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    Mama Hawk

    I read somewhere on here that if you have the PATH message they were told of possible refund dates of 2/10 or 2/13. Any truth to that? If so, anyone have a link to that info?

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    Hello, filed on Jan 23 and accepted on january 24th. In my account it says it will be sent by feb 23 and if not received by feb 28th. contact them. does it normally come at the end of that window?



    SBTPG received my check from turbo tax, took out my offset and the fees. my DDD is 2/23/17 and I hope I receive it tomorrow. I believe I only had that one offset -_-



    Update ;( still no refund I was hoping it would deposit today Tuesday but nothing my actual ddd is Feb 23rd I’m PRAYING I GET IT !!!



    anyone get their refund yet???



    FILED on February 4th
    ACCEPTED February 5th
    On February 19th I got a
    DDD for February 23rd

    Usually posts two days before I’m hoping Tuesday (tomorrow) will have my money
    I also have the Netspend card from turbo tax

    Good luck !!!



    @mahoganie my best friend has a netspend card and her ddd was the 21st and she got hers on Friday! So maybe youll get yours tomorrow. Being that the banks are closed due to Presidents Day. My DDD is for the 23rd but I bank with Wells Fargo and I hope I get mine tomorrow but I doubt it! Good luck!



    I filed on 1/21/17 got accepted 1/23/17 took then yesterday I got a ddd for 2/23/17 no posted deposit yet got netspend do you think they will post it Tuesday



    My Original post:
    I had the Path Message until 2/16 where now it only shows as processing. Cycle 20170605
    I ordered transcripts this morning and they show code 846 with refund issue date 3/6/2017. I’m reading on other forums that the DD date is actually 10 days prior to the 846 date, so 2/24/2017.
    (IRS still indicates processing as of 2/17, even after transcripts have been ordered)

    Update: 2/19 I now have DD date of 2/23.



    Mine finally gave me a dd dad for 23 good luck every one



    My mom got that generic message about a week ago.
    She filed on January 31 accepted same day with status bar
    then bout week later path message was there
    then generic message about processing came up.
    She has filed the same way for 13 years and she has no change yet.
    She can’t get online transcript but was able to order by mail. Maybe you guys will be in the next batch on Tuesday overnight.



    I filed my taxes on 1/23/17 and I still do not have a date. Is there anyone out there who I still waiting on a date?



    I’ve had much the same issue as everyone else. After the 16th I updated to “Your return has been received and is being processed” and no bars. I checked early this morning and it was the same thing until around 9am when it updated for me. I finally have a DDD of the 23rd. I filed on the 19th of January. I’ve been frustrated just as everyone else, and have read quite a few different posts on here, but had a bit of a calm down when reading another post yesterday. A wonderful man who works with the IRS as a data transcriber posted a reply to one of the others who have the same issue we do. It can be found here:

    He’s the first comment you see when you view, under the name Aaron. Hopefully it helps some.


    Brittany Waterman

    Hi I keep getting the same messages over and over when I try to check my refund! I received my state Refund 2/10. My tax guy told me yesterday I was processing but that it had been received and accepted already? Can anyone confirm what this means? Any time I check I get the message saying “that we can not provide any information at this time, please check back in 24 hours”. This has been happening for weeks. If I received my State wouldn’t that mean there should not be a issue with my Federal? Thank you



    I have a direct deposit date of 2/23/2017. :)


    Nurse that volunteers as tribute for karma

    Are you seriously going to spew this insane nonsense on a public forum? I do have a question regarding a statement you made…..even though I would rather not hear a single solitary word that could possibly come from your mouth. You state that you have worked your ass off your entire life. I’m guessing by your senseless dribble that you’re all of what….14? Because I have a teenage daughter that says a lot of stupid shit like you do. Anyway…I digress. In my professional medical opinion, I have no doubt that you have a certifiable mental health condition. There are a lot of treatment for that. I strongly urge you to seek professional medical help ASAP. OH……but not from ME. EVER. Because I promise you that I would gladly trade my nursing license for the chance to knock your teeth out of your mouth and give you the ass whooping that you abundantly deserve. You know…..the one that your parents clearly failed to give you. I AM NOT AT ALL SURPRISED THAT YOU ARE SINGLE!!!! God doesn’t make mistakes. He would NEVER allow trash like you to reproduce.



    I just logged into the WMR and now have a Deposit Date of February 23,2017 .I had the EITC and the Path message .So here’s hoping that it will actually be there.




    Oh.. hunny, didn’t you get the memo? They are delaying tax refunds for self loathing cry babies who don’t get $h!t back for taxes, because didn’t pay $h!t into taxes, because … omg… they don’t make $h!t!!!! Imagine that? They are now making those people, you, take a coarse in common sense, and human compassion. It would benefit you greatly to take advantage since you obviously lack the basic skills to be a teachers aide. Maybe that’s why you aren’t paid well?

    Your refund will be ready when you complete the coarse, and after our children eat on your dime.

    Good day! 🇺🇸



    Wow… all I know is qhwn I find out where the low life dirt bag who works at HC I will be calling and reporting ur scanty ass.. it’s people like u who do the scamking.. N I aam almost certain the reason u r not able room claim kids cause no one wants to get near your uneducated dumpster mouth.amelia, go back to school and learn how to publicly talk . Nobody on this site wants to see your street talking tough grade school words on here. This is a adult conversation and dirt bags like you don’t need to give any opinions about mothers. U r an insult to your surroundings and I feel bad for u.



    we still shows that it’s processing but I called the irs today and the said my refund will deposit on 2/23. Big relief! they said we should reflect it tomorrow with their weekly update. Filed and accepted on 1/23 with both credits..good luck everyone






    Has anybody received their deposits yet that have been approved?


    Peter Mauk

    Ok, so I’m confused because I didn’t have any dependants. But, I’m still receiving this message?



    @amelia…I can’t help but feel like I know you, and have to mention that as a mother to a child in middle school, it completely frightens me that you would be allowed near any children at all with that mentality, and quite frankly with your limited and poor vocabulary, I’m wondering how you were even allowed to be an “aide”, please do let us know where this is so that I can make sure my child is NOT in that district.

    Just a little FYI, it’s an American, not A American….just sayin’. I mean if you want to get on your high horse, or in this case Donkey, you should be sure your grammar is correct before you go on to insult the “others”.

    The reason I feel like I know you, is because you represent every other entitled little brat who has absolutely zero concept of what it is to be a single mother/father/parent. I’ve been working my “ass off” since my first job at 15 years old. I am now 40, I think you can do the math on that…I should say…I hope..soooooo, moral of the story is we ALL, all of us that are getting a return, have worked our asses off. Hence, the return. Believe it or not I was also a single working woman before I had my first child at 28. As were all of the rest of the Americans who have had children and worked prior to and after having children.

    I definitely would have recommended thinking that post through, doll. Not your best work.

    On another note, I actually came on here to see if other people were still having the processing message on their “Where’s My Refund” page. I’ve had this for a while, sill no bar so I was starting to get concerned. I guess I just have to be a little more patient.



    @amelia….I’m so sorry that you feel this way but I honestly don’t believe you thought your message through before typing. So, basically you are saying people with kids are worthless and scammers? Did I read that correctly? If that’s the case, that would put your MOTHER in the same category as us loving parents. So did you wake up this morning and tell your mother how worthless she was because she had you? Also, we will not be frowned upon because God blessed us with beautiful children that we truly love. Maybe it’s time for you to go back to school to further your education and get a career and not a day by day job, after all you don’t have responsibility holding you back, the sky is the limit for you. So why settle for a bare minimum pay job!!! Also, please get your facts right- obviously we all have jobs and work hard on this site. You can’t file a tax return without income but you state we just sit at home on our butts scamming the government. Dear, I’m a single mom, who raised 4 beautiful kids and now are in college and I’m not a worthless piece of crap. You say we are scamming the government because they decided to give EITC & ACTC to boost the economy that’s absurd!!! I believe it’s a good thing to lend a helping hand to those of us that are trying. I could never scam the GOVERNMENT when I work for the GOVERNMENT !!! I honestly don’t see how the parents at your school feel comfortable around their children with the resentment you have towards mothers and kids, I def would report your behavior as we don’t want another school massacre. If I were single with no kids you best believe I would not be sitting around mopping about tax refunds. I would def be in school working on my career job making $70k and up. Oh, but I am doing that and sorry old me have kids to drag along behind me while they too are going to college.

    We need PRAYERS!!! Not HATE!!!!

    Amelia, I will be praying for you 🙏



    I had the Path Message until 2/16 where now it only shows as processing. Cycle 20170605
    I ordered transcripts this morning and they show code 846 with refund issue date 3/6/2017. I’m reading on other forums that the DD date is actually 10 days prior to the 846 date, so 2/24/2017.
    (IRS still indicates processing as of 2/17, even after transcripts have been ordered)

    Anyone complaining about being single, no kids, and not having a return yet: WE are not holding up your return. WE did not band together to somehow stop the IRS from issuing your refund. WE filed our taxes not because we are not working and scamming off the government, but because we had income and filed a tax return because it’s the LAW and are due refunds due to exemptions and credits because of all the other shit we have to pay throughout the year. Good for you not having to pay $20/day per kid for daycare ($20,800 a year for two kids!!) but don’t try to be a bitch to those claiming a credit they are rightfully due.



    Unfortunately, it appears that rather than simply delaying the refunds from processed EITC and ACTC returns, the IRS decided to move those returns to the bottom of the pile. The IRS was supposed to begin ISSUING refunds starting on the 15th, but it appears that they only began processing those returns on the 15th. I liken this action to that of the Titanic. Often high utility bills and winter layoffs,etc cause people with limited income to have their “economic ship” start to sink. The tax “refund” is a lifeboat given to many families to help them make it through this difficult time of year. However, the Path Act has given the lifeboats to the 1st & 2nd class passengers and told the rest that they can simply drown in the sinking ship. Its amazing that a person with hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment & business income can have their complex return processed in a week, while someone with limited income has to wait over a month under the guise of “fraud prevention.” This ridiculous Act just further shows that we are a government OF the Rich, By the Rich, and For the Rich…….This Act should be challenged in court as it is a form of discrimination based on economic status AND is disproportionately hard on African-American and minority communities (And I am neither by the way). Where’s the NAACP??



    I was in the same situation checked this morning an have a deposit date of Feb 22nd. Bars are back approved. Finally the wait is over.



    @ Amelia: Calm the hell down. You’re single? Cool. No kids? Awesome. Don’t blame others for your refund being delayed. The new law obviously doesn’t apply to you, so take it up with the IRS and find out WHY your refund is delayed INSTEAD OF bitching at strangers you don’t even know on the internet. Jeez, I don’t even know you (I really don’t like judging people I don’t know) but holy fuck, you come off as a complete bitch. I’d hate to be that negative and single. LOL!



    This is so frustrating…..filed 2/2 accepted 2/3 I too was getting the Path message and to check after Feb 15th and now I am getting the “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.” I had twins in 2016 but my fiance is claiming them, I filed as single only worked 2 months of 2016 due to pregnancy and was/am in school full time so my returns were super easy. Am I getting the processing message due to being a full time student? My fiance filed feb 13th and he claimed the EITC and he has the orange bars but his has only been accepted…..



    PATH victim. Filed and accepted 1/26. As of this morning PATH message changed to processing message. Just checked transcripts and shows refund issued and code 846 but the date on that code is 3/6.

    Do those dates matter ?

    My cycle code was 20170405.

    Hoping to see deposit tmrw!!



    accepted january 18th. i was able to order return transcripts but thats al i know. path message gone just the generic message that everyone else is getting….this sucks. called IRS and they were no fucking help!



    @ten1seven She does seem a lil uptight
    @amelia GOOD FOR YOU you work your a$$ off just like most other Americans out there waiting to get there taxes. So you are a single person who pays their taxes just to wait? tell me about that!! I’m a single mom who works her a$$ off just to pay taxes just like you, except unlike you when I get home I don’t get to relax and enjoy myself.. nope, my job is not done, just like millions of others who are waiting for their taxes! So yes, those of us who get the credit more than likely deserve it. So it was ever so nice of you to rant, but clearly unneeded!!




    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.




    You seem uptight. Maybe if you can get some d**k maybe you’ll have one of those kids to get that money back, you silly little b***h.



    No, it says that they’re processing. The same as most of us got. I was placed on hold for awhile and she told me that she’s showing my DDD for 2/22/17. It kind of shocked me actually.



    @Finalllyyyyyy Does WMR on the website reflect what you were told on the phone? Just wondering since the website updates at night usually…



    I spoke with the IRS a few moments ago and was given a DDD of 2/22.

    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    Awaiting both credits



    Wow Amelia just because you were not blessed with a family like the rest of us working parents dont be mad. We work we have children. You know those children you see all day in order to have that awesome job of yours. You seriously could not have been thinking when you wrote this. You must think before you speak, in this case before you type. Please grow up as we pay your DAMN salary.



    Does anyone happen to know if people who file after February 15th are being subjected to the same delays as those of us who filed early? That’s what I don’t understand. My return was accepted on January 19th and I knew I wouldn’t be getting my refund until after February 15th because I claim both of the credits. A friend of mine filed her taxes last week and she already has a direct deposit date. She too claimed both credits but her refund is not being delayed at all. I find this unfair and almost like lower income families are being penalized for not earning a lot of money.

    On the positive side, my WMR has updated to say it’s processing again and the PATH message went away so hopefully I will have my deposit soon. :)



    My girlfriend has had the processing page this entire time, never had the path act message, and has the eic!! I really thing they didnt start processing anything path refunds till yesterday, which makes no sense to even have the path act if they werent using the time to do ours as well!!!

    I have a cylce code of 20170405, have the credits, and no 846 code. its weird that people who have a later cylce date are getting the 846 code already …I also check 2015 transcript, had the 846 code with date of 2/22/15 but i had got mines the first week of feb. so lets hope these march 6 dates is the latest date it will be deposited









    AMELIA is a dirty rotten BITCH



    @Crystal THANK YOU. I was just thinking the same. I get where the frustration comes from but its totally directed at the wrong people. Ive worked since i was 18 and im 30 now with 3 kids, and have never once depended on anyone to help me. So when someone like Amelia says “THE OTHERS” are the reason why shes delayed in her refund it makes me livid. Amelia my dear your part of our nations problem. I hope you grow up one day.

    Also, Ive never heard of a non-working mother being able to collect taxes. EVER.

    Oh, and I forgot you work at a Middle School around children. I truly hope this type of way of thinking doesn’t rub off on any of em… we need less of YOU’s running around.



    i found the following message on the IRS website when looking for info, for mine now says processing……It basically states things will be updated on the 18th

    I claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) on my tax return. When can I expect my refund?
    • By law, the IRS is required to hold EITC and ACTC refunds until February 15. However, taxpayers may not see those refunds until the week of February 27 – if there are no processing issues with the tax return and the taxpayer chose direct deposit.
    • Where’s My Refund? will be updated on February 18 for the vast majority of early filers who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. Before February 18, some taxpayers may see a projected deposit date or an intermittent message that the IRS is processing their return.



    Well, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you who updated to the processing message from all of us who have been here for a while. I have been on that processing message since 24 January, never changed. So, to all of you who are just joining me, Welcome aboard!



    Hey, Amelia, I am so sorry you have such negativity in your life. I am a mother of 2 have worked my ass off my whole life. I have been paying taxes for the last 21 years. I have always gotten a refund (mainly because I claim 0 – so they take it out up front but I get a return every year). Up until 5 years ago (when my first born was about 3 months old) I have always worked 2 jobs over 80 hours a week… So while I understand you being pissed, please don’t bunch all of your hate for people who have kids as being the sole reason why you aren’t getting your refund earlier. And the date of the 27th is for people filing with EIC & ACTC, and as I understand it, from the majority of my single friends, they have already gotten their tax refunds…so maybe it isn’t the fault of people with kids, its your own fault.
    Have a wonderful day.



    Cheryl try clearing your browser history and cache…



    Oh wait *edit @amelia unless you have EIC and that is why you are being affected.



    @amelia you shouldn’t be getting delayed I’ve seen plenty of single people in your position getting their refunds back. Did you speak to someone at IRS that said you would be affected?

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