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    Just found out this morning, I have a 60 day review that started on 2/20. IRS lady couldn’t tell me why it was under review, but that there was no action needed from me at this time.
    Anyone have past experience or info on reviews???
    I hope it doesn’t take the full 60 days, but I expect it will.

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    @cadkins85 it’s sad we worked hard for our money I went thru last yr I had to get a advocate after they finally told me about the advocate I didn’t get my money till April 7 but advocate it back for me cause I wouldn’t have even got it back that quick idk what be going on but I have all all my papers I had to send my w-2 in last yr


    I get a different answer everytime i call so I just stopped calling. I honestly think the reps know as little as we do. It really seems completely random…it’s more they’ll get to us when they get to us…sucks but beyond my control. Just hoping for a ddd by the end of March.


    My notice isn’t even being sent out til next Monday and the lady I spoke to three days ago first said 60 days from the date you recieved the letter then she changed it to 45 days from the date you recieved the letter. I filed Jan 24th and was accepted Jan 27th. Also heard a rumor that almost all early filers got hit with this review bs but not all of them bc I know 2 people who filed a week or two before me who already got their money.


    Have anyone on here recieved a letter a Cp05 IRS lady said mines was issued today I filed way back in January I did mines on the 9th got accepted on the 15 so idk what’s going on and IRS is so rude I need my money she said allow it 60 days but I see some of these responses were some people already got dates


    For those of you who are still waiting for their tax return you may be waiting…called the irs this morning and some refunds are under review and the 60 is the max it may last….some people who are waiting haven’t received a letter but may be receiving one. I pray that this fix itself this week because I’ve never been in this situation before in my life especially when you need your return and don’t understand what’s going on. When you know you file the same thing every year.


    Codes are on the transcripts. You must order transcripts at


    Where do you guys see these codes mine just says processing


    @Rich D, you create an account online and can check it. You need something verifying your identity like a credit card, mortgage, etc. And go from there. Look at the different codes. You will see.

    Rich D

    Idk what in the h e double hockey sticks is happening. I got a letter yesterday about a review. Says it started on 2/19. I think it may have something to do me collecting unemployment for 5 months out of the year and working 7 months. I filed on 1/24 was accepted 1/27. I used TurboTax. WMR and the app still says being processed. Idk if the Irs this or not but Im broke biiiiiiiiiii! I……needs….my….monaaaaaay!..

    How do you check your check you transcripts for updates?


    For sure! I’m glad you know what the problem is. It takes them forever to process stuff because you end up getting resequenced if you had to verify any of your info. Once you see code 571, you’re in the clear!


    Thank u. I was told it was a w2 they were waiting to verify. Everything on my return is perfect, Ill be patient. 🤷


    You more than likely will get a letter soon telling you what you need to fix about your return. After you have fixed the error, you’ll see Code 571 which means the freeze has been lifted.
    971 means they sent a letter and they are now waiting for additional info to move forward with your return. If you don’t get a letter soon, I would call them and have them resend it.


    I got my transcript in mail today
    I filed 1/28
    Has account balance with correct refund amount … as of date: March 9
    Cycle code 20200705
    150, 766, 768, 570, & 971
    Says (code 150) additional account action pending 3/02
    My w2 isn’t reflected on this, but my selfemployment is. Refund amount is correct. No 846 yet of course…so maybe next weekend I’ll update, who knows


    Just received 4464C letter today dated 2/19. Did not update this morning. So frustrating already been waiting a month now it may be possibly 2 more! Unbelievable and unacceptable


    Do you guys know if the irs updates on the weekends.


    Filed 1/27/2020 through TurboTax.
    Claimed EIC and child tax credit.
    Got a review letter in the mail on Friday that was dated 02/19 and had been on “being processed” forever.
    Checked wmr this morning and it had a DDD of 03/04.


    I filed 01/9 got accepted on the 15 and i called the IRS cause everybody was getting dates but me called irs and they said I was under 60 day review and to wait on CP05 but I haven’t received it and I called February 19th I’m frustrated cause I need my money and I check wmr and it still says we have received your tax return and it is being processed but I’m seeing everyone with these dates I pray in hope I get a date soon


    Also always check your transcripts first because they update way before WMR and you can get your codes.


    My info:
    Filed 2/3, accepted same day with HR Block
    I claimed EITC
    Was is still processing and got 4464c letter on 2/14
    WMR updated today with DDD of 3/4
    For anyone that’s still processing: if you filed after 2/3, please wait until next Saturday for an update. They are taking an usually long amount of time to process refunds this year.


    Guys, I truly believe that all of us early filers that claimed EITC were under a hold for them to review it. I just got a DDD of 3/4. My heart almost jumped out of my chest!


    Received letter last week that was dated 2/21 and was showing still processing with no bars until this morning. Now showing approved with DDD of 3/4!


    @ Jesca85 I hope so 🤞🏼 I can’t even access my online transcript but i did order it by mail last night


    @daisy10 I also got a 4464 letter dated 2/19
    I’m going crazy. Hopefully our ddd comes in a week since the 2/13 letters did….


    I got the letter yesterday, called IRS again and told no updates, 60 day review.
    Woke up this morning to a DDD of 3/4.
    I hope it resolves for you all as well!
    I am definitely not filing early next year.


    Good morning

    Filed with Jackson Hewitt 1/14/2020
    Acknowledge 1/27/2020
    Never seen any bars didn’t even check until after 2/15 after that weekend update it updated to still processing
    Received 4464 c letter dated 2/13/2020 never received one before been filing the same for 20 years except last 3 as qualifying widower but still same 4 dependents

    Didn’t see any bars throughout this whole season file in Jackson Hewitt office but this weekend 2/28/2020 I received a ddd 3/4/2020


    Still no date for me 🤦🏻‍♀️ My letter date is 2/19 and i just got it yesterday and letter number is 4464C


    My wmr updated this morning with ddd of March 4!


    I did my taxes 1/30/20. On 2/22/20 my bars disappeared. Everyone in my family got their refund yesterday 2/28/20. I called last night and was told I’m under 60 day review and my refund was froze. I could see my transcript and it said code 846 refund issue date 3/4/20. Woke up this morning and where’s my refund said approved DDD 3/4/20. I think the IRS is just being shady and the agents don’t know anything so they give you a generic answer. There is light at the end of the tunnel everyone.


    Posting this for people in same spot down the line.

    Filed 1/30/20
    Sent 4464c/60 day review letter on 2/20/20
    Called to request that they expedite review due to hardship on 2/28/20
    DDD of 3/4/20 on wmr on 2/29/20

    Btw, the website updated for me, but the app didnt change when I logged into WMR. Just a note to all to refresh app or just go on site.

    Nur Mohamed

    Filed on the 1/13, got accepted on the 1/14 via HRBLOCK. IRS accepted 1/27. Had processing and accepted since the 15th. Called IRS, told me I had a 60 day review, just received my DDD for 3/4.

    Nur Mohamed

    Got a 60 day review as of 2/20 via irs on the phone, never got a letter. Got a DDD of 3/4.


    Haven’t had a bar since I filed on 1/31/2020.
    Today, 2/29/2020/ I have 2 bars!
    I was told last week I was under review. Woke up yesterday and transcripts were available (had been blank). Transcripts said refund issued 3/4!!! Funny though, I got my letter yesterday too.

    “IRS”, rhymes with “stress”


    Had that happen last year and got my refund in early June. Good luck

    Kamron Howard

    I can’t view my transcripts but WMR still says being processed and the lady said I’m under review starting from March 2nd. This really sucks I need my money


    wanted to update checked when got home from work says I am approved and should be credited by the 9th of March good luck to all of you hope everyone gets their money real soon


    I also got a letter but as soon as i opened the letter i got one that says “ cut out and return the voucher at the bottom of this page if you are making a payment even if you have a inquiry “ and it says my name and address . Am i suppose to return this ? My letter date and number is on the same bottoms paper .


    Got ya! DDD March 4th as well.


    @S, I’m think the DDD is what comes after Transaction Code 846.


    So is the DDD the “received” date on the transcript?


    @KG and if it’s $200 or more, you have to pay them back next tax year. I couldn’t believe it when we got the paper in the mail from them saying he has a took the amount off our tax refund.


    So would the date be the “recieved date” on the transcript


    I found out I was under one last Friday morning after the transcript update. I got a code 571 to reverse the hold along with 846 for my DDD for 3/4!
    Lots and lots of us were cleared in under 2 weeks. Good luck!!


    @S refund issue date is on transcripts –

    you can order transcripts at


    My SO is having an issue too. He received a CP63 notice for back in 2016 when he didn’t file. He didn’t work that year so what should we do?


    @S I called and spoke with someone.


    How are you all finding out your refund date of the WMR still says it’s processing?


    Hope this helps.

    Filed 1/27 w/ TT. EIC & ACTC. Never got an update past “Your return is being processed “. Called IRS 2/26. Was told I was under the 60 day hold. Letter dated for 3/9. Checked my bank account (local credit union) today 2/28 and my refund is there pending with an adjusted, lowered amount (around $30 difference).


    Hope this helps.

    Filed 2/27 w/ TT. EIC & ACTC. Never got an update past “Your return is being processed “. Called IRS 2/26. Was told I was under the 60 day hold. Letter dated for 3/9. Checked my bank account (local credit union) today 2/28 and my refund is there pending with an adjusted, lowered amount (around $30 difference).


    Hopefully we see some more updates overnight!! Trying to stay positive


    Guys two weeks ago I was told I was under “60 Day review.” I have a thread in here under mixed messages from the irs. But today I called and was told I have a ddd of 03/04/2020. Idk what’s going on.
    I did request a TA as well and reached out to my congresswoman but I’ve done all my calling to the IRS on my own. This was my 4th phone call today.

    WMR still has not updated for me either.


    TT filed 1/26 got a letter in the mail today saying 60 days as of 2/19. This is so stupid.

    sarah hall

    I just called the irs today i filed feb. 4 2020 so we can get our return in time for bills and they told me im under review as well. i have used park tax service for 10 years and have never had an issue until now. nothing of mine has changed but my address and my husbands employer. i was told 45 days. the man i talked to said the IRS has until april 23rd to do them which is bull shit because we cant wait that long.


    I heard from a account that they have done a lot of 60 days letters to a lot of people and he also said from your letter date than the processing time starts and it will take 21 days from letter. Remember irs has to pay intetest to people after a certain amount of time.


    So I hope this helped bcuz it helped me!!!! For all of us getting that letter or waiting or being told when we call wait 69 days blah blah blah . And u know how people said it was script reading week it is I’ll find the thing from IRS website but they are litterly told to type in or find the issue we are asking and go from there to read us things already told to them to say. and I still havnt read anything that had anything less then 60 days I’ll find it and post it


    Was told I had a 60 day review starting 2/20.
    I have 570 code on transcripts
    We are processing on wmr
    GOT DDD OF 3/04 TODAY!

    I think the majority of us “under review “ won’t have to wait the 60 days.


    I had the 60 day review and I received the 4464c letter that was dated February 19. I just checked my transcript online and I have a code 846 with a refund issue date of March 4.


    I received the 4464c letter saying I was under review for 60 days and this morning my transcript updated with a DDD of 3/2 my letter was dated 2/13 recieved the letter in the on 2/24


    I used h&r block for 1st time this year.
    Same crap.
    Sadly so many of us depend on this for Bill’s or whatever. They dont wait for there money but we have to.
    Only thing diffrent for me was i had more money taken out so that I could get a refund rather then pay in.
    I sure hope it does not take full 60 days.
    If anyone gets there refund before the 60 days is up I would love to hear


    I got same letter this year. Bullctap


    Same thing with me under 60 day review starting on March 9. The only thing i can think of is we had a baby in November, so dependents went up but that is it. I used taxslayer


    Same @Amy
    I used HR Block too. I have used them since 2013 and have never had a problem til now.
    When I call, they just tell me to wait the 60 days. They give absolutely no information as to why.


    I also receive a 4464c letter never had one of those anyways I filed with hr block hope it doesn’t take 60 days all say still processing was weird though completely disappeared from wmr within about 24 hours it was back still saying processing could really use the money got get winter vehicle inspected as well as tires always something =*(


    @Justin that’s not true, call a tax advocate and see what they tell you. There’s nothing a tax advocate can do until after your 60 days are up and/or you have additional issues with you return.. Now if you have additional codes along with your 60 review, a tax advocate may be able to help. Everyone that’s under review, isn’t under review for the same reason… I’d say if your under review, call a tax advocate and see what they can do for you, you won’t know until you try.


    You’ve got to be kidding me…


    Just called IRS, said anyone with a 60 day review needs to call a Tax advocate and they will not see their refund until this time next year 😩


    I also used turbotac


    I’m under review too. Hope it doesnt take 60 days. Please update here once u receive your tax return


    I have a 570 hold. I’ve talked to a CSR at the IRS as well as a TA. Both have said most 570 holds are wage verifications because the SSA is so far behind in processing paper W2’s! I personally mailed our company’s W2’s to the SSA on 1/15 and they just processed mine on Monday! My TA told me they are not opening any wage verification cases until it has been 4 weeks because of the backlog & most are working themselves out. It’s so frustrating!!


    Just received a letter dated 02/24 under review suppose for income, credits or blah blah. It’s crazy never had this problem used turbo tax for years and they must have screwed something up. Guess filing early don’t help and mostly like using some other software next year.

    Hope it don’t take 60 days !!!

    Stephanie c

    Stephanie c

    Teri Cloth

    Just got off the phone was told they have 15 I have 16 thousand. I said what!!! he was like go ahead and amend! I was like oh heck nooo!!!! So thst the thing TT also. 60 day review.


    Just called today they said something was in the mail 60 day review not saying I did anything wrong but I’m in a 60 day review Either way . I hope this is not gonna be as long as I think it’s going to be.


    Just spoke to the IRS rep today. Filed on 2/1 also through turbo tax. Claimed the EITC and CTC, same as last year. I moved this year to a new address but had the same address all of last year. Rep told me there wasn’t a letter be shown generated to me as of today, but most dates that she is seeing is 3/9.

    rip kobe

    @Kendra85 DAM that sucks real bad. what is 4464c?


    I called today. I am under 4464 c. It’s being reviewed and will take up to 60 days. I used turbo tax and have for 9 years. Will not be using them next year or ever again.

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