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    2. Payment Status Not Available –

    If you receive this message, you were either not eligible, or eligible but we were unable to issue you an EIP 2 payment. You will need to claim any additional amount you may be entitled to on your 2020 tax return as the Recovery Rebate Credit.

    This is what I am getting.
    I filed for 2018 not 2019 received 1st stimulus via entering info. I believe the AGI from 2019 was used this time unlike last time when both 2018 & 2019 were used. I believe because I didn’t file for 2019 I have to wait and request 2nd stimulus on taxes.
    This may be the case for many of us. Thoughts?

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    I am in California, IRS say payment scheduled to be mailed on 1/6, still nothing in mail and I cannot sign up with the postal to get delivery information as I am a manager of a hotel and it will not let my address qualify

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    I was told by the IRS that the date on your transcript doesn’t matter . It was a mistake. you have to check the Get my payment tool . to see any updates .

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    Same boat here . I didn’t use TT but a local guy i used for years. Didn’t get minds. Now looks like have to claim it on my taxes.

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    I want my money

    I saw the metatax prenote on the 13th for $0.00 but still nothing. I don’t understand how I got the first one, but still waiting on this one.

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    @Sarah i was told that a payment is coming to your account. They tested your account to see if it was active .

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    I haven’t receive my stimulus which is weird because the first one was direct deposit and I received it right away with no trouble but now when i check on the GET MY PAYMENT portal it keep saying status not available. But I notice that on 1/13/2021 on my bank account a META TAX Eipprenote appeared as a electronic deposit for the amount of $0.00 does anyone know if this mean I will be getting my stimulus soon or will I still have to wait for 2020 tax return????

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    I had a rep eip2 republic $0 deposit on the 13th and with it now being Friday and I have yet to recieve it am I going to or will I have to file it on taxes?

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    Mail date 1/6. Check is in my Informed Delivery today. I am in Southeastern Michigan. Several others in another Group I am in here on IGMR from Southeastern Michigan with a mail date of 1/6 got theirs either yesterday or see it today. They are coming guys. I had lost hope.

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    Same here I got the same notice in my account, on 1/13/21 from Meta Tax but I still haven’t received anything yet

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    Same here I got the same notice in my account, on 1/13/21 but I still haven’t received anything yet

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    I also got the Meta notice EIPPrenote 0.00. I have not recieved any money yet but it just happened on 1/12 and the prenote date was 1/14 so hopefully something will happen. Has anyone gotten this notice and recieved their money afterwards?

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    Does anyone have the number where I can talk to a live IRS agent? I am having the hardest time getting past the automated system. It just keeps hanging up on me.

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    Got an ACH prenotice from Republic Bank labeled as REP EIP2. They say it’s a 0.00 deposit to test the account. It’s coming.

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    The 0.00 deposit shown on your banking info is a test deposit to see if your banking info is valid. If all correct, you will see your stimulus soon.

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    I got a pending transaction for 0.00 for META TAX EIPPRENOTE. Did anyone else receive this notification?

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    How long after you updated your bank acct info on the site did it take for you to receive your direct deposit?

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    Theres a spot on that page to click or you can simoly login to your turbo account, I did not get the email, but when I logged in, the system made me update

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    Momanddadof3 how and where did you change your dd info

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    Hey mom&dadof3 how and where did you change your dd info for the second stimulus?

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    Filed with TT fees taken out status not available transcript stated 1/4. Changed DD info after email.just received dd. Had just about given up. Hope y’all get yours soon too. Much love

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    Ok guys. For everyone having this issue. I just got off the phone with the IRS. Apparently the refund issue date showing on the transcript is a mistake. Lady said refunds could be deposited at any time during the day but if we don’t get the money by Friday then we’re gonna have to claim it on the taxes. Hope this helps!!!!

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    Thomas abbott

    No matter what we try we cannot log into get my keeps saying they can not match my records even though it’s the exact same info I used to collect.first stimulus payment

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    Hi all,

    I’ve been lurking for about 2 weeks for updates. My first payment came on my H&R block emerald card just fine. This time around I had the unavailable status on get my payment (still do). I’ve just received notification for informed delivery about the economic payment debit card

    Ohio here. Hope this helps to uplift someone and bring a bit of ease.

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    Anyone else can’t access get my payment , maybe an update coming ???

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    same here last stimulus was fine but did not do any taxes after 2018 so……

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    I have navy federal with a Refund date for the 4th as well! And still have nothing deposited into my account .

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    I have navy Federal no payment yet but my transcript says refund issued 1/4/21? Anybody know why or anyone with same issue

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    As of today no payment. Said sent out on the 4th per transcript but like the rest of you it also says no payment information available. . Huntington even said they were don’t sending out payments so I’m mad confused. I know one came or is coming but when and where. Irs not answering the phone so idk. Anybody have any updates!???

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    @B.Bothered We in the same boat my transcript say 1/4 and nothing yet.

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    Thank you for responding. This am IRS said nothing returned yet for me. And meta claims they never got anything. Merry-go-round!

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    @B.Bothered I got some info for you from Meta bank i just found out from my tax guy. Eps and meta bank sent payments back to the Irs for redistribution.

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    I filed 2019 taxes same way I have been for the past 5 yrs. always have them direct deposited in the same bank account. I use taxact to file and bank through Navy Federal. I received first stimulus to this account no problem, irs tool still showing payment status not available. Why am I not eligible this time and having to wait until I file my 2020 taxes? This is ridiculous..

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    So what about the IRS said dd on Jan 4. Into 2019 account info and nothing was returned. Which is Meta bank. Meta says nothing was deposited. This is complete BS!

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    Everything is the same for me and 2019 tax return was done so wtf I’m so tired of this government playing games with my tax dollars

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    THANK YOU!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    The IRS posted a new update & has agreed to reissue in check form to accounts that third party tax prep agencies had on file that were rejected because of closed accounts. This may be helpful especially to those of you with transcripts reading sent or account not recognized. Fingers crossed

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    Kim, this is exactly what happened to me and my 2019 taxes are still pending with IRS. They are very behind.

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    I received mine and my husband’s stimulus on January 4th but not my child’s I don’t normally file taxes bc Im on ssi but I checked the get my payment portal for my child and it says payment status unavailable it don’t show where she got her first stimulus or the second one. But I just recently checked mine on the get my payment an now it’s showing status unavailable on my second stimulus check has this happened to anyone else?

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    Is there ANYONE who receives SSDI and still hasn’t got their stimulus payment? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Yes, Ron- I am having same exact issue. Thats why i came here, however, we are still in the dark!

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    I checked my transcript and it said my stimulus was sent out on the 4th. But the get my payment says unavailable. I have not received my stimulus. Has anybody else had this problem?

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    Hello young fam of 4 .really was counting on this money,only to find out we havet to wait till tax time.same account past 10 yrs filed same past several …our gov sucks .someone is not doin tbere job

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    This is a bunch of bullshit thanks to our amazing government for all the help we needed this money now not 2-3 months from now when we get our taxes and shit. Thank you Internal Revenue Service for the outstanding work you’ve done fucking over Americans like usual.

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    Had #2 not available status just got dd in ohio woodforest had fees taken out by sdtpg for freetax usa last 2 years so its coming guys had a dd date on my transcript for the 4th

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    Any netspend users I want to inform yall , chill its coming….mine stimulus is deposited just got the text….I’m praying for everyone because you never know what the next person going through 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    Has anyone been having the same issue with liberty tax? The beginning of the week I checked the status of my stimulus and got a message that said it was sent to my account on the 4th (but the account was the last 4 of my SS) then when I checked it the next day it said not available. I checked my transcripts and it said issued on the 4th but credited to my account in the 18th. Has anyone else’s transcripts said the same thing? Has anyone received theirs before the credited date?

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    Got my stimulus this morning. TT sent an email at 342am pacific time that stated my stimulus was on the way and would deposited on the 8th. I bank with Bank of America and it came. My status still says not available and my transcripts say refund issued 1/4

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    I had same message about information not available. I then received an email from turbo tax saying they were issuing payments abs this morning it was DEPOSITED. hang in there guys

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    2018 filers will have to wait for tax time. However some people that had this message are receiving deposits today but those appear to be the deposits that were delayed by third-party banks

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    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    I’ve been following this thread so I wanted to post an update.
    Filed with a tax prepared (not H&R Block or Turbo Tax) for 2019 – fees to be deducted from refund.
    Checked IRS website to track stimulus payment – Not Available.
    2020 tax Transcript has 846 DD 01/04
    I just received direct deposit from SBTPG within the last half hour.
    FL – SunTrust

    **There really is hope. I hope everyone else sees a deposit soon :)

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    I wanted to let everyone know… I used TT where they take the fees out of my refund. I have wells fargo bank.

    My status says “Payment 2 – not available”…

    I just got my money as of 20 minutes ago. It is sitting in my bank account now. Don’t lose hope…

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    I didn’t get minds . It say 1/4 also.

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    Just got my $600. I bank with Wells Fargo for those who wants to know. My transcript showed me that it was issued 1/4/21. So my guess is, if it came direct deposit the first time, you’ll get it the second time. Depending on your bank. 🤞🏾

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    anyone with Netspend got their deposit yet from TT ? Got the email last night from TT.. Nothing on Netspend still :(

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    Kerry kelley

    Received my first stimulus via direct deposit with no issues. Now I get the status not available statement through the IRS portal even though they have all my information on file and nothing has changed. My only income is my SS benefits and normally I don’t file so does this mean I have to file a tax return for 2020 to receive my stimulus and exactly what do I use to file a list since I don’t receive w2? And did the IRS lose all my information

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    Kerry Kelley


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    So why wouldn’t I be receiving this check I cant work becaue I need to stay home with my kids because i dont have a babysitter and they have to do this homeschool stuff. This is kinda ridiculous. So now what do I do?

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    We need to keep our feet on the necks of Liberty, Tax Act, and Jackson Hewitt. They chose to send our payments back to the IRS when they could’ve made arrangements like HR Block to send them out. They are literally playing with people’s lives. This money is a life line for a lot of us who are suffering financially due to the pandemic.

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    I just checked mine it says the money was deposited into my account on the 4th. BUT THERE I nothing there! The first payement was easy. I received it and so did my brothers. Direct deposit. This time around they got theres l. the 4th and i still have not received anything although my transcrip says it was released! Wtf.

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    Come on stimulus

    This was emailed to me at 9:30pm California time

    Dear Valued TurboTax Customer,

    Great news, your stimulus payment is on the way!

    We are happy to share that stimulus payments will begin to be deposited starting January 8th. We expect most payments to be available that day, but your bank could take a few business days to process. Your payment will be deposited into the same bank account that you received your 2019 tax refund.

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    Come on stimulus

    Hi all, please see updated press release regarding stimulus 2.

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    Kelly bender

    Our bank account is still the same as last time & we are getting the error message to its a bunch of BS plainly someone who can’t do their job right!!!

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    The irs tool when I check says that my deposit date is the 4th, but I still don’t have my refund yet. Anyone dealing with this besides me?

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    I receive SSDI and I don’t file taxes. The IRS website keeps saying payment info unavailable. I’ve read on a couple websites that say that means I’m not getting a check and will have to claim it on my taxes. Is this true?

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    It says $600 was deposited the 01/04/21 It now $600 was added to my account. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

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    Charles Gause-Nash

    I got the first stimulus check in April, nothing has changed since then so why have I not received the second one. Why is it saying not available?

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    @Tee Mine is the exact same as yours. Have you found out anything?

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    I was one of the first one last yr and now it says not available. I used JH for the last 8 years.

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    Megan Lynn

    I hope those of us that are in the same boat but didn’t use TT or HRB get ours deposited as well.

    I used Efile and the bank they use to take fees out is EPS Financial, which is part of MetaBank but they claim they have no info on stimulus payments.

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    Leah O

    **No deposit yet

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    Leah O



    Chime—same here, transcript dates and says sent 1/4, GMP says status #2 not available, filed with TT and paid fees with refund

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    I have same. It doesn’t look like Chime has started deposits yet but if you log in to your chime account they tell you that they are working to get them out within the next few days

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    Anyone here with chime that has the transcript date of 1/4 and the WMP say status not available receive their deposit yet?

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