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    Just found out this morning, I have a 60 day review that started on 2/20. IRS lady couldn’t tell me why it was under review, but that there was no action needed from me at this time.
    Anyone have past experience or info on reviews???
    I hope it doesn’t take the full 60 days, but I expect it will.

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    @thicks 👍👍👍 same here helping keep the faith !!!


    @jc, I’m not waiting on my refund anymore (rec’d 3/11 after IDV’ing 2/27 after filing 2/4 w/ EITC). I’ve just been hanging around to offer encouragement and a modicum of wisdom I’ve learned through experience or through the gracious help others have provided on this website to others who are waiting. I understand the anxiety and stress and the need that seems like it will never be met!


    Side note…the wages on my ssa account haven’t updated yet either..


    @jc I got my stuff faxed on Fri..gonna try to call the woman today to make sure she actually got it. If I follow the same time line I might see something maybe after wed…@gofigure you faxed stuff over Tue didn’t you?


    @Carrie @Gofigure mine is supposed to be in the bank on wed i will let you know i axed papers to TA last mon got ddd date on fri sat wmr updated sat so if it goes in on wed it will give you a time frame as to when its in your bank !! good luck as always thinking about you guys !!!


    @SweetTea congats on the ddd!!


    @jc still the same on my end. Which I didn’t expect anything today because I’m pretty sure I’m a weekly lol.


    Hello everyone
    I filled on 2/22/20 was accepted on 2/23
    Bars disappeared with message we have recieved ur tax return and it’s still being processed. A refund date will be available
    On 3/16 got letter idv
    ID verfied on 3/18
    On 3/22 message changed from still being processed to being processed.
    Today 3/28 woke up to bar ls refund sent
    DDD April 1
    Payment will in account no later than the 6th
    Hope this information helps.
    God bless everyone


    Anyone getting through with the IRS? Every time I call they say sorry blah blah blah.. call back etc…


    This is sucks…they say they’re issuing 2 million dollars this week in tax returns. Hoping us 0705’s are in there. Seems they continuously overlook us. I have no issues that I’m aware of been approve since 1/27 & still no sign of a refund but ppl after me/us have gotten theirs. Crazy I think…


    Nope, nothing yet


    @thicks @GoFigure @Carrie Nothing yet for you guys ?????


    @lmd i see Dj222 also has a 605 cycle thats fu– up i cant figure out why the 605 cycle hasnt cleared yet i would deff try a TA i know its hard to get one but keep trying good luck !!!


    I got my cp05 3/2 then received another 60 day extension as of 3/24 so they have time to send me request anybody else get anything like this?


    I have read a lot of comments, going back days.. I want to Thank you all for the great information, the occasional unexpected laughs, and for giving me a little hope!! I definitely had none before reading thru here. I filed and was accepted on 2.1.20 my heart sank when I called and was told it would be 60 days from the day they mailed my letter. However I called 1.5 week before my letter was mailed it’s been hell!!


    Matt K: No, I don’t think that means anything. Your return transcript (for 2019) will be blank until they process it; your account transcript would be more useful, as it would contain your transaction codes.

    Matt k

    I got a 60-day review but was able to order my return transcript does this mean anything


    Guys I found this article as well, it’s super helpful & touches bases on everything concerning refunds and TA


    @ JC

    tried speaking with a TA to see if anything was going on they wouldn’t even take my info to look up my account. As far as the IRS they just say wait it out and as of now no additional info is needed so i have no clue at this point on whats going on. I file with the same person and the same way every year for the past 4 years and this is the first time i have ever been through this.


    It was a different article then that one but I can’t find it now ;( so if we don’t get our refund at the 60 day mark does that mean we would have to amend our return and start over ?


    I think you’re talking about the “People First Initiative.”

    It’s not a bill, and it’s not a law, as I understand it, but it should help.


    Please do because I’ve seen sumthin about this yesterday that I shared and posted but I don’t want to repost if it’s not the same topic


    Where can I find this information on this bill?

    Johnny Stewart

    Could you post a website to the bill please and thank you



    Not certain


    @Jennifer Was it the same bill of not having to verify soft reviews and IDV’s and wages?


    I’ve been lurking around on this page for a while. Reading comments and trying to stay hopeful, picking up valuable information as well.
    I filed 1/27
    60 day review letter dated 2/20
    Called for first tax advocate on 3/4 (he did absolutely nothing)
    Got second advocate on 3/17
    Faxed him my missing w2 3/18
    Got a ddd of 4/2 this morning


    I just seen where they passed a bill to expedite tax refunds !! So hopefully us who haven’t received ours will very soon 🤞🏻


    Filed 1/8
    Cycle code 0605
    Still nothing!


    JACC, okay. I didn’t know they processed on Saturdays.

    I probably should have known, though. 25 years ago I did some temp work processing paper returns and estimated payments for the IRS, and we worked 7 days a week.


    Thank you for all your information


    Thicks last year I got my DDD on a Saturday and remember the processing deparment works on Saturday


    Besides, 4/4 is a Saturday. Have there ever been DDDs on a non-business day?


    JACC, that’s your choice, but you’re really not addressing what I’m saying. You could be right that some people will see WMR updates tomorrow, but if they do, that means the IRS was processing returns on Saturday. Don’t they usually work just Monday-Friday?

    And a decent clue that WMR would update tomorrow is seeing reports of transcripts updating today. Whether you want to trust your ts or not, the fact is that many on here have seen ts update the day before WMR does.


    Filed 1/27 went in review 03/09 with cp05 letter stating do nothing and haven’t had an update since. And I check everyday. Its frustrating right now. Any advice or suggestions?


    Thicks with all respect I do not rely on transcript but do rely on WMR which I read and seen in other forums that WMR updates on Monday with DDD for the 4th


    U are quite knowledgeable!! Thanks for keeping the spirit up here and giving information u have knowledge about. 🤗. See y’all around Wednesday on here unless I get some fabulous news before then.


    @JACC, you think they were processing on a Saturday? My guess is the next time people will see transcripts update is Tuesday, and the next time they’ll see WMR update is Wednesday.


    The phone transcript today gave the April 15 date for credits, etc for me too. @Carrie,maybe they’ll start processing people as dailys now just to get things rolling on their end. I’ll check that phone number mid week and see if there’s any change in info. Hope everyone has a nice Sunday, despite circumstances in World. Enjoy your family, and if ur alone…know that people, even people u have never met are thinking about ya 🤗


    We should see more updates tomorrow Monday for DDD this 4th of April so good luck


    LMD you have a 0605 cycle holy shit you should have been out of here a while ago !!! oh man !!!they must have something on you !!!


    @thicks your prob right so i guess either or !! I did notice what everyone is saying on getting account info over the phone and they are saying 4/15 I think thats the same thing as they would see on there ts were it says across from the accepted code everyones said that plain and simple if it doesnt give you a ddd and date then it is still updating !!!


    No update for me filed 01/11 accepted same day… all i see is still processing now. Cycle code for me 0605..
    Processing date 02/24
    570 Code 02/24

    I haven’t had any help with a TA
    60 day review letter dated 02/14
    IRS just says to wait it out, my 60 days will be Up 04/13

    No Luck Here


    @cadkins85 I just called it also I had the same information for my credits and etc. dated for April 15th


    Just for s’s and g’s I called the automated thing but all it tells me is the info dated for april 15. That’s ok. Maybe the stars are gonna align this week between turning stuff in and the passage of the PFI and we’ll all see movement

    AC :

    Nooooo 😭 But maybe a night or two ago I did re-order them by mail. This time I requested to have both because I wasn’t too sure which one I needed. Omg now I gotta wait forever again to receive them 😂


    AC, did you order your account transcript? That’s the one you want, rather than a return transcript.


    JC, I question whether it would be faster mailing a paper return. They still will verify the W2s, so if the employer is slow in updating the information, it would still trigger a “60-day review.”

    AC :

    I finally got my tax transcript in the mail and I have a cycle date of 0705 but I’m not seeing any other codes unfortunately. And of course nothing has updated on WMR.. a lil irritated smh. I’m expecting my baby girl In May so I could really use the funds. I guess I’ll have to call a TA come Monday…


    after all this aggravation I’m wondering if it will be faster to just mail it in next year with w-2’s and all the forms !!!


    thicks right again 👍👍


    Also, it appears that, since the passage of the People First Initiative, the IRS is stepping up processing returns — expediting the process — instead of taking calls and verifying wages and fulfilling offsets.


    @thicks 👍👍👍


    GoFigure ah yes the good old day when they didnt have this shit we are in now it was file and check was in your mailbox in 2-3 weeks !!!


    WMR is on a server; it updates in the overnight hours when traffic is lightest. It reflects activity from two days earlier. (The process on Thursday, transcripts [also on computer] reflect that work on Friday, and WMR shows it on Saturday. If they process on Friday, that pushes the cycle back a day.) So it makes sense people are seeing updates on WMR today.


    Rubyrayne333 I know really lol !! ☎️☎️☎️ lol they didnt have a dial up phone icon but you get the idea 😂😂


    Congrats!!! And I’m hoping me and @Gofigure see movement this week. @Sarahbeth90 I’m glad mMyra didn’t ask for a letter because it would have been impossible for me to get. In the meantime I’m still hanging out on deck lol


    Sarahbeth90 my TA asked for the exact same thing and when I faxed it to her the week after i got ddd date




    My TA requested a typed letter on letterhead from my employer with my 2019 wages & withholdings, and my Boss’s name and phone # to contact him , she said the IRS would give him a call and once they spoke with my employer,they would update, I wonder why I had to go through a different process than everyone else.


    Well at least you did get a DDD date hate that is so far away, I know we filed at the same time so from Jan to April is crazy, I know it’s been just as nerve racking for you, & every one else on this forum as well also @JACC do you have a DDD date yet?


    All this information is encouraging. Thanks everyone!! 💞



    I also spoke to a TA , she told me the IRS has my information from employer and everything was correct and my DDD would be 4/20 🤞🏻🤞🏻


    @GoFigure I am the same cycle code as you 0705 so I’m not sure how the heck I updated today but hey I’ll take it! Lol best of luck and thank you all for your support and info I know it’s been rough


    @jc 🤣🤣🤣🤣 phone buttons we mess up you have to hang up start all over. Keypad you just backspace 👀🤷🏽‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣 could you imagine of we had to do this process with dial up🤦🏽‍♀️🤭


    Yep! I started late and have school aged kids. I remember one of my boys calling his Mere (grandmother) and he looked at me and said he was hearing a bomp, bomp,bomp,bomp sound when he tried to call her! She didn’t have call waiting and it was a busy signal. He never heard it before. 🤣🤣🤣


    Thank u for all the info!! Again congrats on your DDD!!! 🎉 One more question, I’m too lazy to scroll this morning….lol. .are u a daily, what’s ur cycle code? I’m a 0705 I’ve had 05 on the end before and was a daily..but it usually is a weekly update code.


    @GoFigure boy just goes to show our age !!! 😂😂😂


    @jeniffer come on you can do it grab the rope and lets go !!!


    Thank God we don’t have rotary dial phones anymore ! Reminds me of how I used to call the radio station for contests when I was a kid. Lol




    Cycle code 0705, right here with ya still. No update to anything, I have a TA I spoke with Monday. Faxed requested letter from employer stating wages & withholdings also verifying employment, and a copy of my w2 she said 3- 4 weeks should have it done, so I should get my money by/ before the 16th of April


    @mat congrats on the ddd lets keep it rolling for the others 👍👍👍




    Anyone else with a cycle code ending in 0705

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