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    Just found out this morning, I have a 60 day review that started on 2/20. IRS lady couldn’t tell me why it was under review, but that there was no action needed from me at this time.
    Anyone have past experience or info on reviews???
    I hope it doesn’t take the full 60 days, but I expect it will.

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    Sickofit, same situation over here! Hopefully this is the end of the tunnel.🙏🙏



    Filed in Feb, got a 60 day review letter in March and nothing since……The orange bars just appeared on the status bar on the Where’s my Refund? Does it mean anything?? It has moved to Returned Received. Which I know they received back in Feb. so….UGH!!!!!



    Sandy have you tried checking your transcripts?



    I’ve been waiting since April. Nothing has changed and I received no other letters. I don’t know what else to do but at least I’m not alone



    I’m at 119 days since my 60 day review letter with ZERO communication from the IRS since then. How did ya’ll get out of this limbo?



    Filed in 2/1/20
    Got 3 letters to wait 60 days last letter was dated 6/21
    I have called them 3 times they didn’t have an answer as to why I haven’t received my refund. So I call today again on phone for 1:35 minutes just to tell me that they restarted another additional 60 days since the last time I call. And I was about to ask if they would restarted after today…. And she just hang up… This is so frustrating!!



    Can anybody tell me what is a code 424(examination request)means


    Staying Positive

    Found out today my hold up is my ex employer!! Entered my tin number wrong !!! Imagine that..! Had a feeling it had something to do with them! They should get fined! Now let me guess another 60 days…



    Insane , I got letter saying they received the docs they asked for the audit and they have until DECEMBER 9th to complete the review. Filing dated was Feb.6



    Well my advocate called and said I have to amend my taxes it took since Feb 3rd for them to tell me to amend oh and to pay 1100 more in taxes so crazy I made the same this yr as I always do never had a problem like this never had to pay extra taxes.



    @ Shontel
    You can call irs and prove hardship or call your local congress office



    How do you go about getting a tax advocate? This is ridiculous



    Yep. I didn’t file until the deadline. I got a 60 day letter and then crickets. The 60 days have come and gone about a month ago.



    Anybody still waiting?



    Well lenzy I would call again I talked to a really nice lady who after 6 months of letters told me my income didn’t match my w2 and she referred me to a advocate. Good luck



    Still freaking waiting filed January 27 got accepted on Feb 3rd still nothing done had at least 5 60 day notices no one will help no answers I’m scared to call because I know it will be another hold on it smh



    Well filed 1st week of March. Got 60 day letter..then that time passed..got another 60 day letter..still nothing. Just called and said still reviewing and will be getting another 60 day letter to be sent out!! This is crazy!!



    Bad news my advocate faxed over my documents last week and told me today that the irs has until nov 2nd to accept my documents are u kidding won’t have my refund until it’s time to file again crazy!



    Why did it take them so long to ask you for documents? My first 2 cp05s said not to do anything obviously you needed documents so you could have asked in March so crazy…



    I received the audit letter dated Sept. 14. Asking for supporting documents. I faxed everything sept. 25. Let’s see how long it takes for them to send the refund



    Called IRS was on hold for an hr and they told me since I have a tax advocate they can longer discuss anything with me lol ok tax advocate doesnt answer my calls so now I have no ideal what is going on with my refund which I filed Feb 2nd



    I wonder if we will get a refund before we file for next yr?



    Yeah same here I just got a tax advocate both my letters from irs said not to do anything now they tell me they need proof bbn of income why not tell me that in feb?



    Got a fraud audit in Feb about the 20th right before shutdown. Called verified and was all good. Shut down happened and they said they sent a letter in March for a review for income verification which I didn’t… Then I got one in July sent out on 27th. Just called them today they say they need another 60 days like wtf… I file same way every year…



    Im on day 128 since 60 day review still waiting


    Demontae veal

    Did anyone else get a 60 day letter did anything change after 60 days I’m at day 56 nothing changed I sent verification of all I’ve faxed everything they wanted I paid out of my pocket to file and fax information I filed back in April turbo tax said I’ve paid them but I nothings changed they told me don’t take any action from me



    Did you receive all the letters in the same week. I received 1 in March and 2 in July. Just talked to its and they said my income didn’t match my w2 so wow could have told me that instead of me waiting around since cpo5 said not to do anything. Call IRS early as soon as they answer and when prompted to put in ur SSI number don’t do it you will be able to talk to someone. Good luck



    Filed January 27th still waoting after 10 letters stating im under 60 day review.



    If anybody still checks this page that has received a refund when was the ddd



    Did you get a cpo5



    I filed Feb. 6th. No refund yet



    Is anybody else still waiting on federal tax refund?


    Demontae veal

    I have no set bars I filed back in April I got a 60 day notice 38 days ago nothings changed



    So my congress wanted my w2s and last 2 pay stubs. Liberty taxe has my w2s and the accountant at my former employer has my pay stubs I feel like im never going to get refund its been 6 months.



    Ive been reading these post for some time now. I just wanted to let everyone know if unhavent received your refund contact ur congressman. They really are s big help i filed and accepted jan 27th i contacted my congressman in july. They got me answers and i finally have a direct deposit date for this Wednesday the 2nd. Only took about a month to get my return finally






    Today is number 6



    Yeah I had to sign a paper that they sent me from Congress to give permission and scan it and email it back and she said 7-9 days to take for process to complete and I should have my refund. But that the best way to go



    How did you get w2 i filed with liberty they have my w2 until i pay which normally comes out of refund



    Permission to look into my issue and my w2



    I thought I was the last one waiting… Jau what did u hv to send congress



    Well I email my Congress man and they contacted me back and are working on it. So hopefully soon I will get my shit. They were really nice as well. I filed February 28. Been waiting long time



    I gave up on mines



    I sent an email to my congressman. Yesterday. Today I have an update with a deposit date of 08/19! It took forever but finally some good news! I hope you all check and you’re updated!



    @ lifegoeson
    Just look up your local congressman and send email. I wish mine could have helped me more.



    How can i get a congressman. My refund is under review since Feb 2020



    @beth I’m in the same boat basically. Filed/accepted 1/29 through TT. Got state after like a week, then got a 4464 letter, and then nothing still from IRS on federal. Transcripts have not updated since march and wages show



    @ beth did you receive cp05 or 4464c letter



    I filed on 1/29/20 and it was accepted that day. I received my state refund shortly after but got a 60 day review letter in Feb. I have called my congressman and they stated at that time the irs was not open, that was in May. Towards the end of July I received 10 of the 60 day review letters in the span of a week. I’ve not received anything since and still no tax refund money! Ugh!



    i finally got my ddd for next wednesday. i sent over my last two checks on friday7/31 to my ta and my missing wages updated this monday and i finally got a ddd today.



    Just my luck last one on here….



    My cpo5 review started march 16th and just received a 4464c letter its never going to end



    Have anyone ever heard of an Referral past due date… What will I expect because my days are up now? Any help please



    Finally got a ddd for 8/5! I got a 60 day review letter this week too which is weird but whatever i filed 2/9 and accepted same day so its been a while but i talked to my congressman but they weren’t able to help me and ive tried ta but never heard anything! I hope everything goes as planned now!



    Hey guys i just got 846 refund on 8-5-20 please seek for help you havent heard an answer my ta helped me all the way. And thank to my Mighty God he answered my prayers. Dont lose hope. You will recieve your refund. I was 60 day review twice but i kept seeking help and finally! Im done. 😊



    How long does it take for the IRS to update the entire transcript after wage transcript has been updated?



    @april same thing happen to me I got like 7 letters saying I am under 60 day review. Ridiculous!!! I already recieved state and stimulus. I’m just going by the last date.




    I keep patiently waiting for midnight to check the account. Have you been able to get a tax advocate or someone in your congressman’s office? That was the only way we got anything done. IRS was less than helpful and never got any return calls from a TA but I emailed the congressman’s office and within three weeks we got our refund date. The whole time apparently the IRS needed my husband’s W2….not sure why in the many times we called they couldn’t just tell us that.



    I have 2 questions. I filed Jan 29th. Got accepted same day. March I get a letter saying I’m under a 60 day review. Of course that came and went, 70 days after my 60 day review was up I get another letter saying I am under a 60 day review dated July 10th. Since then I have received 6 additional letters all with different dates. Which date do I go by? July 10, 13, 15, 16,17, 20, 21st? And if the IRS has time to send me out 7 different letters, why not look at my return?🤷‍♀️



    @red GO TO BED



    I still have no update I got told a review was out on June 1st. -.-



    In 2018 we were under review and it took 12 months to get our refund. They never contacted us for more information,the check just showed up a year later. In 2019 it was under review again.. Took six months to get our refund that time it was direct deposit. Just got another review letter this year. File in April.

    I’ve heard once it’s under review, they review it every year



    I filed Jan 29 got letter feb 19th finally got phone call from TA June 9 said I was missing a w2 I filed a amended June 27th I just received a DD of July 29th



    @ erin congrats girl im still waiting 60day review started march 16th filed feb 2nd



    Probably talking to myself at this point but finally
    Got some movement! WMR updated this morning and we’ll finally have our refund on Wednesday! It’s been a long wait but it’s finally over



    Feeling a little discouraged. After sending all of our information to our congressman’s office 2 weeks ago they called last week and said we should have our this Friday but no update on WMR and no refund :\ hoping maybe tomorrow it’ll be there. Been waiting since January



    Still haven’t received my taxes nor stimulus they keep giving me excuses that stimulus was held due to not being fully processed. But Tuesday morning has updated with 971 and 977 codes showing my amended we’re processed and filed now just waiting on 846 code. Anybody else?



    Still waiting on my stimulus…input my info April 15th & still nothing…..i received my state and federal refund



    Anyone still waiting for their stimulus money ?



    @redd I got my stimulus and state. One day i woke up and checked my bank acct and received my state. I was hoping to receive my federal soon after that. But it’s been a month and nothing.



    i filled like march 3rd . i found out i have a 60 day review and it starts april 6.

    got my ddd yesterday (7/20/2020)

    hope this helps .



    This site use to be helpful before ppl got their taxs now no one is really on here ..I just want to say what did any of you had to do to get state check cause I check status n it says still processing do I have to call to verify so they can release it or what ?? Got refund and stimulus but haven’t got state yet



    Filed taxes feb 2nd accepted feb 3rd
    60 day notice starting march 16th still nothing. Contacted congreesman office then need my last pay stub of the yr, my job didnt give us pay stubs, they paid us cash tool taxes out sent to accountant so hard to get my pay stubs feel like im never getting taxes back. I did get stimulus but come on.



    So, I want to make sure I’m not getting excited for nothing. Filled beginning of February. Got my congressman’s office involved in May sometime. Had to amend. On the amended portal it shows nothing. On the regular wmr portal it finally shows refund approved. Should I take this at face value and be happy or should I wonder why it shows up on wmr (with the old refund info) and not wmar?



    I just got a letter from IRS. I am an another 60 day review starting July 10. I already received my state and stimulus check.

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