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    Just found out this morning, I have a 60 day review that started on 2/20. IRS lady couldn’t tell me why it was under review, but that there was no action needed from me at this time.
    Anyone have past experience or info on reviews???
    I hope it doesn’t take the full 60 days, but I expect it will.

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    So i just called today, I filed with turbotax January 26th, called today I’m under 60 day review since 02/20/2020 and was advised not to call back have to wait ! I’m never filing with turbotax again ! I also used EIC and child tax credit! Smh


    Yep under review they said my new processing date is 3/9 I’m going to call back if I don’t get a letter or update by then. Apparently a letter was transcribed on 2/10 but it can take up to 30 days to mail it 🙄…just told the review was random code 570. A lot of that going around this year. That check supplements my bills for the entire year It really sucks that it’s in limbo.


    Im experiencing the same thing as well I claimed child tax this year I called they also told me my taxes are under review you guys are not alone either 😔 I really need that money

    Jm williams

    I also just called. The agent I spoke to was super nice. But im also under review. Nothing has changed this year but my address. They said I’d get a letter sent out 3/9 and that I should give 45 to 60 days from the day I get that letter to see a deposit. Frustrating.


    I’m under review. IRS told me I may or may not be getting a letter in the mail at some point in the future. I called TAS today and they said everyone claiming EIC and ACTC are being reviewed this year and I could get my refund next week or 2 months from now. It’s crap because my brother who filed the same day as me and also claimed EIC and ACTC got his refund yesterday, with no review.


    I’m under 60 review also and I dont know why, I feel like I’ve done something wrong, and I’m stresses out because I’ve been holding the bill collectors back for months 😞


    I called earlier today. I am also under review. The only thing I can think of is I had twin boys last year. So I’m claiming 2 additional children rather than my one I have been. (Total 3 dependents). Used Turbo Tax, but have never had an issue before. Haven’t received a letter yet. But I am calling an advocate ASAP! My family needs this money.


    I talked to my friend who is a CSR at the IRS and she said that the 60 day review is randomly selected and they select from the early filers. She said they do it every year. She told me they dont have any more information to give the taxpayer other than to just wait it out and check WMR for updates. She also said that it may not even take the full 60 days so that’s reassuring I guess!!
    This is my first time ever being under review and I’m pissed. Same job, same dependants, same address!


    Currently under 60 day review. I used jackson Hewitt and filed 2/2/20. No letter. I talked to the IRS on 2/23 and they told me I was randomly selected for a 60 day review, no action necessary from taxpayer (me) but to just review my tax return for accuracy. He said if I dont hear nothing by 4/23 then to call back. Its bullshit!!


    What was their reasoning for your refund being “under review”?
    That sounds like a nightmare and I’m sorry that happened to you!


    Last year i got put under review ame as everyone here after 2 60 day letters i finally had 2 get a tax advocate and she helped me tons.. Lets hope im not going under review 2 years in a roll.. It’s str8 bs they do that..


    I haven’t used TT since 2013. I have been using HR Block and still got flagged.


    Did everyone use turbotax? They are the only tax service that have the most people in reviews and holds


    Same boat as all y’all I called them and they told me under a 60 day review didn’t really give any details about it. Letter sent out on 2/20 but haven’t received it yet and to call them back if I don’t get the letter or refund by 4/20. Other than that I just have to wait it out. I also used turbo tax. Hopefully it doesn’t take the full 60 days to finish the review


    What’s the difference between a scamer and the IRS…

    Answer one like to ride camles


    Everyone seems to be getting more info than I’ve been getting. They keep telling me it’s just under review and that I have to wait. 🙄


    I’m so aggravated I was told the same thing today. I used TurboTax. And she said my numbers might have been transposed and it has to be verified after completed and that’s why it’s 60 days. Apparently mine was pulled for review a couple of weeks ago. And I haven’t received any mail correspondence


    I got the review letter as well and when I called, they told me to call back after the 27th, so on the 28th. Isn’t the 26th, Wednesday, a major update day? So let’s hope everyone’s theory is correct and that it won’t take sixty days…

    Unless someone knows why i have to wait 7 days from the 20th (when letter sent) to talk to them again when I receive a 4464c letter



    I was just told today I’m under a 60 day review that started on the 20th. No bars. And “processing” message. Not “still processing” anymore. No tax topic.


    TT: We have received your refund and it is being processed. expected refund amount is still showing up on the website (not the app)


    My wmr has no bars it just says it is being processed and all of my info shows on the left side with refund amount and filing stayus

    Plain Jane

    Yep same here … used TT , refund is being processed, received the letter on the 13th accepted on 1/27, this is outrageous


    If you are under review- what does your WMR look like? Do you have a tax topic? Is your refund on the left bar? Do you have any bars? Does it say still being or being processed?


    I used HRB


    How many of you under review used turbo tax???


    Same here being reviewed 😤


    Used Turbo and I’m on “still being processed” no letter yet but I’m praying it doesn’t mean review


    Same boat under review for basically something they don’t want to why and how to fix. IRS should have told taxpayers that we will give refunds from February until May.. Why wait until the end people have real life issues to deal with. Guess that why you always need a Plan B



    I used TT. I have seen quite a few under review that used TT


    TT here and under review. It makes me nervous because when I uploaded my w2s it transcribed a lot of numbers wrong and I had to go back and change them. I went back and re-read every line and I was confident that I caught all the mistakes… Now that I’m under review I am less certain….


    Guys I was just told the same thing


    I also received 4464c letter today stating they were reviewing my return for accuracy. This is ridiculous to have so many ppl under review at once. How many of us have filed with Turbotax this year that are getting reviewed?


    I’ve been tempted to call again. But the guy I spoke to said there was no issues on my end. Just my wages haven’t uploaded to the system yet. Not sure if he just meant it was still processing or if something was wrong. He didn’t tell me any codes either. I can only get transcripts via mail if needed


    For pity’s sake…
    I just spoke to a different lady, she said there are no codes at all, I don’t even have a transcript because it hasn’t started processing yet.
    So it’s a generic thing, and it may not take the full 60 days???
    I’m more confused now!


    In the same boat
    Letter sent on 2/13


    Agreed very weird I’ve asked people that I know if they have updated and it seems like 1 outta 3 were plucked for review same boat as me filed the same way for years.


    I really hope it’s a generic message they are telling people so A) they got off the phone faster and B) that somewhere someone hit a wrong button and screwed something up for a heck of a lot of people. I mean god for bid they tell us “hey… we messed up”.


    This is weirdly strange so many having the same delay.


    Yep same under review…I was told 45 days after 3/9…I’ll prolly just count on the 60 days though…it really makes no sense…state deposited to my account on the 12th no issues…all info has been the same for years…only thing I noticed is we’re getting 3k less then usual…I assumed the IRS would like that though lol. It is BS.


    Nothing changed since last year. Same location, same dependents, nearly same wages, same employer.
    I have no clue why I’m being reviewed.


    I got off the phone with the IRS about an hour ago and I am also under a 60 day review due to a wage inaccuracy. Nothing I’ve done wrong at all. 😵 I’m amazed at the number of people being reviewed.


    @Kasaroo There are so many people that are reporting this IRS under review, I am one of them. I spoke to someone today and was advised. This is my first time experiencing this so I am not sure how this works and I am also hoping this will not take 60 days.

    Because it is so many I am assuming it should not take that long. But it is strange so many are being pulled for review.


    Ha! Just called and they told me the same thing.
    60 day review, no action needed a time.
    What a joke!

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