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    Wheres My Refund Missouri- Share your experience with filing your Missouri Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Missouri Wheres My Refund? go to Missouri Department Of Revenue

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    angry as hell

    My refund showed up in my account today. The site still says it is validating.

    From January 28th to today I received $1.96 in interest. What a ripoff.

    Btw-they say this won’t happen next year but experts are thinking this will be the norm in the future. Some think in the next few year sc that the first round of refunds won’t go out until 45 days after the filing deadline, April 15.

    If this makes you angry call your state Rep and senator, look into their votes and consider possibly voting them out. This wasn’t just a computer error. This was purposely done by the state legislature by reducing the funding and limiting how much could be paid out on a daily basis.

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    I Will Wait

    5% interest, nice! State will owe me over $700 in interest alone. Assuming they ever pay up.

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    Elizabeth Mayer

    Filed in March finally got the release date of 6/24 on 6/22. It is now 6/24 and still not in my account. Now I’m being told it could still be 5+ days before it hits the bank. I have usaa it never takes this long. There better be interest on this return. My husband is military and I’m a sahm so we are entirely exempt from Missouri taxes due to being stationed outside of Missouri. There is absolutely no reason this is taking so long. I had him change his tax status on his pay for this year to exempt so they won’t see a dime from us all year. We won’t get anything back but we won’t be waiting an ungodly amount of time next year.

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    Katie B.

    This is ridiculous! If we don’t have our money by July 1st, interest will go up to 5%.


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    i filed my taxes back in January and still have not received a refund what do i need to do here its been months.

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    Finally heard back from the Auditor’s office they asked for permission to speak to the DOR on my behalf and also filed a complaint. Hope this gets me somewhere…..

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    angry as hell

    Week 20. Nothing.

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    Today marks 20 weeks and still no sign of intelligent life…. Called DOR, Auditor, and Governor and still nothing. Keep getting the same response: there is nothing more needed for your refund and we see no problems with it just give it 4 more weeks…

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    Finally got my refund on the 12th. 18 weeks and 2 days it took. Yesterday got a call from the auditors office. This is after the refund and after 2-3 calls a week to the auditors office. Good luck everyone.

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    angry as hell

    Filed an auditor ticket last week. No action at this time.

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    Harold Long

    Sent my taxes in in February still haven’t got return wondering why I haven’t got return back

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    angry as hell
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    Called for the 12th time today. Was told they needed a copy of my 1099’s and that I would be placed at the back of the queue and require at least another 12 weeks. Talked to supervisors, state auditors office, governors office, and my district representatives. No help from anyone. They did however change their call system to where you can easily talk to a person, not that it helps at all.

    Filed Feb 2nd
    Estimated refund time- October

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    Monday will be 18 weeks. Absolute BS. The reps know nothing. And most of them are a-holes who have no business being in customer service.

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    angry as hell

    Auditor’s office stares they will be opening an audit ticket for this immediately.

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    I finally received my refund after calling and emailing repeatedly. Ridiculous tax season.

    Filed & Accepted 1/28/19
    Refund received: 6/7/19

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    angry as hell

    Just called. Stoll said it’s processing,shows it is in the final stages but it might not dispense until the fall.

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    I finally received my refund. 16.5 weeks later, multiple calls, emails to the DOR and I received a whopping 4.06 more in interest. Ha. This was a comical tax season. Good luck to everyone else still waiting.

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    I originally filed my return Jan 28, 2019 and it was accepted the same day. I called this number three times a week with no success. The yesterday I called 5737512578 and explained my situation and asked to speak with a supervisor. I never spoke with a supervisor but the agent I spoke with had a supervisor correct an error on my account. She even called me back after it was corrected and told me I should have a refund date tomorrow. I woke up and checked my due date is tomorrow. I just wanted to share my experience and hope it helps.

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    angry as hell

    The PATH thing is just another excuse. There are plenty who were under it that received their refunds months ago.

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    PS the MoR stated yesterday that anyone under PATH, a hold due to offset or is filing from earlier than 2018 or missing a tax year filed your refunds are all being held until everyone else is processed.

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    Whew. After 4 months of waiting, multiple emails and calls, my return has finally been processed with a DDD date of 6/7/19. Stay persistent to those of you still waiting.

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    I called the MO state auditor’s office two days ago and also sent two emails to the Department of Revenue. The email responses were both automated and directed me to the Missouri Return Inquiry System, which I have been using for the past 15 weeks. I don’t know if either action prompted this, but I received noticed today that my tax refund was processed and completed. I am waiting for the refund to hit my bank account so I can verify the amount.

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    angry as hell

    I can’t even get through to DOR. The calls keep disconnecting and now it says all circuits ate busy.

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    18 weeks here and nothing… nobody with any answers… ridiculous!

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    Week 16 here. Has anyone heard any official news on when refunds will be issued? I’ve attempted to email and get the same 10 week response however we are all well past 10 weeks. When I got an agent they just say that they are behind and i am in the final stages of processing (been in this stage for over a month). And well, the tracker has never changed. Any ideas?

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    angry as hell

    Still nothing

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    Week 18. :(

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    angry as hell

    The Tracker is down again.

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    Has anyone checked into class action law suit? Or just a law suit? This is beyond crazy and the excuse is never the same always a different one or always extending the time. It’s been 16 weeks already.

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    I just thought I would share this I filed in April and received a portion of the return at around 3 weeks into it. I have been checking daily for my son who is in the same boat as most here. Out of curiosity I decided to check mine through the automated system — i still says my return is processing and will take up to 12 weeks. The system is a mess.

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    angry as hell

    I’m at 18 weeks. I’ve requested a supervisor contact me every week since week 12. No response. I’ve been informed that I’ll get it when I get it,it isn’t my money so don’t worry about it, that 14,000 others are waiting and I have no business thinking I’m special. I’ve been hung up on, told I have no right to that information and that they don’t have to tell me anything. When I mentioned the auditor report I was told it was “fake news” and that they didn’t need to listen to conspiracy theories.

    I’m a state employee. If I spoke to someone like that I’d be fired.

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    Colton J Kenney

    I filed on feb. 12. I have emailed twice and heard no reply. I tried to call but it just says its still validating. Ot has now been 15 weeks since i filed and still no word.

    #4328737 Reply


    @Linda I have called the useless Governors office at least 5 times. Get told that someone will call me back. Has not happened yet. The auditors office now has a recording to leave a message. The DOR just told me it will be another 4-6 weeks. That is the middle of July. It is completely unacceptable for the state to be doing this.

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    Maybe there is some hope. MAYBE…..🙄? 17 weeks and still no progress, HUMMM!.
    (word for word from the MO. D.O.R. refund status page.)⤵️
    ➡️The information reported on your return, such as income, deductions, and payments, is being verified for accuracy. This validation process generally requires 12 weeks from the date your return was received. The Department refreshes the data on this application daily, usually overnight. However, during heavy processing periods, the status of your return may not change from day to day.

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    angry as hell

    Called again. Josh, the person on the other end, informed me that the auditor report wasn’t “real” and called me a conspiracy theorist.

    He said there are 14,000 others waiting and that I’m not special.

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    Linda, I took your suggestion after DOR told me to wait one more week. I’m at week 17. Just called Gov Parsons office & they said they are gonna place an inquiry for me.

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    I suggest everyone call the governor’s office. That’s what I did. A woman answered, took my info, said she would give it to MO Dept of Rev and someone would call me. I was skeptical, but they did call me…said they would expedite my return…and I had my refund that week.

    They did short me, originally, and I was actually able to get the rep that I talked to the first time back on the phone. She said when it was pulled to be expedited, someone pushed an incorrect button, which changed my numbers. She made the correction and I had the additional funds the same week, too.

    Yes, they are paying interest…I think it’s like 1% or something like that.

    I can’t say it will work for everyone, but calling the governor did the trick for me. As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    I hope we’re not all back on here chatting again next year.

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    Now at 17 weeks. I bet everything I got the tornado that hit Jefferson City will be a new excuse to delays these further.

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    I filed Feb 13 and still no refund and mine is a measly 384…

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    I Will Wait

    Anyone know how the interest is figured? MO owes me over $14k, so I may be getting a better deal than most money market accounts in terms on interest. That is assuming they do eventually pay out. I would guess they are doing a manual review do the amount, but you would think they would want to get it out of the way to save themselves from paying so much.

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    Concerned Citizen

    Filed Feb 2 still have not received my return. Call this number to make a complaint to MO State Auditor at 1-800-347-8597.

    When I called MO refund customer service number, they said “I’ll get my return when I get it”.

    This is completely unacceptable. We can look at high fines and jail time for not paying our taxes but the MO government can just do whatever the hell they feel like doing and they don’t pay for it we end up paying for the interest build up.

    It’s costing us tax payers more money because MO wants to take their sweet time giving peoples hard earned money back.

    MO get your sh** together.

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    Filed and was excepted January 30, week 16 started yesterday and it’s still in the validating stage on the website. I have not called and probably won’t now after reading all the comments below and it doing no good. :(

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    Week number 14 for me. I called to check the status and received a nice representative who said they are swamped and doing their best to push out people who filed in Jan and February. He said that I am in the last step of processing but other than that, no updates. The tracker hasn’t updated since I filed. The representative said that the tracker is down too. Come on Missouri. This is really pathetic.

    #4328261 Reply

    cheryl Dillon

    not to mention that we can no longer track it as the site is having issues. Get iti together people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #4328260 Reply

    cheryl Dillon

    filed in January 21 stated received February 4. They can not explain why it is taking so long. I think you all should have to pay a high interest rate for holding my money. You would sure be the first to charge me one if I was late paying you;.This has gone past the point of ridiculous. Maybe we should hold your pay until we receive our money.

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    I filed and was accepted on 1/28. I’m still validating. This is pissing me off…

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    angry as hell

    Just called DOR. She stated (and I quote) “You’ll get it when we’re ready. You’re not the most important person here today.”

    I asked for a supervisor and she said it could be a few weeks to speak with one. Called the governor’s office and they filed an inquiry.

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    angry as hell

    Still nothing. Filed in January.

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    Money deposited on 5/16…but $415.49 less than my refund. They deposited X,XXX.51. Cents??? All numbers are rounded…how can they deposit “cents”???? I am livid. I called number that originally called me to say my refund would be expedited (because I had called the governor with my info) and of course, when I call back, it goes to voicemail. I said I wanted a call back today.

    If not, I’ll call the governor again tomorrow and they will have MO Dept of Revenue call me back, like last week.

    I was hoping for some interest to be paid, not a deduction. Beyond frustrated.

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    Now at week 16. We will see if the tracker updates tomorrow. If not I’ll be calling once more.

    #4328056 Reply


    Still nothing but attitude from call center reps. Probably from me calling every single day for 4 weeks now. Lolol. But I don’t care. I have been calling the DOR, Auditor’s office and the useless Governor s office every single day. Was told 3 weeks ago I would have my refund in 2 weeks. Well it’s been over 2 weeks. Maybe some day they might get their s**t together. Until then I will keep calling them all bright and early every morning!!!!

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    Over it

    Wow, that article stated he file Feb 11th and won’t be getting his return until mid-July because he found out that the 12 weeks showing didn’t actually start until mid-April. That is crazy. I used my federal to pay off most of my school balance but need my state refund to pay off the summer session or I will have to drop my summer classes. File Feb 7th and it’s still showing validated. I hope it won’t take that long and it comes in the next week or two before summer classes begin.

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    angry as hell

    Still nothing. Applied in January.

    #4327976 Reply


    Did you all see the article about the delay on Kmov.com?

    #4327975 Reply


    @Waiting, I am so happy for you! Finally!

    #4327949 Reply

    Francine Yellow Thunder

    Missouri is the only state that could not figure out the new federal tax law. It’s been 45 days now, they say it could take until winter to start putting a dent on the waiting time.
    At least they are paying 1.9% interest after 45 days of holding your refund up.
    Image the state will have to file for bankruptcy paying all the people filing for refunds.
    They should ask the IRS or other states for help

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    My refund has finally hit my account! I hope MO gets it together next year and I am not back on this site. Hopefully everyone gets their refund soon!!

    Filled: Jan 24th
    Accepted: Jan 29th
    Was Processing for weeks
    Changed to step 3 on the tracker May 16th
    Received refund: May 17th

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    Still Waiting

    Filed on the 29th of January and am still stuck at validating, good grief. I emailed and got some secure email transaction just for the girl to tell me to keep waiting, I was starting to think there was something that I had done wrong.

    #4327806 Reply


    Finally got a status change! It changed to step 3 on the tracker (Processing your Return).

    Does anyone know how long it takes after that to receive funds?

    Filled Jan 24th accepted from MO Jan 29th. Had been stuck in validating ever since. Have called and emailed numerous of times, kept getting the whole give it time speech.

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    angry as hell

    Still nothing. I planned on using it towards my kid’s textbooks. One is on sale right now.

    This is out of hand. If I owed they would be on top of me nonstop.

    #4327662 Reply

    Waiting still

    Filed and accepted jan. 29th. Over 14 weeks.. I’m not mad, but don’t like the no updates on anything

    #4327616 Reply


    I guess I am in the same boat as everyone else. It has been 13 weeks since they accepted my electronic return and my status still says that they are validating the information. I have not been able to call anyone to get an explanation as to what the delay is all about.

    #4327591 Reply


    Ok, (So what), I haven’t received my portion of the taxes that I have paid into last year yet. But being salty cause you are desperate for the little extra that you have paid into, to come back to you for whatever reason that you have. God blesses patients.

    #4327579 Reply


    Week 9 since they said they recieved it only i mailed it on the 6 of march. They said they recieved on march 22, sent 2015, 206, 2017, 2018 in one envelope. Got 2018 in 4 weeks. The other 3, one not looked at yet next ready to pay when funds arrives and had to fax something wlse for 4th. May 12 told 2017ready no funds. And now can’t talk to human, funny thing my sister sent 2017 and 2018 in same envelope on april 16 she got both rebates today the 13 of may not even 4 weeks to do whole process. I contacted mo state auditor she said she is INVESTIGATING the delays maybe if enough people tell their stories to her it may help some couldnt hurt. Took lazy asses 2 weeks to recieve an envelope. Liars mail is faster than they are. In reality i also have waited 0 to 12 weeks. Lawsuite sounds good i wonder if we could. Either get smarter people to work for them someone that can read maybe or hire more morons to open mail and more to input info. Something anything. Business get theirs first and then they pick and choose who is in need more their website says. Ironically itsmuffed up who needs more? You Morons we all do what the f–k who are you to tell us we don’t need more than the other. Done so done and they wonder why people with guns open fire on them (i do not own one) ok have a blessed day you all peace

    #4327550 Reply


    Return accepted on 1/26. Was told that the wait time has averaged between 14 and 16 weeks. Week 16 started today so we’ll see what happens…

    #4327513 Reply


    Still no update on my end. Emailed them again to see if there is any change.

    Filed: Jan 24
    MO accepted return: Jan 29

    #4327461 Reply

    Danielle Throw

    My refund was accepted feb 6 2019. I have not received it. Nor can i track it because its giving me a 404 error each time intry. Its been more than 12 weeks.. so inquiring mind wants to know. Where is it.

    #4327414 Reply

    Susie Lantz

    I filed my refund for Missouri the first of February and it has been accepted and validated 2 days later. I have done nothing, but wait since then. Nothing changes, phone calls, emails etc. no luck. It just sits there waiting, meanwhile they charged me late payments anytime I was behind on payments. Now they owe me and no response. Missouri should be ashamed.

    #4327399 Reply

    Bhargavi Nadendla


    I just checked the status of my filed returns. It is completed and was issued yesterday, I didn’t get my taxes though. What does completed mean? Will I receive it by mail within few days or it will be an electronic transfer?



    #4327309 Reply


    I filed Feb 8th. Accepted same day. Still waiting says processing. No changes im in with the lawsuit @ linda

    #4327296 Reply


    Called Gov. Parson’s office. A woman took my name, info and a call back number. Said she would send it over to Dept of Rev and they should call me back. I won’t hold my breath, but I appreciated someone actually answering the phone.

    Give it a shot. 573-751-3222

    #4327276 Reply

    Elizabeth A Hallemeyer

    Going on almost 14 weeks. They are holding our money against our will. Who wants to get a lawyer and file a class action lawsuit?

    #4327263 Reply

    angry as hell

    Still waiting. Going into week 14.

    There should be a class action against them.

    #4327238 Reply


    Was told 3 weeks ago rebate was ready to send out but no money to pay refunds. Waiting on money about 2 weeks i was told?

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