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Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    called BOA 800-432-1000, talked to rep, he said he would be able to see about a week out if the check is from treasury/irs and if you will have a deposit (on their back end).

    I got 2 emails from TT.

    The rep at BOA said he does NOT see a scheduled deposit from treasury/irs.

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    Leah O

    @Nessa @chimer

    Same CT.. I’m in tx.. both emails, still waiting on chime

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    Last name GA
    CT Chime…nothing

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    I have a turbo card nothing here.

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    Brandon v

    I wonder if it is in alphabetical order because i don’t have mine

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    Lunch break maybe? Chime my paychecks hit right about 4pmCT….maybe later? Again with feeling sick…what it is the 4th round of hope then let down?? Argh

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    I only received the 1st email filed with TT and had fees taken out No DD yet. Greendot card. Texas

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    @loyalone yeah I got mine at 135

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    Looks like direct deposits stopped…hmmm

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    I got both emails, SBTPG said they did receive my money from the IRS and they sent it on the 7th.. no idea where tf it is.

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    Has anyone got their check in the mail with the jan 6th status? I moved after I filed my taxes last year and I’m worried my check will go to my old address. My status on irs website says they mailed mine Jan 6th. So far I haven’t gotten anything. I know I’m a bit anxious and it may take more time. I checked my informed delivery and it isn’t coming today either.

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    @Chloe @Rhood711 i used TT. this is weird bc i didnt even get the 1st stimulus. irs says it was deposited 4/15 to the right bank acct maybe it was sent to collections idk, but im happy either way. good luck to you.

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    I have a feeling bigger banks will deposit tonight or latest Monday as they always verify deposits first.. with CU they usually don’t hold and deposit once they receive it.. I use to have chase and they always deposited late for me

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    GMP says check to be mailed 1/6 still nothing here in WA state mail comes in about an hour though, also I filed taxes in 2019 with tt free version and got first stim on tt card. Have not gotten an email from them. but also a couple days ago my account went from negatives to 0 back to negatives. idk if I should be waiting on mail or dd at this point

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    Still waiting…… Filed with freetaxusa….transcript says 1/4/21 deposit….GMP says Not Available….bank with Varo…

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    Someone posted earlier today Wells Fargo hit, im still waiting on mine.

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    @beautyfull yes it is .. I don’t even know how they allowed this to happen. I’ll be paying fees upfront from now on and closing my Chime account. Lately, they’ve let me down with deposits and malfunctions.

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    Mine just hit. Now just to collect later on the 1st stimulus that I personally didnt get. Hopefully TT has this setup cause we should all have the expectation that the Democrats will fulfill their promise.

    Good luck to everyone else and Im sure we will all see eachother soon with tax season and the chaos that will be.

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    Same here. Mine was to be mailed 1/6, hopefully be here today. TT card is negative 9 bucks balance. NEVER got an email or anything of the sort. Really hope it’s in the mailbox today!! Good luck, keep me posted if you can…

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    IRS just updated their website saying that they are working with all tax preparers to fix their error and everyone affected should disregard the GMP site and keep an eye on their bank accounts.

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    New York, my father just recieved his through local credit union. Me and bf both waiting with other seperate local credit unions. Will post when we recieve

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    @Finally!!! What time did your dd hit. Im in nc and bank with a local credit union and still waiting.

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    Any Wells Fargo banks DD hit yet from TT ?

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    So since we have no emails or anything we’re just out of luck? This is getting ridiculous.

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    I bank with a local CU in CA and have the 2# not available and DD of 1/4 went thru TT and I just now got my DD i also received both emails from TT.

    Stay positive ppl!

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    I had TT and received my last stimulus on TT intuit greendot card and irs says they mailed my check 1-6
    Mail runs in a hour I will update
    Arkansas here

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    Has anyone who has status not available and did taxes themselves for free gotten anything? My husband got the first one fine and this one is MIA. No fees taken out. Bank is Varo

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    Just received mine today it’s really coming look out for it.

    All-Access: $1,059.85 available after $1,200.00 Direct Deposit from TAX PRODUCTS PR1 on 01/08/2021 12:26:02

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    Waiting on chime here in Ca. Nothing yet 11 Pacific time

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    I agree with you … I’m done with both!! I’m happy for all but it’s a bummer to not have ours at the same time. Happy Friday anyhow!

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    After all this, I don’t think I’ll be doing anymore business with Chime or Turbotax. The last few days have been crazy trying to figure out where the funds that they were so in a hurry to get us went.

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    Just received mine today it’s really coming look out for it.

    All-Access: $1,059.85 available after $1,200.00 Direct Deposit from TAX PRODUCTS PR1 on 01/08/2021 12:26:02

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    Serve got mine

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    Does anyone have info on wisely/ADP cards

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    DD hit just a bit ago. I used TT had fees taken out. I bank with local credit union. Still on not available per gmr. Original did jan.4 on transcripts. If you haven’t received yours yet breathe easy its coming!!

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    I got American serve still waiting anyone get theres wit serve yet

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    @Annie83 I didn’t get any of the emails from TT But I did just receive my DD. In NC I bank with SECU

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    I still haven’t got mine yet and I have turbo card, hopefully it comes soon

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    My direct deposit hit!! I got netspend & had turbo tax fees takin out. Was supposed to get it the 4th but fell victim to the turbo tax/irs mess!! It’s coming guys!!

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    Conway Twitty\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    Netspend just hit for me too. Filed with TT and had fees taken from return.

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    My DD hit!!!

    GMP: no information available on website
    Account transcript showed 1/04
    Went through turbo tax had fees taken out
    Live in MD

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    Anybody from capital one bank get their dd?

    #4442986 Reply
    Tiffany Manning

    10:46 a.m. California NetSpend filed TurboTax 2019 just received my direct deposit. It says deposited from tax products pe1 I also got both emails from TurboTax good luck guys

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    I just received my dd at 12:45 so it’s coming everyone! Best of luck! Thanks for keeping us all informed I appreciate it.

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    Same…Chime CT 12 :46 nothing yet

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    I usually don’t post but I have been reading the threads. I normally file with a cpa and fees come out through sbtpg. My first stimulus went straight to my acct on 4/15/20 this time I’ve been waiting. My transcript has said DD 1/4/21, wmp has been saying status 2 and still does. I received my DD today to my credit union around 12pm I am in Michigan. Keep faith everyone! I thought I was going to have to file a rebate but it came today! There’s hope! Good luck everyone

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    Amex Serve is a pretty early card w deposits. They’re always one of the first

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    Any Cali Chime peeps get theirs?

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    Ladies and F’n gentlemen! AS OF 10:40 AM PST Netspend is sending out TT deposits. WOOOOOOOO WOO WO WOOOOOOOO. GOT MINE FOLKS! Netspend, TT user. Both emails received.

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    @lolaR how do you check transcript?

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    How can I talk to someone at turbo? Irs says they can’t tell me anything.

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    Nothing here yet, chime, got both emails, had fees taken from sbtpg at 12:39 ct

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    Tennessee here, Turbotax user. Was to be mailed out to me on the 6th. Mail hasn’t ran today as of yet, I saw where someone in Alabama got theirs in the mail today, so fingers crossed. Also, have a negative 9 bucks on my TT card.

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    guess u dont need email you will get it!!!

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    Capital one …still nothing!! 12:38pm TEXAS

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    Amex Serve hit at 135 pm. Used Taxslayer who took fees out of refund with SBTPG. There is hope! See you in a few weeks. Congrats @linn and hope you gets yours soon. @Chimer !!!

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    @barbi2021 I saw earlier posts where some chase bank customers have received their dd. I am also w a personal bank, Pnc in Florida. I just talked to them and they have no pending deposit for my account. I received both tt emails, status is not available, and I have my preparation fees for turbo tax deducted from my taxes by captiva bank.

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    Leah O

    Chime still nothing both emails ..anyone else still waiting in chime?

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    Netspend just an email my deposit is about to post!! Freetaxusa no info on gmp dd1/4

    #4442950 Reply

    I’m still wanting on mine I got both emails I haven’t received anything yet I have a personal banking account I’m guessing is a traditional bank first community bank in tennessee

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    Bluebird TurboTax just posted

    #4442942 Reply

    Woodforest just posted. not available on IRS website. Transcript 1/4 DD date…received both emails from Turbo Tax. Virginia

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    Nothing for me yet. Traditional bank….. received both emails from TT and I had fees removed from my refund. I have hope that it’s coming and it’s just my bank taking forever to process it. Maybe I’ll see it tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks!

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    Seems like TT is sending the deposits now. Did anyone left here use Taxslayer with fees deducted through SBTPG? If so, please let us know if you got yours or post when you do.

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    Did any ones says mailed on the irs website but received a dd??

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    Did any ones says mailed on the irs website but received a dd??

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    Spoke to TT earlier, woman said she thought it was odd that i didnt get email. She sent a “test email” which i received. She suggested that i may have opted out of receiving marketing emails which could be reason why i didnt get email. Still got no dd though. She Said most people would get it next week.

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    You just have me hope again. No emails from TT at all. Still waiting for my dd

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    Just got mine. Paypal prepaid account, I got both emails from turbo tax and never had a update on gmp. Gmp said not available from day 1. I hope everybody has good luck and gets theirs.

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    I meant I just got mine on my Netspend and I filed with TT.

    #4442932 Reply

    something amazing just happened no email netspend just posted

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    @annie83 that’s what I’m wondering I’m in the same boat as you. Nobody will tell me anything.

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    @bluebird by amex hang in there, I have Amex and I’m still waiting. I used Taxslayer but they are doing same thing with sbtpg sending them through. Lets hope

    #4442926 Reply

    @annie83 that’s what I’m wondering I’m in the same boat as you. Nobody will tell em anything.

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    I just got mine and I filed with art and I have Netspend it

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