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    Just found out this morning, I have a 60 day review that started on 2/20. IRS lady couldn’t tell me why it was under review, but that there was no action needed from me at this time.
    Anyone have past experience or info on reviews???
    I hope it doesn’t take the full 60 days, but I expect it will.

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    Jennifer Echols


    They must be finished with your return… And all your info is ow updated… I been following your progress and I hopeful that you will see and update on wmr tomorrow 😊


    @GoFigure i am the same. I think I will go ahead and pursue a TA. I have slight hope for WMR in the morning but without my transcripts changing at all my hope is very slight. I hope we get some updates soon!


    I’m an 20200705 with CP05 of 3/09. Wage verification. TA, Monday will be two weeks I sent paystub. Anxiously waiting on the morning to check WMR.


    Ok I’m making a post to keep everyone postive!! I been following along and reading everybody’s post! I had a 60 day review dated 02/02. I got a tax advocate a few weeks back and was told before 4/20. My advocate called me today and gave me a refund date of 04/08! I didn’t need to do anything but wait! God is good and J hope you guys get your date soon by the way I’m cycle 0705.


    That’s real good news!! U are really processing now, versus sitting. Did u do an idv?


    Yeah I haven’t had much update either other then I can now order transcripts with new address today. Last Friday I couldn’t and had to use old address


    Yeah no change at all on mine…staying hopeful for next week!


    At least my State hit. Now just waiting on this next mon-wed to find out if my paycheck stubs was enough. I’ll know more next week.. filed 2/18 got 4464c letter dated 3/18 got tax advocate last week faxed over info mon , advocate called back Thursday said wait 3-5 days to see if IRS accepted my paycheck stubs. Should have refund no later than end of April.. finger’s crossed IRS accepts


    I checked my transcript and it did update the date to 4/20 🤞🏻 I’m really hoping that’s a sign considering the TA told me that date !! Lord please , I have 4 kids home during this crisis and I really could use the money


    @ shawna

    Hopefully we are soon !!! Been LONG enough!! But I did speak with a TA and she told me my DDD would be 4/20


    My 60 days is April 13th as well and I’m hoping for a DDD soon. I did notice a change This morning my accrued interest and penalties dates changed from 3/9 to 4/20 not sure if that matters though.



    Darnit…that’s exactly the same with me! Since Ive checked Ive never seen an update on WMR or anything…Its always said “we’ve received your refund and it is being processed”. Ive never even seen the bars since January…sucks.



    I’m also a 0705 and haven’t had any updates since 1/28 !!!


    My 60 days is on April 13 hopefully by then I should have a DDD or my refund what you guys think


    It is getting me excited seeing all these 0705 codes getting DDD dates. I have about lost hope since i haven’t had a change in months. I am considering getting a tax advocate at this point…anyone get a DDD before seeing a change on their transcripts?


    Yall. Ive been reading these posts comparing dates. I had lost all hope. My cycle code 0705. Filed and accepted 1/27. CP05 on 3/9. Woke up to a DDD 4/7. Im getting off the boat!!! Hang in there!


    my CP05 has a code in the right hand corner of notice, then I made my own code when it gave me the option


    No update for me !! Congrats to those that did !!! My 60 days is approaching and I’ve lost all hope ;(


    How do you get the caller ID pin i have a 4464c notice, i dont see a caller id#



    I’ve never gotten info like that from a phone number. I’ve always got the info from my transcripts online.


    Im happy for those that their TA helped them out my TA just did not helped me correctly I wished she could have done more for me than just stating I had to amend becuase I had errors when that was not true


    I called that number it basically just lets me order my ts. I don’t know how to get codes and stuff like I keep reading. Oh well I’m over it at this point.


    @sarahbeth congrats on the ddd I told you it would come and that date is exact !!!


    I can’t tell if there codeS by the number I called But I’m sure they are related they change since i filed and seem to be a guidance over the irs people themselves but on the number it did change to full refund sent to your account as if 4/20 and that’s the only one that changed last night so I’m at least keeping hope cause of that

    Johnny Stewart

    check my status today got a refund date for april 7th =)! Hope you guys get you refunds soon been a long wait


    ‭1 (800) 829-0922‬


    Finally!! Got a call from my TA this morning, she said my refund has been processed and approved with a DDD of 4/8/20


    Thank you @jc im praying we all get our refund im happy for the one’s who did get it.


    Yes it is from a phone number, the info is form the transcripts though. If you received a notice, you can access the transcript details over the phone without “ordering one”.


    Sorry typo


    Oh ok, thank you.


    Gofigure good luck tomorrow hopefully this bs is coming to an end soon and we can I have our refund



    They are not from a phone number, they are from our transcripts. You can access your transcript online at


    How are you guys getting these dates from a phone number?


    @ashley it seems they are using that date for everyone until you either see an 846 on your ts or an update on wmr to ddd then your up in the air maybe tomorrow is everyones lucky day good luck and hang in there !!!


    @go figure
    Well im hoping it goes fast ….at least i have my job still and ill get my stimulus well i hope i get it soon


    Well is the 4/15 date good. Some are positive to the date and some are negative. Im really trying to be positive about it all.


    @GoFigure thats what im saying you need to have something tell you 846 thats concrete your gonna have to check wmr in the morning


    @RedDawn to order??? 800-908-9946


    Just for the heck of it I called the phone number too and it just gave me the 4/15 dates. I’m confident mine will go next week. Well not confident but hopeful lol


    What is the transcripts number to call?


    Just amounts and dates. The very first thing it rattled off this time is the amount and issued date. I choose detailed account info, not summary (I pushed option 2)


    @jc that’s what I tried to figure out. The 800-829 number I called seemed to want to transfer me to someone I believe but when I called the 800-908 number for transcripts it now recognize my new address verses last Friday it didn’t. I was trying to follow the same steps @GoFigure took lol


    excuse me i meant @GoFigure


    @jacc does the phone info give you codes or just dates and amounts ???


    No update for me bs


    @Gofigure That’s AWESOME!!! I just got online for mine but still woot woot!!! That gives me hope that mine will be next week!!


    Yah, I believe WMR more than the phone info or TS. I’ll let u know in the wee hours of tomorrow morning if my WMR updates 🙏


    So I just called the transcripts line and I entered in my new address that I filed with. Last Friday when I ordered them it only recognized my old address!!! Not sure what this means exactly???🤔


    Anyone updated today at WMR(not ts) please share


    Cycle code 20200605


    I called it!!!! Says issued on 4/20, and now balance is zero. WMR should show DDD of 4/8 I’m guessing tomorrow…I’m not getting my hopes up, well..yes I


    Did u call that transcript ph number??!


    @carrie thats a good sign that at least there is movement on your ts but as far as the interest no one will see that cause it states from when you filed or from ddd date witch is ever the later so they keep changing the date to cover there nuts !!!


    Well not necessarily a good update..but my transcripts finally updated today. The accrued interest and penalties dates changed from 4/15 to 4/20. Other than that my processing date is still 3/2 and my codes are still the same..but hey it tickles me that at least something besides the tracking number changed.


    No update for me. I guess I check tomorrow



    What is your cycle code? Mine is 20200805. Nothing has happened to our transcript for over a month….



    What number did you call to get that info on the date change? I can’t get online transcripts Bc I don’t have any credit cards, home loans, vehicle loan or any of the other things they require which are pretty much all loan acts to verify identity.. ughhh


    Check your transcripts!!! I’ve been following this thread for a while, filed 1/14, received 60 day review letter 3/2. Like others I’ve done nothing but PRAY! Just checked my transcripts and have a ddd of 4/20! Good luck everyone! Keep praying!


    Spoke to ta today 4/2 about a 60day notice filed 1/28 letter 2/18 one employer didn’t get wages in in time minor fix confirmed the review Dept for returns is for sure gone till the 13th any returns not stopped for review will continue but us that for a letter were damn till the 13th at least



    Thank you for that I just called the number again and one of the codes change to 4/20 so at least I see the updates I guess maybe it will but that week


    @michellem Congrats 🎊 🎉 on your update. I F/A 2/21 had to ID verify 3/16 changed from “still being processed” to “it is being processed” I only hope I update Saturday morning!!! Congrats 🎈 again!!!

    Michelle M

    There is hope ! Filed 3-2 stayed frozen with the 570 code until this morning, Got a DD of 4-8! cycle code 20200705


    It’s a standard date. .it’s not the DDD


    Im in the same boat got my review dated 3/16 called and i heard the same thing a credit april 15 …..i have no clue if its real or is it saying that to everyone .


    Hello been following for a long time now. You guys have been big help so far but i need more help. I called a number heard bunch options. Heard options and it states credited xxxx in xxxx on april 15. What does that mean? File 2/4 review letter 3/16 states do nothing and wait.


    Believe it or not, I have seen amended returns get a quote quick turnaround..however they are short staffed now…. But I believe it will be fast, mail it in asap!!!


    Yea it sucks but atleast i know know and wont check everyday …..


    Someone post an IRS FAX NUMBER! Maybe we should send in our W2 and last two paycheck stubs of the year…SPEED UP THIS PROCESS!



    I’m hoping mine also will be 🤞🏻🤞🏻 Good luck everyone


    Cb my TA also found errors in my tax return and adviced me to amend which I did not because my tax preparer and I found no errors


    Oh no! But do be assured it’s standard for them to give a timeframe well beyond when u will actually receive. Hang in there, at least u won’t be wondering like you were before. 🤗


    So today this TAX ADVOCATE guy called me was super excited until i found out there was an error but any ways he was very nice and called me to just to confirm stuff but he said amend my tax return and call him at his number in 6 weeks and he will file the hard ship and he said to wiat 6 weeks because everything is shut down /slowed down


    @jc I appreciate the support it really goes along way especially through these hard times. I definitely will be checking scripts tomorrow and wmr Saturday morning. These be some hard weeks to pass especially being a weekly


    @jacc I just saw what i posted on the tv but your info sounds allot more stout im going with your call on this !!!

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