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Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    @kim mine was mailed too and nothing yet

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    Nope didn’t get mail today hoping for some time this week or next week

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    Anyone get a check in the mail today? Mine says mailed 1/6 but seen some people had them in there mail yesterday

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    You’re welcome! & no the irs sent my payment on the 4th to the wrong account so I’m not sure what is going on with mine

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    Leah O


    Thank you so much! Yes that’s so helpful.. maybe there’s hope.. have you received DD yet?

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    Thanks for sharing the article! The wording has been so cryptic in other articles, but that sounds like TurboTax is trying to get things sorted out and get us our money 🙌🏼

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    I spoke with someone from chime after seeing that message & he said that him and his manager never heard of that message and they are still sending out fr until the 15th hope this helps

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    Has anyone had “ not available” and checked again and had a mail date or dd date?

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    Leah O

    Hello, has anyone with Chime received DD after seeing the message on the app saying DD were finished? I spoke to IRS last night.. the man I spoke to said IRS deposited my second stimulus to the routing/checking from line 21b and 21d from my 2019 tax return. I looked just now and it’s my chime account info 🤬 when I try to call chime customer service it says they are experiencing high call volume and call back later and just hangs up

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    Clearly those reps are saying whatever to get people off the phones. It has it on the site everything you need to know about how we wont be getting the 2nd stimulus if it says Not Available

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    Just got on “get my payment” check supposed to be sent out today . Wish the IRS would have let people know there would of been issues this time around. I got my first one deposit on April 15 so I don’t know why I’m getting a check. How ridiculous

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    Well Jesus christ. I guess there’s hope! Thank u!

    Even though there’s hope, this is still a gigantic clusterfuck

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    Has ANYONE received a check in the mail at all ? Mine says sent to mailing address Jan 1st …. just wanna see if their even sending checks like they say because lord knows irs is all messed up !

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    How are you guys getting reps…I called and nobody would tell me anything

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    @sharon sooooo true.

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    Wow I noticed that each representative has told at least 5 different people 5 different things. Anyone that has status unavailable will have to claim on your tax return . It’s pretty much written on every site you go to .

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    I specifically asked that … because I have been seeing a lot of different things…

    I said “so your telling me that I don’t have to file it on my taxes she said no just give it a couple more days for direct deposit and 14days if you are getting a check” so just so I could be SURE SURE I asked again “even tho my status said unavailable I will still get my stimulus direct deposit right?” And she said YES… so fingers crossed

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    Does this pertain to the people who see payment status not available? Because the IRS own website says if we see that message for the second one we are essentially fucked.

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    I just FINALLY got someone on the line from the IRS and she said that the information about having to file the stimulus on our taxes pertains to the FIRST stimulus check, not the second one said to give it a couple days for the direct deposit to hit and if I’m getting a check 14 days if I had no bank on file (which I do) she said they are still sending them out and to watch out for the update tonight ….

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    @kathy p

    I have the same issue but cannot get thru to anyone

    Status unavailable and have return sent to my bluebird account from turbotax….no issues with first one

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    Kathy P

    My portal still said status unavailable.

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    They need to update GMP for those that still have DD for 1/4😏

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    Kathy P

    What did the payment portal say for you? Mines says unavailable

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    My stimulus was never sent to sbtg. I used tt to file on 2019. received a refund receive 1st stimulus to same account i used for tt. No 2nd stimulus. No info on where and when i would get it. I am eligible to receive one.

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    Kathy P

    I got through to the IRS this morning. Called three times and waited 45 minutes. I told the representative that I use Turbo Tax but my refund is always deposited in my chime bank account. I told her that I got the first stimulus no problem. And she asked me if I had gotten my refund back from last year when I filed taxes. I told her yea and she put me on hold for 5 minutes. She came back and said that my stimulus should be deposited by the 18th of January. Anyone else been told the 18th yet?

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    I honastly think, no kne knows truth these forums are getting exausting with all thr misinformation

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    Okay.. so I just want to relay what I was just told from TT. The man I spoke to said if my stimulus went to SBTPG then it would be sent back to the IRS and that if I received my 1st stimulus through direct deposit then the IRS would re-issue the check to my correct bank information that is on file.

    I do hope that this proves to be true. I’m a bit skeptical about who or what I believe when it comes to the IRS and my money.

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    Greendot customer service is shit. You get told to contact TT by the irs….okay so 2 hours wait time just to be told to contact greendot…….another hour wait time just to have them scream in poor English “WE CANT TELL YOU ANYTHING BECAUSE ITS AN IRS ISSUE!”

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    Mine still says payment #2 status- not available

    But my account number is correct

    Wtf and its the same message (we are working on it) not enough info.

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    has anyone figured out why turbo cards went from out of negatives last night to 0$ now back to negatives?

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    Same here no “IRS hacked” news since 2015

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    Bluebird by amex

    @B.Bothered I haven’t seen anything about IRS hacked

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    It’s like impossible for me to talk to someone from Greendot. Smh

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    And that is BUllshit about the online filming. They should mail wvwryonea checks if it was sent back. It’s not our fault they do that!

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    Honestly I am so disappointed. It’s really messed up how lower income people always end it getting screwed

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    Tax lady from Liberty told me that. Said they are waiting for more info from them directly. Looked it up online and saw article. BS

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    Lauren Forcer


    Ive not heard about it yet. What all happened and was this recent?

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    Transcripts for me say DD 1/4/2021 GMP says not enough info or don’t qualify, we have a Credit Union

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    @EVERYBODY… has anyone heard about IRS hacked? Hellllooooo

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    Bluebird by amex

    Let us know what they say

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    TT told me to contact Green Dot to see how they were sending my payment, even though I used my personal checking account. This is crazy!!

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    I called TT and they told me to contact Green Dot because that is who they use for them to send a card or transfer it to my bank account. I’m confused. So does Green Dot have my money. This is crazy!!

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    Talked to the IRS.

    Even if your transcript says refund issued 1/4, you will have to file the form to get stimulus when you do your taxes. Your transcript will update Thursday or Friday reflecting the refund was returned to the IRS. That’s if WMP says not available. Sucks

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    Anyone hear the IRS WAS HACKED??? Tax lady just told me that. Maybe that’s why they put a hold on things. Smh

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    Anyone who banks with a bank like Chase, receive theirs through DD today even though the GMP said mailed check?

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    @Yoshi YES! Ask them if our tax transcripts are showing the deposit but the GMP tool says not available if there is still a chance we will receive the stimulus without having to include it in our taxes. Thanks a bunch!

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    I got on the irs website and it is rejecting my zip code so I can’t check it.

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    Is TT only telling everyone their checks are being mailed. Or is this information they can actually see?

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    I’m on hold with TT right now.

    Any questions u want me to relay?

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    Honestly, I just hope mine hasn’t been mailed yet, seeing as it was going my old address where fiends look in your mailbox. I’ve since moved and I just changed my address on the 4th, with a forwarding start date as yesterday the 5th. Check says being mailed on the 6th today. Here’s to hoping.

    TT user, got stimulus just fine on my turbo card last time. Shit is absolutely crazy

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    So those of you who have called TT and they told you that you will receive a paper check…. what does the GMP tool say when you check it?

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    Im locked out. But can pull up husbands. Filed taxes through freetaxusa and had fees taken out. Wondering if I’m in the same boat as TT. Husbands says check will be mailed 1.6. My transcript says refund date 1.4 and credit to account 1.18 and it’s only half of the stimulus. Will really suck if we have to file for my half because we have to do injured spouse due to my student loans. Blahhhhhh.

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    @Nisha I was locked out for 24hrs yesterday and got back in this morning with same news

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    Has anyone checked their status after being locked out??
    I checked 1 time yesterday and was locked out once I tried again.. I waited the full 24 hours and still can’t get any info.
    Just wondering has anybody went through being locked out and actually got back in and received results rather new or old??

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    Bluebird by amex

    Most of us haven’t gotten our stimulus check

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    Just found this article. This is sad. I guess I am in the group that will have to file my credit with my taxes.

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    Did anyone get a stimulus check yet

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    I filed with turbo tax last year. So are you guys saying that there is an issue with TT and that’s why those of us who filed with them are not getting our stimulus checks? It says the IRS released my money on 1/4

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    Can anyone say “clusterfuck”??

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    Bluebird by amex

    I saw someone say they got theirs in the mail the day before yesterday

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    888-777-3066 TT customer service. Wait time is an hour

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    Does anyone have the TT Customer Service number?

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    @brittney thank you so much ill update

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    @brittney they said you getting a paper check what number did you call

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    @bonigore. 8882854169
    Turbo tax customer service…everyone call them I waited like 49 min at least.

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    Well I got threw to turbo and said I’m getting a paper… Even though had did on first…this is a joke

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    Worst part is a lot of folks out there want to give them more control, etc. Guess people get what they ask for and destroy it for the rest of us.

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    How are we supposed to file taxes and receive the second stimulus if our tax transcripts show that it has already been deposited (even though it hasn’t)?!?!?!?!?!?

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    They have managed to fuck all of us….once again…and this time, with chump change. You’re on your own people. The sooner we see this, the better off we will be not waiting on these thieving fucks to “help us”.

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    I used TT as I always have for the past 7/8 years and had fees taken out. I got the first stimulus without error or delay. I haven’t received the second and GMP tool says Not available.

    My transcripts say 846 1/4/2020 and have the amount. So I am very confused. ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA what is going on?

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    @brittney whats the number you called for turbo tax cause we all need to be calling them motherfuckers

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    Turbo tax person here. In Wisconsin and nothing. I’m on the phone with turbo tax because screw it I’ll harass them till I have answers….only been waiting 25 min lol…. People are hurting! I hope all of y’all get your money asap….peace

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    I dont have a status because now my info is incorrect…go figure

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