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Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    Thank you for the number

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    I have the turbotax card and used turbo tax, never got a email. Because they have a different one. Mine says it will be mailed am I’m one of the ones that will hopefully get a deposit today?

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    @William 8887773066 im on hold 25 min wait time

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    Well I feel like I’m in the alone boat, tt filer but absolutely no email no anything. Not that I’m depending on this but don’t believe I’ll see it before tax time, go all tt filers maybe y’all just ahead of me

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    1-888-777-3066 – I am holding now 15-20 min wait time

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    Does anyone know the number to tt?

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    You guys have a great day I am going to head out to work.

    I will update if anything happens on my end.

    ::fingers crossed:: hoping we all see money this morning in accounts or mailboxes.

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    You need to call tt if thats who you filed with and see what they tell you..or call the irs see if they will release info.

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    Yeah thats what I was going to tell you….dont be surprised if it takes a while to receive it….not only is the post office slow as hell but we all are well aware of how the IRS works. Their 1/6 is our 2/1

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    I’m getting it! My band account just went down. Local credit union

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    I got both emails I’m just concerned my payment was already sent back.. if thats the case why the hell am I getting an email..??? I winder how many ppl got the emails and wont be seeing a deposit.

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    And BTW I know about the TT emails etc but SBTPG works with other companies like TaxSlayer, so thought this post would have a broader stroke. Please see below.

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    I am sure this has been posted at least once, but SBTPG announced yesterday that they will be forwarding money to our accounts instead of sending them back to the IRS. If you Google SBTPG, there will be a section called “Stimulus Payments ” on the Google Search result for SBTPG and on 1/7, they updated that to state the above.

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    If you dont get an email is that bad? No email for me and same status as everyone else here.

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    Good morning everyone

    @ashwash and @linn

    Still nothing, still no 1st/2nd email either
    Told you guys i would update, wish it was better news

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    NY. I just read online news article it could take 3 to 4 weeks to receive the check from mail date on getmypayment. Hope that is not true.

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    Keep in mind all they guesstimated this time to have affected 15 to 20 million people. With that being said as much as we do not want to give them a minute to figure it out their internal servers might not be able to process out 20 million emails simultaneously. As well you might be getting thr email as the irs gets verification to the tax company they processed accordingly.

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    Where are you located?

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    I received the first email very late 10 something at night on the 6th – I have not received a second email as of this morning. Same issue as most – Wells Fargo – Transcript shows 1/4 – nothing on GMP – used TT with Fees taken out.

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    Yes, Wells Fargo will show deposits on Saturday (pending but typically available for use). I get my CS deposited through Wells Fargo on a Saturday. Hope that helps

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    So did I around 630ish that evening 🤔 hopefully we know something soon..Praying 🙏

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    Do wells Fargo even post deposits on the weekend ? SAT , SUN???

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    Lol they put in bold caps IRS ERROR LMAO TT

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    i got the 2nd email. Wf here! Still gmp unavailable . Nothing pending email says ppl get em today or deposited today an ur bank may take few days to process but everyone should have something by the 11th

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    Same here, lasttime I got the check deposited at 7pm. Here’s to hoping we all start getting our money!

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    I got an email from turbos tax this morning saying it’s on its way. I hope to see it later on today!!!

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    I just received the email guys so don’t worry! They must not be sending the emails out at the same time but it shows they are working on it!

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    @Everyone else

    Hopefully surprise deposits come to those that have yet to receive any of the emails.

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    I have woodforest nothing yet

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    @ mainec86
    Hopefully we get something today

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    Gm. Have any Netspenders received they dd yet? I filed with tt also but did not get a tt card from them I used netspend.

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    Have yet to see anything also , but I’ve noticed chime deposits usually do not show up until 11am(ct) and as late as 4pm(ct). Sometimes in between those times .

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    No email no dd starting to think we ain’t getting anything.

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    I have received both emails. Still no DD, bank with chime

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    Confirmed : Received the first and second emails.

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    I got the same email tate posted at 344am this morning in ohio

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    I have Chase.
    Normally when you have a deposit scheduled for a Monday they deposit it Saturday morning.
    I have nothing yet so hopefully that’s the case.
    Fingers crossed.

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    Dear Valued TurboTax Customer,

    Great news, your stimulus payment is on the way!

    We are happy to share that stimulus payments will begin to be deposited starting January 8th. We expect most payments to be available that day, but your bank could take a few business days to process. Your payment will be deposited into the same bank account that you received your 2019 tax refund.

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    People are getting a email saying they are working on tt payments but I found a article that says if you dont receive a email saying your payment is on it’s way then they will try to find another way to get you your money anyone get that email saying it’s on its way

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    To anyone
    please post if or when you receive your check with a 1/6 mailing date on getmypayment

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    I do not have TT but waiting on a 1/6 check date. and nothing as of yet. stimulus 1 5/8 mail date but I picked up check as USPS location and already there on 5/8

    Hopefully today is the day

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    anyone have a negative balance on turbo card and get my payment status says check was scheduled to be mailed on the 6th

    Still haven’t received anything and no email from tt, im really worried…

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    IGMR Admin

    To: Everyone

    Would you mind hitting up the other topics to touch base with other users with unanswered questions if you are able to help?

    This is a user-to-user site and the best help is by connecting with each other.

    Thanks so much for being the best part of IGMR!

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    I got Bluebird and filed with Turbotax
    Last year I got mine on day one deposited
    This year I ain’t got nothing yet.
    If it gets mailed out by check I’ll be screwed because I don’t even know what address it’s going to.
    Turbotax is ignoring my account recovery request.
    Get my payment tool keeps locking me out.
    And rent was do on the 5th
    I’m about to be a bum lmao.

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    CA Chime usually Chimes in between 3/4am. Hoping Turbo Tax follows through.

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    I am getting concerned. I got the first email but not the 2nd. Turbo tax did post if we didn’t get the email they may not have enough information to process our payment.

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    Thank god. I’m TT green dot card. I need my money Arkansas

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    Marty’s erection

    Ianyone know when dd will be issued I’m waiting on taxslayer dd

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    Marty s Johnson

    Anybody have wood forest

    #4442418 Reply
    Martee s Johnson

    Yeah woot woot

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    Yes! That happened to me. My husband’s GMT says not available but mine says a check was mailed 1/6. His transcript shows half the amount, but it also shows half the amount for the last stimulus and we got the full amount last time. We have not yet had a DD or received a check.

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    I have chase, paycheck went in but no stimulus.

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    Got the email but no DD yet with Chase, TT w/ fees.
    Anyone in Florida hit yet?

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    @Barry… STFU you dirty junky

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    Gene taxpayer

    Jeff I didn’t get email and I got dd earlier so don’t worry daddy jeff u sexy basterd

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    You gotta be kidding me. Just when i think this stuffs figured out and dont gotta worry about it anymore, now cause i didnt get an email i wont get a DD. Idk how they dont have enough information on me ive used the same bank with them for 3 years. My GMP has never changed off of not enough info.

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    Hornee dude

    Any one from hornee New Mexico on here

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    Thanks everyone! I won’t attack my neighbors…yet. I started cleaning instead. And checking this forum!

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    BTH Im in CA so its only 10:50 bank with B of A they update at 2am everyday. ill keep you guys posted

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    Barry Rhoton

    Great let’s all get drunk now. Anybody got any good dope?

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    got same email a few minutes ago

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    Got and email from TT saying ** Dear Valued TurboTax Customer,

    Great news, your stimulus payment is on the way!

    We are happy to share that stimulus payments will begin to be deposited starting January 8th. We expect most payments to be available that day, but your bank could take a few business days to process. Your payment will be deposited into the same bank account that you received your 2019 tax refund **

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    Barry Rhoton

    Stacey I didn’t get the email but I got my DD today so the email is irrelevant

    #4442400 Reply
    Barry Rhoton

    It ok mt I forgive u.

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    Dont worry they just started i havent got one either and i git the last email yesterday me and my wife give it time we only 41 minutes into the into the 8th

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    I’m sorry
    I didn’t mean to upset anyone to the point of mean name calling. Here is the link where I read it at.

    Im sorry you think I’m a liar. I thought I was helping by reassuring that we would get it. I won’t comment every again.

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    I am so worried. I didn’t get an email from TT. I’m starting to get paranoid — does my mail carrier steal mail? Our apartment mailboxes are broken – did my neighbor take my mail? Ugghh….

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    Anyone file jointly and had 2 different responses on GMP? Hubby’s says mailed on 6th. Mine says status not available. Got 1st stimulus just fine. My transcript only shows half of our total amount.

    #4442384 Reply

    Thanks Barry I really need this money pray we all get it.

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    Barry Rhoton

    Mt is spreading lies don’t listen to mt. I got dd and didn’t get to email. My 1800 smackaroos and 0 emails says mt is a dam liar

    #4442381 Reply
    Barry Rhoton

    I didn’t get the email and I got the dd so that’s a dam lie mt. My 1800 was in my account at 12pm so do you have any other dumb insinuations?

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    Are these emails real? I haven’t seen one from turbo tax since last stimulus.

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    got this email just a second ago

    Dear Valued TurboTax Customer,

    Great news, your stimulus payment is on the way!

    We are happy to share that stimulus payments will begin to be deposited starting January 8th. We expect most payments to be available that day, but your bank could take a few business days to process. Your payment will be deposited into the same bank account that you received your 2019 tax refund.

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    If you get an email from TT Nd click the here link. In the fqa sections it says if you got the email you will get your dad but no email no did

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