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    Does anyone known what the cycle date means on transcript 20180605?

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    I received my taxes transcript I thought if I checked wmr today it would have a date but it doesn’t tomorrow marks 60 days my cycle date is 20180405. But then all the numbers read 4-15-2018. And a few more codes. The one thing says return due date or return received date (whichever is later) April 15, 2018 and processing date February 12, 2018. I have to received any tax return and I need to know what all this means. Please help. When can I expect my refund.



    Hello. I have a cycle code of 20180503 beside code 150. What does this mean?



    @deanna ,

    Did you find out what code 20180705 was?



    What is cycle date 20180705?



    Filed/accepted 1/31. Ordered both transcripts 2/14. Received the return transcript today with cycle code 20180605. But the received date says April 15, 2018. Last weekend WMR updated from PATH to the Take Action msg, reference code 1541 and to call extension 312.
    Called 2/20 and was on hold 2.5 hours.
    Finally got a rep & was told my return had been delayed for re-examination BUT that was closed on 2/15 with no further action needed.
    So…I then asked was there any info available regarding a payment date or if I needed to submit any other documents & she rudely snapped ” wait 90 days” and hung up.
    Never faced this before. Completely frustrated.
    Any advice??


    tawana jones

    what is cycle code 20180503 with processing date of 02/19/2018 when should I get my ddd?



    Friday= 02
    Monday= 03

    Cycle date: 20170505
    Year: 2017 Week: 05 Day: 05
    Wednesday of the 4th week of 2017
    Actual date: February 2, 2017

    In the example above is for anyone who doesn’t have the credits. If you do you’ll be pushed back to after the 15th

    Thursday is day one

    I’ve had 03 almost every year which is a Monday. Got my dd on Saturday with a Monday date. This year I’m 20180704. Which is 2/20. So again if the credits don’t screw anything up I’ll have them on Saturday as Monday is a holiday



    End of february refund



    I also have cycle date 20180605 with processing date 2/26/2018 who knows when i can expect DDD? Also have EITC



    i have the code 150 what does mean?



    HBH, I have the same 00-00-0000 date next to my cycle although mine is 20180405. I do have “as of” dates at the top of my account and return transcripts but no processing date which is something I haven’t experienced before, usually when I can view my transcripts they have been done.



    I have the 20180605 cycle date on my transcript but “date” next to it is: 00-00-0000. There is no processing date on the transcript either.

    Filed 01/30; Accepted 01/30

    WMR status bar disappeared 02/07 and I just have the “Return is being processed” message with my refund amount. The TT 152 message disappeared this morning.



    i have the same code and processing date



    I think the wrong Brittany keeps getting tagged. @brittany is on PATH and does not have the 846, where as Brittany Tonarella is not on PATH and her refund was approved.

    Just wanted to clear up this confusion before it gets too carried away :)



    @Tish Yes I have both!



    I have the same cycle date but shows April 15 2108 is accepted date? Not sure what this means.



    20180605 = February 8, 2018
    Find out more about cycle dates in the links below.



    I don’t have EIC or ACTC. I do have AOC (education credit).



    @ Brittany and Yess

    Do you guys have EIC or any of the other credits. Just wondering because I have that same cycle code and processing date, but no 846 code yet.



    I have this cycle date as well but I don’t have an 846 code yet. I have a 570 and 971 code



    I have the same cycle date 20180605, same last year too, I dont have the 846 code, So I am assuming from last year, that WMR wont update til 2/16-2/17 with a DDD for 2/22 for me. If I get it next week sweet but I doubt it. It is weird though how some with the same cycle date are getting DDD next week.



    I got the same code. Ive read alot about the last 3 digits but it just doesnt add up.



    I have the same cycle code 20180605 with processing date 02/26/2018.



    The 846 code is on the account transcript at the bottom on mine. I have a 2-14-18 refund issued date. I have same cycle date as you and also feb 26 processing date.



    Where does the 846 code show on the transcript.. and which transcript was it pulled from. I have a cycle date of 20180605 and the date next to it shows 02/26/18.


    Brittany Tonarella

    I woke up able to order my transcripts this morning, 20180605 cycle code and 846 code dated for 2/14/18.



    I also have 20180605… I don’t understand how this works because the sixth week would be this week…



    I was able to order my return and account transcripts online this morning. My cycle date is 20180605. I have both credits (EIC / ACTC)

    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/24



    First 4 equals year
    Second two equals the week of the year. So the sixth week.
    The last two tells you whether your daily or weekly. 05 are the only weeklys

    What’s your processing date? 02/19/2018?

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