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    2. Payment Status Not Available –

    If you receive this message, you were either not eligible, or eligible but we were unable to issue you an EIP 2 payment. You will need to claim any additional amount you may be entitled to on your 2020 tax return as the Recovery Rebate Credit.

    This is what I am getting.
    I filed for 2018 not 2019 received 1st stimulus via entering info. I believe the AGI from 2019 was used this time unlike last time when both 2018 & 2019 were used. I believe because I didn’t file for 2019 I have to wait and request 2nd stimulus on taxes.
    This may be the case for many of us. Thoughts?

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    I have a code 846 too , and says issued on 1/4/21, but haven’t received anything yet


    I got my first refund in the mail no problems. I checked my status on the irs website today and it says ” status not available we don’t have enough information, or you may not be eligible ” anyone else has this issue? Will I still get a 2nd stimulus check?


    My transcript has code “846” deposit date of 1/4 but I haven’t received anything yet either….. IRS tool just says Status not available.

    Patrick P

    Where can I find my transcript to see this “846” code that everyone is talking about?


    I also do not have the code 846 on the transcript either.


    When I look at my 2020 account transcript it does not even show the first stimulus or the second one and I know we qualify for the second one. Portal also say status not available so I am not sure what is going on with ours and how come the transcript does not have the info on it. This is so confusing

    Brendon Roberson

    Got the first stimulus thru direct deposit but haven’t received anything this tome ,


    Irs gas a glitch in their get payment portal system


    Yes…I have 846 on my transcript for 01/04. I still have not received my direct deposit.


    The stimulus is showing in my transcripts with a date of 1-4 released but 1-18 credit? I’m one of the ones that received the first stimulus fine but the second stimulus shows not available on the get my payment portal. Code 846



    I just found this and I think it might be why mine is held up… I got my 1st one no problem, transcript says 849 deposit 1/4/21 and check my payment says not available… I filed 2018 normally but used something like turbo tax for 2019


    If anyone used a tax preparer online and decided not to pay out of pocket for the fee, IRS sent the the 2nd check to refund transfer account instead of your bank account. This sucks, I know. The RT bank will have to reject the payment and send it back to IRS. Not sure if they issue checks at this point or make you file credit on your 2020 tax return.


    I got a 846 code refund issued 1-4-21


    how do you check your transcripts and code?


    My husband is a Usps mailman and confirmed he’s been delivering paper checks since yesterday.

    I got a paper check last time but used the get my payment tool in October to update my bank info.

    Had a get my payment status for the first check as mailed 4/24 yet I got it on 4/23 (I remember cause I tried to cash it and was told I had to wait a day cause it was post dated)

    Now my status is unavailable. Nothing has changed, I filed HOH in 2019 with 2 children smh this is ridiculous


    I received direct deposit no problem first time around. This time it says payment #2 status not available. Now upon reading this it states either 2018 or 2019 taxes were not filed which I filed both as I always do on time. In addition no bank, address, or other information has changed since the last payment so what the heck is going on?


    I have got the same thing it says on my transcript the 1/4 is was sent no deposit


    It gets even better..I clicked on ‘return transcript’ for 2020 and it generates a letter with an address that I never had on file with the IRS. I lived in this place for 2 months while closing on a house….but it is NOT what I used to file 2019 taxes. ugh lol does anyone know if they will forward checks being sent in the mail???


    There was an extension issued for 2019 taxes. It was July 15th. I wonder if this is throwing a wrench in the works. They may be processing payments based on April 15th filings and then issuing payments to anyone who filed on July 15th. Thoughts?


    I thought about requesting my transcripts by mail but as someone else said I will probably know one way or the other before it arrived.



    Me and you are in the same situation. I got my first stimulus payment no problem. It went to my bank account I had on file for my 2020 taxes. I ended up switching banks after that but they still have my old one on file. I’m getting status not available. I’m hoping because they tried to send to my old account and it’s getting sent back then they will mail it?


    Yeah mine says the same thing code 846 with a 1/4/2021 and when i check the the pratol it says no information at this time. i still do not have a deposit in my bank account


    I have code 846 with 1/4/2021 have not seen anything! I check my info on the ‘get payment’ and it states no information available, I checked my husbands and his said they were mailing a check even though we got our together for the first stimulus. When I check our accounting transcripts it looks like they split us up and gave us each one of our kids?? I dont know, has anyone else seen code 846 1/4/2021 but not gotten their money?


    what if i changed banks will they mail it


    If your cycle code ends in a 5 – your a weekly, which means your WMR will update on Saturdays (I’m a weekly as well). An 846 code is good, that’s your refund code! Thats what you want to see, so congrats!


    Did any of you have the fees taken out of your refund when you did your taxes last year? If so, that’s the issue. The refund transfer companies are getting the refunds and then Having to reject them so a check can be mailed out to those of us who have direct deposit set up but had the fees taken out of our tax refunds.

    Torey Johnson

    My status says not Available but i got it last time


    Same situation here, but his your transcript say DD 1/4 ? Mine just says payment sent 1/4 with a 846 code. Same exact codes as 1st stimulus. But still no $ in my acct.


    Same here, but does your say DD mine just says refund issued code 846.


    Well mine says that too but my tax transcript says the stimulus was sent to me 1/4 even though I’ve yet to get it.


    Hell I received the first payment direct deposit filled taxes every year yesterday it said my money was scheduled to go out January 4th today it says #2 status not available what is going on could this be an error in the system and everything is fine?


    Sunshine I’m same as you married filing joint transcripts shows ddd 1/4 I’ve got nothing yet my social says no info on irs stimulus info tool his says mail a check the 6th weird


    @Kim I hope I am wrong. Keep getting conflicting info. Saw articles that said they will use 2018 return, but others that say only 2019 return.

    Sunshine Castro

    My IRS transcript says a DD of 1/4 for ONLY half on the second stimulus. When I put in my information it tells me that they can’t process my request. The interesting thing is I filed married joint and my husband’s information on the IRS website shows that we are getting a check mailed out on 1/6. How can a joint married tax situation have two different situations and yet the IRS transcript says something completely different?


    I suspect you are correct


    The deadline to register for an Economic Impact Payment using the Non-Filers tool is extended to November 21, 2020.

    The IRS urges people who don’t typically file a tax return – and haven’t received an Economic Impact Payment – to register as quickly as possible using the Non-Filers: Enter Info Here tool on The tool will not be available after November 21.


    Who should NOT use the Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here tool?
    Anyone who already filed either a 2018 or 2019 return does not qualify to use this tool. Similarly, anyone who needs to file either a 2018 or 2019 return should not use this tool, but instead they should file their tax returns. This includes anyone who files a return to claim various tax benefits, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-and moderate-income workers and working families.


    I did not file in 2019 BUT I did in 2018 & did receive the 1st EIP after updating info to the IRS. The non filers tool last updated in October was pretty clear about who was to use it. The wording was for people that had not received the EIP. I tried to copy and paste but the comment wouldn’t post.
    I will retry.


    Filed 2019 got my first stimulus now nothing on the second same direct deposit as my taxes and first stimulus and just got the payment status not available any thoughts ?


    I filed in 2019.. got the 1st no problem. Still says info not available or someshit… soo….. kinda need my money US government. Meanwhile Canadians have been getting $2K/mo since this pandemic started from their government. Go figure.


    From everything I have read, if you received first stimulus, but did not file a 2019 tax return, unless you entered info in the non-filers portal before November deadline, or submitted a simplified tax return for 2019 that has been processed, you will have to claim the stimulus as a tax rebate on 2020 tax return. Hope I am wrong.


    @CRGray Go to and get your transcript. It will say on there info for second stimulus payment. Although mine says for today and nothing yet.


    Which transcript is everyone checking?

    kobefan 2004

    I have wells Fargo get my payment says sent to my bank acct. still nothing


    Everything was fine with the first stimulus payment. Nothing has changed for me. This time, the Find My Payment website says – “not available”, but my IRS transcript says DD on 01/04/2021. I have WF and nothing received yet at 125pm Pacific on 01/04/2021.


    If you call back Jan 15. The website states “if you haven’t received your payment by Jan 15 you will have to claim it on taxes”

    Jim Z

    I just spoke to a rep from IRS .. they said if you are getting the “not available “ message on payment 2 it simply means they haven’t processed payment yet. They said if you don’t have it by Jan 15 then that’s when we need to call back and worry.
    But if we got the 1st payment in April and we still have the same bank info .. then we are good .. just the waiting game now

    Thank you very much for this update. Thanks for calling and sharing


    @Kathy Thank you!


    Yeah, I got the same error message. SO it looks like there aren’t sending it to some people and it looks like I am one of them. Oh well.


    I just spoke to a rep from IRS .. they said if you are getting the “not available “ message on payment 2 it simply means they haven’t processed payment yet. They said if you don’t have it by Jan 15 then that’s when we need to call back and worry.
    But if we got the 1st payment in April and we still have the same bank info .. then we are good .. just the waiting game now

    Jim Z

    I’m not gonna bother with getting a transcript right now because by the time it comes in the mail, I’d probably already have my payment.

    They do transcripts online that’s how I got mine


    I’m not gonna bother with getting a transcript right now because by the time it comes in the mail, I’d probably already have my payment.

    Jim Z

    I saw that too but do not take that as definite. I believe they just haven’t updated all of the information yet. I also got No Info available for my second payment, however, my transcripts show my stimulus amount, ddd of 1/4, and code 846 – all clear signs that my payment is approved and sent.

    I think we just need to chill and wait

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