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    Has anyone filed in MO and been accepted? I know someone who filed her business and personal in MO and was rejected by the IRS. They want her to mail hard copies of her return. Apparently the forms for MO aren’t ready yet?

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    Check out the group in the state refund forum that’s dedicated to Missouri: https://igotmyrefund.com/forums/topic/missouri/



    Anyone else having an abnormally long pending time? Mine was filed on the 30th,accepted on the 2nd but still nothing. I called the state and they said that it is still processing in queue to be sent to me and it just could take 6-8 weeks….



    Ok so here’s the deal, called dor and was told a check was mailed instead of DD. They said the box for DD wasn’t checked however I looked at my return and it was as well DD info provided for checking. IDK what’s going on. Filed with tt.



    I love TaxAct. I just got a text from the bank they use (Republic Bank & Trust) that says this:

    Your State tax refund has been sent to your account and should be available within 1 to 5 days!

    I just checked their website and sure enough, it’s there.

    https://www.republictaxpayer.com/ – If you use TaxAct. Looks like they took the fee from my State this year vs. Federal.



    @dreamcrusher, I would call MO dept. of rev. to find out then. They can’t provide a specific DDD and hold money because they are low on funds. This wreaks so much havoc. Here is the link with the numbers just in case.





    Already have, nothing pending. They post as soon as it hits their system with no holding. I read where Mo is short on cash to pay and have been delaying. No telling when it will show, update us if you get deposit or hear anything.



    @dreamcrusher, your deposit still isn’t there as of today?? Mine isn’t there either. I would call your bank.



    Had DDD of 1/30 but still no deposit, anyone eles in same boat?



    @Aarona – Check the MO website for the actual deposit date. Your bank may not deposit it until tomorrow.




    Filed 1/23 TT, accepted 1/24, 1/27 Mo WMR updated to 1/30 DDD. Today it says “your tax return has been processed. Refund issue date:1/30/2018.

    Hasn’t hit the bank. Anyone know when it will?



    Good morning MO filers!

    Checked the MO website last night and still had the generic processing message.

    Checked it a minute ago and received a DDD of 1/31/18, which is tomorrow!

    Now if only federal would move this quickly, lol.

    Happy waiting!




    I got an update on my taxes Saturday evening (around 7PM when I checked) that my taxes were offset– apparently I owed $45 for 2016. The notice advised to wait until you received the offset letter in the mail but I’m hard headed and called this morning. I spoke with a pleasant woman named Kara and was told the remainder will be deposited tomorrow 1/30.



    Got a Sunday update, accepted 1/22 , got processing need additional time update on 1/25 and update to processed on 1/28 with DDD of 1/30.



    Filed MO on 1/ 22/ 18
    Accepted on 1/ 25/ 18
    DDD of 1/ 29/18



    i received my MO refund this morning!




    My Missouri state was accepted on the 24th and I got a DDD today. It says it’ll be here 1/29.



    **Update** So I called the 573 number and the message is the same on the site with one major difference– the automated system states “The department refreshes the date on this application WEEKLY… status of your return may not change from week to week.”

    Does this have to do with me being a weekly filer? I just found this little tidbit odd.



    Thanks for this post! I filed on 1/19 and my federal was accepted 1/22 (I’m a PATH person so not worried about that yet) and my state was accepted on 1/23 around 10:20AM however there are no updates. I’m still getting the “Results
    The department is processing your return, please allow additional time. The department refreshes the data on this application daily. However, during heavy processing periods, the status of your return may not change from day to day.”

    Does the weekly/daily/PATH affect MO state returns? Has anyone received their refund and the site didn’t update?



    @pat Was your DDD of today accurate?



    I just logged into TaxAct this morning and see that my MO state was accepted late yesterday afternoon. I filed early afternoon around lunch. So that’s a plus. I took a leap of faith and checked the MO state website to see if I had a DDD yet, but I don’t. How long was it between the time you all were accepted and the time you received a DDD? Asking because it seems to be moving quickly for a lot of people this year.



    Nevermind! I have a DDD from the state for 1/29. :)



    Are you guys getting your DD dates from the MO.gov site? Mine still just says processing.



    I was accepted yesterday dd of tomorrow



    I’m a Missouri filer and it says my deposit date is 01/26/2018. So that was pretty quick!



    For those of you that have a DDD for the Missouri refunds, how long did it take to get the DDD after it was accepted? I got the text from TurboTax yesterday saying that it was accepted and the MO.gov site says it’s processing my return.



    i just found out that my will be deposited on the 26



    Did it take a day or two for it to show up on the MO.gov refund tracker site? Mine was accepted this morning but when I search the site it says that it hasn’t been received yet. Hopefully it updates tomorrow.


    Travis Wilmot

    Filed 1/14 accepted 1/18 refund date of 1/25 given today from the state of missouri



    my girlfriend was accepted on tues and mailed out to her today



    My state was just accepted! Last year it was accepted on the 24th and I got it on the 27th!! It was so early that I was scared to touch it at first. I’m hoping it comes early this year too.



    Filed Monday, Missouri state was accepted as of last night



    Scott, but was your state accepted?



    I’m in Missouri and filed yesterday. A few hours later my Fed was accepted. Still waiting on my state to be accepted.



    I filed mine 3 days ago and it was accepted today about an hour ago.

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