anyone else have your tax return is still being processed. a refund date will be

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    accepted 1/31 tt. i had 1 bar on wmr tt152 until thursday. thursday i called irs and that said my return had not even been processed yet . they said 21 days from the feb 18. that evening wmr updated to “your tax return is still being processed. a refund date will be provided when available. transcripts have been NA the whole time. ANYONE ELSE?

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    Filed 2/27/2020 had tt152 whole time and just got ddd of 10/21/2020 wow what a wait … amazing!


    Gave up

    E-filed mid Feb, still nothing! Non sense to be still waiting this long due to covid!! Use an excuse of storing mail! Well ya know what usps government people was still working!! As well as ups, fed ex and many others!! Don’t believe it!!



    Accepted on March 15th. Been in the still being processed stage for going on six months. Checked today and I have a refund date for tomorrow September 2nd. I pray it actually shows up. Fingers crossed.



    hey all,
    I’m on the same boat. I filed back in February. I called the TA, but she was no help as I was told there is nothing they can do since my return hasn’t been processed yet. Yesterday I called the IRS and they told me to just waite 8 weeks from August first. Is there anyway to make them process return sooner ?



    I filed my taxes March 14 2020. I’ve called no answer. I’ve been trying to figure out what is going on and still nothing. I filed with H&R Block and they seem to cant help me at all so I will not be going back to them for services. It’s hard and nerve reckoning to not know what’s going on and I really need my funds. I’m a single parent trying to get by and this doesn’t make it any better for me. Just want answers. No letter or anything. Can someone please help



    Filed and accepted 2/22 still nothing. Has anyone actually got to talk to a live IRS person?


    Alex r

    Yup, called the IRS 5/22. They acknowledged that it’s been well past the 60 day mark for the 4464c letter, and she said she would send a notification to the accounts management department to expedite, but said it could take another 60 days. That’s completely unacceptable.


    Katlyn gunia

    Yeah same thing with mine I filed on March 11 days accepted still being processed, I need my fuxking money have called it’s repeatedly!! Ridiculous I WANT MY MONEY!! Of course turbo tax already got paid for doing a job that wasn’t even completed



    (800) 829-0582



    What number did you call to get in contact with someone from the IRS?



    My transcripts updated but the stupid lady at the irs put me on hold for 20 mins to say I can’t confirm if fax was received just refax it and wait another 4-6 weeks like wtf this shit is ridiculous they getting paid so they don’t give a fuck about others that got kids lost jobs or whatever else.



    @debbie, that suggests you should get a DDD within two weeks.



    Mine now says being processed. I now lost a date will available part.
    I did I’d verify cause I recived a 5071C but completed that part. It’s been since April 29th. No up date on the tracker


    Still waiting

    Linda Morris

    I did my taxes March 26,2020 and it’s still is telling me processing still and I have not got my 1200 from Caronavirus. I can’t get a hold of Irs to talk to anyone. This is unreal why are they not working from home to help the individuals that are having these issues. I am thinking I should of just went non filers and would of at least got my 1200 buck.


    Alex r

    Filed on 2/21, got a 4464c letter on 3/5, and now it’s been 70 days. No way to contact them, which means no way to resolve this. I was told by a different department that the accounts management dept that handles income verifications is still shut down, with not a single employee handling cases. Why can’t these be handled but identity verifications can? It’s sensitive information either way…



    Taxes went in February 18 still being processed as of today when I check wmr I did get a stimulus check on the 17th of April



    I filed on April 15th, now it’s May 15th, still no tax refund. They owe me about $2k…

    Their site just says “Your return is still being processed”. Seems they have no problem getting stimulus checks out to non-workers. That tax refund is my money, wtf.



    My accountant efiled my return on march 25. I got my state refund back in about 3 weeks. My federal is still not here and i get the message “your return is still being processed.” I have not rec’d a letter from them that they may need more info (i did have a lot of uncovered dental expenses which i deducted. could that be why? But if so, wouldn’t they have requested the receipts?



    Same problem here. I filed March first and it still reads PROCESSING. No letter in mail or no codes. I have no idea what the problem is because you can’t call the IRS. Well over 60 days and still waiting.


    Mary Bright

    I’m still waiting its now been 5 months I efile my returns and was told I needed form 1095-A and form 8962 I did get the form full it out and fax it over the fax number the IRS gave me that was in February the IRS accepted my refund right now and this time of need I need my refund because of this virus my job shut down to you can’t call the IRS and where my refund saiding the same your refund still begin process when will my available date be.



    Everyone should start calling the ways and means committee about your tax refund and the stimulus if enough people call maybe they will do something.



    No refund filled Feb 28th and no stimulus



    Still haven’t received my refund it has been processing since feb.23 2020 and it’s now may 3 2020



    Filled 03/31/2020 still being processed didn’t get get my stimulus check either anyone experiencing same thing



    How many of us used turbo tax and still havent got our income tax refund. Mine says still being processed. I filed February 6. I have read many posts about people who are still waiting. 90% of the post I read said they used turbotax to file. Coincidence?? I think not.


    Jennifer Burris

    Where is my tax check



    Intuit › ttlc › discussion › what-…
    Solved: What does “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided …


    Tommy Currington

    My refund says still being processed been like that for about 2 months now my transcripts is not even being processed when I go when I go to where’s my refund it says not even in the system do anybody else have this problem let me know



    Filed turbo tax 2/7
    Accepted 2/9
    Received CP74 for form 03/02/2020 was stated on the letter I didn’t need to do anything I’d receive my refund in 6weeks!!! Every time I order transcripts I never receive them. Never received any other letter from IRS absolutely nothing! BUT I’m stuck on TAX TOPIC 152 still being processed for EVER!!! I just received my stimulus payment CALIFORNIA and I bank with Citi bank.



    Hey Ari, and others, I’m pretty much in the same boat. I’m still working now, about 55 hours a week, and find this incredibly silly that the Feds are good with sending me and everyone else checks for at least $1,200 but my $400 measly Tax Return takes months to see. Early February filer with very basic taxes mind you. From here on out I’m adjusting my amounts claimed on paychecks and not waiting for the IRS for anything anymore



    Hey Ari, and others, I’m pretty much in the same boat. I’m still working now, about 55 hours a week, and find this incredibly silly that the Feds are good with sending me and everyone else checks for at least $1,200 but my $400 measly Tax Return takes months to see. Early February filer with very basic taxes mind you. From here on out I’m adjusting my amounts claimed on paychecks and not waiting for the IRS for anything anymore



    I filed on the 23rd of January. Still being processed. No letter.



    I filed my refund 2/16
    Accepted& first bar 2/17
    Received a letter saying more information required but never got anything else
    Now the bats are gone message says refund still being processed
    No reps to talk to of course, worried that I also won’t receive the stimulus because of it
    Anybody having this problem I’ve never had any issues with taxes



    Hey all I’m right here with you guys
    F/a 2/4
    ID verified successful 2/24
    3/23 60 day review
    Requested transcripts 3/25 still haven’t received
    Called left message with TA haven’t heard back
    Requested transcripts again last week still nothing
    All dates on TS # same dates 4/15
    “Still processing message on WMR refund info when available “, no bars TT152
    Past frustrating🤔😥🤯




    I’m waiting for all 3 as well. I’m still working so I’m grateful. Although I do not depend on the government for anything. I do in fact deliberately over pay my taxes every year so I can have a decent return at the end of the year. I’ve learned my lesson though. I will no longer be over paying. They will get the bare minimum at best from me going forward. And to be 100% honest. I could give a shit less about the stimulus.



    @ W841T

    Hell, I’m waiting on my Federal, State and now the Stimulus, all three.

    Funny thing with the site and all the mentioning of Stimulus checks (which is really an entirely separate topic than Income Tax Returns, I agree), by the time I get any of the three payments I’m waiting on, a ton of these folks on here will have already long ago spent their’s and be broke again.

    Bottom line, earn your money. Don’t rely on Government for a damn thing.



    FIled 2/20. Wife called IRS 3/23 to see what was up. “Under random review. Wait 45-60 days. Expect letter from IRS.” 4/12 no letter. No movement.

    P.S. I like how I got my refund has turned into. I got my stimulus 2020. Unliked FB page because of this. Can’t even find info or testimonials from others regarding their refunds. Stimulus info everywhere. While the majority of us sit and wait.



    So since the irs website is updating maybe there will be some major movement on Monday!! Hopefully my taxes will be released or the stimulus will be deposited. Has anyone else’s noticed that banks such as chime cash app and Walmart have already deposited but big banks I.e chase boa citi and Wells Fargo haven’t 🧐🧐🧐


    KeAundra Young

    Filed 1/31
    Checked 2/22 – your refund is still being processed and a date will be available soon
    I called IRS every Friday at 7am and I’m just getting a record saying my refund is still be processed now it’s 4/12 and I’m still getting the same message. Wth am I suppose to do? I got rent I still have to pay and 3 year old to take care of and a -198 bank account.


    Crazy lady

    Hi guys!

    I filed on 2/25
    Accepted 2/25
    No update
    *Processing 152 topic*
    Same Info *-*



    @Mimi1013 they clearly make stuff up as the go. I F/A 2/21 had to IDV 3/16 haven’t updated since then. I might not see anything until December around my birthday smh



    F/a 2/1
    Sent in 8962 3/4
    Called to verify received 3/11
    Called back 3/23 wait 4 to 6 weeks
    Called back 4/2 wait 6 to 8 weeks
    People are talking about stimulus all I want is my return processed the difference from form 8962 was $3 wtf this is so frustrating and I have tt 152 claimed same child for 9 years TurboTax want their fees by the 24th just sitting on .66 cents this is ridiculous



    Filed my Taxes electronically on 2/5
    Taxes got accepted on 2/5

    Has bars , bars went away a week later,
    Called IRS told me it was on hold , called a week later they told me i had to send in 8962 paper that i could fax it over.
    Faxed it over 2/22

    Now i still have no refund, can’t call IRS no one to answer what else can i do ? In a time like this it’s crucial the world is shut down and out of work a lot of people are relying on these things.


    John doe

    I filed/ got accepted 3/25 had one bar said its being processed had code 152 checked it yesterday bars disappeared and my amount was off by like 400 dollars checked today to see if i had updates it was back to ” it is being processed” with 152 all info displayed and correct . any body have any thoughts about the bars disappearing and my amount wrong then every back to normal ?


    Never gonna get my refund I guess

    It says still being processed on my status I filled on the 16th Feb



    @broden Irwin
    The same here:( I tried to call but no one to talk to. I did find one of 1099 was missing (thanks TT) but not sure if I should file amended tax return already or wait till i hear from IRS. Filed on 3/17 accepted the same day. WMR bar disappeared as of Last Sunday. So frustrating.


    Broden Irwin

    Yes it’s been a month for me. Everything is ruined. Filed 3/9. No live person to talk to, all I can do it sit on my hands and wait.



    How do I call the IRS? My return was accepted on 2/27 and the “where’s my refund” tool says that my tax return is still being processed and “A refund date will be provided when available”. What happened? Did I make a mistake filing? It’s never taken this long!



    @Bem unfortunately w/that msg from WMR your tax return isn’t processing. Your going to have to call and find out why and what info they need from you to be put back into processing



    I am in the same situation.

    I filed on 02/04/2020

    Received a letter asking to fax forms 1095-A and 8962.

    I sent forms 1095-A and 8962 on 01/03/2020.

    On 04/04/2020 my only bar on Where is My Refund disappeared and I have ” Your tax return is still being processed, a refund date will be provided when available”.

    Transcript still saying N/A.

    I have no idea about what going on and I CANNOT reach out to the IRS.

    Need help please



    Mine was approved 01/30/2020
    On 02/05 went to “your tax return is still being processed, a refund date will be provided when available”.
    Nothing in the mail.
    Spoke to two people, they said same thing. That I just have to wait. If nothing changes by 4/23 to give them a call back.



    I Filed January 27
    Feb 1 Bars Went Missing
    Fed 15 path message changed to still being processed
    Feb 28 Called irs spoke to someone and found out i had to id verify. Letter was supposed to be sent with in 21 days.
    March 19 id verify letter came
    March 19 i verified my identity
    April 4 i Updated with a DDD of April 8



    This is how mine went:
    2/3 filed and accepted thru turbotax
    2/28 rcvd 12c letter
    2/28 faxed over 1095a and 8962 – transcripts never updated kept saying n/a and wnr said still processing date would be provided when available
    4/4 transcripts finally updated and had code 846 refund issued 4/8
    4/5 wmr updated to refund approved.

    Hope this helps



    Filed 2/10, received letter 3/2, faxed 1095 and 8962 3/6, still processing. No transcripts, called IRS told me nothing to do but wait until May 1. If nothing by May 1, then call. Couldn’t even tell me if they received the fax! This is the worst tax year yet!



    @misty8007: Misty, I should think you should know, yourself, which one is correct. (Assuming you used direct deposit), your money should already be there, as yesterday was 4/3. WMR is usually reflects activity from two days earlier; however, a number of posters here over the years have reported getting their refund even while WMR says it’s being processed.




    My tax transcript says my refund was issued 4/3/2020 but where’s my refund says your tax refund is still being processed. Does anyone know which is correct?



    @Dalesha I F/A 2/21 lost bars 2/29 and got the dreaded “your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available” msg. Called 3/6 was stated I needed to IDV. Did that 3/16 went from “still being processed” to “ we received your tax return and it was being processed”. More then likely your return isn’t processing and your going to have to call once they open to see what’s going on with it



    I filled 2/19 and was accepted on 2/19. Had one bar saying processing. After a week it disappeared. Only have the
    Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.

    Its been over a month going on 2 months



    I called earlier today and it changed to 4/20 total applied to my account and 4/15 for two out of 3 deposits so it updates every week it seems so I’m still holding in before I go on a public Kanye rant about this seem like I’m really getting my unemployment and stimulus money before my taxes lol sucks but hey I wonder if the people I congress and at the irs holding there own taxes to this kind of pathetic my belief



    @Dadof4 when I called it says the same thing on the 15th of April. Filed my taxes on Jan. 18. Its been 2 months and still no refund!!! SMH



    @JessA89 I ran into the same problem. Out of the 4 reps I contacted only one actually got back to me and she could only refer me to the national TA service which I had already done.



    @JessA89 I do apologize to hear that. I know it can be quite nerve wrecking. It is getting to the weekend. I’m not sure what state your located in but you can google your states congressman and contact them to see if they can put you through to a TA. Just let them know your situation. It doesn’t hurt to give it another try to someone. I’ve seen ppl contact there states congressman as well



    @ProudFatherOF1 I did as you recommended and they could ONLY tell me about my state taxes, which went through just fine. She gave me the same Federal number I already had, and didn’t even know they weren’t accepting phone calls.

    So even if something is holding it up, it appears I can’t do anything and won’t even receive the courtesy of being told what’s wrong.


    Edith Olivas

    Well I applied on Feb 08 and still have not received anything. I have checked my refund status. All it says your tax return is still being processed. Should i call? or wait?




    Ok it said credits withholding applied to your account on 4/15 Both transcripts and detail of account have those dates



    Those “several deposits for 4/15” are your credits, withholding, etc. While I haven’t heard the system you’re referring to, I believe I’m correct in saying that your refund hasn’t been approved (846) unless you hear the word, “REFUND.”



    Dadof4 thanksssss mine said several deposits for 4/15? Hopefully it’s true 😬






    after that it will ask you what year you want a description of your tax account you want to type in “2019” and after that it should give you info in deposits and day pls let me know if this is accurate mines said 4/15



    Also if anyone needs a guidance to get to that point I can help I called the number press “1” for English then press “1”saying I received a letter entered in my social sercurity number press “1” to verify it then It then gave me “6 option” to choose from and you want to choose “5” to get to where I was ( AT THIS POINT IT MAY ASK YOU CREATE A PIN DO SO AND REMEMBER IT)



    Has anyone called this 18008290922 irs number to get a detailed copy over the phone of a deposit or and update on your Tax account as of 21 days ago…I did and I had to set up a pin but got there and it says 3 different deposits going into my account 4/15 total the amount of my taxes I wonder if it’s accurate



    I filed on 3/3 accepted same day

    3/7 I have a wmr update to processing

    3/21 wmr changes from processing, to still processing.

    3/23 I order transcripts by mail, in fear I am under review.

    as of 4/2 have not received a letter or transcripts, but wmr updates to ddd 4/6

    I was almost certain I was a weekly update, its one of the things I was going to check when my transcripts arrived along with any review codes. all my wmr updates were on saturday.
    wouldnt hurt to check again today



    How long does it take to receive a refund by mail?



    Filed feb 10 with
    WMR bar gone feb 26
    Changed to still being process TT 152
    March 5 got the letter saying my return was selected for accuracy check. Up to this date Still being process TT 152.

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