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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Missouri- Share your experience with filing your Missouri Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Missouri Wheres My Refund? go to Missouri Department Of Revenue

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    Is the Missouri Refund Status Tracker down for everyone or is it just me?

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    Anything yet? I’m new to Mo. How does things move here? Any help is appreciated.

    #4505763 Reply

    Anyone receive their 2021 refund yet? I’m stuck on the validation tab.

    I got mine for 2022 season today, my fiance is stuck on validating still. We both filed and were accepted 1/26

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    Anyone receive their 2021 refund yet? I’m stuck on the validation tab.

    #4466661 Reply

    Got it today! Yay!

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    Website said issued 3/5. And still nothing. I called and talked to someone this morning and wasnt much help just said that it was sent on fri

    #4466522 Reply

    Ok it’s Monday morning the 8 and I got my refund

    #4466473 Reply

    I got mine at about 4 this morning!

    #4466435 Reply

    3/2 Deposit date. Woke up to my money.They’re coming.

    #4466323 Reply

    Well I happy you got your deposit I still have not got mine today is the 7th and does anyone know what day of the week they do deposits or is it anytime?

    #4466294 Reply

    System said return was sent 3/2 and after 5 days I finally got it deposited at 8 tonight.

    #4466247 Reply

    @Clementine, same. I checked my mailbox and I didn’t receive a paper check. I’m calling in the morning

    #4466189 Reply

    The website said my deposit was sent 3/2, no money in my account as of today, wth is going on?????

    #4466072 Reply

    Who! Let me check my mailbox today

    #4465903 Reply

    I got my check in the mail today, even though it was supposed to be direct deposited. But I did get it!

    #4465727 Reply

    Next dates are 3/10 guys

    #4465332 Reply

    No deposit yet. Sigh…. looks like another year of disappointment and waiting. Trying to stay positive and patient.

    #4465292 Reply

    My guess is we’ll never see the refunds.

    #4465112 Reply

    I have an issue date also of 3/2/2021 but it never showed up in my account still so I was wondering if you got your deposit yet thanks

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    Kristen Johnston

    Mine also says deposited 3/2- still nothing

    #4465039 Reply

    Thank you for the information Tatiana

    #4465037 Reply

    Thank you for the information titiana

    #4465032 Reply

    I just talked to them they said the system was having issues pushing the payments she said i should be expecting it by the end of today or Monday.

    #4465026 Reply

    Still haven’t gotten mine says it was deposited 3/2/2021

    #4465010 Reply

    Still haven’t got mine either

    #4464950 Reply

    Said it would be 2/3 and still nothing. Wth is going on and why arent they saying anything on the website if they had a problem ?

    #4464773 Reply

    Thanks for the information. Same here.

    #4463777 Reply

    Spoke to a representative at the DOR this afternoon and she told me that our deposits “might” be here on Friday, but also that they might be here 5 business days from Friday.


    #4463592 Reply

    I just called the Missouri department of revenue. We should all be receiving our deposits Friday. It’s a system error. They are having trouble with depositing money with everyone. It’s a system issue.

    #4463577 Reply

    Mine also says 3/02 but I have nothing. Good to know that I’m not the only one at least.

    #4463498 Reply

    Same here. No deposit today and the online system said it was deposited yesterday.

    #4463494 Reply

    Mine was also supposed to be deposited yesterday. I wonder what’s going on

    #4463491 Reply

    Mine was also supposed to be deposited yesterday and we received nothing.

    #4463471 Reply

    Seems like a common occurrence. Mine states 02Mar as well and nothing. Hmmmm

    #4463432 Reply

    Same here! Was supposed to be deposited on 03/02 and nothing!

    #4463382 Reply

    Was supposed to be paid out yesterday, figured may be delayed until the next day.. nope.. wonder what the hold up is.. my return was accepted on Feb 12..

    #4463373 Reply

    Hey Jane,
    I’m wondering what’s the hold up

    #4463348 Reply

    My refund was released on 3/2 as well but there’s no deposit as of this morning

    #4463329 Reply

    My refund was expected to be deposited on 3/2/21 but no deposit has been made. Does anyone knows why?

    #4463169 Reply

    My release date for my refund was March 2nd I called this morning it said the same thing March 2nd. I checked my bank and nothing has been deposited into my bank. I call Doug where’s my Missouri refund line and they tell me they have not received anything from me at this time. What gives where’s my money

    #4462877 Reply
    Ben W

    I got that my Refund issue date is 3/2/2021. But when I just checked my bank account there is no deposit from the state at this point. Think that is because it will happen late tonight and be visible tomorrow or just will happen later in the day today?

    #4462740 Reply

    I can’t believe it! I just can’t believe it! My refund is due out TODAY. It has been only 18 days since it was accepted. Thanks, MODOR!

    #4462108 Reply

    Missouri is really fast for state this year

    #4461882 Reply

    Wow! I’m on the processing stage already! What a difference this year’s processing of my return as compared to the last few years. Before I waited MONTHS for my refund. Now it has barely been 2 weeks since it was accepted. Again, kudos, MODOR! Keep up the good work!

    #4461429 Reply

    My return was accepted on 2/12 and it finally got to validation a couple of days ago but now the system is not giving any information. Idk… I usually get my state refund way quicker.

    #4461117 Reply

    Is this site working correctly for everyone? The validation box was checked two days ago and now the system is saying they have no records of my return.

    #4459399 Reply

    I’m on the validation box today. The past few years I’ve gotten my state before fed and less than a week after being accepted. It’s slower this year but I’m not in any big hurry.

    #4459208 Reply

    Congrats, Jade!

    I am so surprised to be in the validation phase already. (I just got there today.) Good job, MODOR!

    #4458601 Reply

    Got my refund Today

    #4456966 Reply

    @js05622, I got the same message when I looked up my return just a few minutes ago. But my return was accepted on 12 Feb. I guess they are running a few weeks behind.

    #4456810 Reply

    They must be moving slow because my state was accepted on 2/12 and it’s still on the “Return Received”. Anyone get a state refund yet for 2020 or progress to the next step?

    #4455896 Reply
    Elisa lam

    It’s up and running . Checked it this morning

    #4455364 Reply

    Yeah I just called and it said, “Due to technical difficulties, the return inquiry system is down at this time.” Then it hung up.

    So yeah… it’s down. Lol

    #4455082 Reply

    @Jwac1070 Thanks. Mine is doing the same thing. I got the text saying it was accepted on 2/13 but the tracker still says that they don’t have anything. Last year it did the same thing and I ended up actually receiving my refund before it ever updated.

    #4455056 Reply

    It has to be down not showing anything and was excepted last Friday

    #4455055 Reply

    Looks like it is down I have checked for the last week and no info showing

    #4453804 Reply

    Is the Missouri return tracker down for anyone else? It keeps giving me error messages.

    #4450312 Reply

    Does anyone know when Missouri starts accepting 2020 state tax returns in 2021

    #4421546 Reply

    I finally got it! Check your accounts!

    #4421060 Reply

    Good news, everyone! (Or at least I hope it is real and true.) I was connected to a representative at DOR during series of transfers I talked about in my last post. She not only found the bug that was affecting me, but also found it was holding up other people too!

    So for all those still waiting, check your accounts this week. The rep told me if I didn’t get my refund, she would contact me after getting more solutions.

    FINALLY! Someone who knows how to manage expectations!

    #4418425 Reply

    I called the MO state Auditor to no avail. They won’t help.

    I then called Office of the Governor who transferred me multiple times to someone who would follow up with someone high ranking in DOR.

    I appreciate that but I think she is going to get the same run around. So I contacted Contact2 at Fox News.

    #4418216 Reply

    Mine ha been in Q for over 3 weeks this is ridiculous. How hard is it to put these checks in the mail?

    #4410758 Reply

    Yes so I spoke with a representative two days ago. Apparently there is no big wig available to confirm the refunds before they are sent to the banks. This is due to COVID-19.

    Today I just called and the representatives are now working remotely. No telling when we are getting our refunds. I just don’t understand why our refunds can’t be confirmed remotely. Maybe it is not secure enough. Who knows? But please make sure you let the state Auditor know.

    #4403209 Reply

    Any update on this? I continue to wait for my refund despite the fact that their portal says “it is in queque to be sent” to me. Anyone know who I could possibly contact over this??

    #4400403 Reply

    I am right there with you Twinbaby. I filed mine on 01/30/2020 and keep getting excuses as well, and got the same answer from the auditor. The Department of Revenue for Missouri is a total joke. I understand the delays as well with Covid-19, I work in the medical filed and see it every day, but they had my information way before all the isolations happened. I am making adjustments to my MO withholdings tomorrow to make sure they never owe me money again.

    #4400129 Reply

    I too have still failed to receive mine. They said “it was in the final stages of processing and should have a issue date soon” STILL NOTHING! Tried calling the state auditor and they said they are not currently getting involved. This is ridiculous!

    #4400023 Reply

    Now there’s a “glitch”, which is preventing their computer system from actually sending the direct deposit.

    At this point, I will get my stimulus check before my state refund.

    They owe me over 15 days interest. And I will put in another complaint to the State Auditor if I do not receive it.

    #4399337 Reply

    FINALLY! Getting my deposit by Monday! So 8 weeks is the norm now. At least next year I know when to expect it and what to send when I do file.

    #4398596 Reply

    Still waiting on my refund… It has now been 8 weeks. I am STILL in processing. I under COVID-19 has slow things down but the only thing that needs to happen now is for the DOR to issue the check. Everything else is done according to two DOR representatives.

    I bet I get my stimulus money BEFORE my refund.


    #4396479 Reply

    @sreck, make sure you call the 573-751-3505 number. Then press the option for questions about your refund. If it says you are being directed to the automated system, you’ve pressed the wrong option.

    When you get connected, tell them you haven’t received your refund. Ask them how they sent it. Then go from there

    #4396052 Reply

    I filed my taxes on Feb 17th. I received my federal return (which i thought was weird because state usually comes first) but i have yet to receive my state return. When i use their tracker, it said the issue date was 02/25/2020 and it was completed. Now, we are at the end of march and i have received nothing. I don’t know who to contact. I’ve tried contacted DOR but I’ve gotten no answer or the connection has not gone through. Any advice?

    #4395641 Reply

    Good news! Someone from DOR emailed me yesterday and stated they are working on my refund! I am so happy!

    #4394958 Reply

    I called DOR again was hung up on. That’s the Still don’t have the rest of my refund even though I submitted the paperwork and I have not lived in Missouri for over 13 years and am active duty military! This was the last straw. I contacted the State Auditor’s office again and told them I am willing to go through with my complaint. Enough is enough.

    #4394349 Reply

    I have yet to receive mine.

    #4392141 Reply

    Still waiting. Almost 6 weeks of waiting. In about 5 more days the rest of my refund will begin accruing interest.

    I have contacted the Auditor’s office and was immediately answered back. I was hoping to have things worked out before I answered them. Now I have no choice but to report this.

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