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    Wheres My Refund Missouri- Share your experience with filing your Missouri Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Missouri Wheres My Refund? go to Missouri Department Of Revenue

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    Michael Douglas

    I’m at 42 days and still “processing”… 3 more days and this stupid state will owe me interest. I’m owed hundreds of dollars and this is just unbelievable. MO DOR is a JOKE. They were audited last year because this damn states in debt and they take peoples money, flip it to pay debts and push off returns as long as possible until you make a big enough ruckus. If you’re patient they just let you wait. Sooo over this state!

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    Text update this morning says my stays went from processing back to validating. Anyone else get this status?

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    My return was accepted 2/5. As of 3/15, I am still validating. I hope it’s true that we are getting our refund plus interest. I was hoping to pay my federal taxes with. Looks like I have request an installment plan.

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    Not sure if this will interest anyone or if allowed to post but thought I’d share!


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    After seeing the change from 6 to 12 weeks on the website I called them. I was informed because of some changes that took place affected some taxes payers there’s be a delay. These changes occurred in December & they were behind in getting them in place in time. What does this mean:
    The length of time is between 10 to 12 weeks from date your return began processing, in my case February 11th. So I basically have up to 4 more weeks before I could see my return. Totally ridiculous because we tax payers shoul have been updated somehow of this! So the wait continues…,

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    Mine were accepted 1/30 and have been stuck in the validating step since. It said 4 weeks, then 6 and now 12. Anyone that was accepted in January actually get it yet?

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    Jeremy Gillis

    This is getting ridiculous, but I am glad I am not alone! Is there any way to get any real info?

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    D. Martin

    As Sad Tax Payer said! They doubled the validating time from 6 to 12 weeks! What the hell? They have been validating my return since 2/10, now they add another 6 weeks!!!

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    Sad tax payer

    So now the online system has updated the wait time for processing to 12 weeks from the 6 weeks I used to see. omg what is going on?

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    Filed 1/28 Accepted 1/30
    Still Validating as of 3/14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Still no deposit!

    Accepted 2/8/19
    Online it’s been on the “Validating” status since a couple days after.
    By phone it says being processed as of this morning.

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    Still no DD

    So I read somewhere that if this is your first time filing in Missouri that you will receive a paper check instead of direct deposit. Does anyone know if this is true?

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    Still no DD

    I still haven’t received my money.

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    Wow. Seems I am not alone. It’s somehow nice to know this. It seems they are overwhelmed this year or something else is going on. Mine still validating and was accepted 1/28. I don’t know what happened to State of MO coz they always refunded me before federal. Now, they are delaying way past the said 6 weeks!

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    Accepted1/28/19. Validatating online. Processing on the phone… Tried to call today no call back. Have emailed governors office 2 times… Still waiting.. What makes me mad is I had extra taken out so I would not owe…. So what is taking Missouri so long……. They suck

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    Update.. I received my refund on 3/12 like stated WITH INTEREST! Good luck, y’all.

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    Ann Smith

    Where’s my refund at i still been waiting for it and it saids its validating online and on the operated machine thing on the phone it saids it processing so where’s my refund at plz and thank u

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    Ann Smith

    Where’s my refund i still been waiting for it and it saids on its validating and on the operated machine thing on the phone it saids it processing so where’s my refund plz and thank u

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    I haven’t updated anything on here in a couple of weeks…

    STILL no state refund.

    I filed and was accepted on 1/26.

    I haven’t called them in a couple of weeks, I think I’ll call DoR again when they open this morning. Online still shows “validating.”

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    Jeremy Gillis

    I filed 1/30 and my Missouri Refund is still “validating”. I have called and there was 60 people in queue. I email and they send auto responses. I don’t understand what the holdup is. Missouri usually sends my refund within a couple weeks but its going on 6 weeks now. So frustrating!

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    I decided to email the DOR in regards to the status of my DD and the response was that my refund was sent via check on 2/28. I selected direct deposit so I’m not sure why it was sent via check. Today is 3/11 and I still haven’t received a check (I live in GA so that may be the delay) BUT I also received notification today from the refund tracker site that my status has changed…. BACK to validating??? Before it said completed & was given a DD of 2/28 on the site and now its back to validating, but yet DOR said a check was sent out??…..So what’s really going on here is what I wanna know!!!!!


    I was approved and given a direct deposit date of 2/28/19 and today is 3/5 and still nothing in my account…. How long does it take to drop into account?! Waited forever for a DDD and finally got one and now STILL WAITING..crazy!


    I lived and worked temporarily in the state for about 5 months (Not sure if this has anything to do with the delay) But I filed 1/26 got approved 1/29 and STILL waiting.. it says I am in the “validating” stage…. How much longer will it take after validating stage?

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    Accepted 1/28. Been valadating since Feb 2. Talked to DOR said everything was ok it was just busy… It’s been 43 days now and still nothing. I emailed the governers office again hoping for a real answer….

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    Filed 1/22. Accepted 1/29. Started validating 2/2. Been stuck on validating since then. Received text message this morning stating my Missouri tax return status has changed, checked it and it has a refund issue date of March 12. We shall see if it comes tomorrow. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

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    It’s been 39 days for me. Says in que to be sent to your bank and has for weeks. Grrr

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    Susan Jackson

    Missouri state taxes accepted February 10, 2019, its been validating since then. Federal taxes were also accepted February 10, 2019 got federal refund February 27, 2019. What is going on this is ridiculous.

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    At this point, I have some serious doubts about the efficacy of the MO DOR.

    I just received a correspondence from the DOR notifying me of their intent to offset my refund due to a debt from 2016 and thus my refund is further delayed.

    The problem is that debt was already taken from my 2018 federal refund for the DOR. When I finally got through to someone via phone, the rude, curt representative told me “there’s nothing we can do about that” and kept repeating their “10-12 weeks for processing” mantra.

    And the problem with “10-12 weeks for processing” is that state law dictates that refunds be paid within 45 days, or else interest accrues.

    Know what that means? That means that the DOR will process refunds for corporations and high-income earners first, and sit on refunds of a few hundred dollars until it’s convenient.

    Call your representatives folks, and let them know what you’re seeing.

    Visit https://governor.mo.gov/contact-us or call (573) 751-3222 to register your concern with Gov. Parsons,

    Visit https://www.auditor.mo.gov/aboutus/contact to request an audit of the DOR’s policies and procedures.

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    Finally took the time to call them; wait time was about 20 minutes. They said that they are currently behind and that returns were taking anywhere from 10-12 weeks. I did ask if there was an offset or any issues with my return. She said everything looked good and they were just taking longer this year to process returns. Going into week 7, so I guess I just have to wait.

    Just to add, I am military living outside MO filled NRI form with return. Not sure if they are taken longer to process those returns.

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    I would not have known about the offset. He said that they don’t tell you ahead of time – only after they take your refund.

    It’s still crazy that this was for something 7.5 years ago and I was not sent letters. I’ll just get this amount owed paid off and not have to worry about this next year.

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    I’ve called constantly, I’ve emailed and let them know I’ve overpaid. I am Active Duty so they Tax the crap out of me during a Permanent Change of Station. My State of Legal Residence is Missouri…however I am stationed in North Carolina so my state tax is worded a bit differently. I still, till this day am NOT on the completed bar. I will be reaching out to them at DoR once again.

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    Donna Polk

    What is gping on with my return its been 5 weeks and nothing

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    Losing Patience

    No offset. Taxes done by CPA. Still waiting since January.

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    I got ahold of the man at the DoR. Without him being able to fully confirm it, there’s a good chance something is wrong with your return if they are still validating. He could see my offset but was not going to tell me about it. Since I mentioned it, he could say something.
    So it looks like I won’t get my refund after all. So it you’re like me, that is probably what is going on. He said those situations take much longer to go through. If your offset is less than your refund, you’ll get the difference but not anytime soon.
    Just wanted to let you know…

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    @ Roxy –

    That is the same man that left me a voicemail and told me it would be 10-12 weeks because they were behind and busy.

    Did you contact them several times or something? I wondering why yours was pushed through but others are not.

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    I have an update from the Governors office, finally! Let’s see if it happens.

    Mrs. ————-

    I received your inquiry submitted to Governor Parson’s office. I would like to acknowledge that your refund has been pushed through and should be mailed this week.

    Best regards,

    Tanner J. Stephenson
    Missouri Department of Revenue
    Legislative Analyst

    In order to visit the Missouri Department of Revenue website, please click on the following link:

    cid:[email protected]

    This electronic transmission may contain information that is confidential, privileged, and prohibited from disclosure and unauthorized use pursuant to applicable law. If you are the intended recipient of this transmission, be advised that its use is restricted by law and for the purpose stated herein. If you are not the intended recipient of this transmission, take notice that any viewing, use, dissemination, or copying of the information transmitted herewith is strictly prohibited. If you have received this transmission in error, please return it to the sender and delete all copies from your system.

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    Donna Polk

    I only work in mo i all ready recieved my federal back on February 6 but mo never moves off of validating its been 4 weaks now this is ridiculous

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    What I wonder is if you are so swamped then how come people that filed 3 weeks after mine was accepted have already received their money….and I am still waiting 36 days

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    DoR called and left me a message today and said that they are swamped with returns and he was sorry but it will take 10-12 weeks.
    3 months for a refund?! That’s just crazy. This has never happened to me.

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    I lived and worked in Missouri for about 9 months as well. I was wondering if that had anything to do with it.

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    I was approved and given a direct deposit date of 2/28/19 and today is 3/5 and still nothing in my account…. How long does it take to drop into account?! Waited forever for a DDD and finally got one and now STILL WAITING..crazy!


    I lived and worked temporarily in the state for about 5 months (Not sure if this has anything to do with the delay) But I filed 1/26 got approved 1/29 and STILL waiting.. it says I am in the “validating” stage…. How much longer will it take after validating stage?

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    So I did hear back from the Governor’s office and they forwarded my email to the DoR. That was Friday. I have yet to hear from our DoR though and my status still says validating. Today marks 39 days and counting…ridiculous. Mine is a smallish refund compared to some of you. I feel bad for those owed a lot of money and for all of us that are counting on that money to be there. We get a refund because we over-payed – so give us back our money PLEASE!

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    Still nothing

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    Checked this morning and mine is still validating but it was deposited into my bank account. Guess you cant rely on the online system. Just fyi for anyone else…..

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    Still no change in mine. It states validating, we are also owed over 2k. I wonder why it’s taking this long. Haven’t received anything in the mail about this issue either.

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    Filed & accepted 2/8/19 been stuck on “validating” since the 9th. We’ve had no changes for several years & never had an issue until now! Federal was accepted the same day & received it 7 days later, first time this has ever happened. Don’t understand what the heck is going on!

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    Still Neverending validating

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    Active duty

    Still waiting as usual on my Missouri state return. It’s been 7 weeks and it’s been stuck in processing the entire time. They owe me over 2 grand. 2018 is the last year I ever pay that wretched state taxes.

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    I filed 1/18 and am still “Validating”. Grrrrr

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    Six weeks to validate? Wtf?! What could they possibly have to validate that takes that long? Is someone going to come to my house? This seems really excessive.

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    Yes, myself. I have been in queue since 6 Feb. I filed 25 Jan. Active Duty, here! MO taxed the crap out of me during my DITy move so I’m expecting a big check from them as well. MO is my SLR- so I don’t know if that makes them process it any different🤷🏻‍♀️ But yes I’ve been waiting as well. I’ve called numerous times they’ve told me it take 2-4 weeks to process once it’s in queue. I e emailed the governors office and they responded within 24 hours. Now they DoR is saying it takes 6-8 weeks. I’m just sitting and waiting as well.

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    Active duty here living overseas and have not received my return. Accepted end of Jan, says still processing. Any other military having this issues?

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    Filed and accepted 1/30. It’s been switching neteeen validating and inqueue for a month. Today it says my return was adjusted. Ok about tired of this. Government is nothing but criminals looking to take our money.

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    Losing Patience

    I filed January 26. Both accepted. I recieved federal refund Feb 5. Still validating for Missouri. I’m owed just under $1000 too so it’s frustrating.

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    I filed on 1/22, still no state tax refund. Please update as they come in. I would like to know if I need to be worried that something maybe wrong.

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    Mine is the exact same thing. I talk to someone who said mine was processing but it shouldn’t be more than 6-8 weeks. That was last week.. I was also told that we should be laid interest on anything over 45 days so it looks like they will be paying alot of intrest out this year. Mine was accepted 1/28, still valadating according to online, and I have already received my federal return…. So do please let us know if you find out more..

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    @Everyone –


    I emailed the Governor’s office this morning. Today marks 5 weeks since I have filed my tax return. This is the longest I’ve ever had to wait in the more than 20 years I’ve been doing my taxes. It just continues to say “Validating.” I have called the DoR 3 times and have received 3 different answers. The only thing that remains the same is being told to wait 10-12 weeks for processing. That is ridiculous since the law states to issue refunds within 45 days. Today is 35 days for me – and many of you I am guessing.

    I will let you know what happens and if I get a response or not.

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    I’ve been on “Processing your return” since 6 February. Every time I call I keep getting told “give it 2-4 weeks”. This is the longest I’ve ever had to wait for a Missouri return. I already received my Federal return and I do not have any offsets so I don’t know what’s taking so long. Missouri is my State of my Legal Residence; however I am Active Duty..and on orders here at Fort Bragg. Something isn’t right. I see other people who have filed after me getting their MO tax refunds, already. Hmmmmm 😏🤔

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    My significant other still Validating. Filed 1/28 I think MO accepted 1/30 Federal refund last week.

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    I filed 1/25, accepted 1/28, still on “Validating”. Frustrating! Maybe since I work in MO but live in IL I am being punished, ha!

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    @ Sam… no offsets, etc.

    Was afraid to check today but like Angie H our refund was in our account today, too!

    I really hope this give hope to a lot of people and that a large batch were finally processed and deposited so hopefully this kind of pattern continues. Good luck everyone! I know how stressful it is to wait on something that is rightfully owed to you.

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    Angie H

    Just posting for informational update.

    We filed January 27, accepted January 28; has been sitting in validating since. Finally yesterday received deposit date for today and just check…….WE GOT OUR REFUND!
    so hopefully money is coming soon for all.

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    Wendy Garner

    Im still processing wow they take forever

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    Did you have any issues with you refund initially, like an offset? They said I had one but could not give me further info and then it disappeared since they turned their system off. Just wondering if you were in the same boat or different situation.

    #4305627 Reply


    Just checked the website and finally moved from validating to processed and completed with a DDD of 2/28/19. I did not receive an email nor a text with this change, however. Just thought to check the “Where’s My Return” this morning. Hoping it actually does deposit tomorrow. Will let everyone know for comparison purposes. I filed 1/28, was accepted by both Fed and Missouri on that date. DDD from Fed deposited last Friday. (We have never had our Fed before state)

    Last year, our Missouri refund hit our account within 4 days from filing/being accepted. Hopefully their program will work more quickly next year if they have ironed the kinks out. Fingers crossed. (and that we’ll still get a refund at all…)

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    Return accepted 01/3018. Went as far as validating and no change since. Called DoR 4 times to no avail of course. Sent a message to the Governor’s office yesterday and another today Feb 27th. No reply.

    #4305174 Reply


    I emailed the governor, and his office forwarded my email to the DOR which in turn called me. I asked him if it was true about the 45 days and he said yes and told me that they actually changed and it was almost a 400% increase. We shall see.

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    Yes, the law states that the Dept of Rev has 45 days to pay your refund or they pay interest. However, the interest rate is very low—.01%. And they don’t have to pay until it reaches at least $1.00. So it’s really not a big deal to them to sit on refunds…especially smaller ones. BUT, if we are late paying THEM we pay 4% interest.
    Just another way for our government to cheat it’s people.

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    Mark Hallemeyer

    Paid 12.99 through FreeTaxUsa to get my refund faster and all i see is someone getting richer and were still poor while they keep our money. When i called them i was told they never received mine but when i confronted her and said well your own web site says you received my taxes you just have been processesing then for over 3 weeks she put me on hold. When she came back on the line she said by law we have 8 weeks to process them then hung up on me. I think we should all demand a refund. Also go on there official Facebook page and start leaving comments about this and bet we get our money we worked for.

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    So everyone,

    I made a call today to the Dept. of Revenue. Initially, it said I had an offset and then changed status and has been stuck on validating.

    The woman told me that the new offset system was having problems recognizing offsets so they turned the whole system off. Now they are trying to fix that system. So, my refund shows pending – which could be taken for an offset – or it could not be taken – or part of it could be taken. I will not know until they fix the system and turn it back on. I have never even received an INTENT TO OFFSET letter. If they do offset me this year (for an overpayment that happened 7.5 years ago – and have not gotten letters about), they will send an offset notice at that time. AND in 7 years, I’ve been getting my state refunds with no issues. Why now? And why not warn me that this COULD HAPPEN. And to be honest, I forgot all about the overpayment since I wasn’t getting letters about it.

    So it’s a waiting game. I had also sent out an email today as well so I’ll see if I get a response to that as well.

    #4301910 Reply


    I see a lot of you still complaining – – and understandably so, but did you do as I suggested and email the Governor’s office?

    I emailed them, they responded within 24 hours, forwarded my message to someone competent at the DoR, and instead of spewing that “6-10 weeks” BS they told me what I needed to do, and now my bars went from Validating to I’ll be getting my money within a few days.

    Swallow your pride and take care of your business, because if you don’t you’ll be sitting at the bottom of the pile with everyone else and pushed to the backburner probably right until before the 45-day mark.

    #4301798 Reply


    Still waiting. Filed 1/30 and accepted same day. Bars change from validating to in queue. I never get a date.

    #4301471 Reply


    39 days since I filed, 27 days since I was accepted, 23 days validating. And no answers for any of it. But they have 45 days and then they have to pay you interest. Federal is set for a DDD of 2/27. This is all frustrating, but I know it’ll come eventually. Hang in there y’all!

    #4301102 Reply


    Still valadating day what 26 I think maybe 27……. I wish I just knew ANYTHING

    #4300713 Reply


    @ Sam- exact same thing happened to me and still no answers and no refund… So Im still waiting

    #4300638 Reply


    To AT and Angel-

    I think we’re in the same situation and it’s confusing. I filed my taxes on 1/25. MO accepted on 1/28. It went thru all 4 bars and said my refund was intercepted. When I called they didn’t see anything about an offset. On Feb 7 I got a text saying my status changed and now it’s on bar 2-validating my return. It no longer says anything about an offset. I called Dept of Revenue and the first woman I talked to said I’d get my refund. The next one said it could still be taken if there’s an offset. I’ve never even received a letter about this. My status has been stuck on validating for 17 days now. Have you guys gotten any answers yet…or your refunds??

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    Just fyi they are doing a massive software update. That is what I was told.

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