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    IGMR Admin

    The IRS announced this here. We are discussing it below and on this post.

    Payment Status #2 message on the Get My Payment tool

    The IRS now says that people receiving the Payment Status #2 message on the Get My Payment tool will have to wait until they file their 2020 taxes to get the payment, even if they received the first stimulus check with no issues.

    “The IRS advises people that if they don’t receive their Economic Impact Payment, they should file their 2020 tax return electronically and claim the Recovery Rebate Credit on their tax return to get their payment and any refund as quickly as possible,” notes the agency.

    A spokesperson for the agency did not clarify why this is the case or why the issue seemed to affect those who had filed their 2019 taxes through H&R Block and TurboTax in particular.

    Payments also sent to incorrect bank accounts

    Many people — particularly those who filed their 2019 tax returns with H&R Block and TurboTax — are also reporting that their payments were sent to incorrect bank accounts.

    The IRS says the banks that received the payments will need to return the money, and then the IRS can reissue them to the correct accounts.

    As of Tuesday night, some people who filed via H&R Block and initially had their payments sent to the wrong account reported to CNBC Make It that their stimulus payments had been deposited successfully into their actual checking accounts.

    Only the IRS can issue the stimulus payments, so the agency is encouraging people to check its website for updates about ongoing issues, rather than their financial institutions or tax preparers. It also notes that its phone representatives don’t have additional information beyond what’s on the IRS website.



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    Freaking awesome. …. I’ll get mine at the end of March.. Unreal

    Ben W

    I filled using Tax Slayer. Does anyone know if the stimulus payment issues with Tax Slayer are like those with Turbo Tax? My transcripts stated that Refund was issued 1-4-21 and credit to account 1-8-21.

    Thanks in advance for the insight.


    My Transcript page shows this information in this order (I didn’t display the amount I’m receiving and some other numbers, but I did include my cycle number):

    766 Tax relief credit – 01-18-2021 -$(amount)
    766 Credit to your account – 01-18-2021 -$(amount)
    846 Refund issued – 01-04-2021 $(amount)
    290 Additional tax assessed x-x-x-x – 20205302 (cycle) – 01-18-2021 – $0.00

    So is this what most people are seeing who’ve been affected by the screw up?


    So does your refund page only have to show “#2 Status Not Available”? My “Get My Payment” page shows:

    Payment #2 Status – Not Available

    We are unable to provide the status of your payment right now because:

    We don’t have enough information yet (we’re working on this), or
    You’re not eligible for a payment.



    yeah doing tax season…wont happen


    We can hope! Does look very likely we will get the 2k as well, well 2k less the 600. Love to see how that one goes!!!! Lol.


    Nice. i lived here almost 2 years now.

    hopefully they get it together and send it


    I bank with Wells Fargo as well. People are getting theirs though who used TurboTax have the 1/4 date on the transcript and their status our in GMP at IRS still states unavailable and they got their DD 2 hours ago


    Moved almost 2 years ago from Clearwater, over in St Lucie County now.

    I have not gotten mine yet either. I did use TurboTax to file, had my fee come out. As I understand it Turbo is working with Treasury and IRS to get payments to the corrwct accounts.



    I used TT but I live in Wisconsin, the site has not changed for me, can not get transcript, called bank no info for me and I did receive the first stimulus check. It’s like I got lost in the system shen it came time for the second round. I can not get any answers from no one. I also checked to see where you can file the stimulus credit and I only see credits for self-employed people.



    where at in fl? im in clearwater.

    i didnt get the email yet and used tt


    Not sure if anyone reads any other boards. I got an email from Turbo Tax last night. Alot of people who used Turbo are getting their DD, I have seen a lot get theirs today and the IRS tool still states not avaliable for them.


    called republic bank again and they havnt received any money for me. what does that mean?



    Thanks @Lexie

    Just called and they have NO information for me.


    Thanks @Lexie

    Just called and they have information for me.


    Has anyone with BB&T received their payments? Yes, I used TT with a direct deposit. Status says not available with the IRS. Transcript shows 1/4 and 1/18 dates. I’m seeing so many different responses on here, it’s becoming confusing. Is the IRS still processing DD’s, or if you don’t have it by now, you’re not getting it?



    What status?


    Mine has this status and I just received my DD from Turbotax



    The my payment tool doesn’t hace an update. It says no information available. I got this info from my actual IRS transcripts. I wasn’t sure if that men’s I’ll get it on the 18th.



    Me either the first time it went in the next day after they released them hopefully you get yours 🤞 and hopefully they fix mine 😞



    You may get it on that date I’m not sure I have no date mine just said unavailable bc they sent mine to a closed account 🤦‍♀️



    This is the number I called 1 (888) 782-3333


    My IRS transcripts said my payment was sent on 1-4-21 but then it has a date of 1-18-21. Does anyone know what this means?




    I had no problems last time either and when i called they said they have no information for me. Is the number 1(888)584-3600?maybe im calling the wrong number

    Big D McGee

    F*ck them all storm the halls again do it right this time iam over irs dems reps over it all



    hopefully dd i have no info on anything. im reading everything people r saying. I had no problem with dd last time. so who knows.


    William, then I would say you should be getting yours either direct deposit before the 15th or check check in the mail or a debit card in the mail


    i called and republic said that they did not receive a payment. So what does that mean?


    So I have no idea what TT is talking about. I told them about the email from TT and they were like we haven’t been told how to really handle the issue about the payments. I told I figure led because right never knows what left is doing and I can’t believe the IRS would really make people who need it suffer more


    I was told by the rep that it would be our 2020 taxes and I told him that’s not right but her said because we are in a new tax year that’s why they are doing it that way. Honestly they haven’t even been given proper directions on how to handle this issue they caused.


    If anyone wants to find out if your money was sent to a closed account call republic bank and click the option of taxpayers then I’ll ask you about the economic payment then you put in your social and I’ll let you know if your money was sent to a close bank account because I just done it in mine was sent to a close bank account so the bank sent my money back to the IRS


    So I just got off the phone with the IRS and I was told that for those who were affected by this IRS error we will need to file our taxes in order to receive what’s owed to us. They will not be reissuing the money again.


    @Tate, so when we go to file 2020 that will determine how much we get? I thought it was still based on 2019. I am confused sorry


    No problems with the first round and i get that the account may be closed. What i do not understand is that i read articles saying they were prepared and this sure does not look that way to me.


    Then apologies came in liked that was supposed to ease the pain of millions of people that actually really really need it. So if you hear something different good for you but I know what I was told. Also they are using 2020 taxes to calculate the second stimulus for the people who did not get one yet.


    So when does these Letters/Notices suppose to go out? and no where on the last letter did it say to keep until 2021 filing season. I still have it because I am one of those people that as soon as i get rid of somthing everything goes wrong.


    Bc those accounts are no longer open because the tax season ended and those accounts are gone so when you file taxes this year they open new accounts and link them to your account so it’s pretty much like a dummy account for each year when you file taxes


    For everyone wondering why the first went through with no problems is because when you filed with Jackson Hewitt H&R Block and TurboTax they create an account and a link that account to your actual account well at that time and the first stimulus was sent that account they created was still open but after tax season they closed that account and it does not open again till tax season so the IRS sent our stimulus to those accounts they bounced back


    I got an email from Turbo Tax saying they are working “tirelessly” with the IRS to resolve this issue….but my GMP still says”not available”. I am not sure if mine was sent to a wrong account or not, but the email showed up late last night. Who knows? Again, a giant clusterfuck.


    So now since they screwed up we have to wait and claim our missing money on our 2020 taxes which is BS to me I’ve tried to contact irs I got ahold of someone and asked them about the situation and they said no comment and directed the phone call to a number that was disconnected 😡


    I’m in the same boat apparently JH H&r an TT open accounts when we filed taxes that was linked to our actual accounts and those accounts are now closed but the are still linked to our actual accounts so when the irs sent it to those accounts the money bounced back bc they are no longer active


    I received payment Monday check being deposit to and account which is the last 4 digits of SS# and now status says payment status unavailable…why


    I get the same message. Funny thing tho, I am a SSDI recipient so now I am supposed to file taxes to get my stimulus payment? I got the first one DD, no problem. So now what!? Anyone else in my predicament?


    Thanks TURBO TAX and you crazy fucks sitting all high and mighty up in the irs
    Got wait to get 2nd stim 1st went thru fine


    @pissed the exact same thing is happening to me. I wonder what we should do.


    I am getting this same message. However, I checked my transcript and it says refund issued with an 846 next to it and a date which is 01-04-2020. Money hasn’t been deposited into my bank account ( which is the same one I’ve had for years) so it’s the one the IRS has on file. Does this mean my money got deposited somewhere else? Please advise! Thank you


    I don’t get it I had my first stimulus sent to me by check and then I checked today and it’s sent to a bank account . I don’t have any open bank accounts open atm . Wtf


    My second stimulus was sent to a closed bank account and the bank rejected it will I receive a paper check?


    We have been working tirelessly on a solution with the Treasury and the IRS. As a result, our expectation now is that within days the error will be corrected and stimulus payments will begin being deposited into the correct bank accounts.

    thats per TT twitter 5 hours ago


    I am having some difficulty understanding the recovery rebate credit for 2020. I was filed as a dependent in 2019(did not receive either stimulus checks).This year I have been filed as an independent. I’ve seen that the recovery rebate credit lowers your federal(?) taxes; however my agi is below the 12,400$ amount to pay federal taxes. How would I receive this recovery rebate credit? Will this be something I can use to purchase food for myself and how much should I expect?


    I dont get it my fiance has the same bank account and did direct deposit for his 2019 taxes and got his first stimulus with no promblem i checked this moring said information wasnt correct on file then i checked back and say need more information how is this shit possible i got a check and its saying the same thing not enough information this is bullshit we are all struggling they should still give everyone the 600 even after the 15 of January


    I never got a 846 on my transcripts. It shows a 290 along with a cycle code and date of 1/18/21. Does this mean that it hasn’t been sent or processed yet? I do get the “status not available” I did go through TT and had my fees taken out. On my transcripts for the first stimulus it has my correct bank info. Any insight? Thanks.


    I’ve been calling senators offices all morning. This wont fly. I actually got to speak to a human in Senator Sanders office.


    @pissed thats the same here it said the 4th but nothingnow it says no payment info


    What will stop the IRS from garnishing our stimulus check for back taxes, now that we have to claim it on our taxes? Well no check for me means my family is really is screwed. Thanks IRS.

    Rainbows Last

    This isn’t affected by what you owe. This means that they tried sending it to wherever your tax preparer had it sent and the place rejected it and sent it back. Now they won’t issue a check and they are saying people will have to wait which is a bunch of crap


    @crgray I have the same 290 0.00 amount on my transcript. Do you owe taxes or have a payment plan with the IRS? I have an installment plan and I’m thinking this is the reason I’m having the issue with the stimulus.

    We do. However, I thought that this payment wasn’t supposed to be affected by that.


    @crgray I have the same 290 0.00 amount on my transcript. Do you owe taxes or have a payment plan with the IRS? I have an installment plan and I’m thinking this is the reason I’m having the issue with the stimulus.


    We did our own taxes, no problem with first stimulus. Second stimulus shows on transcripts that it was sent 01/04. Still nothing but when I check on the wheres my payment, it shows that Status not available. Should I just wait it out???? IRS wont accept calls right now.


    So those of you who have called TT and they told you that you will receive a paper check…. what does the GMP tool say when you check it?


    This is horse shit


    I used TT also. Still nothing!


    Here’s what I don’t get: I filed jointly with my husband, and my transcript shows what I assume to be the stimulus payments, both with a 290 code and $0.00 amounts on both. We got the first payment, GMP shows our bank account. Yet apparently our second payment was sent to Republic and sent back. What is going on?!


    I used TT as I always have for the past 7/8 years and had fees taken out. I got the first stimulus without error or delay. I haven’t received the second and GMP tool says Not available.

    My transcripts say 846 1/4/2020 and have the amount. So I am very confused. ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA what is going on?

    None of us seems to know other than what the IRS website told us as of this morning. This sure seems to be by design.


    My husband and I file jointly with 2 dependents. With his information plugged into the Get My Payment tool I get the ‘no information’ status. With my information put in I get a message that states a check is scheduled to be mailed on 1/6. How is this possible?


    How are we supposed to claim it on taxes if our transcripts are showing 846 1/4/2020? Mine show I got a deposit and didn’t. Besides that I had a dependent on 2019 taxes that I won’t have on 2020. With all this craziness we will be lucky to get our refunds by next October.

    If they do a third stimulus they need to wait until after the 2020 taxes are filed for that person and all tax preparers should be required to include banking info.


    @Rion it’s not FAKE news if its posted front page of


    I used TT as I always have for the past 7/8 years and had fees taken out. I got the first stimulus without error or delay. I haven’t received the second and GMP tool says Not available.

    My transcripts say 846 1/4/2020 and have the amount. So I am very confused. ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA what is going on?


    Holeee fuck….why is this not surprising? Not only is it chump change, but they fucked us out of that too.

    IGMR Admin

    @givememy_money: good point. They will have to reverse the 846.

    I can’t believe they won’t just issue checks instead.


    I just wanna know how am I gonna be able to file it on my tax return if the payment is showing on my transcripts with 846 for 1/4 and I haven’t recived it? Are they gonna update my transcripts?

    IGMR Admin

    @Rion: It is literally posted on the IRS website. link above.

    IGMR Admin

    @Jaina: Yeah they said this from the gate. But I don’t think people realized how many people would be affected. And lord only knows when tax season will actually even open for people to file. We anticipated it would be 1/25, but with the legislation there were a lot of changes the IRS and tax preparers have to change to their systems. It’s a clusterfuck.


    Fake news

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