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    2. Payment Status Not Available –

    If you receive this message, you were either not eligible, or eligible but we were unable to issue you an EIP 2 payment. You will need to claim any additional amount you may be entitled to on your 2020 tax return as the Recovery Rebate Credit.

    This is what I am getting.
    I filed for 2018 not 2019 received 1st stimulus via entering info. I believe the AGI from 2019 was used this time unlike last time when both 2018 & 2019 were used. I believe because I didn’t file for 2019 I have to wait and request 2nd stimulus on taxes.
    This may be the case for many of us. Thoughts?

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    I’ve been following this thread and a few others for a while and from what I’ve seen there are people that received their second EIP without GMP or transcripts updating. Have you signed up for informed delivery? I’ve had it for a couple of years. USPS will send a picture or description of any incoming mail.



    I received last years tax refund and first stimulus no problem. Guess I will just have to claim it on my taxes this year. Just didn’t know if anyone out there received it without any of those 2 things updating.



    Transcripts and GMP haven’t updated for me but I also haven’t received last year’s tax refund. The first EIP was direct deposit without any issues.


    Is there anyone out there that hasn’t had their transcripts updated or GMP???


    I received a deposit dismorning thanks everyone this site was really helpful hang in there its coming


    Received a deposit dismorning thanks everyone this site was very helpful hang in there its coming


    Hello to everyone I finally received my payment at 1:05 this morning . Which I dont understand why it took so long the first payment came into my bank account with no problem. I hope if we receive another payment it won’t take this long again. Thank you so much for the info. This site really helped me through the waiting process.


    Hi guys yay finally got it. I hope all u get urs soon. Best of luck


    Check your account in the morning after your bank opens. Everyone who had the deposit originally for Jan 4 should have it on or by tomorrow. If you don’t have it by Feb 12 then claim it on your return and it will be added.


    Thank s for the update I checked my account nothing hopefully tonight


    Hey everyone gmp just did a huge update this week. Check gmp and your bank accounts today. Those with original deposit date of Jan 4 should have received a direct deposit today for Feb 3. Also if you don’t receive your eip payment by today, I talked with the IRS. I was told checks will take 4-6 weeks to mail out. Good luck!

    Sandra Jordan

    I received a letter from my bank on 01/13/2021 stating I was getting a deposit from META TAX today is 01/31/2021 and still have not recieved anything


    All hope is lost. I cant view anything on the IRS website. Everytime I try to view either the status or my stimulus money or the transcript it says unavailable. I was told by the bank I should see something in 1 to 2 business days since they see something pending on their end. Which should of been Friday. Also got the Meta Bank verification on 1/13 but still nothing in my account. This is frustrating at this point 😒

    Dr Malito

    I did receive a meta tax prenote on my checking account on 1/13/21. I had been waiting and checking my account and the gmp website daily. The gmp was still stating that the second status was still stating unavailable. I got a text after 7:30pm or so today 1/29/21 that my deposit will hit my account on 2/3/21. Im happy that it is finally going to come through.

    Same here, Thanks to this chat that has been very informative and kept me sane!! Thank you all.


    Yes mine hit like 1am it’s coming guys I doubt the govt will allow billions of people to sit through a crisis like this I work every day I get a Guarantee check every month so no I’m not in high need of a stimulus but I will say I felt like shit like everyone that I know that got there stimulus Is home all day smoke weed and getting drunk while I’m at work thank god I have a job but come in I want splurge too 😂😂


    I bank with Michigan C.U. Still nothing here. GMP did not update either.


    Finally got mine today!!!! I bank with credit union. They’re coming guys!!


    My stimulus finally hit today. My transcripts and gmp did not update until this evening and I had a dd date originally set for Jan 4 but was cancelled and set to be reissued on Feb 3. I received a test deposit on Jan 13. Filed with TaxAct. I hope this gives hope to those still waiting.


    I did receive a meta tax prenote on my checking account on 1/13/21. I had been waiting and checking my account and the gmp website daily. The gmp was still stating that the second status was still stating unavailable. I got a text after 7:30pm or so today 1/29/21 that my deposit will hit my account on 2/3/21. Im happy that it is finally going to come through.



    Did you receive a check or direct deposit??


    I see everyone posting that they got an update for the IRS gmp today for 2/3. While I am glad this gives many of you hope (mine reflects the same as well) Let us not forget many of us had gmp saying 1/18 and never saw a dime. I do not mean to have anyone lose hope. Just lets not count our chickens before they have hatched just yet. Been following the forum for awhile first time posting. Seems most people got an update on the gmp tool today for …Feb 3rd 2021.


    Just got my stimulus after 5pm, gmp still says unavailable and transcripts updated today to 2/3 date.


    Hi guys so finally I see an update date for February 3 . Thank god


    Just got my stimulus! Chime.


    In case anyone needs to know, I never got a test deposit but my transcript and GMP updated this morning to reflect a 2/3 deposit date on the correct account.
    Thanks for the info, everyone


    I had all the same issues. I’ve been following all week. I bank with navy fed. My account just updated a pending deposit! ( 2/3) This feed has been a major help!

    Giddyup Girl

    My status just updated to deposit on 2/3. It read not available this morning.
    Thanks to everyone on this thread. Kept my hopes alive. 2021 is trying to be as difficult as 2020.


    My GMP updated in the last hour. Transcripts updated about 6:30am with a DD for 2/3 with my correct bank account. I filed using TaxAct and was caught up in the TaxAct/Republic Bank fiasco. For whatever reason the second stimulus was split down the middle for my husband and I. They calculated his payment for him and 1 and 1/2 of our children (we have 3 and not sure how you split a child in half lol) and his GMP status read mailed 1/6 and arrived here in Michigan 1/15.


    Mine read Status Not Available until an hour ago. My half was calculated as me and 1 and 1/2 of our children. We file joint every year, so I am not sure how or why this stimulus was split or how my half got caught in the Republic Bank hell but his didn’t. Received the first stimulus no problem in whole (not split) DD into our bank account.

    Hope this is helpful to someone! Stay encouraged, the money is coming slowly but surely!

    Storm Girl

    My GMP finally updated sometime in the last 2 hours! My DD date is 2/3.
    My original was sent to Liberty tax on the 4th and returned. Hope this gives someone else hope because I had almost given up. Thank God for it finally updating and it’s finally going to get here!


    Good news.

    After getting my initial 0.00 deposit on 1/13 I finally got the stimulus today 1/29. Check your irs transcript. It will be updated there before the EIP WEBSITE. My mother and husband both got the 1/13 deposit of 0.00 as well and they are receiving theirs on 2/3.


    For those who can not access transcripts, The GMP tool will update tonight. I know the first time it updated at like 9 or 10 pm so I would just keep trying around that time. Patience is a lot more than a virtue these days!

    Cookie O

    I don’t have any credit card or loans now what?


    Here is a link to get your transcript


    I really dont know what to do. No stimulus, no 2019 refund. Transcript says nothing, WMR says wrong info, GMP says not enough information. Now what? Cant get anyone on the phone always a high call volume! Will I have to amend? Stuck paying for something ive already paid for once? Anyone with this similar situation have any advice?

    Giddyup Girl

    How do I find my transcript?


    So my transcript finally updated🥳 it now says 2/3!! Hopefully that day it comes forsure!


    @CookieO Yours probably updated. Can you see your transcripts? I would check the tool tomorrow that will reflect if your transcripts did update if you cannot access them.

    Cookie O

    Mine still says status not available.. I to got a prenote on the 13th. I don’t know how to go in and get a transcript. So here to luck I guess.


    Mine also says 2/3 I have wonder if that is by mail or dd?


    I have the same update. I am a weekly cycle updater and in the same batch. My transcripts updated overnight with a date of DD 2/3. GMP is still not updated. There is light at the end of the tunnel!


    Hello everyone.

    How do I check my transcripts ? Or is that the IRS Website?


    Yessssss no update on gmp but transcript say 2/3 846 code hang in there guys hope is coming


    @Kayla my transcripts updated with the same date 2-3 and my gmp still says not available. Yay!!!


    Hello beautiful people! Finally some hope! My transcripts updated. The people that were saying they had weekly updates seemed to be correct or I was in a different batch. It finally gave me a date of 2/3!! I feel like Tax transcripts are the quickest way to get an update. GMP still has not updated for me. Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that you shouldn’t give up! It’s coming! I will do my best to help anyone w transcript questions.


    Got the first stimulus direcet deposit and the second stimulus had a meta tax note pending for 0.00 on Jan 13 2021. Still no funds what is everyone’s thoughts.


    hi I got the meta tax eip note 00 test since the 13 still not stimulus what advice you guys can give me


    WTF its 1/29, still says status unavailable. I got the prenote on 1/13, so I know they have my info!! No payment info in my transcript. This is unreal, I meet the qualifications. I hope they fix this f up before the next payment happens!


    I have a question aswell payment #1 says issues direct deposit April 2020 …and for the last month it has said payment #2 status not avaliable today I checked just for the heck of it now says payment #2 status payment will be directly deposited on Jan 9th I thought we had to file them for our taxes


    @ Lilly’s
    Nothing I called TD and the woman told me I can give up and it’s now a tax credit. It’s so crazy the way this was done


    Oops SC not Gsc..typo


    Im in Greenwood GSC have dates of 1/4 and 1/18… No update on wmp or transcript….went thru taxslayer n havent heard anything from anyone… Wish i had answers


    Yea still nothing… I dont understand why it’s just some of us. And where it can all the sudden disappear to after republic bank returned it the first time it was sent to that wrong account. And none of this is any of our faults so why the heck are we paying the price? This was meant to help us and its definitely not so far. So sad.


    What transcript do you select to see the information?


    My tax guy just told me that today was the IRS last day sending out the stimulus. Hopefully that’s not the case because I didn’t get it


    Has anyone submitted taxes for the test batch?



    I have that message, been the same since the news announced the passing of this stimulus package. I’ve checked so many times yesterday that I locked myself out and cannot check again for another 24hrs. This crap is so stressful. I can’t imagine our tax refund process coming smoothly this year.


    I still haven’t received any info on GMP and the transcript says refund issued 1/4 but I do not have a returned date or anything else. Called IRS – No help


    This whole “Covid” guessing game with 2019 refunds and stimulus has really played a huge toll on people! Im gonna end up having a heart attack! I stress everyday hoping, praying that maybe today refund or stimulus may come! At this point its hard to keep faith!

    Cookie O

    I got a prenote in my account over 2 weeks ago. From the looks of everyone comments I may need to file it on my taxes… Anyone else get a prenote over two weeks and still have not received it?


    @ T that’s the same thing I say to the first payment went went the 2 one shouldn’t have no issue cause they would have already have the correct info for us. Smh they messing up big time I feel like they be sending payments to wrong people’s.


    I got my money today yall……This forum was very helpful. thank you all


    What more information would be needed! The first pmt shows it was a deposit. Have the same account and address. Don’t nt get it


    Mine says the same thing and no $ yet



    I have the same message.


    Anyone else have this ?

    We are unable to provide the status of your payment right now because:

    We don’t have enough information yet (we’re working on this), or
    You’re not eligible for a payment.


    Mine still say nothing no update on transcripts or gmp just absolutely nothing 😞



    Republic stated that the IRS would continue to send it out in batches. It is possible yours will be in the 2/5 batch. I hope it is tomorrow for your sake. It is possible if you update weekly, you won’t see it on transcripts or GMP most likely, but it is still possible you could get it tomorrow.


    My GMP updated yesterday and says I have a DD scheduled for tomorrow. This is the first time it hasn’t said status not available.


    Still GMP status unavailable…transcripts only say 1/4 dep and returned on 1/18 and no new updates. I live in Cincinnati and have the same varo bank as the first stimulus which I received with no issues. Also used jackson hewitt to file taxes. I dont know how much longer I can have hope. Why did they have to use stupid republic bank 😭😭😭


    FYI, I had no $0 Meta Tax prenote

    I don’t know if Woodforest does them or not.


    Mine JUST hit!!!! Woohoo!
    First Stimulus – no problem
    Second stimulus:
    Original DD 1/4
    Republic Taxpayer
    #2 Status til Monday of this week
    New DD 1/29
    Bank – Woodforest


    @ LT same here…nothing new. I agree the time these deposits post is helpful. Fingers crossed but I’m losing faith that it’s really coming.


    @ LT mine saying the same as yours but yet still I see meta tax eipprenote 0.00 in my account still i just check it nothing update yet smh.


    What time do they do direct deposit? Citibank told me they see something pending i should see it today or tomorrow

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