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    The IRS announced this here. We are discussing it below and on this post.

    Payment Status #2 message on the Get My Payment tool

    The IRS now says that people receiving the Payment Status #2 message on the Get My Payment tool will have to wait until they file their 2020 taxes to get the payment, even if they received the first stimulus check with no issues.

    “The IRS advises people that if they don’t receive their Economic Impact Payment, they should file their 2020 tax return electronically and claim the Recovery Rebate Credit on their tax return to get their payment and any refund as quickly as possible,” notes the agency.

    A spokesperson for the agency did not clarify why this is the case or why the issue seemed to affect those who had filed their 2019 taxes through H&R Block and TurboTax in particular.

    Payments also sent to incorrect bank accounts

    Many people — particularly those who filed their 2019 tax returns with H&R Block and TurboTax — are also reporting that their payments were sent to incorrect bank accounts.

    The IRS says the banks that received the payments will need to return the money, and then the IRS can reissue them to the correct accounts.

    As of Tuesday night, some people who filed via H&R Block and initially had their payments sent to the wrong account reported to CNBC Make It that their stimulus payments had been deposited successfully into their actual checking accounts.

    Only the IRS can issue the stimulus payments, so the agency is encouraging people to check its website for updates about ongoing issues, rather than their financial institutions or tax preparers. It also notes that its phone representatives don’t have additional information beyond what’s on the IRS website.



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    New York, my father just recieved his through local credit union. Me and bf both waiting with other seperate local credit unions. Will post when we recieve

    Come on stimulus

    I’m a credit union member here in California and still no deposit just yet…


    Just received mine today it’s really coming look out for it.

    All-Access: $1,059.85 available after $1,200.00 Direct Deposit from TAX PRODUCTS PR1 on 01/08/2021 12:26:02


    I finally got my stimulus. Got the email from tt this morning about it being released and just got my payment at 1:15. Everyone keep faith it is coming


    My friend who has Bank of America just received hers here in California.

    I’m a chime user and nothing just yet


    My friend who has Bank of America just received hers here in California.

    I’m a chime user and nothing just yet


    I have used TT for years and the last 5 days have sucked. I have gotten both Email from TT about the issue. This morning gave me some hope. 20 min ago I got notification from Huntington Bank that I have a pending deposit from Tax Products!!!!


    Had the same message. Netspend sent an email deposit is posting. Freetaxusa DD 1/4 Good luck and see everyone in a few weeks!


    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    I’ve been following this thread so I wanted to post an update.
    Filed with a tax prepared (not H&R Block or Turbo Tax) for 2019 – fees to be deducted from refund.
    Checked IRS website to track stimulus payment – Not Available.
    2020 tax Transcript has 846 DD 01/04
    I just received direct deposit from SBTPG within the last half hour.
    FL – SunTrust

    **There really is hope. I hope everyone else sees a deposit soon :)


    I filed with turbo tax and got both emails if that matters!! But the wait and fuckery is over. Again I have Netspend


    I just got mine and I have Netspend!! Hang in there everyone


    What if you filed with other prepared (like expresstaxrefund) but went through SBBT also – I am still waiting for my stimmy :(



    Who did you file with?
    It depends on who you filled with bc I filed Jackson Hewitt and they aren’t helping their customers to get there money quick they just told us to file it on our 2020 taxes


    I just wanted to let everyone know my IRS “Wheres my stimulus” tracker says Payment status 2 – not available.

    I just got my full stimulus as of 20 minutes ago. Don’t lose hope – it may still be coming even though they are saying otherwise.




    Come on stimulus

    Thank you for all your help and believe me I plan on never filing with them idiots again!


    So I checked email again. I apparently got an email at 1:30am EST last night/early this morning. It went to my junk mail for some reason. It’s odd because i have been with TT for years and I get emails from them every year. My email says the same thing.

    Come on stimulus

    @Lexie – forgot to add. It’s ridiculous that Jackson Hewitt is urging their customers to make an appointment with them to file and claim the stimulus on their returns instead of finding a solution to get the money now. They are abusing and capitalizing on customers misfortunes. Probably not the best customer service practice- if I were a customer of Jackson Hewitt, I would run and never look back!

    Come on stimulus

    This is the most recent JH statement I could find:

    Remember, squeaky wheel gets the grease!
    I would suggest calling and requesting to speak with a branch leader and urging them to adopt the Turbo Tax model in getting stimulus payments to the customers.

    Come on stimulus

    Just talked to my sister in SC. Her and I both TT and received emails indicating payment was on the way…. she just got hers directly deposited she said.


    Come on stimulus

    Thank you! I’ve been searching the web calling everyone and they are all just telling me BS info

    Come on stimulus


    People with Turbo Tax. I haven’t yet read anything on Jackson Hewitt but I can’t imagine that JH won’t utilize the same model as TT if they don’t want to lose their customer base… I will research and repost if I hear anything about JH.


    Come on stimulus

    Does that mean for everyone or just the people that filed with TT bc I filed with Jackson Hewitt and they aren’t doing anything to help

    Come on stimulus

    “We are happy to share that stimulus payments for those impacted by an IRS error will begin to be deposited starting January 8th. We expect most payments to be available that day, but your bank could take a few business days to process. Your payment will be deposited into the same bank account where you received your 2019 tax refund.
    We have been working tirelessly with the Treasury and IRS.
    This update may not immediately be reflected in the IRS Get My Payment tool.”

    Come on stimulus

    Sometimes reps at any level of government will only share with you what their managers share with them. Those managers get their information from the publications of the agency. Since IRS has not updated their publication since TT released their statement and recent emails, IRS agents are only going to regurgitate from their own sources. Therefore, I wouldn’t put too much stock into what many of them say. Just my thoughts…


    I just got off the phone with a Jackson Hewitt rep and she said that the irs sent them a email saying that they are not issuing any money a second time that if you was one of those people that your money was sent to a wrong account you will have to claim it on your taxes which is BS! They need to fix their fuck up!


    I just got off the phone with the IRS and the information that they provided is contradictory to the email that TurboTax sent out this morning. According to the IRS, TurboTax has agreed to send the money back to them and then those people will have to file for their rebate on their taxes.


    @Lexie did you talk to an actual IRS agent that could look into your tax account or just EIP department? I spoke to actual agents that could tell me what account number they showed and it was the last 4 of my social meaning it went to the third party bank. They said since it would be returned to them that I would be issued a check. That was until TurboTax decided they didn’t want to lose their customers lol



    Thank you for your reply I have talked to the irs she said there was no further info on the situation at that time I called yesterday around 12 noon and I called Jackson Hewitt and the lady said the same thing as the irs I hate that they are keeping everyone in the dark about it all like the lease you can do is keep us updated


    Does anyone here by any chance use bluebird card? An knows any information about the stimulus or when it’s going to hit our card


    @Lexie I’m so sorry to hear that. Did you try calling an IRS agent. Their protocol (from what I was told 2 days in a row) if the payment is rejected they will send you a check. The 15th date doesn’t pertain to those who show a direct deposit date whose money was sent to a closed third party account because you were actually sent a payment. Again, this was IRS agents on my personal account and I used TurboTax. Hope that information helps.


    I have Jackson Hewitt and they aren’t doing jack crap to help their customers I’ve been going to them for 5! Years!! All they keep saying to us is to file it on our 2020 taxes!! Yeah I’m gonna file my foot right up their a** is what I’m gonna do! I’m beyond agervated 🤦‍♀️


    @Scott I haven’t received mine yet either but received their email. Greendot users started to receive theirs yesterday without the email. This affected millions of people. I know it’s hard to wait but hopefully we’ll all receive them today through to Monday. 😁


    Mine shows the Payment Status #2-Not Available but I received an email last night from TT saying that my payment was now on the way and that customers impacted (like myself I would assume) would be getting theirs today 1/8/21. I just checked my bank account and still nothing. Was this simply one last ploy to get me to believe that I would be getting mine? Will never use TT again because of this and was a 10 year customer.

    Felicity Dukes

    I got the same message. I got my first dd fine as well. So are we just screwed?

    Conway Twitty\\\\\\\’s illegitimate child

    How do I know if I’m supposed to receive a stimulus payment that TurboTax is processing as a result of the IRS error?
    If you didn’t receive an email confirming that your stimulus payment is on the way, we may not have enough information to process a payment for you. However, we are still working with the IRS and Treasury to find an alternative way to deliver your stimulus payment.

    This is listed on the FAQ section of TT


    TT folks…I too received this email at 11:20 CST last night:

    Great news, your stimulus payment is on the way!

    We are happy to share that stimulus payments will begin to be deposited starting January 8th. We expect most payments to be available that day, but your bank could take a few business days to process. Your payment will be deposited into the same bank account that you received your 2019 tax refund.

    Here’s to hoping!



    @mama char
    I filed the exact same way. I got my refund the first time just fine, but I still haven’t received any email from TT? Did you get a refund?


    I have read the statements by the IRS about Payment #2 no status update, HOWEVER, it never actually says why we are receiving that message. It says the DD’s that were sent to incorrect accounts , have a partial account number. So why are we really seeing it. I got DD FINE last time???


    @ come on stimulus
    Did you have the Paynent#2 no stays available?


    No emails yet. Not sure what to think. I use netspend so depending how long after u get the email u get dd i usually get dd a few days before the actually date they send so i may not see an email until after my dd


    Hey guys .did anybody else use e file like my tax preparer did ? I haven’t got my stimulus yet I have Bank of America


    Very true! WIth so many people affected – I am trying my hardest to be patient and not get upset! I will say – I have always used Turbo Tax and will continue to use Turbo Tax – whether I receive my second stimmy or not. Plus they are fixing or trying to anyways to make it possible for some to receive their money.


    Hello everyone,

    CA- Chime user- Received all TurboTax emails

    Came here from a different forum to try and assist. We’ve been on here for a few days now figuring things out and giving information as we receive it. Yesterday all Green Dot users seemed to have gotten their direct deposits. This mess affected a lot of people so don’t worry the payments are coming. 😁 I’ll update when I receive mine as well.


    Keep in mind all they guesstimated this time to have affected 15 to 20 million people. With that being said as much as we do not want to give them a minute to figure it out their internal servers might not be able to process out 20 million emails simultaneously. As well you might be getting thr email as the irs gets verification to the tax company they processed accordingly.


    @Chloe – Thank you – I was switching forums to make sure everyone has all the info on TT.


    Hey there IGMR Administrator asked us to to come help some other threads. Please visit this link. But to be clear, many of those who had payment sent to a closed account due to fees will get their refund, including those with no status messages on GMP


    Free tax usa



    Who did you use to to file your 2018 with?



    I filed taxes with freetaxusa and no fees were paid from my refund. Actually I didn’t pay any fees nor did I receive a refund.

    I received the first stimulus direct deposit no issues. But my second stimulus was put into wrong account.
    The second stimulus says code 766 tax relief credit 01-18-2021
    868 refund issued 01-04-2021
    971 notice issued 05-11-2021
    cant get thru to irs and freetaxusa said they haven’t received anything

    anyone have any insight thank you


    Check sent to a closed account will it be mailed


    From my understanding you won’t receive it, unless you file recovery rebate unless yours went To wrong account or a card through Torino tax that’s not valid. If it shows payment status not available you will have to file recovery rebate, here’s the catch until they’re done releasing funds on the 15th you can’t even file for the recovery rebate I tried already!! So not only do you not get your money ASAP you can’t even file till the 15th to add rebate!!


    We need to keep our feet on the necks of Liberty, Tax Act, and Jackson Hewitt. They chose to send our payments back to the IRS when they could’ve made arrangements like HR Block to send them out. We need to bring more attention to them like TT customers did. Lets put the heat to their a** so that they will pay up. Late Feb/March is a LONG time to wait for a tax credit. The grocery store, bill collectors, and the landlord is not going to wait to get paid in tax credits.


    I received first stimulus no problem because they used 2018 taxes, this time I got nothing. I don’t work anymore so therefore I can not file 2019 taxes. I’m on disability now. Where do I go from here it’s very frustrating because I can’t talk to anyone to tell them my situation. Does anyone have a solution to this.


    @ come on stimulus

    Thanks….Good luck!!!!!

    Come on stimulus

    My WMP still says Payment #2 not available but I received the TurboTax email… I’m gonna start checking my account tonight and will keep you posted if it comes through

    Come on stimulus


    It was just emailed to me at 9:30pm California time.

    My WMP stills and Payment #2 Not available.


    @come on stimulus

    When did you receive that??

    Come on stimulus

    Dear Valued TurboTax Customer,

    Great news, your stimulus payment is on the way!

    We are happy to share that stimulus payments will begin to be deposited starting January 8th. We expect most payments to be available that day, but your bank could take a few business days to process. Your payment will be deposited into the same bank account that you received your 2019 tax refund.


    After everything got messed up my stimulus wasn’t deposited on my tt card. I was finally able to see an update on the irs portal saying they has scheduled my check to be mailed on the 6th to the address they have on file. Im not able to use the tracking thing through the postal service and still haven’t been able to actually talk to a real person to make sure thats correct. Is anyone else getting a checked mailed or know how long it will take to be delivered.


    I have the Payment Status #2 message on the Get My Payment tool. I filed with TaxAct for my taxes and Payment 1 shows correct deposit account on GMP as I have used the same acct for years. Should I assume I will not be getting the stimulus and to just claim the rebate whenever I do my taxes.


    Agreed Big D McGee! AGEED! The damn bastards!

    Big D McGee

    This is it Hell with Taxact and Republic Bank, people you can do your own taxes free thru and have a straight routing number with irs, so this shit does not happen again.


    I can’t find the post , but someone said Tax Act trying to get us our.monry?

    This is from their website:

    I really hope they get it resolved. I need the $ now, not in late February/early March


    Has anyone with the Unavailable payment status that filed with TT and had fees deducted, and showed a 01/18 date on their transcript received a deposit?


    fee tt charges you to file


    Completely STUPID question, but what does everyone mean when they say they had their “fees” taken out of the filings with TT? Is that the fee they charge to file, or does this mean monies you owed on your Federal Taxes?


    I can’t find the post , but someone said Tax Act trying to get us our.monry?


    How do you know if your payment went to Republic Bank or not? Use TT, but requested DD. No problem with first stimulus check. #2 says unavailable. Is there a way to check somewhere online to see if it was returned or if i’ll end up having to file on my taxes.


    Mine shows #2paymemt unknown , either not enough info, or not eligable. I used direct deposit and did turbk tax. TurBo tax sent out emails stating theyd redirect moneys, ect, but does that only apply to those who show money recived but to wrong accounts? If so then im screwed till taxes. Being a out of work, single mom, soul Provider of 4 kids, no unemployment, welafre , or child support receiver this is horrible news.


    People are blaming turbo tax but its not their fault its the IRS fault



    I have used TaxAct for 20 years, and we had the same issue, only TaxAct wasn’t going to do anything and just let everyone file for it. This afternoon they finally changed their tune and said they were going to work on getting us our money. The issue lies in having fees taken out of the refund.


    Ben W

    You may have your money tomorrow if it says the 8th hopefully you do!



    I hope you get it on the 18 🤞 and I’ve heard that H&R Block and TurboTax are trying to get the money from those accounts and send them to the real account I have Jackson Hewitt so they just told me that I have to file it on the 2020 taxes which sucks


    Exactly what mine says. Filed with Turbo for 2019. First time doing it and it will be the last. Will be going back to using taxact again. I called republic bank and my payment got returned to the irs, due to the temporary bank account being closed. I hope we get some kind of solid statements about what is going on. Yesterday morning, I called several Senators offices about this issue.

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