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Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    Barry isn’t buying anything unless that DD hit soon🔥

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    Bluebird by amex

    No deposit (yet, hopefully)
    Bluebird with Amex bank account;
    GMP: Unavailable
    Filed with TT, paid for their services with my return- and received their email last night at 8:09 pm CT

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    Barry Rhoton

    Hey Jeanie are you from bowling green I’m from bowling green let’s get together and party. I’ll supply the stuff some go go some reefer and some snow and all the liquor u can drink plus I’ll get pizzas from papa johns. If u got kids bring em over I’ll put them in my guest room I got a DVD player in there they can watch dvds while we party and maybe make more kids

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    Barry Rhoton

    Yeah I didn’t receive to email and I got my dd my status was not available

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    Anyone get their DD but didnt reveive email from TT?

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    Anyone that used TaxAct gotten theirs yet????

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    I got my deposit on the 4th and just had the balance transferred somewhere on Emerald Card, happen to anyone else?

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    I used TT and let my fees come out my refund and got my 1st stimulus on time and I have Chime… nothing yet but fingers crossed that dd comes next couple days because yesterday I gave up hope and then all this comes out today that we have a chance again…. will update if anything happens good luck everyone lets keep our fingers crossed

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    yeah I know WF is always slow with deposits, I say a bout 2-3 days as well.
    Even though sooner would be nice.

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    yes!! will do. got it.

    Be back in a few ;)

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    My sister has Greendot and got it last Wednesday morning. Everyone I know with common banks started to receive on Thursday

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    @NeedsMyCheck, someone posted on a different forum that they are in Florida and are received a check today…. Anyone in a different state receive a mailed check?

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    Oh also got TT E-mail

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    @Tim yes i was going to say the same green dot usually gets theirs sooner so maybe we’ll see ours later today or tomorrow.

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    Turbotax w/fees taken out Capital One bank no DD yet Payment status 2- not available

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    Green dot Wmmc, got mine today! Irs site still saying unavailable.. hope this helps!

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    If I’m not mistaken.. Greendot always gets first. I know someone that uses it for payroll and they get paid on Wednesday .. Their normal payday is Friday. Waiting on Wells Fargo.. TT with fees taken from refunds.

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    possibly helpful info. I think on transcripts people are only seeing “refund issued 1/4” without looking further. You may see also “account credited 1/18” or something similar. I think the “account credited” is going to be the actual DD date.

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    Green dot here and nothing here. In ohio

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    Yea im pretty hopeful. Bc Noone from wf say thy got it yet since wf said they would release immediately with no holds at beginning but that was 1st go rounders on the 2nd one. Maybe thy should hold a day to verify but wf usually 2 days unfortunately

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    Green Dot card- nothing yet. IRS- info not available

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    Thats good to hear rn syd since we all experiencing the same situation . When other banks like ours start to hit then Ina be super stressed if ours don’t hit. Plz keep me updated plz! Since we bank same bank.. Jus say got it!!lol I go back and read alot

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    Leah O


    I bank with Chime.. same situation as you.. no DD ..I agree it seems only greendot today

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    don’t worry, it will come. I don’t think TT will want to loose their pot of gold. Customers are pissed.

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    Except *

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    I have WF and live in CA, no deposit on my end yet. My first stimmy came no prob. My nephew, who also has WF and had fees taken out from TT, has not received anything either.

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    Me too syd I’m at WF too. Same exact sexcept i can’t pull my transcripts .. Well I could but im too sick to look at it this has been stressful ! But I did get the email last night

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    oh, and I also received TT e-mail last night.

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    Wells Fargo here any updates on any normal banks like WF or BoA??

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    Wells Fargo here, no DD so far.
    01/04 DD on transcripts
    payment status 2-not available
    TT fees taken out.

    Following TT on twitter for latest updates and comments from customers, haven’t seen anything reliable yet.

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    any netspenders that used tt get dd yet

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    Chime here….no nothing yet. Same message on IRS – NOT AVAILABLE…fees taken out of refund with Turbotax. I did receive TT email last night….starting to worry again..

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    Tiny Tina id talk to the Pol that live their just in case they don’t put it on hold. Look @what type of Pol they’re 1st b4 sayn letter or check or just stalk their mailbox/mailman every day lmao.. I bet u didn’t get the email bc urs was already cut as a paper check

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    Any Wells Fargo info? Used TT with DD.

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    People with Chime…chime in…have you gotten a DD yet? Seems like only Greendot folks are striking gold right now (I’ve been on the thread the whole time so I HAVE read it)

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    Lil Donnie Smothers

    No i used walmark cart

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    Netspend rep stated once stimulus was received it would be posted to account and to contact IRS as it was their if their hands. Very frustrating call, it was no help.

    Sorry, i was really hoping to be able to provide some hope.

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    @lil Donnie


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    Lil Donnie Smothers

    gots mines earler on wmmc i hat status not avaliable but now my account went to 1800 and i used tt and hat fees took out. i dont know what th ehole up was but i just glad we see the deopsit comig in

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    my transcript says refund issued on the 4th. code 846. Credit to the account on the 18th code 766. So maybe it is still coming by DD. Just not time yet.

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    I see every posting about TT and DD but mine say check mailed on 1/6/21. Has anybody rcvd a check in the mail yet???

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    @shaun thanks. I called them earlier too.

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    Thanks Kristen, Did you use Taxact?

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    Bluebird by amex


    I wouldn’t depend on the transcript,
    I’ve seen people on here get their stimulus through the mail (on the 5th) and their transcript said it was deposited.
    If you want to go ahead and see it:

    They have an online way to request it:
    You have to provide a car/home/loan number OR last 8 numbers to a credit card you may have

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    Is the TT error affecting those who used free file (no fees taken out)?

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    which transcript type do you get to find out this stuff?

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    I am going to give Netspend a call. I will give an update after.

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    Bluebird by amex

    Did you use TurboTax?
    You probably fall under the category of the error the IRS made; as per what Tax prep services have stated
    This being: they’re working on getting the right bank account numbers to the IRS

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    anyone with patriot FCU get theirs yet ?

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    @kristeen thanks for the info. I still can have hope then that I’ll see it before march.

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    @bluebirdtexas My status has been the same since GMP became available. It says it’s scheduled for the 4th to deposit to my turbo account and never been updated. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    I had the status of “Payment 2 unavailable no info received “
    I just received my payment an hour ago. AZ with two dependents and I use my green dot card. Hope that helps for someone that’s nervous thinking they have to file it on taxes. That is not the case for everyone and I of course am proof that I’ve received mine.

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    Anyone have netspend and file with Liberty Tax get theirs yet?

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    I read a post on i got my refund on facebook. She said she called TT and if you got the email last night you will get it dd. I did not get email. I checked spam, everything. Still no dd but irs transcript still says mailing paper check 1/6. I moved and fwd my address with usps 12/28. I don’t know if my check will be fwd or sent back. Some post offices will fwd some will return to sender. I’ll keep everyone posted.

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    You are welcome 👍

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    Thanks so much for the update

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    I did see people ask about Wells Fargo, I bank with them, but did get an email from turbo after 10pm last night. I do not have my DD and I am hoping just not yet. Everything for me is still the same as it was days ago.

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    Bluebird by amex


    Thank you for the info about Bluebird

    The deposits are pretty inconsistent

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    Bluebird by amex


    Did GMP ever say anything else?
    Mine still says Unavailable, but earlier: people who posted that they got their deposit this morning said their GMP says Unavailable

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    I’m also a TaxAct user and looking for answers. I have emailed and called several times and finally, this morning, a rep told me that they are working with the IRS to get our deposits sent to the right accounts. I was told to wait a while longer and keep an eye on my bank account. Hope this helps.

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    @Annie F

    Scroll through until you find my posts from this morning it will answer all of your questions

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    Spoke with Bluebird…surprisingly got through quickly….anyway no pending deposit YET but she said it can take up to 48 hours for it to show and to follow up again tomorrow morning. (Apparently they are aware of the massive screw up as well) I also dont know that its accurate because they normally deposit stuff pretty quickly…gov’t payments maybe are done differently?

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    Anyone still have scheduled DD for 1/4 on their GMP status? They obviously don’t update it. Smh

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    @AmServe Thanks! I was beginning to feel like I am the only one who received a “will be mailed on January 6, 2021” Payment Status, even though I have a Turbo Debit Visa that worked with the first payment. I signed up for the USPS Informed Delivery, and now I haven’t received one piece of mail in 4 days!

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    Annie F

    I feel like I’m getting attacked. I’m trying to figure out answers too. I’m a single mom barely making ends meet
    To answer any questions. I have Wells Fargo, I filled through TT the past 4 years and transcripts say it was issued 1/4, my GMP stated #2 is not available.
    My bank account is open, and I haven’t had fraud or anything flagged.
    1st stimulus check hit my dd same day it was issued.
    We are all struggling, we’re all In the same boat, I’m sorry if I upset anyone

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    Bluebird by amex

    You learn reading comprehension in elementary;

    Most of us here haven’t gotten the second stimulus
    And most of us are struggling, but we still use our reading comprehension skills to read the forum.

    Clearly, I have bluebird, and I’ve said multiple times that I haven’t gotten my second stimulus.

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    No youre good Lin, im still trying to conprehend why this is happening. None of it makes sense.

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    If you don’t want to answer our questions, how about just not saying anything at all. It’s people out here that really need their money, going through real situations, and don’t have time for stupidity.

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    Was not trying to be nosy but that is one of the things that the tt rep said would affect the timeframe of having the dd corrected by Greendot.

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    Has anybody gotten bluebird info yet?

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    Bluebird by amex

    Read the forum

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    Greendot Cards…..Does anyone know if any of republic bank’s or Taxact’s customers has gotten stimulus, even though the payment tool still says unavailable?

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