IRS LTR 4883C, Potential Identify Theft in Original Processing

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    Did you call the IRS and a rep told you will receive a 4883C or did you receive this letter? Here is what we know on about the 4883C:

    Or, compare notes and chat with other users who hit the 4883C road bump by using this forum topic.

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    I filed 1/24. Wasn’t touched till 2/12 then I got letter on 3/12 veriified on 3/13 Called today 4/19 and was told that I Was underreview and needed to verify then told well it says 4-6 weeks but the department is asking for and additional 16 weeks … Problem, for me is I need my transcripts for fafsa. Tax advocate still has not contacted me.

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    -Verified 3/1 4883c told to wait 4-6 weeks (6 weeks ends on 4/12)
    -Called almost every single day…always told I was still processing
    -No bars,status stayed at Your tax return is still being processed.A refund date will be provided when available
    -4/11 status changed to we have received your return and it is being processed
    -4/12 bars came back,DDD of 4/16

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    i just did it and in the website after i completed it said i will processed so i dont know when to check. should i check it tomorrow.

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    Tracy Kiser

    This letter was bs to stall my refund. They said it was straight now and it be coming in 2 weeks. It’s been 5 weeks. My original file date was 1/3012013. I’m getting a tax advocate lawyer. This is a bunch of beaurocratic crap.

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    mickey m

    I verified 3/11 was told everything was ok put back after three questions. Received a letter sat dated 3/15 decided to call again today and verify called got asked many questions put me on hold while he entered processing codes said I was cleared to go to processing again said it would be 4-6 weeks from today . I am wondering if I was actually put back into processing this time he even took the time to explain why my return was pulled in the first place . I I get a date soon

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    Filed 1/30
    Accepted 1/30
    Lost orange processing bar 2/18
    Ordered account trancsript 2/18 but not return and when I got it….it was blank
    Called 2/22 and was livid because all the ti.e I was waiting I found out I was flagged on 2/7 before processing was done due to 4883c so totally clueless about it I got some info googled it and called…wait time was 30 minutes tops and had a nice Rep…asked a few questions then I thought I was done…well NOT! I was curious and called back 2/26 and was told the Rep did not release me Bk into processing…smh so I did it all over and the guy did it right…well called back 3/6 and was sent to indentity protection unit (not the same people on the letter andwas interrogated at the end of the Congo thready said well I released the hold and u should be ok when the other department release their hold and they have up to 30 days to answer so that will be 3/22 so call Bk after then if u don’t have your money! Mad as hell I called back 3/18 got my fave guy who calmed me down and told me I should have an update the week after 3/22 and just to hold on he said this is a new system and they did not know all these people would be flagged and that’s its nothing malicious just protection of the taxpayer…I said ok and I will call Bk on 325 if I don’t see an update on WMR by then…thanks for reading I hope I get my money soon I have been a good girl but I will go bad if I loose anything else ;-) P.U.S.H

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    I got the 5071c letter did any of you all verify online and then have to call. I was told to but It was only a week ago I had called to verify so I am just wondering if my online acceptance just has not been processed. What do you all think. Got letter 3/9 verified 3/9. Called 3/18 10 days called IRS rep said to call verify. Thanks for the replies.

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    Return accepted electronicly 2/20/13
    Letter 4883C recieved 3/15/13
    2 hrs on hold transfered to the wrong area and told to call back in
    call back in says call volume to big call back another time
    2 hrs on hold 3/18/13 from 8 am mt time till 10 when I had to hang up to attend class
    3/18/13 Current hold time is over 1 hr…
    UNBELIEVABLE…. thanks for protecting me IRS!!!!

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    mickey m

    Filed 1/31 accepted 2/1 bars left 2/18 called 3/11 was told they started processing my return on 3/4 because eic HOH forms and that a letter was issed on 3/8 4883c called them to verify same day 3/11 said it would be 4-6 weeks . Recieved 4883c letter on 3/16 but it was dated the day before trying to figure out if this is a new one and i have to call again or is this the one issued on 3/8. No change on WMR . I hate to keep calling them I think it will delay them even more How long should I wait to call them agin and see if I have to verify again the agent told me it was fine dont no weather to believe him or not.

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    I was accepted Jan. 25 without an education credit so I should have started processing on Jan. 30. I had 1 bar for about 2 weeks then changed to the generic 21 day message. Nothing changed until I received the 4883c letter on Feb. 19 and I called and verified my identity. I was told that everything checked out and they were releasing it back to processing and wait 4-6 weeks. I was finally able to order return transcripts on Mar. 8 so I started to get excited but It’s now been 3 weeks and 2 days and I have seen nothing.Any thought or anyone else experiencing this?

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    The situation I am about to explain happened to me last year as well. I was unaware of the Identity Theft Pin.
    Filed/accepted late Jan.
    Waited the 21 days with “processing” status on WMR the whole time.
    Called IRS, was told that someone else had filed with my SSN and was rejected and that they VOIDed my efile as a precaution.
    I was then told that I needed to mail paper copies in and that it would be 6 weeks after they Receive my paper copy before I would receive my refund.
    Followed up by calling the IRS 9 days later to verify they had received the paper copies. They told me they had not. They also said that it didn’t mean it wasn’t there, but they just had not gotten to it yet.
    This year: I haven’t followed up since. I am just trying to be patient.
    Last year: Obsessed for weeks, drove myself crazy, and didn’t receive it until late April.

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    I had recieved a letter (4883C) on 3/11 long after my return was accepted 2/14 and I tried using the hotline given to me….it doesnt work, i wait over an hour then the line dies and i am hung up on, why cant our IRS handle a simple hotline, why cant there be easier ways of getting in touch with the IRS. Honesly all this hastle isnt worth the money I’d be getting anyway, our country cant seem to do anything right now-a-days…

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    Accepted 1/31, received 4883C letter on 2/20. Called and spoke with IRS agent on 2/25. Was told to check WMR in 2 weeks. Nothing has changed, still says being processed. God only knows…

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    Got my 4883c letter today a month & a day after e-filing. Tried calling the 800 number on the form 5 (FIVE) times during normal business hours and each time got a recorded message: “due to high call volumes we are unable to take your call at this time.”. Contacted taxpayer advocate & all of my elected representatives requesting assistance. Requring performance of an impossible task for return of ones property is the same as taking property without due compensation (constitutional rights violation).

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    Filed and Accepted 2.16.13
    went to Refund date when available on 2/26
    Called IRS today they said they sent letter 3/6/13 – Have not received
    Lady at IRS (very Nice) told me if I dont receive letter call 800.830.5084
    Called that number ext 123
    IRS Lady asked me a bunch of questions, filing status refund amount, employer, Bank Used last year
    AGI from 2011 Wages from 2011
    She asked for my number in case they have further questions said everything is fine now and I should receive
    my refund 4 to 6 weeks from 2/18/13. Not sure of the significance of the 2/18/13 date maybe when it was originally pulled for identity review. She said there was nothing else wrong with the return it had just been randomly selected.
    I also asked will I still receive DD or paper check – she said whichever method I requested on my return.

    Will post and update when I have it!!

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    mickey m


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    -Filed and accepted 2/16, Processing one bar
    -2/23 Lost bar, Return is still processing blah blah blah message
    -2/25 Called irs and was informed of letter coming (although I have yet to receive that letter)
    -3/1 i called and verified info from 2011 tax return
    -Told will be back processing, it can take 4-6 weeks but could be sooner
    -3/11 Still no update, contacted tax advocate but no return phone call yet

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    accepted 2/5

    Ugh so i got my First 4883c letter 3/4. Then a second 1 on the 3/5 with my correct info. First one I received didnt have my correct info. So I had to fax mine in since I haven’t filed before. Witch I faxed them it back on 3/4. & haven’t got a call since then. When I call they say they can’t help me over the phone. Am like are you serious so you cant help me over the phone. BUT I AM WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO CALL ME TO VERIFY WHO I AM COME ON NOW

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    I filed 2/13 waited 21 days still processing called agent said it was hung up in processing his words exactly why he didnt know received letter 4883 2 days letter wait time not bad at all inter view a couple trick questions said they were releasing back to processing no cluehow much longer will wmr still update ive read with problems sometimes there is nio update and some were just gatting whenever without dd date is this true

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    An update to give you all some hope

    Filed 1/30 through Taxact, Accepted 1/31
    Had 1 bar for 2 weeks then went to the received date will be given when available.
    Called IRS on 2/21 and found out I was mailed a 4483c
    Received it 2/23 and called to verify everything on 2/25 and was told 4-6 weeks
    Today I checked WMR and have a deposit date of 3/13.

    Keep faith and hope you all get it soon.

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    filed 1/30
    accepted 1/31
    4883c letter 2/25
    verified 2/25
    second 4883c letter 3/4
    verified 3/4
    Still nothing

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    With this letter, is it going to be DD or not?

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    This is some b*ll s**t and why can’t it be direct deposit I am the only of my friends and family that have gotten this letter. If my address and job is the same what is the damn problem ?

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    It took them 26 days for them to send me the 4883c letter. I called and verified yesterday after waiting two hours on hold. I just do not understand why we have to wait an additional 4-6 weeks when we have already waited three. You mean to tell me they couldn’t verify over the phone when they were telling us they do not know what the issue is. Or are they looking for more things to say they want us to prove? If someone explained why it takes 4-6 weeks longer maybe we wouldn;t be so frustrated but they act like they have no idea why. I am afraid it is just going to sit there again. How do I know they released it because the WMR sure isn’t showing anything different. I just do not even know what to do at this point. What a nightmare!

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    I filed 2/1 and accepted 2/1. i got my one bar probably a few days later then stuck in processing ever since. I decided to call the ITS for the first time on on Tuesday and I was told i am still in the 21 day window. I called on Wednesday and was told they see my return but it seems to be stuck in limbo and not posting to the system the agent seemed perplexed himself. I called on Thursday and was told I was mailed a form 4883c (potential identity fraud) on the 13th. I never got it so just called that hotline and verified my information on 2011 taxes, agi, dependents etc..was only on the phone for a few minutes. I called again on Friday and was told it will be sent to processing to wait 4-6 weeks. First of all if a letter was mailed why did I never receive i?t and when information is verified why should it take another 6 weeks?. I was never told that I was a victim of identity fraud only that it is a precaution the IRS is doing now. Why does that precaution have to affect me by almost three months? also I see many people who filed just a week ago and have their money. I have spent countless hours checking on anyone who received this letter and so far not seen anyone at least online who has got their refund so I am assuming we will actually need to wait the six weeks. I am feeling very frustrated.

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    I got this letter dated Feb 21 (I filed and was accepted on 1/31) and called the number immediately. The whole call was about 15 mins and I was put through to an agent immediately. He asked questions about my 2011 return (employers, dependents, basic info) and then followed with specific lines from 2012 return. That part took 5 mins and then I was on hold for about 8-9 mins and when the agent returned, he said that I was all set and all I needed to do now was wait for my refund…which will take 4-6 weeks. He did note that “some” had received theirs within 2 weeks but cannot guarantee that.

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    I received this letter , and I’m just wondering how long its going to take for me to receive my refund. Does anyone know?

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