Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    those who have received a date through gmp but still no deposit, apparently there is a tracing service offered by the IRS to trace your payment but it has to be after a certain amount of time. Google irs stimulus tracing service and read the article. I cannot copy and paste for some reason

    Call the IRS at 800-919-9835.

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    Anyone one else see updates on the GMP portal? I’m still at status 2

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    My GMP also updated with correct bank account information today for a DD of 1/29!!!!!! Woohoo! I am very excited!

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    My GMP updated today in the past hour to reflect transcripts. Mail date of 02/02/2021. Guess it’ll be a while.

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    What time has it been hitting account?

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    did you have a TT card ? did u switch your deposit method on TT?

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    I received my DD yesterday @ done its coming.

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    Sara k

    In SC still no check. Mail date of 1/6🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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    So my first stim dd into my Wells Fargo, then this time around TT messed up and I had to change my dd into my Dave account, transcripts showing refund canceled 1-18 and reissue will be 1-29 so I’m staying positive that I’ll see this money

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    For anyone who has questions call the IRS this morning for assistance

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    I also had tax debt for stimulus 1 but recently paid off my final $500 balance and after I received stimulus 2 No worries it will be okay as long as you don’t have to file for it on 2021 taxes if what was reported on news site is true. I’m getting a tax return this year after not receiving one last year. Still keep looking for info directly from IRS on this or call them

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    For all those who have IRS tax debt if you are awaiting for a check , deposit or prepaid card IRS cannot take the money. I did read possibly somewhere not on IRS site that if filed for stimulus as recovery rebate on current taxes they will apply your refund and stimulus to your tax debt and send the difference if you owe less to the IRS

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    anyone TT card updates? i see alot of people with different banks

    tried to change my info to my chime but got the TTemails saying they dont have my money blah blah blah no updates on GMP

    so im just curious how will i recieve it..would i get a check, a card or direct deposit..

    glad we starting to see payments dropping. i just wish we werent in the fking dark..hard to tell whats true these days

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    I owe taxes too but my transcript says I don’t.

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    @cal @Janet
    My transcript also say those dates pls let me know if anything changes for you!

    Also I used jh to file last year. Got my dad no problem and have same banking info. I am nervous the irs is bamboozling me bc I owe taxes. So if I have to claim this recovery rebate b.s then I wont even see the stimulus… is anyone else in this boat or owe taxes and still received their 2nd stim?? Pps help!😬

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    Mine says the same dates on transcript


    Thanks for the update hopefully I’ll get it in the mail soon. Looks like I won’t be getting a direct deposit unless transcript changes

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    Daniel johns

    Where’s my stimulus

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    Just checked my card at 330 am and my money loaaded. Dd said 1/29 but i got it this morning. Its coming keep checking card. Wmmc Arkansas

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    Anyone used taxslayer received theyre stimulus yet? Im in SC still waiting. I have the 1/4 and 1/18 dates on transcript.

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    I am about to check my transcript again. I did some research and noticed my cycle number ends in 02 so it should update daily.

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    You guys probably have your transcripts update weekly. Dont stress. You’ll probably have it Friday. If you’re weekly, your transcripts will update late thursday night, early friday morning. More than likely, it will be in your account by then.

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    My tax transcript has not been updated. Still says issue date of 1/4 code 846 I’m with Walmart money card

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    I just checked my transcript and it was sent on the 4th and returned on the 18th but no new info! I’m nervous as to why this is can anyone please please help ease my mind. I’m a jh filer with the same banking info nothing has changed and I received my first stimulus with no issues.

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    I still haven’t gotten my stimulus yet, but I’ve read about people getting two stimulus checks instead of one. Does anybody know what to do if that happens?

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    It says arriving soon on my informed delivery next to my address like it has the past two days and I have received mail today and yesterday. Does that mean I am getting mail the next day? It doesn’t say what I am getting until the morning of.

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    Thanks for the information

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    I’m still waiting on my stimulus as well, they have my correct account info from the first stimulus,the first one was dd with no issues,, get my payment still says no status..
    Call and you can get some info on your stimulus- rather if it was sent back and will be mailed or what not.

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    Used JH and was affected by the error they had and didn’t get my stimulus and had to wait until they fixed the error. today around noon it was deposit into my chime account

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    A lot of people in my area got their checks in the mail on last Friday 1-22-2021 not sure why I didn’t get mine yet. Does the IRS mail checks in batches how the do direct deposit??? Missouri

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    The best source of information on the status of your EIP-2 is the Get My Payment tool at The IRS Get My Payment Tool is expected to be updated to reflect all customer information on January 29th. The IRS only updates the Get My Payment tool overnight, so there is no need to check it more than once a day.

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    If you did not have your tax refund deposited into a permanent bank account or the IRS has determined that your account is no longer active, then you should receive a check directly from the IRS in the U.S. mail. Checks are scheduled to be mailed February 2nd through February 5th, so please allow several days for mail delivery and watch your mail.

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    The exact timing of when the funds will be visible and available in your deposit account depends on which batch the IRS releases your payment in, and your bank’s deposit posting rules and timeline. This could mean you may see your funds as early as January 26th or, as late as, or even after, the last batch on February 5th.

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    Update from Republic Bank

    The IRS has started issuing payments to some affected customers by direct deposit as of today, January 26th. The IRS will continue to release funds to affected customers in batches through February 5th.

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    Demetryus Let me know if you get an update on your transcript, not able to view mine

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    ??? Are the transcripts updating as of today?

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    Omg thank God! I’m so happy you got yours!! I’m so happy we were able to kind help each other.

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    Dat dude

    Reporting hearsay-

    In West Virginia the mailed checks/cards are stuck in Charleston. Unsure why but if it is true I believe it’s the sorting facility is located there. So if you’re a WVian take it how you want. I’m filling my taxes and just saying I received it and taking out a refund advance.

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    Dat dude

    Reporting hearsay-

    In West Virginia the mailed checks/cards are stuck in Charleston. Unsure why but if it is true I believe it’s the sorting facility is located there. So if you’re a WVian take it how you want. I’m filling my taxes and just saying I received it and taking out a refund advance. Let’s get this 3rd round passes now Congress!

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    I seen someone say that their informed delivery says stimulus check arriving soon?? How do you see that?? All I see it says arriving soon next to my address. But it doesn’t say anything else.

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    Anyone else have a date of feb 2 on transcripts? Expecting a check or eip card here!

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    Hey guys. I have been watching this chat and just felt like I should say this to all. I was one of the many affected by the Republic bank crap. I checked my transcript this morning and saw the 846 refund issued 1/29 and received my stimulus on my chime about an hour ago. My get my payment is still stuck at payment status not available. I am a Jackson Hewitt customer btw.

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    It all depends on your bank . I just looked today and my payment is posting to my account. On GMP it still say status not available. transcript say 1/18 canceled, 846 refund issued 1/29. So you may wake up and its in your account.

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    Just god DD onto Netspend All Access. Filed thru Liberty Tax and GMP still says status unavailable. So keep an eye out ppl!

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    I don’t have an updated deposit date yet but hopefully I get one soon.

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    Can’t get in to view my transcripts , this whole thing is frustrating and the different reps from the IRS tell you something different everytime you call

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    Just got the notification from my wmmc that my stimulus will load on 1/29 too. Fingers crossed it comes like it’s supposed to. I cant wait to finally be done with this whole situation

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    Transcript changed to 1/29/21. Just got notification from wmmc that my deposit will load on that day. Lets get paid yall. They coming Friday

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    I just received an email from walmart money card stating my deposit will be there Friday. Irs website still say status unavailable. I hope this info helps someone.

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    Update I kept my hope everyone should too my hand kept itching but I knew there was no money something said just check my account and I have a Pending deposit of my stimulus payment on 1/29 but GMP is still “status unavailable” I have MCU in NY and I usually always get notified of pending deposits and sure enough today I have chime users keep hope my husband using them and chime said they will just drop it in the account it will show no pending payments because they hold no ones money

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    Storm Girl

    I seen on FB where lots of people are getting their deposits pending now. My bank doesn’t tell if there’s a pending deposit. Just wondering if anyone here has a regular bank account & is showing a pending deposit now? (Regular just meaning not Netspend or something like that)

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    Here is the link for getting your transcript

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    Anyone how do I view my transcripts?

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    I just thought about this, but if you’re still waiting for your EIP, status says not available and your transcript didnt update last night, you may be a WEEKLY update, which should come Thursday evening, friday morning. I believe people who were getting updates today are daily updates.

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    So it finally came down here in Houston Tx. Today. Praise God for victory!! Got mine today. Good luck to all of you still waiting. God bless you.

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    Thanks for the earlier posts. I’m in the Tax Act, Republic group. I received a reissued date of 1-29 on my transcripts today that was not there on the weekend. I’m hoping for the best!

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    I talked to a woman from the IRS this morning and she stated that the IRS isn’t reissuing payments. I am confused. I received an email that said I’ll get it by Feb. 1st, going to call back and try to talk to someone else

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    Since everyone was updating with their transcripts, I looked at mine as well. Showing cancelling 1-18 and 846 refund issued 2-02.

    I was a part of the TT deposited into closed account and update my DD with TT on 1-11.

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    @Ann i am not sure but i think it means DD on that date.

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    I wish I could see my transcripts too but I dont have any of the type of accounts you need to access it online. I hope I get it dd but gmp still says unavailable for me so I dont even know about that either..

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    As of today Tuesday 01-26-2021 my IRS Tax transcripts have now been Updated to Refund Date 01-29-2021 Code 846.

    GMP still unavailable

    Location; NY

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    Transcripts haven’t updated. Was in the Republic Bank mess. I got all their emails including to expect a payment by 2/1. Is anyone else seeing no update to transcripts?

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    My transcript say 841 refund cancelled 1/18 846 refund issued 1/29.

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    My transcripts show issue was canceled 1-18-2021 and reissue date is 1-29-2021

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    Stimulus was sent to closed account on jan 4, bank returned it. Tax transcripts now say Feb 2 is reissue date. Does that mean they will send a check out on Feb 2??

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    I recieved my card yesterday. My mail said economic payment arriving soon on my informed delivery yesterday morning and it came yesterday. My mail date was 1/6 and I live in AZ

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    John b

    My informed delivery says my economic impact payment should be arriving soon I hope that means today I will let you know if it comes in I live in Central Virginia

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    Hang in there ..I got a feeling it will be arriving this week for you. If my hunch is correct since the IRS Missouri office is closet to you the check my arrive from the PA office which seems to further away in terms of distance from your state..please post which location the check was mailed from. TY

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    In South Carolina. Supposed to get stimulus DD but because we use turbotax, my payment was mailed on 1/6. Still not here.

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    It appears from posts for people waiting on checks that certain IRS locations in PA and MO are mailing checks to residents that seem live further away from their nearest IRS disbursement offices Another post from RJ living in Texas and receiving a check from the PA IRS office.. Regardless hopefully all waiting will receive your payments.

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    Robert g

    Just an fyi got my image on informed mail today check mailed from Pennsylvania. I live in texas down south so keep hope ilive guys. Best wishes to all!!!

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    Still no update with my gmp still say not available, I hope I get money this week , I hope we all do, I live in Indiana

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    I dont believe it has anything to do with States. Some people here in Missouri are still waiting for checks and some aren’t. Im seeing people say that they’ve received a check from the IRS in KC. The IRS is literally 2 blocks from my apt and I work for usps, the mail is seriously backed up. So I don’t believe checks or cards are being mailed out by states

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    Free pizza

    TT user got my first stimulus on my turbo card and I just got my second stimulus on a card through the mail today with a 1/6 mail date I also had a negative balance of 9.90 Seattle Wa here

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    Still waiting on my, the same dates 1/4 and 1/18…

    Orlando, FL

    Smh, praying for this week.

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