Ppl who had to verify identity update here

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    Just a post for all of us who have/had/has to verify identity. So we all have kind of a time line of what may be to come!!!

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    @ProudFatherOF1, I answered the first part of your question in the “WMR Bars are gone” thread. As for how long it takes to get a DD after IDV, it appears to take 8-16 days. I’m not sure about IDV online, but if you do it by phone they’ll release your return for processing right while you’re on the phone, provider there are no other reasons for a delay.

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    I just got off the phone with a rep and she stated I have to ID verify. My question is what info they need and how long does it take to be put back into processing for a DDD

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    @elled6, did you mean “3-11-20,” or did they send it a year early or use a time machine? (Kidding, kidding!)

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    Sent in 1095-a and 8962 February4.
    I ID verified this past Saturday, February 29.
    Change from “still being processed” to “being processed” yesterday.

    Was able to pull up transcripts today and showed a code 846 Refund issued 3-11-19!!

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    @ddddd transcripts updated with a 846 code?

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    Accepted on 1/27
    Recieved ID verify letter and verified online on 2/18
    A few days later I went from “still being processed” to “being processed”

    Transcripts updated today and show DDD of 3/11!

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    Id Verified online 2/14, no movement, called ID verify line on 3/2. IRS agent said it didn’t go through on the 14th. Did ID verify 3/2. Transcripts updated today.

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    @Gofigure, the control number for IDV is on your letter. It’s 14 digits with no hyphen. I’m 99% certain it is not related to the number to validate your online account (I’m waiting on my PIN).

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    Is the I’d verify code the same as letter that comes with validation code for online services.

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    The people that has verified in person . Where exactly do y’all go?

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    No update cant check transcipts online still waiting from id verify since 2/18 you must have been lucky to get a ddd in 2 days mine is past 2 weeks and still nothing

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    Tiffany G

    I when to the IRS office and verified on 3/3 woke up this morning looked at transcript have a DDD for 3/11. Once the verification is done it doesn’t take 9 wks at all more like 2 days. See yall next year. I hope it come quick for everyone

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    Received ID verify letter on 2/24 from Austin. Verified ID on 2/25. WMR changed from “still” processing, to “being” processed. Hoping for a DDD soon.

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    @Fhelton Thank you for that info and I will DEFINITELY be being that come in the morning. I already have my alarm set

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    Thank you.

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    1. Dial (800) 829-0582
    2. DO NOT selection Option #1 for English.
    3. Wait until the automated voice finishes talking.
    4. When asked, enter extension 652
    5. Make yourself a drink and sit on hold.

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    I called bc I was seeing no changes on wmr for almost a month after filing and she told me it was bc I had to verify id.

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    Do anyone know the number to speak to a real person at IRS?

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    How do you know if you have to verify? Is there a code on your transcripts or do you just get a letter?

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    Verified my id on 2/18 havent gotten a ddd yet

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    Hi! I successfully ID verified over the phone last week. It updated today from “still being” to “being processed”. Does that mean DDD soon?

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    @Stace87, if you ID verified this week, you’ll probably receive a ddd on next Saturday. That’s what happened to me. I ID verified on 2/18 and received my direct deposit on 3/2

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    It may mean ABSOLUTELY nothing, but my ‘as of’ processing date hasn’t changed, or moved further out. It WAS 3/2 back in early Feb, and then changed to 3/9 and has stayed there. Ahhhhh, I just want this to be over

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    I am still waiting. ID verify online 2/14, called 3/2 to learn the online didn’t work. So verified 3/2. Good news is my 9 weeks started on the 14th, not the 2nd. No updates to WMR or transcripts with exception of the word “still” being dropped in WMR.

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    @Stillwaiting hopefully something changes for you soon….fingers crossed.

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    Over the phone, they said it was successfull and i called yesterday the lady wouldnt tell me anything other than it can take 9 weeks

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    @Stillwaiting Jesus! That’s a long time with no movement! Did you verify online on over the phone?

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    Dif my id verify on 2/18 wmr had said being processed since 2/19 no updates

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    @Roy…you may get some movement with Saturdays update, but I’m not sure. I just know that Saturday is a massive update.

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    woke up this morning to being processed now
    I filed 2/4 Filed & accepted, Did my verifcation 2/27 but letter was dated 2/24.
    So do anybody knows when is the DDD will be??

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    Once you get it, I suggest you verify over the phone. I’m glad I decided to call. If hadn’t….I’m not sure if it would have ever gone though.

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    I was told my letter was sent out on the 24th and still haven’t received my letter either. I’m praying mine comes in today or tomorrow. She said allow 14 days from when she told me.

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    I had to id verify yesterday. The IRS, per phone call almost 2 weeks ago, said a letter was sent on the 20th….I just got it yesterday, and it was dated the 27th 😒 I verified online, and it said “successful”. Something told me to call anyway, so about an hour later, I called and sure enough, it hadn’t gone through online. I verified over the phone. 😒 he said 9 weeks, which takes me to May 6th. Good luck everyone

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    PTL! You guys inspired hope in me; I checked WMR just now, and my status has also updated to: “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.” No tax topic, but my expected refund amount is still there.

    2/4 Filed & accepted w/ EITC
    2/27 IDV (5071C letter dated 2/24)

    Does this mean we’re not weekly, or are we just in the queue for the weekly cycle that will update on transcripts tomorrow and on WMR this Saturday? If the latter, I’m figuring the DDD will be for 3/11.

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    I did. Filed and accepted 1/27. Did I’d verify like 2/12. Transcripts NA but the word “still” was removed from in process

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    Did identity verify 3/2 .Woke up this morning 3/5 to being processed now. Hopefully will update to ddd Saturday. Transcripts still all say N/A still.

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    Filed and accepted 2/1
    Still processing 2/14
    5071c letter-verfied 2/28
    Being processed 3/5

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    Id verified 3/2
    Transcripts blank
    Wmr still processing
    Today, checked ssa & my earnings are there!
    Im pretty sure Im a weekly updater.
    Hopefully we all see a DDD this Saturday!

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    Filed 1/18, accepted 1/27, id verified by phone on 2/18, wmr has only ever said being processed or still processing, had both credits, and no ddd or anything, called irs yesterday said can take 9 weeks wouldnt give any other info, no ssa update and cant access transcripts online sent for them by mail.

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    I am not sure where to post this since I had to ID verify and send in my health insurance. Here is my timeline:

    Early filed : 1/14/19
    Received letter for 1095A and 8962 1/27
    FAXED 2/3
    Received letter to ID Verify 2/28
    Verified online: 2/28
    Called today and rep “said” my return had been processed as of 3/3 but may take 6 weeks to receive my direct deposit.

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    Tiffany G

    @ carrie they told me the same thing that it was no available appointments until April. However I took myself on up there and told him I had a appointment even though I didnt . Someone was able to get my verification done today. She told me that she cleared my verification part and continue with the process. She did tell me that protocol is 9 wks but it nevers takes that long.

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    Refund was “still processing” on 2/1 (Accepted 1/27)
    Received 5071c on 2/18 (dated 2/12).
    Verified Identity on 2/19
    Updated on 2/22 with “Your refund has been received and is processing” instead of “still processing”.
    I’m trying to stay hopeful in thinking that my refund will be approved sooner than the 60 days.

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    Filed 1/21 accepted 1/22 idenity verification letter sent and not received on 2/13 verified identity 2/28 was told there was no other issues and there is no update still. This is so insane ! When should I expect a update they said it could take 9 weeks which seems unbelievable being as I claimed the same child dependents and have direct deposit

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    Tried calling to ID verify got disconnected lost cell service. Called back now says must come in person to verify ID appointment not until 4/3/2020. Anyone else? Any other way around this?

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    I’m still waiting on the letter that was Supposed to have been sent out on the 20th

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    I ID verified this past Saturday, February 29. Like y’all let the waiting begin. I also had to send in my 1095-a and form 8962, but did that a month ago.

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    I went to FBI headquarters on 2/28 for identity verification to get my $217 refund. WMR cleared with DDD two days later. Hoping for deposit by end of week.

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    Got my letter today and did identity verify. Now waiting begins.Hopefully update by Wednesday or saturday!

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    Just got my letter in the mail sent 2/20 & verified id online today. Hopefully I get a wmr update soon and/or transcripts! Will post when anything changes.

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    FYI, I thought it was super weird that nothing has updated for me, so I called and confirmed my suspicion that my ID verify did not work online. CALL PEOPLE! Luckily my 9 weeks still starts counting from the time I did it online.

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    Filed and accepted 1/28, letter send 2/10, letter received 2/13, verified online 2/14, no updates. Transcripts blank, WMR changed from still to just being processed 2/21. Wish I would have verified over the phone, heard that is quicker.

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    Filed & accepted 2/3. Letter received 2/24, sent out on 2/21. Verified same day received. 2/28 WMR updated to a DDD of 3/4 w/ 2 bars. No other movement as of this morning.

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    I ID verified Thursday, 2/27, but as of today, 3/2, my WMR continues to say, “…still being processed,” and hasn’t updated to “…being processed.” It seems like I should be seeing SOME progress!

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    Me too!
    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/27
    Letter sent out 2/20
    Still waiting for letter😑

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    Filed 1/18, irs acxepted 1/28, id verify letter received 2/18 called and verified 2/18, was told could take up to 9 weeks, cant access transripts online, only thing wmr has ever said was still processing and after id verify, being processed, filed married filing joint with both credits, still waiting

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    ID Verify letter Finally in the mail today !!!


    Letter issued on 2/21

    Now I still have to wait #JustGivememyMoney

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    I was told my letter was mailed on the 20 and have yet to see it, she did say allow 14 days to receive but I thought for sure she was just saying that. Seems like that’s what I’ll be waiting though…..

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    Same boat accepted 1/31 said they mailed my letter out the wk of 16th. Still no letter. Have appointment Wednesday to go to my local IRS.

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    Filed &Accepted 1/31
    Lost my 1 bar on 2/8
    Was told on 2/18 I have to I’d verify

    Letter issued 2/21 ( still waiting on Letter )

    Transcripts N/A

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