anyone else have your tax return is still being processed. a refund date will be

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    accepted 1/31 tt. i had 1 bar on wmr tt152 until thursday. thursday i called irs and that said my return had not even been processed yet . they said 21 days from the feb 18. that evening wmr updated to “your tax return is still being processed. a refund date will be provided when available. transcripts have been NA the whole time. ANYONE ELSE?

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    I’m right there with you @ohiomom
    Fingers crossed til tomorrow…then on my knees next week praying if tomorrow doesn’t bring good news. It’ll all work out, but when we need the extra money the timing is crucial


    @Vivian Allen
    Same! I’ve been an identity theft victim since 2013 and have always filed with a pin. Haven’t we been through enough?!

    Vivian Allen

    Yes and I still have not recieved a letter from anyone, plus I am already an Identity Theft so for the last 5 years I have been filing my taxes with an IP Pin Number, and I had to verify my identity in person downtown Atlanta at the IRS Headquarters, what more do they want now??


    I filed 2/3 with TT and was accepted the same day. I have been stuck with the same message “still processing” with the code 152. I have never been through this and it is very annoying. When will the IRS update they website again?


    Just look for the transcripts link. You can do it online or mail off for them.


    Where can i check my transcripts?


    How do you check your transcripts?? I filed 1/27 and it was accepted 1/27 however the stupid where is my refund site says processing and to check back? I feel like I’ve never waited this long before…. usually I know a date by now.


    Mine went from bars and processing yesterday to no bars and “still processing with the will update when date becomes available this morning. Filed on 2/8 received 2/11


    Mine went from bars and processing yesterday to no bars and “still processing with the will update when date becomes available this morning.


    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/5
    War tool went to still being processed around 2/18
    Finally called today and I have a cpo5 letter coming March 9th…this is crap


    @ Kate

    Have you checked your transcripts. There was a big update today with DDD for next week. If you don’t have access to them, WMR will update overnight tonight. So we’ll see 😉


    filed 1/27 accepted 1/27 we get the child tax credit. it originally showed accepted with an estimated payout date of 2/17/20, but then on 2/14/20 the estimated pay out date vanished. its now showing no payout date and it says We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
    this seems to be taking a super long time. we e-filed with turbo tax and we see no errors in our forms
    Anyone have advice or thoughts ?


    Filed early jan 11th, was accepted on the 27th everytime I visit the irs tracker tells me its being processed! Never had this issue before always received my refund or at least a day for the deposit. Was expecting it by now this is ridiculous.


    Ddd for 3-4-


    I checked my transcript this morning and got my 846 code also yay about time 😊 I normally have to wait till May June to get mine cause I always get the id verify but this year I applied for the id pin and filed with the pin been years since I got ddd this early


    Checked this morning and got code 571 resolved and 846 refund issued 3/4/20


    Filed mine 1/23. Accepted 1/27 have EITC but still saying processing??? Same as every year WMR still saying processing eventhough several people gave anyway received theirs? Also told some never updated in WMR


    Filed 1/31 Accepted 1/31. Got the processing message until 2/19 changed to still being processed. Checked transcripts today has refund issued date 3/6. No update on WMR app.


    My prob is is that if there is an issue with our taxes, just let us know! We get more frustrated when they give us non answers ie: “Just wait the 60 days.”
    This is our hard earned money we are talking about here. Give us the why and we will try to fix it!


    Yep! I filed on 1/31 & I’m on a wage verification hold!


    I didn’t use TT, I used when I called yesterday she said mine was just “still processing”. It didn’t say I had a hold or review. She did say she’s noticed more returns being reviewed, but didn’t say mine was one of them. Frustrating.


    A Tax preparer told me that the IRS was cracking down this tax season and they were not lying


    I used HRblock and have never had this joker 60 day review B.S.


    i also have “still processing” but i called the irs and there saying an error occured during transmission from TT to Them. The error has been fixed and should see a DDD within 8 weeks but he assured me if no other issues happen during the processing stage i should recieve something soon. Filed 1/29 Eitc. accepted 1/29


    For me, it was also ID verification. My 5071C letter came in the mail today, dated 2/24. I filed 2/4, EITC.


    @Casandria Same thing happened to me… 1095-a form cane day after I filed. Now I faxed it and have to wait…


    Filed: 2/10 (accepted the same day)
    WMR disappeared: 2/19 (still being processed; TT 152 link; no refund amount; transcripts
    Transcripts ready: 2/27 (this morning; DD 3/3; full refund amount; WMR still showing “still
    being processed”)
    Filing status: Single; no dependents
    No EIC or education credits; private health insurance, itemized deductions


    Called the IRS and talked to a rep and she stated I was missing a form, and that my account was flagged. Faxed the form I missed 1095-A along with 8962 form. Hopefully it gets processed soon. I also have the “still being processed, and 152 tax topic”


    F/A 1/27
    Stuck on processing for weeks. 60 day review. Question… is everyone that’s under review use TT this year? Just wondering.


    I filed electronically 1/31 and mine says still being processed. I just got off the phone with the IRS and she said there was some mistake, something happened (she couldn’t tell me what exactly) but that it had been corrected. But now my time frame of getting my return is 9 weeks from when I filed!


    Filed Feb 3rd accepted Feb 3rd … Still being processed so I called the Irs and im under a 45 day review starting March 9th and could be May before I see my taxes… This is my 3rd year being randomly chosen


    Filed 1/30 got accepted same day wmr said processing never changed to path feb 15 changed to still processing with to 152 just got a letter today. Says not to do anything can’t call for 60 days.


    @Jay It could mean absolutely nothing, but with in my personal experience it means something… I have the same message with a TT152, I called the IRS on 2/26 & was told that they sent out a CP05 letter on 2/20 (I’ve yet to get the letter, at the same address forever) and that there’s nothing needed from me at this time and I just have to wait 60 days starting from 2/20.. If there’s nothing needed from me, I should see my refund between now and April 15th.


    Filed & Accepted 2/13 on TurboTax. One bar and tt152 up until today. Now we have no bars, no refund amount, “still processing” message, tt152 at bottom. Transcripts (both Account and Refund) was able to be requested on 2/24. Have not received no mail from IRS or notices. Never had this issue before.


    Filed taxes on the 2/4/20. Had one bar and a tax 152 on 2/18/20. Now I have no bars. it said my tax return is still being processed. What does that mean?


    I just called IRS and they said their computers have crashed and are down right now 😳😳😳


    Filed taxes on the 2/2/20. Had one bar and a tax 152 on 2/18/20. Now the bars are gray and it said my tax return is still being processed. What does that mean?


    Mine tax info was is being processed and I’m still under a 60 day review. Just got news today letter was sent to the wrong address that was updated last year because of being under review. In shock right now.


    I filed 2/4/2019..(ya you read that right) it has now been over a year with still being processed message. I have called countless times and have got a different reason every single time!!!! Tried a tax advocate which I never got!!! Sent in all check stubs because apparently they cannot verify my husband’s income which he has worked for 11 years! Last year at this time when I would call I would get that same story of random review and nothing is wrong. So just a heads up dont beleive it!


    Hello, the same message appears to me, I received an IRS mailbox requesting 1095-A, I sent it 2 weeks ago, and even the message indicates that “it is still being processed”


    Does anyone know the number to contact the irs everytime I call it wont let me speak to someone I filled 1/31 accepted 1/31..both child and eitc credit and still have the still being processed with tax topic 152 and still no DDD!!!!


    Same boat as all of u I called they said no issues found .
    Filed and accepted 1/30
    Path and both credits
    Transcripts say N/a for this year
    I hope when they updated Saturday morning we all have a ddd I have never waited this long . :(


    Mine says being processed ..not the still being processed message. Filed 1/28. It’s been like this since I filed and after the PATH lifted (path message popped up and disappeared on 2/15). Before path it had TT 152, after path message no tax topic.

    Miss One

    I dont have a tax transcript for 2019. Does that mean they haven’t got to mine yet?


    I have the same on mine.


    Where do I get a look at my transcripts and what do I look for?


    Yes, but I claimed both credits. Filed & accepted on 2/5. Had bars & “being processed” until last week. Then bars gone and STILL being processed & TT152. Called today, system wasn’t showing much info, just that mine is still being processed. Asked about being reviewed, no just still processing. CSR mentioned she’s noticed ALOT more returns w/ credits are being reviewed this year. Hope this helps…good luck everyone!


    I was accepted on 1/31 for tt 152 and still processing g about a week ago. Called irs and lady told me then that they never received my taxes until 2/5. I waited and called yesterday lady told me she saw no issues but I have never had to wait this long I have no credits just deductions. I went and got an online transcript and nothing showing yet for 2019. Does anyone know when next update will be????


    I have the very same message and was the the exact same thing- However, nothing has changed from the prior years except new employment! Guy from irs told me I’ll be getting a letter in 14days so I ask has it been sent out yet? That’s all he could tell me smh. I think we’re getting our returns next week! They just don’t want us to keep calling


    My return says “still being processed”. It was accepted on 1/27. I claimed EITC on my return. The way I understand it is that it starts saying “still being” after you’re past 21 days.. I’m going to give it some time before I call.


    Called the irs today they said my return is being reviewed to give them till 4/23. I filed 1/31 was received 2/4 and now just says still processing. Will someone please help I have 3 kids who are in desperate need of clothes and I need to know everything will be ok???


    I did. Good luck



    Insurance through the Marketplace isn’t required, but if you had it through the Marketplace and received a 1095a, you have to file it. IRS won’t accept your return without it.


    Did anyone get a 1095a that they didn’t file?

    Sorry, I’ve been having trouble posting so posted again…


    Me!!! Same boat. When is next big update?


    I don’t think the marketplace forms matter. Everything went well for me and the gov did away with it. It’s possibly filterx. Because of the path act

    It’s me

    Filed and accepted 2/2. Got that message on Friday after being at 1 bar. No tax topic anymore, transcripts say n/a. Just filled actc, no eic.
    Nothing has really changed from previous years, other than my son turned 17 and my hubby is making a little more. So frustrating



    I remember you from last yr. I got my refund in May. So what did ur problem turn out to be last yr? I really don’t want to go through all this again this year.


    If any of you had Marketplace insurance, make sure you filed your 1095a. TT didn’t prompt for it this year and it’s causing a lot of issues. They will not accept your return without it.


    You are in better shape because you filed in FEB. NEVER AGAIN will i file before FEB


    I have the same message.
    Filed TurboTax 2/3
    Received 4464C letter on 2/18 or 2/19
    None of my info changed from previous years.
    First time ever getting a letter
    There is a LTR 4464C Forum going on as well on this site
    Checked my transcripts…never knew anything about transcripts until I came to this site. I have the same 4 codes from previous years, then a 570 code as my last one saying addtnl info needed. My transcript shows a refund amount and a processing date of 3/9.


    YES. It happened last year and i received my refund in early June. Good luck.


    anyone else have “your tax return is still being processed. a refund date will be provided when available NA on transcripts.


    Just hung up. IRS told me letter sent out 2/14 even though I was told no letters or flags when I talked to them 2/19. Letter was “in regards to health credit” WTF?, couldn’t tell me more or what I’d need.

    Be advised folks- the IRS doesn’t seem to know WTF they’re doing this year and “Still being processed” is turning out to be a good indicator that there’s a problem with your filing.


    @STARKS I agree. “We can’t all have something wrong with our returns!”


    I had the same think last year. My transcripts updated Sat. I called last week. Basically got same script as everyone else. I expect an update this Sat. I do have a processing date of 3/9. My cycle is 20200805.


    Guys please keep trying to call. I’ve had the same thing. I finally got through today and they told me that I’m “under review” I posted a thread in here about it.

    They basically couldn’t tell me why that it was random and that it can take 60 days for completion. May not see my refund until April


    @Swirlingcurls I filed and accecpted 2/4 got the still processing a refund date will be provided when avail… but i still have tax topic 152. i tried calling the irs today but the phone system will kick me out saying call back wed or thur do you think everything is ok and i should update sat?


    I filed with TT on 1/31 and received the same day. Was at one bar until Friday now at still being processed! What’s going on!!!!


    Im starting to think a lot of early filers/ pathers were resequenced. Theres no way theres something wrong with everybodys return, esp the ones that say “still” processing and no movement on transcripts. We will update on the next one my people! (In Frank Gallaghers voice)


    That sounds really hopeful. But where did you come by the info?


    Many people between that time phrase got resequenced so that’s whats causing the delay.


    You are good yall will update this coming Saturday.


    Filed 1/30, bars and tax topic disappeared on 2/08. I have still processing. My 21 days came and I called and they said it is just still processing. My transcripts say no return filed.


    HRB confirmed today that the IRS initially was to release all of the funds to PATHers beginning on 2/15/2020. Not sure what the hold up is but the IRS is behind and will begin releasing funds again 2/27/2020. We may get our funds before WMR updates. If you filed through HRB or TT etc I’d give their customer service line a call, they seem to really know more than the IRS will say!

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