax preparer but didnt use the turbo tax card I used Chime still in the same boat. Got my first stimulus second one says not available who knows.

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    Any info on Netspend? File thru Liberty Tax. GMP yesterday morning said would be deposited 1/4/21 then 7hrs later not available. Now locked out to see if any update

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    @Datdude please let us know if you get it tomorrow via DD. Mine says the same but I bank with Chase.

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    Dat dude

    @mercedes. Gmp said mailed out 1/6

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    I have the turbo card and my balance cleared within the past 2 hours. GMP still shows no status/need info. though.

    This was exactly was happened to me last stimulus, minus the wrong info in GMP, and I got the money the next morning. Hopefully it posts in the morning for TT users.

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    Tried to check gmp and i am locked out said too many attempts (after 1 time this am) or incorrect info

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    So what if you used tue otax had your fees taken out of refund but had return dd to your own account and not a tt card??? My info yesterday and early this am was not available but received first stim.

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    @Datdude .. did your GMP status say DD or check mailed?

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    ooo so I see I’m not the only one that got zeroed out recently on the tt card

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    Dat dude

    TT from -9.99 to 0.00 within the past 15 minutes or so

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    Hey so some hope, used turbo with our own account and did the refund transfer. No issue last stim. Haven’t heard or seen anything and account was negative. GMP still says #2 no info but transcript says 1/4. Just looked and our account just went to 0. Not sure but hopefully it’s a sign it’s getting sorted.

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    Jamison Arbuckle

    Most people that got the UI wont be getting much of a refund. My brother in law drew unemployment for 8 months and didnt have it taxed and when it came time to file he only got back 1800 and he had 3 dependents.

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    It’s definitely taxable and will be taken into account for credit eligibility. You can read about it on the IRS website or by Googling it. I just hope our new stimulus credit (ha) won’t be taken against what we owe.

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    Great point @Amexserve

    Very disappointing

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    @Jaina even only the normal UI will be put into account I don’t think they count the 600 or 300 we got last time neither the 300 we are getting this time. Probably I’ll just guessing because on the food stamp app and family assistance it says they aren’t counting those as taxable income only the regular UI you would receive weekly if it wasn’t a pandemic

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    If any of us who received the boosted unemployment (and didn’t have taxes taken out) even get a refund. Our AGI might be too high with that taken into account. Fucked.

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    Amexserve I filed with credit karma for some reason it’s coming in the mail. It might not be listed as mail but as package guys idk probably. I didn’t order any package but it says delivery by 10pm tomorrow. Maybe it depends on where you live. I’m not sure if it’s the check/eip card will keep ya posted

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    US Gov politicians need to audit review Finance and Accounting operations of the IRS. ASAP. I hope all works out either by DD check or the rebate credit for all those I believe you can still file the rebate credit even if no tax return with income is being reported for 2020 tax return

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    . I just cant imagine the pure insanity of performing millions of ACH payments and no through review process was in place to fix previous errors only to make the same mistakes
    again.and worst. Also no accountability and validation process with the pay process these are critical mistakes that would put employees out of work immediately for issuing payments to wrong accounts closed accounts etc etc.on but on a mass scale

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    Jeez, does this mean they’ll be able to take it against the taxes we’ll owe for the boosted unemployment? Since it’ll be a credit? Because that’s awfully convenient.

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    30 career years of working in Accounting and Finance
    This is a disgrace to the industry but it is expected when you take a position in this industry and decide to
    work in the public sector for the IRS and not in the private sector where all the talented professionals are.
    Part 1

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    @ Demetryus
    Yes I went on gmp yesterday got a dd for yesterday but it was sent to H&R Block idk why when last one I got to my chime account. I checked it again last night ans it said information unavailable but today @6 pm it waas deposited into my chime account

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    I doubt it. From what the IRS rep told me, if the GMP portal says it’s being mailed then you’re getting it mailed :/ I asked if it could be a mistake because I find it hard to believe that so many that had direct deposit are getting it mailed but he said no. But at this point who knows anymore. Everyone in my family that qualifies already got theirs last week on Friday except me.

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    @Squid same thing for me!! irs shows I am getting check mailed 1/6 but I just checked my turbo card and it’s down to 0$ from -4.50, I believe the irs system is too glitchy to trust. we may be getting dd after all

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    I have TT card. It was negative $9.90 up until just barely and they changed it to $0 balance. Irs says will be mailed on January 6th. I believe turbo card users should check the balance tomorrow we may be getting it there.

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    #4440257 Reply

    Anyone else With Greendot still in the same- “(were working on it), or you dont qualify.” BS? It blows my mind that all of the upper management at my job got theirs with no issue, but here I am bottle of the barrel with 3 kids and I either don’t qualify or they know I owe taxes this year so they figure they’d spend it for me on taxes instead of letting me make my little payments to clear the tax debt up before next year 🖕IRS🖕

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    Talked to irs tt has my refund what is next? Th ey said they will issue a check if it bounces back

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    It was probably sent on the 4th to SBTPG and then back to the IRS who says they won’t be reissuing. In that case, yes, you’ll have to claim the credit on your taxes.

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    @chimer and @chloe

    Good luck to you.

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    Has anyone heard anything new for tt user that say their check is being mailed? Cause do worried cause I’m not living at that address anymore

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    My GMP says No Payment #2 but I spoke with a lady at the IRS today and she told me that mine shows to have direct deposited yesterday 1/4. She said that she didn’t know why it wasn’t showing me that.. I use TT and had fees taken out so it obviously went to SBTPG but does that actually still mean I will not get it until I file my taxes this year? I’m not sure of anything anymore geez

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    Agree with Chloe….this has consumed me. But I will post any updates. As of now via IRS WEBSITE I will not receive payment apply with taxes 2020

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    Has anyone received their stimulus after seeing a “no information available” on the IRS get my payment tool?

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    I can’t do this forum anymore. I need to think about something else. See you all.

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    Who did you file witb

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    @Jaina idk how I will live without it, but no longer expect it.

    @dadud and you had fees deducted by SBTPG and know it went to SBTPG first instead of your account?

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    @rhood711 yes, NetSpend usually deposits late evenings for me, between 730-930 pm. I didn’t receive any text saying the money was there but it showed up. I suspect if it isn’t in your account by morning it’s not coming.

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    But it also says “If Get My Payment shows “Payment Status #2 – Not Available” you will not receive a second EIP.”

    That’s pretty straight-forward. It would be nice, but I wouldn’t count on it.

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    @dadud you really just got it?

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    That thing that was updated today – it specifically says they can’t reissue and MAIL CHECKS. So idk. I’m going to assume at this point that I’m screwed out of the money my little son and I need desperately, and will be pleasantly surprised if I get it in next week. I encourage everyone to flood their congressmen with complaint emails about this. Maybe they’ll get sick of reading them and do something.

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    You sure you don’t just want to seem right? You hadn’t gotten it before s/he tried to say you were wrong…

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    For the hr block ppl. Did you guys status ever say not available or did it always show a deposit date?

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    ChimeNC – yes still fake news, just got mine even though it says status unavailable. 2400$ me the wife and 2 kids

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    Right with you..they held out for months for us..we are nothing…..and now this BS…

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    I love it. “We fucked it up but we aren’t gonna fix it because we’re too busy right now. Fuck you.”

    Yeah, fuck you too.

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    Fake news right??? Lol

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    Yes to all…time for a drink. Yes this WAS a simple mistake I guarantee!! Don’t blame law and the demand of speed. Months to prepare for the hypothetical- millions of peeps at stake…I would have gotten this planned long ago. I have digested . must claim on taxes.. deal with what I have to manage. Just makes me want to run this clown posy!

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    What if it was supposed to be deposited yesterday? Smfh

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    If you your get my payment doesn’t show that you’re being sent a check as of today, you will need to claim on taxes. If you owe taxes, there goes your check. IRS are the biggest frauds in the world.

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    @Jamison 😂😂😂😂😂

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    I feel like giving the IRS the lecture i give to my three year old son about rushing. I tell him that nothing actually gets done faster if you rush, because you make a mistake and then have to fix it. Now if you just slow down and think about what you need to do first, you save time. What a bunch of fuckups. I wish I could so thoroughly mess up a job and not have to be held accountable.

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    Jamison Arbuckle

    I was looking forward to spending my stimulus check on a hooker dam now i gotta use the rest of my jergens I guess ill have to wait until late feb early march for my hooker visit

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    Hey why would be surprised that our government lied again.

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    I’m one of the “lucky” ones who got stuck with getting a check mailed even though I’ve had direct deposit set up for years. By the time I get it (3-4 weeks) from tomorrow, I will have already filed taxes :(

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    Jamison Arbuckle

    I hope whoever is responsible for this gets their head blown off

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    My rent. I’ll be evicted.

    Time to have a drink and feel sorry for ourselves for tonight. Cheers to anyone but the IRS.

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    Well. Mine had a deposit date. Now status unavailable. Awesome. Guess no payment anymore fuck tt

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    Big daddy beeks

    This is sad so many people needed this money for bills and food. People will be evicted, lights will be shutoff water will be shutoff and lots of people will be hungry. The IRS can do a lot better. They should have an option for people in dire situations to be able to get their payments. I have no problem waiting if it means that someone else that really needs the payment will get it.

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    Dat dude


    That’s pretty straight forward. Info straight from the source

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    But now I’m going to get really cynical and say it’s just amazing how so many of us got it in the correct account, no problem for the first check. And now, conveniently, they mess it up and can’t reissue it when it was their fault and oh, we have to claim it on taxes after they receive a bunch of payments to pay us out of?

    Couldn’t I have been excluded from the screwed people? I literally need this to take care of my three year old

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    i did check both i have netspend got the first one on april 12th nothing yet

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    #4440153 Reply

    Lets just hope the person who heard TurboTax was working with IRS to get our payments (yes, it would have to be SBTPG and not actually TT) was right. If H&R Block can do it, so can they.

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