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60 day review

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    Just found out this morning, I have a 60 day review that started on 2/20. IRS lady couldn’t tell me why it was under review, but that there was no action needed from me at this time.
    Anyone have past experience or info on reviews???
    I hope it doesn’t take the full 60 days, but I expect it will.

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    Hope we do get stimulus check so pay off some bills just in case refund don’t come yet but they both need come the same time for real


    I thought it was sumthin I did cause it kept sayin oops yesterday and now forums just popped up workin again but as I look at ppls post times apparently it’s been working fine for most ppl. I just get rejected by everybody😞


    @kadkins85 yes it’s hard to join the forum now . I think they don’t want us talking lol

    Johnny Stewart

    Seen this about the stimulus will we get one based on this year if we are still under review?

    Johnny Stewart

    Got my letter on 3/16 filed in January still no update here can’t check my ts online had to get it by mail still waiting



    Yes it does!! Nothing like the CPO5 one did, what the heck!!! What are they doing!! Another 60 days!! I hope my TA can get this crap done!!


    Congrats everyone with an update!!😄🎉🎊
    I’m still waiting. TA said she’d call me on the 10th so we’ll see my 60 days is up 4/20…I hope everyone sees movements soon. Hang in their everyone. 👏🏽👏🏽



    I got same letter looks like it just came off typewriter


    Omg!!! I received another letter yesterday from the IRS, a 2645C stating they need an additional 60 days to review my account, I just got a TA last week on the 23rd, now I get this letter dated the 25 of March and Cp05 on 3/9 what the hell is going on!!!


    @Britt lucky you!! I filed on the 2/1 too! Got my letter dated the 3/16 and I didnt get lucky! 😒


    oh I almost forgot you to @jacc gotta include you to !!! lol


    @ Britt this gives me a lot of hope I do exact same thing pray cause we need da funds hopefully we will get some kind of update this week


    @GoFigure @carrie it holds true it was exactly as i said hit the bank today I updated ts fri the 20th wmr updated sat 21st and in the bank on 1st so when you guys update to ddd this fri it will be there on that date !!! goodluck !!!


    Thanks everyone!!! It was a long time coming 😫😫


    @Britt congrats on the ddd !!!


    I didn’t do anything but pray pray and pray! I filed feb 1st got my first letter feb 20th saying to do nothing. Then I received second letter March 16th still saying do nothing. I waited and waited. I checked WMR every morning so I checked this morning and it gave me a DDD if April 3rd.. Good luck everyone I will keep a check on y’all and continue to pray 🙏🏼🤞🏼


    Britt congrats your finally out the boat take care and good luck im still sinking in it


    @britt did you have to do anything cause I got 4464c letter n says do nothing n I haven’t call or nothing I received letter March 2 wit began date 27th of feb


    @Britt congrats!!! We’ll miss you on the boat…what were your stats again?…
    Also is anyone else having to jump through hoops just to get to the forums?


    Awesome! Congrats🎉🥳


    You all keep your heads up! I know how stressful it is mine updated last night and I finally had a DDD this morning when I woke up. I thank you all for all the support and I will continue to pray for everyone ❤️


    @Joel cp05 same stall tactic as the 4464c letter I know it sucks for all but without a tax advocate it could be long try calling one good luck !!!!


    Or was it supposed to be last night?


    Is updates going to be tonight going into Thursday morning? I pray I get my refund soon. I think I should call my TA back today


    I’m hearing in 3 weeks bit I also heard April 6 as well


    Does anyone know when we are getting the stimulus check deposited to our bank account I keep hearing this friday and from other sources this monday(april 6)

    traci lamp

    Ok now Im gettin pissed off cant get ahold of anyone and then you just sit and wonder is anyone working? Well i found Chuck Rettig on facebook a d messaged him im getting tired of waiting. Everyone at the IRS needs to live the way we have to then maybe they wouldnt do stupid shit like this! It does not take but maybe an hour to review a tax form so what the hell is tge hold up!!!


    No update for me yet it would be nice to get stimulus check n refund at da same time ..I’m not gonna check wmr until Saturday I’m tired of getting disappointed


    14days left on the 60 still nothing and no ta callback

    Madelyn Ann

    Hello All,

    My name is Madelyn and I’m like everyone else, pissed off I have not recieved my refund…I recieved the 60 days notice on 2-19. I have called the IRS twice since then and all they will tell me is it’s still processing and there’s nothing I need to do. Well its pretty fucking frustrating. Never had this issue before. Do we usually get a DDD on Wednesdays?


    Maybe u will get the 846 transcript update Friday and wmr will update Saturday (?)


    I have a feeling i will get stimulus before my taxes but shit they might not give that to me either my 60 days is up in 2 weeks and nothing still processing



    I Hope your right


    I received a cp05. What’s so weird is that everywhere I’ve seen, people are getting code 846 at the same time as 571 but for some reason that’s not my case. Thanks for the feedback man. I saw that you were one of the lucky ones the other day lucky lucky.I’ve been following for awhile now lol

    Like why in the hell would I not get the 846 and why would I get 570 and 571 on same day


    @Jennifer you will get your refund before stimulus I have a feeling !!!



    Thank you


    big day for all tomorrow if not fri & sat !!!! good luck !!!


    @jennifer no conflict they will just use 2018 return


    If we haven’t received our tax refund yet will it affect us getting the stimulus check ?


    But i have just come to the point ill get it when i get it


    @cb I could see what you mean i should have worded it as did you receive either or cause ur screwed either way !!! lol 😂😂😂



    I figured that lol just was making sure


    I filed on Feb also and i have a 60 day hold as well and she didn’t know either but i they didn’t need any additional information which that means…im okay i just have to wait…
    wth is going on?!! i cant even get a hold of a live agent at the IRS because of this outbreak and nobody is working there….
    does that mean they’re not working on the refunds??




    At vee

    Tax advocate lady said Everytime they call they get voicemail at whoever at the IRS. So who knows what’s going down at this point?


    Last Tuesday I sent my TA my check stub because of the bar not reporting my income. Does any one know how soon will I get an update?


    @cb not cd me bad lol !!


    @cd nothing your fucked either way !!!


    Asked if I had paycheck stubs I said yes she said fax me those not hardship cutoff notice. And I’m at this point. Last year I didn’t get refund until end of June. Because I waited out the 60 days then got another letter for 60 days. So if y’all wait for business to do there job u could be hit waiting on them.. I’m hopeful I’m not waiting until June


    I didn’t play this year I filed 2-18 got 4464c letter dated 3/18 . I called local tax advocate yesterday got a lady saying bla need hardship, was like virus not enough hardship? Said fax over hardship cut off notice and paystubs. Today got a different call from from another lady super sweet lady said yep it’s the company I worked for that didn’t report


    I got the4644 whats the difference


    Good luck for tomorrow(Wednesday) everyone


    oops wrong post 😂😂😂


    @Lovebunny Congrats on the ddd !!!


    @joel after reading your post I did notice the dates of your codes on 3/9 it looks like your code was resolved but on 3/16 you were issued a notice so my guess is that the notice is holding you up did you get a letter either a 4464c or a Cp05 ???


    @carrie should go to your bank if thats how you had your refund done


    @joel thats odd normally after a 571 should have kicked an 846 refund code in maybe someone he can answer that for you !!!


    @jc right! This whole cruise has been based off of No further action needed….side note..I only posted it to answer my own question as to whether I’d be getting a dd or a check since I’m going through a third party with hnr block.


    Thanks and im not sure about the interest……and i printed the 911 form off line sent that in with my last stub and w2. Well i faxed it…..i wonder if they got it with this virus


    Now that all this is going on…will they still hold taxes for a 60 day review?


    It’s discouraging to hear you’re almost at the end of your window. Was really hoping the 60 day thing was an overstatement and it wouldn’t take that long.
    Yes, I know they can extend that but still…always hoping.
    So when do our returns start to earn interest?


    Hey guys,
    Thought I’d finally join in after reading comments past two weeks

    Why would I have Tax code 571 stuck on transcript since 3-09

    570 Additional account action pending 3-9
    971 Notice issued on 3-16
    571 Resolved additional account action 3-9

    I thought after the 571 it should be quick.

    Also, my name is Joel and I was too violated by the IRS lol


    @Carrie I like the first section of that link from irs oh havnt we seen it enough !!! with no action required 😂😂😂


    @cb agreed if you have to amend they will let you know !!!



    Yea the taxpayer advocate lady said dont do it unless u have to she said it takes forever she said if the irs can fix it they will …but my letter dated 2-13 im almost at 60 days and still processing im sure mine will be past 60 days 😭


    @liz oh i didnt know that thanks !!!


    I don’t know if it was a good or bad thing that they amended my return after I received the letter. I just know that the wait is long and awful. I look up the info on an amended return it said 3weeks and anther 16 week 😩😩 I called to get my transcript yesterday so I’m just waiting for it to come in the mail.


    No, that Patricia girl amended and got a ddd a few weeks later. The story is somewhere in the old pages of this forum, and she started a new post about it.


    Still waiting…filed 2/8, accepted 2/11. Found out through calling we got pulled for review starting 03/23. Can’t view transcripts online. First time ever for a review. It is quite a learning experience. Always took for granted how easily we got our refund in the past.


    @cb I dont think I have seen anyone here yet that amended and got a ddd yet !! I could be wrong though I did see someone amend here but no info on ddd


    Hey i was told it will take alot longer if you amended it that if its something simple or just a little off the irs could probaly fix it them selves


    By the way I wouldnt want to be that guy on the TS LOL !!! 😂😂😂


    @Brittany here is a link to what aTS looks like use it as an outline to what yours will look like as you look to the lower left you will see codes the last one is the important one most likely it will be 570 save the link


    Hello everyone,
    I need help!! I filed 2/1 accepted 2/2, letter received 2/14 saying I didn’t have to do anything I’m under 60 day review. I called the company that did my taxes and they sent in my w2s she said the amended them. I’m just stress and tired of waiting. I’m sure I’ll be waiting a lot longer then some of you because they amended it.

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