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    Just found out this morning, I have a 60 day review that started on 2/20. IRS lady couldn’t tell me why it was under review, but that there was no action needed from me at this time.
    Anyone have past experience or info on reviews???
    I hope it doesn’t take the full 60 days, but I expect it will.

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    Lisa H

    I filed and was accepted 2/3. Called the IRS Monday and spoke to a lady who said I was under review starting March 16th but all of my income matched and was submitted correctly. I’ve had the same kid for 16 years. I was told that it could take until May 16th to get my money but to keep checking wmr. Its got ro be a stalling tactic. If she could see all my information matched why not issue the refund? I think they’re running behind it’s ridiculous.


    Not trying to be rude, but all over this website for years and also in the FAQ section…you will clearly see that wmr updates are on Saturday morning each week for weekly accounts. The Saturday updates are often referred to as Big Update, Mass Update, etc.


    Jacc where did you find that information? Im concerned as well i got the letter in 2/20 and there still no changes


    Well I read it in another forum that this saturday another round of alproval will be held


    I got my cp05 letter today. I was told 45 days from Monday. I ordered a transcript online Saturday so I’m hoping to get that in the mail tomorrow with more information to wtf is going on.


    So far, nothing in mail yet for me. Says in transcript for 3/9 a 971 code. But thought for sure some oddball letter in mail, got some coupons but no letter…YET


    Yeah, the 4464C letter? I got it too. I badly need my money, but unfortunately I’m one of the unlucky ones like y’all, so the IRS is reviewing my return…… and my luck, it’ll be the whole 60 days or longer before they finally send me my money. I’m flat broke and can’t find work around here, I was planning on going elsewhere for work by using my return, but like the rest of y’all, the IRS chose my return to review and take their sweet ass time doing it 😒


    I’m so so sorry for the situation the stupid irs has put you and your son through. No one deserves that kind of stress. I’ve been there and can definitely relate.

    Have you called the tax advocates? Since you have a legitimate dire hardship, they’ll probably be able to help you. Good luck and keep the faith. I’ll be thinking about you!

    Lisa hall

    It’s to many different feed back for me I’m just going to just wait and see what happens cuz it’s seem to be don’t nobody no shit so I’ll wait


    Ok i got a 60 day letter dated on 2/17. So where are yall getting this information for a new round of approvals this saturday?, ihave claimed the same kids and same job for 3 years and used the same service , called the irs and i get stuck on the automated system, and lost my letter,, whoops


    I called this morning and was told that my refund was being reviewed. I did NOT receive any mail or email notifying me of this and was not told when it was put under review. I was also told that i would have it that latest as of April 23rd.
    Bunch of BS!!


    Also my letter dated 2/19 for 60 day review but have not gotten mine. I will keep you all POSTED


    My daughters friend got 60 review letter dated 2/19. She got her money today. We all should be getting it soon.

    Lisa hall

    I just pray by Saturday we all have due dates 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


    I dont think it matters who filed i did my own anfd im under review


    I got same notice im beyond pissed i really hope it doesnt take a hole 60 days

    Lisa hall

    How many got a under review later dated 1/29 and haven’t got any updates yet?

    Gifted Kitten

    I was told the same thing yesterday. I haven’t even gotten a letter. When I called yesterday I was told my return was being reviewed and the lady couldn’t tell me much more other than review my return for possible errors and wait for my letter. This is crazy.

    Lisa hall

    What is a cpo5 letter?

    Lisa hall

    Jacc did you speak to someone at the irs for that information?


    The qeek i should have gotten my refund i got a cp05 letter instead.
    60 day review.
    Dated 2/26.
    Single mother receives no support despite c.s. order. Son with moderate autism so i run a home based business to generate income :( and right now we have nothing.
    My gai was less than 10k.
    Seriously seriously upset right now.
    I was counting on that refund for everything.
    I dont know what i am going to do
    :( i honestly just want to cry.
    Clearly not a criminal.
    Im just poor.

    Lisa hall

    Jacc I really hope so


    I heard the next round of aprovals will be this Saturday

    Lisa hall

    Do anyone have any updates?



    She said my CPO5 letter is dated for 3/9/2020 & the review starts after that date..

    Terrell H

    There are stories from folks say they also got a 4464c 60 day review letter most dated 2/19 or 2/20 then turn around and got DDD of 03/04 shortly afterward , my guess is there just spitting out generic letters to give some blank reason for the delays this year


    I gave in and called them. 60 days from 3/9, nothing needed from me. 🙄. At the end, he said for me to keep checking WMR site. All amounts are on my transcript on February 23, besides one w2. My refund amt and credits are correct. Just need a 571 & 846


    I called yesterday and they said my husband and I are under a 60 day review too. She also said something about a cp05 letter on March 9th. I don’t freaking know. I just want my money.

    Lisa hall

    To many different stories for me but I’m going to believe that I’ll be one of the peoples that want be waiting 60 days


    So I just got off of the phone with an IRS rep on the Tax Advocate line and he basically told me that even if you fill out a hardship it does NOT speed up your review and that you still have to wait for the review to be completed before the hardship is even considered.

    Lisa hall

    I had a tax advocate in 2015 because the H&R lady field me and my 2 kids and this happened in 1/28/15 got a letter saying under review and I got me a tax advocate and got my refund back in March but this year I lost everything due to a fire that left me and my kids going place to place the irs man said they take people that is homeless very quick they go to the top of the list that’s all I’m saying they was helpful in 2015 hoping the same


    Two different years I’m talking about by the way! Once I had to wait until July, then two years later had to wait until June


    @Lisa Hall
    I hope they can help you. I had a hardship as well when I was under review, then randomly audited back in 2015. I was being evicted from my home. Got a taxi advocate, still didn’t get my refund until the end of July. So in my experience, total waste of time, got evicted anyway. If it hasn’t been 45 days since you filed,, and have not been informed that you were under audit yes, you are wasting your time.

    Lisa hall

    Well I’m not wasting my time by getting a tax advocate I got a hardship so I’m allowed to get one to speed up my process


    @traci Lamp

    The IRS is legally allowed to hold your refund for however long they like, however interest is applied after 45 days. Couple years ago, I had to ID verify and did.not get my refund back until the middle of June, but there was an extra $40 due to interest

    you are wasting your time getting a tax advocate if you have not received a letter stating that you are being audited. A review and an audit completely completely different things.

    Lisa hall

    Just got off the phone with a nice irs man he told me that he is going to put a referral in for me on the computer for a tax advocate to call me in 2 days because he don’t no why I’m being reviewed and my refund is the same amount for 5 years straight so he told me just make sure I answer when they call

    Gifted Kitten

    I was also told that I was under review for up to 90 days. They say I will get a letter but were unable to tell me why my return was being reviewed and there was nothing for me to do other than check my retrn to ensure that it was done correctly.


    Where my refund it’s app by IRS or you can check on

    Catora Gregory

    Can someone tell me what’s WMR?


    @spurnell just listen to what you just typed. I bet they got theirs back…well of course that’s why we gotta jump through hoops and go through so much red tape is because they too busy working on they on ishh smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Lisa hall

    Stayed on the phone 2 hours and 30 minutes to speak to a advocate just for the phone to cut off I’m sick of this shit and the irs I bet they got they damn taxes back tho 😡😡😡😡


    I couldnt get my transcrpits on line. I just checked and mine is still esying being processed. Im ready for that ddd. I have never had this happen. I know it isnt h and r blocks fault or any other tax preparer fault so cant blame them. I need my money. I cant wait until the end of march or even april.

    Robin Smith

    I have the same letter what all do thet they ask before I call them


    @Gofigure Mine says the very same that yours does. Have you gotten any new information or status updates?

    Lisa hall

    Ashley no new updates for myself but I’m still on hold as of now waiting to speak to a tax advocate 😔😔2 hours so far still waiting on the phone


    We filed on 2/2 got accepted 2/3 got a letter last Thursday dated 2/19 said under review I keep checking my wmr but still says processing I’ve never had this happen b4. Has anyone got any new updates on theirs with ddd

    Lisa hall

    Still waiting on a advocate to get on the phone 😢😢😢

    traci lamp

    I got one of those stupid letters to like dont they have enough to do with all the refunds? They should have to pay interest and penalty charges for holding it. Go after the real thieves!!!!

    Lisa hall

    Have anyone received a refund or DD even when they system keep saying still being processed or under review?

    Lisa hall

    So who ever get there refund tomorrow or update tomorrow can you please let us no or even if you talk to someone again from the irs can you let us no updates please

    Lisa hall

    Angel I don’t mean due date but what date was on your under review paper?

    Lisa hall

    Angel when was your DD ?


    I just don’t understand why they haven’t sent the letter yet that’s what’s the most aggravating thing to me…I’ve been told twice it was generated on 2/10 and takes up to 30 days to mail…that is an insane policy. I guess they still have a week to mail it lol.


    It seems like everyone that calls goes under review then a week or two later get a ddd. I’m thinking they’re behind so the review is just a stall tactic. I called yesterday. I filed 1/21. I didn’t expect to actually have to wait until March 🙄



    I totally agree with you on both points. I made so little money last year (>$20k because I only worked part of the year) and only had 2 w2s and the same child I’ve claimed for 16 years. I cannot fathom why in the world they would waste time reviewing my simple little return. And I’m with you-I’m not filing until March next year!


    It seems like once u recieve the letter you get a DDD the following week? Just going by the patterns.

    Lisa hall

    Next year I want be doing my taxes until first week of March

    Lisa hall

    I really believe everyone that is being reviewed is not really being reviewed they just really behind and don’t no any other excuse to give us so they say we being reviewed i would at least them tell us that we are behind but your refund will be issued shortly I’ll be happy with that instead of using the term being reviewed 🤔🤔


    I got the same notice around the same time. Tryna find out too :(

    Lisa hall

    Hi I did my taxes on 1/16 got a letter dated on 2/19 saying I’m under review called irs 2 times to see what is the hold up and they just keep saying wait until 60 days we don’t need anything from you at this time and everyday I keep checking still nothing saying the say thing now I’m on hold waiting on a tax advocate I hope I can get some better help


    Oh and lovely since you amended you will have to wait 12 more weeks. Those letters say not to do anything.


    I called this morning and got the same answer. I was told the letter was mailed on the 20th of February and still yet to receive it. They say it’s a random review and wait possibly 60 days


    @Amber To get your transcripts online from IRS.GOV




    They told me a 45 day review so I amended and add everything I could find and put it inside my envelope. I refuse to wait all summer or fall. If you feel you need to then go ahead. I called turbotax and they gave me a free code and wiped the cost cause I only needed to amend federal. I had to add a 1099misc and some echo documents and I also placed w2s …dont wait 45 or 60 for that..


    Same. Fiked on 2/8 accepted 2/8. Called today its under review. I had no dependents. Told me to expect it April 30. Im livid


    Well just as i figured, called IRS and i am getting reviewed. I’m over this tax garbage. Filed 2/2 and accepted on 2/3. Lady said today should be getting a letter in the mail anytime telling me not to do anything. WONDERFUL!! Can’t wait to wait for another 2 months lol


    @sumrae I hope you’re right. That’s my processing date. I’m pretty sure everything is correct but had a ton of issues last year and didnt get our refund till the middle of June. Made sure to file with HR block this year to avoid problems.

    Shamika Frye

    I called last week and they said I was under review and that I should have received a letter and I still have not received a letter. has nothing change in my income or my kids not even my resident. when I asked her why I was under review she said that picking people randomly. And it would be 60 days from today to expect an update by may 1st. When I tried calling today they had the recording on saying to try back tomorrow.


    I filed 1/21 and no update. I called today and Was told I’m under review and a letter is being sent today. He said 45 days but he said it probably won’t take that long.


    I was told the 3/9 is similar to the PATH lift, that they would start processing it for release if no errors are found. I believe we are under review now. And it could take up to 45-60 days after the processing date if anything is found during the review, because every error causes you to recycle…now i don’t know how true any of this is like I’ve said in a few forums i get a different answer everytime i call lol.


    Mine is still showing being processed. I filed on 02/04 got accepted the same day by the irs. Recieved a letter stating I was under review. I got the letter on 2/29/20 and it was mailed out on 02/19/20. I dont know how to check for the codes and transcript things that everyone is talking about. I need my money. Can anyone else help me? Im hoping to get my money within a week or two.


    Crazy question is processing and review the same thing ? When I first called I was told my 45 day review would start 3/9 . Called back and then I was told that’s when it would start to process …….. I’m so confused !!!!

    I filed a while ago to.


    Getting these transcripts is no easier. It keeps locking mine for 24 hours but won’t tell me what information is incorrect. Called today to get answers an it basically told me that they were to busy an to call back

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