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Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    Well fargo TT with DD just hit at 2:30 may GL

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    What is the second email that people are getting from tt?

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    Anyone receive checks today? Mine says mailed 1/6 😒 Didn’t receive mine today. Filled through TT and used the TT card last time and got my first one of it.

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    Where The Money Reside

    Wells Fargo
    12pm Philly, Pa

    Woot Woot!

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    I’m in Iowa and I bank with a local credit union. No deposit yet, it’s 3:35 pm. Filed 2019 with TurboTax and had fees taken out through SBTPG. I got both emails from TurboTax. GMP has given me the unavailable message since it went live. I got my first stimulus payment deposited with no issues at all. I will try to update when/if I get anything.

    Hope this is detailed and helpful enough for someone.

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    Chime just hit I’m in Wisconsin

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    Shanti Climons

    Chime MI
    Both emails
    Still nothing

    Fingers crossed

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    Mine just hit. local credit union.

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    Leah O

    Just hit! Chime Texas around 3pm CT

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    I’m in Wisconsin and still not seeing anything… hoping it it just state by state

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    hang in there every one you will get it.

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    I’m in missouri with green dot turbo card nothing yet.

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    Welp there goes my theory. U think I should call TT or just sit tight?

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    Ohio yoshi

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    State? Bank?

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    also I am netspend

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    @sharon I pray yours did today

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    420 pm just got my stimulus like I said irs updates do not mean a damn thing

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    Beginning to think they must be going by state alphabetically. Im in NE. No Dd. Netspend. Ohio hasn’t yet either.

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    I haven’t had anything on time yet either and I live in Ohio

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    Wells Fargo mine lit hit right now !!!
    TT fees taken out, got both emails from TT
    It’s 1:19pm here in CA
    01/04 dated DD from my transcripts
    My info still says not available still on IRS website

    Hang in there I hope this helps for WF users and also, regular bank holders. It’s coming you guys…hang in there. Good luck to all and hopefully we have a smooth tax season! If not, I’ll be bacccckkkk.

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    Still waiting on Chime…just got an eviction notice …I don’t think today is gonna be a good day…good luck everyone..

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    Still nothing

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    @ everyone
    I am so glad to see some of you receiving your stimulus!!!! Wells Fargo here, still nada, but Im hopeful!

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    Prayers for all of us who still have no answers Or dd

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    still waiting… losing all hope

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    WF here, still waiting ⏰

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    Bodybuilder Barry Rhoton

    Anybody in Bowling green Ky want to party?

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    Hi Did anyone that filed with free tax USA and had their fees taken out the refund receive a DD yet? I’m still waiting to see the outcome. Per their Twitter and website states their going issue as many as possible.

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    DD just hit at 4:11 FL. Chime bank. I never received the emails from TT. My status said unavailable. There is hope guys!!!!

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    Has anyone filed with TT no fees taken out, GMP says payment #2 not available and received DD? Also received TT emails.

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    I’m with Netspend filed with TT, had fees taken out, received both emails, no direct deposit. I’m in South Carolina

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    @kimberly smith congrats!!

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    @Sidious same here.

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    I use Greendot. TT filer. No emails. No info on WMP. No Stimulus. It makes no sense. It feels like one big joke

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    @Jay I have turbo card haven’t gotten anything at all yet not even a email. Gmp says not available. Never had a date for anything not even something saying that I have a check coming. I used turbo tax for the last 5 years got the first stimulus no problems. Nobody will tell me anything.

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    Kimberly smith

    Just got a DD on chime!!!

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    I used TT, had a DD listed for 1/4/2021 but account number was last for of my Social. I didn’t receive any letters from TT and my GMP is still on “needs more information” status.

    Is anyone else in my situation out there that has any info or received their stimulus yet? I’m just trying to figure out what group I reside in. I see some that had the wrong acct info with TT are getting their deposits. I am with BlueBird as well.


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    Sam which CU are you using ?

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    Did any one using the turbo card receive theirs?

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    I’m one of the ones who used turbo tax and had the negative 9.90 on my turbo card. Also received the first stimulus and refunds on card. IRS says mailed the 6th. Today received a card from go 2 bank. Automatically thought it must be stimulus card so I went ahead and verified it was a legit bank and activated the card. It has a balance of zero. It’s a prepaid card under green dot. Nothing to do with stimulus apparently. I feel tricked!

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    Just got mine got both emails and have chime live in texas got it around 2:30

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    Dejav0086 it came at 12:13 EST!! Hopefully yours come soon

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    Nothing on my netspend yet …..fingers crossed I did receive both emails and now I can login to irs website but say no info available but we all know that dont mean shit.

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    I just got mine’s. Filed with tt using DD. I received both emails from tt in within the last 24 hrs but showing “not available” on WMP… I have been beyond stressed thinking I wasn’t receiving one but never gave up hope. People just breathe, keep communicating and relax. It’s coming! I hope WE ALL get ours. See you in a few wks 😎

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    Mines pending in my account!! New York credit union! Has anyone seen it pending today? How long did it take to actually be available?

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    Hey Ash congrats on you getting it. Did you file with Turbo Tax ?

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    Give God the praise when they hit bc yall kno we been calln on him all this week!! Im trippn out! THANK U JESUS! And…

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    @crystal. Same thing happened for stimulus 1 even after putting DD info in getmypayment. Still sent a check for both stimulus 1and 2 and on my 2019 tax return. Waiting for check mailed 1/6. Stimulus 1 went to old post office. Spoke with supervisor gave my cell # name and address and they held check and called me to pick it up. Update address to get ready for stimulus 3. Also think ahead right now. All the best. USPS know IRS screwed up and maybe willing to help customerd

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    Wells Fargo here mine just hit!!! Thank yal I tried to help everyone I could on here and I gotten the same.. Good luck tall they’re hitting… !! Im so happy

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    Nothing on my chime either- received both emails 🤦🏼‍♀️

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    $600 currently pending in my checking account. Using a local credit union in Alaska.

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    I’m with Chime too & still nothing! I’ve been checking this thing multiple times daily for updates, really hoping it hits soon.

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    Pray we all get our money I need it badly any dollar will help me greatly. Let’s all hope.

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    Same situation as myself. Get in call with IRS dial number ending 1040. Wait for prompt about personal tax questions. Have copy of tax return to verify info with IRS. make the change over the phone. Address where check is mailed is the address used to show pay status on getmypayment site. USPS has a tracking tool

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    Same here, what’s the dang hold up chime?

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    Shelly, that’s what I am hoping for – a DD from TT, even though I have a 1/6 Mail status. Can someone give us some hope?

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    Like COME on Chime .. I’m over this bank.

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    Well mine says that it was mailed 1/6 on the address they have on file for me on the irs website I filed wit tt got my first stimulus deposited no problem I don’t understand no check in the mail today !! Should I be waiting on a deposit of a check this is so stressful mom of 3 kids and out of work just praying for something positive thank you all for keeping us updated and helping !! Any one on here say they were getting a check mailed but received dd??

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    Does anyone know where the checks are being mailed FROM?

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    Demetrius Dotton

    Where is Second Stimulus Check being issued

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    I’m in Florida and a friend just got theirs through Wells Fargo.
    They used TT and had the fees taken from the return.
    Their status also isn’t updated on IRS.
    So there’s hope for all of us.

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    Thank you the hope!!!

    @John S …check out info for Non-Filers…I believe there is info out there options for you situation

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    I was in the “1/4 Unavailable” group that filed with Turbotax and just got mine DD! Great news, great day. Surprisingly, they are actually coming! Keep checking you accounts!

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    Wells Fargo,no email,dd just hit! It’s coming hang in there

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    Now, TurboTax says the issue has been fixed (the IRS announced Friday afternoon that millions of payments were being rerouted to the correct bank accounts). A TurboTax spokeswoman said the fix also applies to customers who received the “Payment Status #2 – Not Available” message while using the IRS Get My Payment tool.

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    GMR still says payment status 2 not available. Filed with turbo tax and had fees taken. Deposit hit as of 12:36 pm in GA. Hope this helps!

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    So much confusion and misinformation going around. We all need help.

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    John s

    I m screwed got last stimulus on serve card from 2018 taxes didn’t file in 2019 on SSDI.irs says if it says not available you have to get the $600 on some special rebate but I don’t file anymore.

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    Family Of 5

    Yes read their update on there website

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    Called the IRS and they said that my payment was issued on 4 January and went to Civista bank. I called Civista bank and they said that the payment went to SBTBG which is the tax preparers account. They said that they will be issuing the taxpayers stimulus… has anyone heard this????

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    I just got my dd,and I have wells both emails from turbotax.the get my payment tool on irs still says;Status 2 unavailable.I had my fees taken out with stbg 2019. Married jointly. One depended.
    There’s hope its come y’all.

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    John s

    Did my 2018 return thru TT/serve amex.Been on SSDI since 2019 .first stim was put on that card.2nd stimmy says not available..No email no funds.Serve recording says don’t call them they have no info.???

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    Should I call TT and ask them where mine is at? Or just wait?

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    Received mine at 11 am today on Netspend. Checked get my payment and it still says not enough info or ineligible. I filed with TurboTax.

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