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anyone else have your tax return is still being processed. a refund date will be

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    accepted 1/31 tt. i had 1 bar on wmr tt152 until thursday. thursday i called irs and that said my return had not even been processed yet . they said 21 days from the feb 18. that evening wmr updated to “your tax return is still being processed. a refund date will be provided when available. transcripts have been NA the whole time. ANYONE ELSE?

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    I tried that and the ext would not let me get theu so I had to go the pressing 1 then 2 …etc . I talked to a very nice woman who actually looked and found out what my issue was. Now I know it was Turbo tax and not me!!!!



    Yes, call 800-829-0582
    When the robot starts talking, immediately dial 652. Don’t press anything else, like 1 for English, etc. That will get you through to the humans and will tell you how long your wait time is estimated to be. Good luck!



    Press 1
    Press 2
    Press 1
    Press 3
    Press 2
    Enter your social security number press 1 to confirm
    It will then say if you have not heard your topic please wait. You will get an agent



    I called the IRS today and lady told me the issue with me was when I e filed thru Turbo tax that it did not transmit. She said they are having to manually prepare my return just as if I mailed them. She told me it would take 8 weeks so I should be looking for a refund end of March. She said she is seeing a lot of these errors.


    Waiting almost a month with no information given from anyone who can help no letter no contact


    Accepted 2/5 same message on wmr still processing almost been a month, no letter,no help from IRS , what are we to do to get some sort of answers.


    Filed 2/13 accepted 2/15. Never had bars on WMR just still being processed and tt152. No ddd either????


    I had that message called irs several times told me nothing was wrong and to keep checking wmr. Called back today and was told 5071c was sent out on feb 13th. They offered to resend called again today but this rep was more informative and helpful. She said some letters didnt go out and gave me phone number and control number from the letter so i could verify by phone today call 8008290582 ext 653


    I filed mine on Jan 27. Accepted on the 28th. Being processed since then. No code or mail from the irs. Called them and pretty much told me to wait


    Anybody got an number to talk to an actual person


    What a total shit show the IRS is this year. File 1/22. Accepted 1/27. Still processing. Called and got through to someone this morning who said “I’m just showing it is still processing. There is no additional information.” WTF?? Such a frustrating tax season this year….


    Federal taxes accepted on 2/6 was able to check the bars until the 28th bars gone got a message saying tax return still processing, a refund date will be available when available called this morning to find out I was selected for a review starting March 16th 45 days some bull shit!


    My federal return was accepted on 01/29/2020. When I check Where’s my refund it says your return has been accepted and is in processing.

    Tired of waiting and can’t reach an actual agent to talk to.


    I filed on Feb 8, it’s now almost a mnth and it says still being processed . This is bs that I oay to get rapid refund yet it’s almost a mnth and they keep those funds and I dnt get my funds rapid.


    Ok so i filed 2/9 and accepted same day finally called today and they said i was resequensed. For some error but its been fixed and now i have to just wait! Omg this has been a total shit show of a tax season


    What’s number to talk to actual person still says still processing


    Is there a difference with WMR saying being processed and “still“ being processed. My boyfriend filed a week before me and still has no date, no letter, but the word “still” is not there. Can’t get transcripts because his number can’t be verified

    It\’s me

    Filed/ accepted 2/2. Actc . Had 1 bar, tt 152 until the 15th. Bars gone, no tax topic, “still being processed a refund date will be provided when available”. As of an hour ago still only able to see the wage and income transcript and it says no record of return filed. This is so frustrating.


    Gigglez….Don’t worry mine did the same and now I have a date…


    @Gigglezz Nope lost all info yesterday morning hopefully I’ll update this weekend considering I’m a weekly update


    Filed 02/19
    Accepted 02/19

    Everything looked normal i had 1 bar showing

    then on 02/22 lost bars and went to STILL PROCESSING with no tax topic but amount and info is still showing on the side.

    I was hoping for an update today but still nothing. Has anyone lost bars and had still processing with no tax topic received their return?


    Yes. I filed they were accepted 1/27. 2 weeks later the bar disappeared with the message still being processed. I called Feb 26 and they told me I was choosen for an extra review that takes up to 45 days. The review begins March 9th and ends April 23rd. That If everything is right I will get my refund on April 23rs or I will get a letter from the IRS April 23rd.


    Filed 1/6 excepted same day wmr updated still processing for 2-3 weeks no major update yet or letters this is frustrating


    I have no child credits nor earned income just deductions. Accepted 1/31 still processing and tt 152 about 2 weeks now. Called irs when I got this and lady said no issues they really did not get my return until 2/5. Called back Thursday still saying no issues. Transcript shows N/A just account transcript shows as of day if 2/24/20 no return filed on that and wage transcript. What is going on. I have no letters.


    I have no child credits nor earned income just deductions. Accepted 1/31 still processing and tt 152 about 2 weeks now. Called irs when I got this and lady said no issues they really did not get my return until 2/5. Called back Thursday still saying no issues. Transcript shows N/A just account transcript shows as of day if 2/24/20 no return filed on that and wage transcript. What is going on. I have no letters. Looks like they would tell me if I was getting a letter


    @Qbaby check your transcript and see if they have your wages recorded, it may be income verification. I discovered that today. The IRS bsn this year for some of us.


    Mine was accepted 2/6 and filed the same day and yet and still it says the same thing “still processing and a refund date will be provided when available” should I be worried? Got a letter and they said there’s nothing I should do and they are reviewing my return.


    Yes, call them. If your transcript is n/a and u have that “still” word in processing . definitely cal then


    I’m still in the same boat but sat a update showed up . It still says still being processed and now they did add the 152 topic and refund amount is no longer there. Praying for a huge update this week I also faxed over my 1095a .


    accepted on 1/31. wmr still saying “your tax return is still being processed. a refund date will be provided when available . no tt. NA on all transcripts accept wage say ” no return filed”. calling IRS tomorrow


    My taxes were accepted 1/27
    My bars disappeared and has said still being processed for 2 or 3 weeks now. No letters, nothing. I’m just playing the annoying waiting game. I have never had this issue before.


    I meant to say no ddd for me still


    And still ddd for me 😩 I’m so frustrated


    I filed 1/22 and got accepted 1/23 got a letter In the mail Friday 2/28 saying i was under a 60 day review and the letter date is 2/19


    I want to let everyone know not to worry. I filed on Feb 3rd and it was accepted the same day. About a week later I was still being processed with the tax 152 topic. Yesterday, Saturday was my first update. DDD March 4th. Dont worry it will be all good.



    Of course they want us to stay off Internet forums.

    It’s is against the machine 😁✊


    How do you know if you are a weekly update?? I am seeing up here where some are saying they are weekly updates. The lady at IRS told me over the phone they update every night and there are no major updates during the week. No Wednesday nor Saturday updates they update every night. I am just wondering what to believe. She also told me to stay away from Internet forums 🤣 🤣


    I had bars until last night now no bars and still process will update when date available.
    What I have read being pulled for review.
    Call irs tomorrow


    Does anyone have the Fsx number to send the 1095 forms


    It’s a bunch of bullcrap. I’ve had the same job lived in the same house claimed the same one child for the past 10 years and mine’s under review this year. First time ever.


    Filed and accepted 2/19/2020
    Transcripts Available 2/28/2020
    WMR updated 2/29/2020
    DDD 3/4/2020




    @spookyrides is it the account or return scripts I need?


    @Proudfatherof1 you can still order your transcripts to come thru the mail. Sucks as it will take 5-10 days but if your still waiting, at least you can check your codes that way and see where they are at with your forms.


    @TheSachaFromLA Yeah I think we the next batch that’s experiencing what the early filers went through. I said I was gonna Che k next Saturday since I’m a weekly update and nothing happens for me throughout the week. It sucks being a weekly and can’t order transcripts it’s like your left in the unknown

    Professor Klump

    If you have not updated yet CALL
    ‭1 (800) 829-0582‬ EXT 652

    Trust me you have a letter coming!!!!!


    Well @ProudFatherof1 it looks like I’ll be looking for your updates specifically since we seem to be the closest to the same situation.

    My plan is to give it until Wednesday and then next Saturday before I start moving into next steps.


    @Erin dang I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully y’all be able to get your son to his appointment. This has been a strange tax season no rhyme or reason to the whole thing. I am noticing that ppl that are or have gotten letters are getting DDD’s right after so I’m hoping it’s the same situation for us. And trust I know it’s expensive up north, I used to live in DC and they taxes and rent is ridiculous smh


    anyone have the fax number tp send the 1095 too.. please help


    Yes, I filed January 29, 2020. I’ve been filing the same kids and job every year. Recieved a letter yesterday dated February 19, saying my refund is being reviewed for accuracy……WTF……..Checked for a date today still no date…this is getting beyond me😓


    @krizz724 the fax number in my letter was 855.309.9361


    Does anyone have rhe fax number to aend over the 1095A forms


    “I’m beginning to think that the head of the Executive Branch has issued instructions to punish those whose financial situation appears to fit a profile that he believes is against him.“

    Seriously? Do you think maybe, they are just behind due to being understaffed and underfunded because the government as a whole just sucks at running things? I guess making yourself sound like a victim of a vast conspiracy to punish the poor makes better sense to you though, right?

    Melissa Vijil

    My former employer didn’t filed taxes for us last year (BUT HE DID DEDUCTED FROM OUR PAYROLL). I did my taxes with my last paystub as a reference. I am just hoping this issue doesn’t delay my refund this year!!


    Unfortunately, I continue to read that junk on WMR after filing 2/4 and verifying ID 2/27. Admittedly, that was only 2 days ago, but it’s not my fault that they waited 20 days to generate the letter. Just because my refund had to be on hold until 2/18 doesn’t mean they couldn’t have begun taking care of the other things they thought were necessary for prompt processing!

    I’m beginning to think that the head of the Executive Branch has issued instructions to punish those whose financial situation appears to fit a profile that he believes is against him.

    Over this already

    When is the next update?



    No letters at all! It’s just annoying, we have to take my son to a doctor’s appointment in Boston in two weeks and we don’t live in Massachusetts, we were kind of hoping we’d have a little extra money in our account to help offset the expenses..Boston isn’t cheap 😂😅


    So I was accepted with turbo tax on 1/31 and about 2 weeks ago got tt152 still processing called IRS when I received message and lady then said no issues. So I have no child credits no earned income just deductions. I called the other day lady said no issues are showing still. Got my transcript online and it says N/A but my wage and account show for 2019 but shows nothing but no return has been filed. Can someone please tell me what is going on????


    @Erin I don’t believe it’s a dependent issue I believe it’s a IRS issue. Have you received any letters in the mail?


    @proudfatherof1 this is my first year with a dependent so I’m worried I did it wrong


    @Erin Hello my fellow refund waiter filed last week with all info up until 3 this morning. Lost bars and info msg changed from…”we received your tax return and it is being processed” to “your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available”. Can’t order scripts because I have no credit card nor loans and I own my car. I think that qualifies me??

    Professor Klump

    Filed 2/5
    Acceptance 2/5

    Two weeks ago I went from one bar , and no transcripts to STILL BEING PROCESSED.
    Call IRS yesterday (Fri 2/28) the woman was very helpful, and she found I was on a ID verify, but could not understand why notice had not been sent out.
    Who has done ID verify and how long does it take???


    Filed 1/15
    Accepted 1/21

    Still no update on WMR and I haven’t received anything in the mail regarding a review or anything. I tried to order tax transcripts but I’ve always bought my cars outright and don’t use credit cards or anything and I still rent so it wasn’t an option for me. Anyone else in the same boat?


    Nothing for me still I’m over this season!!!😡


    Chill everyone, I was freaking out bc I got a 4464c/60 day review letter on Monday that was sent on 2/20/20. The people who were in the same boat and I all got WMR updates today for 3/4/20.

    In most cases, these reviews are delay tactics for IRS.

    I did call IRS today and file application to expedite review due to hardship. But others who also got updates today with 4464c letter did not.


    @ TheSachaFromLA exactly me too. I never went into losing bars and info a week after I file. Idk what that suppose to mean that quick. And a friend of mine filed two days after me and got a DDD and his refund already like WTF???


    Just like back in 2016, I have no tt and my refund amount still shows. But no bars. I file with my usual identity pin that’s mailed to me for the last 5-6 years or so. My address changed but I had already updated the IRS last year since the pin came to the new address.

    This is the fastest it’s gone into “uh-oh” territory for me ever lol.


    @ Anon R SMDH so now we’re basically getting the same treatment as like the early filers? TBH I don’t think there’s no rhythm or reason to this. It’s either you make the cut or don’t. I have informed delivery with usps so ima keep a eye out on their app for what mail comes in. I know I’m in for a real treat ugh 😩

    Anon R

    Yup. Same situation. I mailed mine in and for the past week there was a bar and it was accepted. Then today I checked and the bar disappeared and I have the “still being processed” message and I have Tax Topic 152. My transcripts are n/a as well. Frustrating indeed ugh


    @ TheSachaFromLA I just got that same damn msg lost all INFO!!! WTH does this even suppose to mean NOW???


    Hi All.

    I JUST filed on 2/23 and early this morning on 2/29 I immediately got the “still processing” message after one week.

    Oy, this is giving me anxious flashbacks of my 2016 filing year debacle. *rubs temples*



    I’m the same as you. Filed 2/3, credits, stayed at 1 bar until 2/21, then went to “still being processed.” Called today, I have to send a 1095a. The agent said the letter was sent out 2 days ago. So waiting for the letter sobi can submit the info. Also filed TurboTax.


    Filed and accepted 2/3 eic and actc
    Stayed at 1 bar and tt 152 until 2/18
    2/18 updated to still processing and a date will be provided when available. Transcripts still show n/a

    No and behold today i got a letter requesting more info. Need me to fax my 1095a form and 8962 seeing turbotax never sent it over smh


    Same here it says still processing but i just got my refund now on my chime account

    Tammy pangaro

    How do you see transcripts

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