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    Just found out this morning, I have a 60 day review that started on 2/20. IRS lady couldn’t tell me why it was under review, but that there was no action needed from me at this time.
    Anyone have past experience or info on reviews???
    I hope it doesn’t take the full 60 days, but I expect it will.

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    @ Danielle2298
    If there’s any errors you will have to file an amended return.


    Anyone still waiting for their stimulus money too ?


    Redd I sent mine over two weeks ago and still nothing :x


    Found out my tax return is in the errors department is that a bad thing. There not telling of course. Any feed back will help .


    Hi all, my 60 day review started 3/23 and still no update. But today I checked and the interest date changed to July 06 does that mean anything? Still no 846 code though.


    How long did any of you who fax. In pay stubs had to wait to get ddd


    Somebody from my congressman’s office got back to me finally! Sent a copy of my W2 and my tax return today, hopefully will see something soon!


    Congrats to you ..hope I get updated this weekend


    Wmr DID update this morning with a date of Friday… im so happy this wait is finally over and I’m thankful I had this group to read through!!


    The date after the 846 TC is your DD date. Check WMR.


    Does that mean I should get them Friday?


    Yes it does …congrats


    okay alittle back story

    Filed January 27 approved same day got letter Feb 20…
    I got a call from TA 3 weeks ago said send in check stubs I did that and then I got a call June 9th that said it would be 3 more weeks….

    I just check transripts and it shows 846 REFUND ISSUED JUNE 19 INTEREST OF 50.00 DATE OF JULY 6TH



    Depends on what state are you in I’m in ga


    what is a fax number to fax documents?


    Ours said once we fax ours in we should see update soon n it shouldn’t take long for them to look over what we fax ..


    Anyone have the number for the stimulus hotline ?


    Our TA said we wouldn’t update for 2 weeks after faxing in what was needed. We should update this week.


    By calling irs they will give you run around and add another 60 day review so glad that a ta called n let us know what’s going on fax everything in yday hopefully she calls back n tell us good news ..hope we update Saturday


    Called 6/6 after waiting an additional two weeks after my review and was told they were adding an additional 60 days from the day I called due to the covid-19 shut downs. Filed 1/31, put under review 3/16 and won’t see my return potentially until August.


    Still here since January 15th. Sent over last paystub of 2019 to congressmen two thursdays ago so hopefully I see something soon -.-


    Filed and accepted feb 10
    Got the 60 days review letter march 5
    Since then I was checking WMR every week.
    And finally after 4 months of waiting I got my DDD june 10. Just don’t lose hope.


    @KatieS I sure hope so this is a bunch of bull. I cannot even get my tax transcript. I call the IRS They can’t help get my transcript. It’s so ridiculous never had a issue with my taxes before and I have had the same job for 16 years.


    still havent heard anything from anyone yet


    Should update Friday.


    I will see something once I fax everything in which will be Monday when I do hopefully before month out I’ll get ddd ..


    Anyone have any luck today, still nothing here.


    waiting on my federal. I already got my stimulus and state !


    Yeah sounds like we aren’t getting the whole story with that one!


    @jonah I’m just baffled at the fact that they are saying you won’t get your stimulus until your refund processes. Like are they serious? My refund is still processing (60 day review) and I received my stimulus check. I spoke with a tax advocate and they told me my income wasn’t matching up and I had missing income. And that I would have to find my other w2 and amend my tax return. Something has got to be done about this b.s.


    I filed 01/27 , received letter dated for 02/14 it’s basically a review 4464c I believe. Haven’t received refund or stimulus spoke to IRS agent and she stated they’re behind and to give them a additional 60 days. That’ll be a total of 180 days for me, also informed won’t get my stimulus until refund processes.


    Talk to another ta she wants us to fax in 4pay stubs and a letter as soon as we do that she suggested that we received our refund soon thank God we finally getting somewhere ..will post again when we get ddd..for anyone who received their refund did you get any interest wit it by them holding it for so long


    Jennifer i got my stimulus already I also got my state tax just waiting on Federal tax. Finally today my congressman man got in touch with me after I fax him my release form. He said he was going to demand an inquiry from IRS so lets see what happens


    I’m still waiting. If you used the get my payment site the irs posted there’s an issue with it and they are working to fix it. Also I was told if your refund is not processed you won’t receive it until 2 weeks after you receive your refund which is a lie because I know people who are on a 60 day review that have received theirs. This is all bs filed 01/27 accept 01/28 received letter 2/13 filed amended return 3/10 and still have not processed it


    They got to many excuses this year I’m just pissed to the max


    Has anyone not received their stimulus? I’m still waiting on mine 🤔


    Ta called again yday but told that she call back at 5 well that didn’t happen so guess she call today to give us info we need to send in


    Still waiting


    I reached out to my congressman and someone finally got back to me and said I needed to send in some pay stubs for my husband. I did that and I am still waiting to get a refund date. Although, this did update my transcripts from April 27 to June 22. They are attempting to work on my case, but it’s a little annoying having to wait since 2-4-20.


    For those who are still waiting to receive their stimulus and used the get my payment site to enter bank info hopefully this helps
    Look under payment status



    I agree, it’s baffling! Never had an issue with taxes before and now they’ve had them since January…I’m beyond annoyed at this point and I can’t get anybody on the damn phone


    This is ridiculous! Accepted February 12, received 60 day review dated March 30 which ended May 30. 4 months and nothing. Filed before the shut down and no updates


    6:41am and nothing hoping Saturday I will see DDD. Did anyone get theirs today. This is getting beyond ridiculous. Same income and refund for several years and never had an issue. I have reached out to congress in my area let’s see if that works. Good Luck everyone


    Matt K it is usually overnight on Wednesday and Saturday

    Matt k

    When will irs update ddd for return


    Hope we all get a DDD tomorrow. Wishing everyone luck.


    Can i get a number on irs to call? I lost my LTR 4464C




    @Ryan social security doesn’t report income until May 18th. Not sure if that had anything to do with it or not.


    Finally got told why I got the letter , I was missing income , I had to file a amended return . So at least I know my refund will be coming but just got to wait. I wish they would of told me this when I called them before the whole covid 19 and everybody closed down . I would of been corrected and filed a amended return . I was told when I called in March that nothing was wrong and nothing I had to do . They lied to me


    @redd is right. We got our stimulus money on April 15th, we just found out on Friday that the IRS losty W-2. We filed 1/29


    That’s not true I’m under review and still receive my stimulus so I don’t know why they told you that …they just tryna keep people from calling them …I don’t call them I left messages on ta voicemail in my state they contacted me …irs is just going to give you the run around best to call a ta from your state if you want answers


    Jeremy Hudson


    I’ve been told as well that I won’t receive stimulus until two weeks after refund is processed. I think it’s bs because I know people who are under a review and have received their stimulus


    You will see the interest on the wage and income transcript


    @jeremy Hudson
    Wow. I’m sorry to hear that. It doesn’t make any sense because I filed my taxes January 28th and I was told I was under review. I still haven’t received my federal tax refund I’m still waiting for my tax refund but we did receive our stimulus check(my husband and I) so it sounds like they are telling people anything wow.

    Jeremy Hudson

    I filed my tax return on January 27th and the IRS accepted it on January 28th. I received a letter in the mail on February 13th informing me that I was under a sixty day review. I still haven’t received my tax return, nor my stimulus payment. I was able to speak to a representative at the IRS about my stimulus payment and she advised me that I won’t receive my stimulus payment until the review of my tax return has been completed… Has anyone else experienced this?


    Finally talk to ta yday n inform us that job didn’t report W-2 she also said she is going work on our case as soon as she got off phone n if we don’t see any update by 15 to give her a call back n that irs has to pay us interest by us waiting this long so hopefully we see something soon


    I finally was able to get through on Friday. I was told it was because they are behind, I filed on Jan 28. I cannot get a tax transcript I have put every single one of my student loan account numbers in, it just keeps telling me information does not match. It is becoming so frustrating. I finally reached out to Congress. I also had a TA assigned tried calling numerous times but Covid happened. I am hoping that I will get a DDD on Wednesday. So how do you find out if the IRS has to pay interest.


    File Jan 31, 2020 on Feb 12 received 60 day letter due on april 30 and still nothing. I called friday and agent said i started regenerating intrest may 30th. Bunch of Bs


    Doesn’t mean SQUAT🤯! Offices open almost fully on 15th and you will see some changes but till then just sit back and enjoy the fun on the news cycles!


    @jacc i dont know what it means either.


    Nicole06 its happening to me too. All last week my as of date was may 4 then may 25 dont know what that means.


    my as of date changed . it was april 27 and changed to may 25 and now its april 27 again.


    Ok so I filed feb 5 and got accepted feb 6. I got the 4464c letter in March and now its June that’s 3 months they have been reviewing and I haven’t heard another word from them and j got my state refund and my stimulus check but no federal refund!!! Wtf???


    845james thanks. You know it doesnt make sense why would in my as of date show may 4 then may 25 actually the whole week was like that


    @jacc I think it means they looked at it


    I have a question my AS OF DATE on my transcripts changes for example thursday was may 4 then yesterday(friday) it was may 25 and today it said may 4 again does anybody knows why?


    Filed 1/16
    Received 4464c 60 day review 2/13
    Contacted TA no help just stated i had to wait it out
    60 day review up 4/13
    Contacted local congressman 4/21 barely received a response Tuesday 6/2
    Contacted local TA office
    Faxed 911 form with W2’s
    Received call back 5/12 stating my income was not matching advised to do an amendment & provide proof of my business
    Reviewed my income myself it was correct never did the amendment
    Checked transcripts today 846 6/10 plus interest



    Congratulations 🎊 p


    Finally got answers as to why ours is taking so long. They said that my employer didn’t send in my W-2 which I know is BS. My brother and I both work at the same place, W2’s were sent in together. IRS lost mine 🙄 hopefully we will get a ddd next week.


    So I checked my bank accound around 7am this morning and still no changes…Just checked at 12:30 and i have an 846!! Ill get my taxes Wednesday! Woohoo! So excited this will all be over soon!


    My as of date changed on my transcript it went from may 4 yesterday today is may 25 so i dont know what does mean


    What does AS OF DATE change means something. All this week my as of date change to may 25, 2020.


    I’m starting to get really frustrated!

    Filed January 15th
    Accepted the 27th
    60 day review letter March 9th

    I’ve called the IRS and get the same “we’re behind” I’ve left several messages for a TA and I’ve emailed my congressman but nothing.

    I ordered paper transcripts by mail before the Covid shutdowns but never received them and can’t access them online.

    Anything else I may be able to do?

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