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    Just found out this morning, I have a 60 day review that started on 2/20. IRS lady couldn’t tell me why it was under review, but that there was no action needed from me at this time.
    Anyone have past experience or info on reviews???
    I hope it doesn’t take the full 60 days, but I expect it will.

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    Still Processing -02/15/20
    Notice For Review Dated-03/02/20
    Received Noticed For Review- 03/16/20
    Called IRS-03/20/20
    Sent Tax Preparer My W-2 on-03/31/20
    WMR Updated-04/03/20
    DDD: 04/08/20 !!!!!
    Good luck You Guys Been Following This Site Past Few Months See Y’all Next Year Hopefully Unser Different Circumstances Lol The IRS was truly fuckin up this year !



    @thicks lord Jesus I do apologize I had no idea I’m literally a McAhole for that! Please accept my apology sir🙏🏽



    @ProudFatherOF1, Oof! I’m a he, not a she.



    Thought I’d update filed 1/28 accepted 1/28 got my 60 day review letter dated for 3/9. Got another 60 day review letter dated 3/27🤦🏻‍♂️.. think it’s time for a TA



    Checked and no movement whatsoever. I am really beginning to think I won’t get mine anymore. Not one thing has changed since I lost my bars over a month ago and still 570 on transcripts. Called congressman and their person called and just said to wait and that a TA would say the same? I have tried everything. I would have never in my life imagined something like this could happen. Congrats to those that got DDD.


    Michelle M

    Just curious.
    I did get a dd for April 8th on my TRANSCRIPT yet on the WMR all it says is if i dont get it by April 13th with the “Tax topic of 203 refund offset” contact them but it says nothing about April 8th on the WMR . ONLY the transcript has that actual April 8th date…. will I really get it on the 8th i wonder ?
    Just to add, even tho it gave me the tax topic 203 it shows my refund wasn’t reduced and i owe D.O.E so i think that code was just a standard thing they didn’t remove.




    We have to be soon 🤞🏻



    Nothing for me either…hopefully next week. Congrats to everyone who got theirs!



    Anyone else with cycle code ending 705 , Hopefully we will update by 4/20 !!



    @jc I really hope this is my week lol. I’ve been on this cruise so long I don’t remember what land looks like 🤣🤣🤣


    Michelle M

    Just curious.
    I did get a dd for April 8th on my TRANSCRIPT yet on the WMR all it says is if i dont get it by April 13th with the “Tax topic of 203 refund offset” contact them but it says nothing about April 8th on the WMR . ONLY the transcript has that actual April 8th date…. will I really get it on the 8th i wonder ?
    Just to add, even tho it gave me the tax topic 203 it shows my refund wasn’t reduced and i owe D.O.E so i think that code was just a standard thing they didn’t remove.


    Plain Jane

    Hey guys]!!!! So honestly I stopped checking wmr…I filed 1/27 accepted 1/28 received 60 day review 2/13 and been stuck on processed every since… no on return my calls for a ta I gave up…I can’t believe it is April….

    I just checked wmr… I have a date finally 04/07…
    It’s coming yall…. this was a really bad tax year



    Congratulations to everyone who got a DDD !! No update for me



    @GoFigure Didnt i say i had a feeling about you and Carrie congrats and carrie is this week !!!



    Still nothing for me 😞

    Congrats to everyone who is finally coming to the end of their 2020 tax journey!

    Hopefully we’ll get to join y’all next week.




    Congratulations on getting your date finally. I bet you are relieved. Glad to see you get it finally. I hope everyone else does soon aswell.



    Congratulations everyone that received a DDD. No update for me…….


    Kamron Howard

    2 months later and STILL no update. FUCK THIS SHIT BRUH GIVE ME MY GODDAMN MONEY



    No update here ..



    @Gofigure and everyone else who got DDD!! Congrats!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉. Enjoy the land lol.



    still no update here…maybe next week :\ it’ll come when it comes I guess



    @DeeDeeLTL That’s what I told myself maybe next week. I was like I would call Wednesday when they open but I know their phone lines is going to be backed up on call volumes ughh




    What did you do when you called to get that info??



    I looked and still no update for me. I’m so disappointed. I submitted my stuff to the tax advocate a month ago, and it doesn’t seem that I have made any progress. I have given them everything they’ve asked for, and I was still told they wanted to contact my previous employer, who I had already expressed to them wasn’t the most cooperative.. but I gave them my consent to do so when I submitted everything, and still, nothing. Maybe next week.




    Finally!! I’m so thankful that you have finally received your DDD!! I pray that it blesses your family in these trying times.

    Congratulations to all of you who have updated!



    I update without a ta



    Nothing again!!!!!



    Finally a DDD



    @JACC I know I update on Thursday’s for DDD. As speaking with @thicks she stated WMR update for ppl that processed Friday w/transcripts to update Saturday for a DDD Sunday for Thursday DDD. Ima check later tonight and tomorrow morning again to see again. Keeping hope alive



    Hey everyone congrats on the ddd just checked mines and it’s 4/8 so happy right now I called the number and is said 4/20 so I’m glad wmr shows bars now and a deposit I filed 1/28 accepted 2/2 had a review started 3/16 from a cop5 letter started to call the 8008290922 to check transcripts or detail of my account since then and With no TA involved I now have a ddd of 4/8 what a year hope everyone else comes soon save these numbers got a feeling next year might be critical to



    Congrats gofigure you finally out the sinking boat



    Kathryn I dont know if this helps but last year I updated on a sunday at WMR for a DDD of a friday. Only a few updates take place on sunday so good luck


    traci lamp

    Well again no ddd im really starting to get pissed! I got laid off so I really need this ! I cant get ahold of any ta’s having a hell of a time.



    Did anyone that updated just update on its own or you had a TA



    I have been following for a couple weeks an y’all have given me so much hope I file Jan/20 and got a 60 day review on March 2 and I finally got a ddd of April 8th I will pray for everyone that didn’t get one it’s coming I lost alot of hope but y’all gave me hope again



    Congrats to anyone who got the good news…does any one know if it only updates once



    @thicks it is 3:30 here. I’m in central time but maybe so. Idk if WMR update in batches or all at once my time But I’ll check back at 6



    @GoFigure, congrats! Finally!!

    @ProudFatherof1, you may be admitting defeat too early. I thought the WMR updates ran from 3:30-6 a.m. ET. There’s still over an hour to go.



    No update here…oh well



    WMR Updated
    DDD 4/08




    My first time calling a TA was an epic fail they told me I couldn’t get help from them Bc my monthly income disqualified me, also sounded like she was at home I could hear kids in the back and her attitude was horrible, so I really thought I couldn’t get help, then 2 weeks later I called again to the main TA Number where I talked to someone who was able to view my refund & told me what the review was for and that my info would be sent to a TA who would call me in 5-10 days.



    Is anyone else’s transcript where it’s says taxable income blank ?







    Just wanted to tell you guys that I checked transcripts today and got a date FINALLLYYYYY! I filed January 17th!




    Didn’t think it updated until 4am ?



    Anyone updated today(saturday) at WMR.



    Did u call the number? Use the call code on ur letter for a pin.



    Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!! Now that that’s out of the way, congrats to everyone that has received their DDD and are getting out of here.

    Still nothing new on my status or transcripts. I finally decided to fill out the 911 form and fax it to my local TA office on Wednesday. Hopefully I get a call on Monday or Tuesday.



    Cycle code 0705 !! Hoping for a update soon !!! Good luck to everyone



    @GoFigure a Cpo5



    Did you receive a letter?



    @txdal5deep I’m definitely going to be checking in the morning…I’m literally going to be up all night just running off adrenaline lol I’m so anxious I can’t quite control myself. Lord why can’t it be 4am already lmao



    Filed back in January on the 23rd
    Got the dreaded 60 day review. Ended up being my last 4 of my SSN# wrong on my w2’s since I was hired there. Mess.

    Get an advocate. My situation would take this out an additional 3 months! Now, I will have it within a few weeks. Maybe less.

    Those still waiting, she did point out that we will still receive our stimulus checks and I will more than likely get mine before my taxes. So there IS light at the end of the tunnel!



    @GoFigure I didn’t know I could call for transcripts do you have the number? I haven’t gotten a TA!






    What is the transcript phone number you can call?



    Hey y’all. I broke my phone a week ago and haven’t been able to follow the thread for the week. 😞

    Congrats to everyone who got a DDD!👏 I’m so happy for y’all and jealous at the same time! 😊

    I’m one that has to wait for WMR to update so I’ll check tomorrow if I’ve updated this week.
    Fingers crossed and praying hard 🙏
    Cycle 0705



    @ jc @thinks
    Thank you all so much. I’m just going to continue to wait and read these post. Y’all are awesome btw



    @thicks I just bypassed that bs and went right to the point as you know but thanks for laying it out for her !!!


    Jennifer Echols


    Yes, I am pretty sure if you can order ts with updated address that you are done processing and you will see an update tomorrow morning on WMR.. And actually, I am a weekly as well, and I updated last Saturday, but not until around10pm.. 😌



    @DeNi$E, “Whichever is later” means whichever is further in the year. If you were to file in May (if you don’t owe taxes, there’s really no deadline — at least, not for a few YEARS after), then your date for TC 150 would read 05-xx-2020. But since you filed before the 4/15 deadline, it says, 04-15-2020. (Actually, it seems to me that the IRS postdates everything by 18 days. I’ve been reading here that people are getting 4/20 today. Assuming their returns were processed yesterday [4/2], 18 days later is 4/20, which is later than 4/15, the usual deadline.)

    I filed on 2/4, but the IRS didn’t open my return until after I IDV’ed on 2/27. My cycle code wound up 20201005, meaning they processed my return on 3/5; they put my processing date as 3-23-2020 (18 days later).

    Your TC 570 means there’s a hold on your account. Ltr 4464C announces the dreaded “60-day review” and usually means all of your W-2 information isn’t in and doesn’t correspond to the wages listed on your return. The IRS prefers to wait a while for employers to update W2s than use other means of corroborating the data (like using your check stubs or an official letter), so even though the letter says you don’t have to do anything, if you can qualify for a taxpayer advocate who’ll push for using some of those other means, then you might want to do that instead of waiting. The unfortunate thing is that this year the crisis has eliminated or slowed down that option for many filers.



    @GoFigure @Carrie I’m feelin good about you two tomorrow !!!!!



    Deni$e you are nearing the end of the journey just keep watchin that 570 to go to 846 forget everything else on there may the luck of the irish be with you hang in there !!!



    I been here with you all for a longggg time I promise you I’m rowing. Also, code 570 has the date 3/2 but the other codes has 4/15. What does that mean?



    Deni$E it means you are stuck on 570 jump in the boat and grab an oar and start rowing till that 570 changes to an 846 !!!



    Hello everyone,
    Filed 2/1 accepted 2/2 had bars but disappeared, got ltr 4464c 2/14, been waiting very impatiently, got ts cycle 20200705, code 570, and it’s also say processing date 3/2 and return due date or return receive date (whichever is later) 4/15. What does all this mean? Please help!! TIA😩



    @Gofigure ☺☺



    Have u called the transcript ph#? And did u happen to get a a TA?



    Y’all I filed 2-1 Accepted the same day
    Bars disappeared and got the still being processed message with tax topic 152
    I received my Cpo5 letter dated 3/16 saying not to do anything with the 60 day notice!
    I’m giving up hope 😩😩😩 I haven’t had any changes or heard anything!
    I requested my transcripts by mail but nothing yet!
    This is so stressful!



    Do u check transcripts online or by mail?



    U getting an update tomorrow. Did u get a CP05?



    Carrie.. I called the # twice this a.m. because the first time, I wasn’t paying attention… only expecting disappointment. So I had to dial again, I was fumbling around like a real weirdo wondering if I head what I heard. It said the 20th though but last week someone had that (the one that gave the number out to call) and she update on wmr the next day. Hers said on phone the 20th though. WMR said that coming Wednesday.



    My little tax buddy! I will definitely let u know, I will set my alarm for 4am tomorrow morning (Mountain Time). If WMR updates, I’ll post…and gonna make sure u jump ship and get on my little floaty u threw to me. I’m taking you shore!! TurboTax is supposed to take their fees today from my bank account, so I will update about that as well. 🤪



    @Gofigure definitely keep us updated. I’m literally 4 days behind you so I’m getting antsy lol.



    @txdal5deep You think that might mean I’m done processing??? I know I IDV 3/16 and she stated I passed and went back into processing. I only hope it means I finished processing Lord knows my son and I are long over due for this!

    @GoFigure yeah I IDV on 3/16

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