anyone else have your tax return is still being processed. a refund date will be

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    accepted 1/31 tt. i had 1 bar on wmr tt152 until thursday. thursday i called irs and that said my return had not even been processed yet . they said 21 days from the feb 18. that evening wmr updated to “your tax return is still being processed. a refund date will be provided when available. transcripts have been NA the whole time. ANYONE ELSE?

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    I thought I was by myself but Ic it’s not just me “STILL” waiting



    Filed March 2 and still being processed ugh I need this money already



    Filed March 2 and still being processed ugh I need this money away



    Why still no refund. I filed feb 9th. I did call last month and they said, everyone that filed 9th of feb was hit with glitch and it would be 8 weeks



    Sorry my last post isn’t supposed to be here. Phone is acting up and thought I was on a different post 😁



    According to unemployment office I’m one of the ones that wouldn’t qualify for unemployment, since January I’ve been cleaning a few houses and watching people’s kids to have income, had to leave my job in December to help take care of my kids grandmother. Alot of ppl have told me that under this new bill that was passed that I would be able to qualify. I think we need a forum like this one where ppl can discuss unemployment ☺️



    I tried calling the irs today , There is no Live Operator i was told. I believe they are updating their whole system because of this virus thing. So People PLEASE OLD TIGHT. OUR Refund is onhold.

    If the irs Owns you the refund from last year they are mailing them together



    @5piece your welcome trust I had to self teach myself a lot of the little things I’ve learned off here over the years far as this yr I’m out the loop w/the curveballs they thrown but it took literally since 2015 of being on here learning daily vs weekly codes transcripts etc etc



    I can’t even get thru to fax mine. The line is always busy. Been trying to find another fax number



    @Jess89 Sumthin is holding your return IDV wages credits try to call your local state tax office and see if you can get through to a live person if not try leaving a message for them to call you back



    So I filed March 4th, got the “still being processed” message a couple of weeks ago, no letter has been sent, no code updated, I’ve tried to call but they literally aren’t accepting calls.

    Now what?

    I need my refund more than ever right now, and I can’t even ask what’s wrong?



    @5Piece Your welcome yeah I didn’t know it either until I seen more ppl post about still processing. I wouldn’t had known anything haven’t I not called and asked. They would literally allow your return to sit and swear a letter had been sent



    Thanks forteaching Me something. I really just realized why ppl were asking about processing vs. still being processed. Which makes complete sense.






    @Opieavery Unfortunately if you have “still being processed” something is holding it up. I would try and get a hold of your states congressman tell them your situation to get you a TA. Idk if that’ll help but it’ll get you some answers and in the right direction



    I filled mine Feb 2 and it still says still being processed is there anyway I can find it any information on when I never received any letter either



    Mine have been processing since the 15th of February. Today I check it and it says “status error” so I go and check my transcripts and 3 out of the 4 are fine except wages and income that says no return on file? What’s this mean…anyone?


    Melissa Brock-Eaton

    Ours is the same way



    Filled 2/27 and still have not received my refund. Website still shows at been processed…



    If u have still n ur message u need 2 call them!



    Hello everyone
    I filled on 2/22/20 was accepted on 2/23
    Bars disappeared with message we have recieved ur tax return and it’s still being processed. A refund date will be available
    On 3/16 got letter idv
    ID verfied on 3/18
    On 3/22 message changed from still being processed to being processed.
    Today 3/28 woke up to bar ls refund sent
    DDD April 1
    Payment will in account no later than the 6th
    Hope this information helps.
    God bless everyone


    Brooke Smith

    It’s has been 6 weeks and my tax return is still being processed as well!



    I have the same promble I DNT know wants going on with that when I call it’s they told me the DNT need any thing just waiting on a date I filled Jan 27 2020



    My transcript and wmr finally updated since I filed 1/28 ddd 4/1



    Glory to God, Frank! I’m sorry, though, that you have to wait longer for a paper check.



    @Monica…thanks!! That makes a lot of sense.



    Couldn’t see my transcript but I updated 2day so of the word STILL m ur message than u need to c whats wrong! Also dont use TT next year!



    I updated to code 846 with a refund check mailing date of 4/6. IRS changed my payment method from DD to check.

    2/27 F/A
    3/8 lost bars “still processing”
    3/23 no bars, “still processing” but transcripts updated from N/A to codes 150, 806, 971 and 570
    3/28 transcripts updated to codes 150, 806, 971, 570, 571, 846



    Did my income 6weeks ago and it says still being processed



    Did my income 6weeks ago and it says still being processed



    This article on the irs site may be a good thing for many people. it is about changes beginning april to suspend alot of things




    F/A 2/27

    My transcripts were blank and N/A until 3/23. I have not received any notice or letter. I did not call the irs this year because I had a similar situation with blank transcripts last year.




    How long it took to resolve?



    @thicks I had to IDV 3 years ago and I had 570 and 971 on my transcripts. Also, I was weekly that year.



    @thicks I think I know why I have 570 and 971. I believe the irs has changed my deposit method from direct deposit to check. I think I will get 846 on Saturday.



    @FunkyFrank, that means I was wrong. It’s not ID verification for you. Your 570 TC means there’s some other holdup.

    At least, I didn’t get TCs 570 or 971 on my transcripts for having to IDV, so that’s why I’ve concluded your issue is something else.



    These are codes that I have on my transcripts 150, 806, 971 and 570. My cycle code is 20201302.



    Yeah you definitely updating in the morning. Mass updates are Wednesday and Saturday’s. Congrats. I hope we all that’s been waiting forever see update



    My transcripts updated on 3/24



    Filed 2/7
    Accepted 2/11
    Revived Cp74 March 2 2020, was told I’ve successfully recertified for the credits claimed in 2019. Blah blah I don’t need to do anything at this time!!!! BUT I HAVE NO BARS, ABSOLUTELY NO MOVEMENT. Called IRS, rep left me on hold for 20 mins. Couldn’t find any reason why my return is being held 😭


    Leah C

    I was accepted 1/27 and I’m still waiting too. Zero movement.



    Any updates as of today…I am still waiting



    I agree



    @FunkyFrank, I’m not a gambling man, but I would almost bet that the IRS wants you to IDV.



    @GoFigure @Brittney

    I’m in the same boat with you all brittney did your change last night or earlier today and is it wmr or transcript I’ve been waiting since the 1/28 and accepted 2/2 haven’t got my 60 day letter at all and they said I should receive it by today this is just weird my time experience this the only thing I changed was put it into a Netspend account instead of my normal banking



    You have a DDD for 3/23? I’m confused. Is this on ur WMR or ur transcript..or perhaps u are reading something incorrectly.



    2/27 filed/accepted

    3/8 lost bars got to still processing and tt152 but lost refund amount

    3/15 still processing with tt152 and refund amount returned.

    I did not have any credits. I have no W2s. I have sch C , 1099 int, 1099 r (took a 401k withdrawal), 1099 b, and several 1099 misc. I did not have insurance through the marketplace so no 1095a.

    My transcripts are n/a. No codes or cycle date. My account transcript has an as date of March 23. My wage and income transcripts is blank.



    Return accepted 1/31 and today(3/15) WMR still says “your return is still being processed”…

    Talked to irs by angrily bypassing their menu a week or two ago and got the same “60 day review period” speech as well, in my case that’s actually looking to be accurate…



    I filed on 1/29 and my bars disappeared. I called irs last Monday was told I’m on a 60 day review starting 3/16 well todays 3/14 and now I have a DDD of 3/23! I really feel the irs was bullshitting everyone with false 60 days reviews so they don’t have to pay interest fee to everyone for giving money late! Just glad I finally know somethin now!



    My returned got accepeted on jan 28th bar was there then on 02/15 no bars, 02/28 letter from irs saying i forgot to file a 1095a with an 8962 faxed on 02/27 and it was saying your refund is still being processed topic 152 and then today 03/14 it states approved with a deposit on 03/23 yay! Finally..



    Finally recieved the CP05 letter so were under 60 day review I know when I called a week ago they said it can take up to 60 days sometimes theyve seen people get their return earlier…heres hoping earlier than later



    Filed 2/20/20
    Accepted 2/20/20

    Im not at my 21 day mark yet but everytime i checked WMR it showed one bar for “accepted” until 3 days ago bar is gone and now says “your tax return is still proccessing a refund date will be given when available TT152”

    Has anyone had the same message and got approved and recieved DD




    AWESOME NEWS!! Congratulations!! 🥳🥳🥳



    2/4 Filed, for 1st time since 2016, EITC & moved;
    2/18 PATH freeze lifted;
    2/27 Rec’d 5017C letter to IDV, dated 2/24;
    3/5 WMR updated from “still being processed” to “being processed”;
    3/7 WMR reported DDD of 3/11;
    3/11 DD hit bank before 3 a.m., PNC Bank.

    God is good; be encouraged!



    Yep and I just checked my transcripts. Shows a code 570 with a date 3/16/20? Does anyone know what this date means? I’ve received no letter, nothing. I also ready that they have a new software this year (LUCKY US!) and it’s pulling almost everyone – “under review”. I bet the IRS people are going just as nucking futs as all of us waiting for our money.



    970 code on transcript future date and code for EIC and credit to account future credit. what does the 970 mean. I also got 570 code Additional account action pending.



    Mine was accepted February 4th and has been saying processing ever since. It has been over a month. I am just wondering what number people are calling to talk to a irs rep. When I call it says to make an appointment not accepting phone calls at this time.






    still processing!



    Any updates. I am still pending.



    You might be a weekly update. I would until this weekend to see any changes if not definitely call that following Monday to see what’s tha deal



    My WMR has no Tax Topic even though I claimed my children and there is still no bars but says they received my tax return and it is being processed. It’s been 9 days tmrw since I Verified my identity so I’m confused



    YES! Mine says this same thing! I checked the WMR and it initially had only the first orange bar (received) and it stayed that way for 1 plus weeks. When I checked it after a couple of weeks it no longer had the status bar, but stated that my return is still being processed and that a refund date will be provided when available. Underneath that it said something along the lines of read this information pertaining to your tax refund 152



    I also have the still being processed message. Can someone please explain to me what TC474 means? There was a year missed of filing that I trying to get straightened out, and this code is on that year’s transcript. The description says established non-filing of tax return. Under that is a TC971, but the date for the notice isn’t until March 16th.


    Tammy pangaro

    3/9, I was finally able to speak with someone last Monday morning at the IRS. It was because of the 1095A form. I filed with H&R back on 1/30. I just received the letter yesterday and took all the paperwork back to H&R today. She said now you have to wait all over again Do yourself a favor and call the IRS. That way you know exactly what is going on. They open at 7am. And that is the best time to call



    Sounds to me like all the irs got this year is Korona computer virus contact has made them Slooooooooow doooooooowwwwwn. -_- well that’s all I can say filed 2/6 accepted same day state has already come but didnt see a dollar as it paid for fees and part of the loan I got before Christmas. But yet fed has nothing but still processing ddd will be provided when available. So they need too dayquil up and get this sh** on a roll



    Yeh, I know there’s typos…however I hope the particular people get my drift. Anyway, it’s all good. We all will get a DDD at some given time …just be super proactive if in need, and hug ur kids each night (if it applies) knowing are doing what u can. Or call your mom/dad tell them hi. Have a good day



    Im sorry, but I have to vent a little…some of these questions on this site are repetitive and exhausting …almost ignorant in a way. Take the initiative and thumb through some pages and look for the answers you seek, versus being lazy and just blurting dumb questions. (i.e., what does DDD mean, what does “as of date” on transcripts, my wmr don’t update Thursday night…why?, what is a transcript, etc). Omg 🤯



    @Joana That is such a blessing! I’m happy for those of us that finally got a DDD after waiting forever and I’m hopeful that the one’s that haven’t gotten a ddd yet, will have one soon. Please don’t sit around and wait if you’ve been waiting a month+, if you say you need the money, you need to inquire about it and make some moves…



    @Joana, for me WMR says:

    “Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by March 11, 2020.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by March 16, 2020, check with your bank to see if it has been received.”

    The dates are in bold on WMR. The first line has the DDD (3/11), but some financial institutions may take longer to post it to your account, so we’re supposed to give it up to five days (hence 3/16 on the second line).

    Are you reading the first line or the second one?




    Now I’m a bit confused my transcripts 846 says 3/11 but when I long on its says on the war on 3/16 ?? Which one most likely would it be? 3/11 or 3/16?



    I’m in the same boat as you. ID verified on 2/29 and status on wmr went from still being processed to being processed 2 days ago

    @Alexf, did you get a DDD of 3/11 like I did? Are you on a weekly cycle?



    Update: WMR updated today to “Refund approved”; DDD 3/11.

    @Joana, are you sure your DDD is 3/16? Mine is 3/11, but they say if I still haven’t gotten it by 3/16 to check w/ my bank.



    Thank you so much for the information On health care forms TT user and realized just now TT didn’t ask for a form
    What is the fax number for submitting the health insurance informed

    Thank you




    Ty trust me I really needed that money. There is hope they told me 9 weeks and it’s been 2 weeks give or take since I faxed over all the documents.

    I will stick around and let you all know what date I actually receive it

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