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    2. Payment Status Not Available –

    If you receive this message, you were either not eligible, or eligible but we were unable to issue you an EIP 2 payment. You will need to claim any additional amount you may be entitled to on your 2020 tax return as the Recovery Rebate Credit.

    This is what I am getting.
    I filed for 2018 not 2019 received 1st stimulus via entering info. I believe the AGI from 2019 was used this time unlike last time when both 2018 & 2019 were used. I believe because I didn’t file for 2019 I have to wait and request 2nd stimulus on taxes.
    This may be the case for many of us. Thoughts?

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    Got all excited seeing everyone say that they checked their and says they’re getting a deposit on the 29th… sadly just checked mine and it still says payment status not available… I want to cry…. I’m tired of waiting… I’m tired of bring broke, and I’m definitely tired of relying and putting any trust into/on a government that obviously doesn’t give a damn about us. Anyone else check theirs and is still saying payment not available?




    Hey guys, my irs status has finally updated and also says I’m scheduled for a deposit on the 29th.


    I just checked mine and it finally says payment status 2 scheduled for deposit on January 29th. Hang in there everyone, maybe we will get it after all.


    My GMP updated from unavailable to DD for 1/29. But it still show my same bank account as last time which is now closed. Should I expect it to get mailed later if they’re going to turn around and try and deposit into the same closed account again?


    I keep checking and nothing I called Citi bank and they said there is nothing pending.


    I had a prenote on the 13th, I also had a status unavailable on my payment #2 get my payment tool. I checked it today and it now says I’ll get my stimulus deposited on 1-29. Keep checking! It’s coming


    @Je no I never received a test deposit. Only received emails from taxact. And I have a greendot card


    @Meliisa- I bank with Navy Federal and I last got a prenote on 13th…haven’t seen or heard of any deposit date or pending deposit yet


    Just checked gmp says my check will finally be mailed feb 2 so it went from deposited on January 4 “which it wasn’t “ to now being mailed so THANK GOODNESS


    Any one bank with Navy federal seem theirs yet?


    @ EJ same here I bank with TD bank smh hope am in this batch


    Good day any updates as yet? I am so tired of checking my account an keep seen the. Meta Tax eipprenote 0.00 that’s has been posted 1/13/2021 in my account nothing yet and I check the IRS tool seen Not Available etc. But first stimulus I got no issue right on time .




    @renee It is because you are a weekly updater. Your transcripts update between late Thursday night into Friday morning each week. The people who updated yesterday are daily updaters. You will see an update Friday morning on your transcripts but may have a deposit by the time you see it anyway.


    Hey y’all! I FINALLY got mine!! I’m teary!!! I got the same premote everyone here got on the 13th and it just hit my account this morning!!


    I just called my bank and they say I have a pending deposits with is my stimulus my faith is restored


    Ummm the irs will be doing stimulus payments until next Friday because they extended it to the 8th is what I was told


    Yes .I received one on the 13th


    Any prenote people will get there deposit I got mine it’s pending


    My transcript has not updated and I did not get an Direct Deposit date for 1/29 is anyone else experiencing this?


    Good Morning Everyone.

    Please keep in mind, everyone will not receive their stimulus on the 29th so if you haven’t gotten it or don’t see any pending deposit by now you will have to file your taxes and then apply for it with your taxes. Those of you who will be receiving it on Friday including myself already have a pending deposit in our accounts.


    @Angel, congrats! DId you get a test deposit?


    @vasha I got the meta promote on 13th and I too have citi called and they said they don’t see any pending transactions on their end, did you ask anything in specific?


    My stimulus hit this morning.



    I have updated transcripts for the 29th. Still nothing. Be aware that they have to put them through in batches, so we can be a batch going in today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


    I bank with Arvest got the 0 deposit on 13th woke checked on 27th still nothing 🤦🏾‍♀️😔…


    I just call my bank citi and yes I have at pending balance from the irs they gonna put it by the 29 🙏🏼. Thanks God


    I used TaxAct who uses Republic bank and to my surprise I woke up with my deposit this morning!!! Finally check your accounts people!!!



    If you receive the note on the 13 th the funds would be there the 29 th I have TD Bank call your bank and they will tell you hope that helps ppl call your bank and speak with a Rep they will give you more information


    Has anyone using taxslayer got theirs yet? I have the 1/4 and 1/18 dates but still no stimulus


    So I also bank with Arvest but it shows “posted” for $0.00 EIP deposit as of the 13th and no “pending” transaction… what does that mean?


    Does any one have amegy bank in texas and has received the stimulus after the prenote?


    Also can’t seem to password reset on the IRS transcript site. I just locked myself out of their site for 24hr after 3 failed password attempts using my iPhone. It never let me put the new password in…this is like a financial mind#%*!

    Stimmy…whereeeeee areeeeee youuuuu?


    I keep checking my account nothing I bank with Citi bank


    I am so happy I found this forum. Got the first stimulus. Didn’t get the second. GMP says #2. I got the Rep Bank test run showing $0.00 on the 13th. The replies have me hopeful. I check my acct hourly (TD Bank). It’s so sad -I’m still Broque! Pleaseeeeee deposit my funds! Sucking up internal tears and will check again tomorrow and the day after that and the hour after that!


    Nice 👍 ya I havent received mine even with the prenote meta tax still have faith tho


    I had the meta tax prenote on the 13th and received mine today


    So I had my eip2 go to republic bank and on the 13th I got the 0.0 deposit. Today I received my stimulus to my bank account.



    The transcript is on the IRS website. You have to go through their signup process to begin. Once there, you can check the statuses of refunds for both stimulus purposes and income tax refunds. It is quicker than waiting for where’s my refund or get my payment to update. They update that well before the online portals.


    So tomorrow be the 10th day for those that have meta tax prenote on the 13


    What’s the transcript for do I sign up


    Hey guy s we’re are u guys checking this information.


    Check y’all depending deposits .my pending deposit is showing my money for the 29th I have navy fed


    What’s the transcript you guys talking about ?


    Some good news! Just checked my IRS transcript again. They added 1/29/2021 as the next refund date! Crossing my fingers!


    Heads up everyone if you got the o.oo meta verif on the 13th its coming. Mine it around 1 today available on the 29th


    Have Faith People…. I received the EIP 0.00 deposit Jan 14th.. I see my full deposit pending for the 29th.


    Have faith people its coming. My transcript updated this morning with 846 1/29 around 12:30 ET. I see a pending in my Credit union account. Which would release tomorrow.


    Nice hope everyone gets it I’ll keep that faith


    @Gracie me too but I bank with Navy Federal. So Thur or Friday the money should be in our accounts.


    I got the pre note on the 13th and I bank with Arvest and it shows my stimulus pending until the 29th so at least I will finally get it!


    @still have faith
    I haven’t received mine
    Tho did get the meta tax prenote on the 13


    I don’t see anything yet, but I never see pending deposits.


    I just got a DD from net spend . Tax lady messed up my checking account numbers last year . I had to wait for paper check for taxes last year and first stimulus . I’m not sure how they got my checking info , but I’m not complaining . Upstate ny


    OMGGGGGGGGGGGG Yall I just checked my account and I got a pending deposit of $1200 YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

    Check y’all accounts now.

    Storm Girl

    I just got my deposit

    May I ask what bank? I’m just trying to figure out if the ones getting deposits today are only the ones with the banks that push them straight through instead of holding until the release date or whatever it’s called. My bank sucks and holds mine and won’t tell you if there’s anything pending.


    I just got my deposit


    @keepinfaith did you get a prenote also on the 13th


    No stimmy yet


    @keepinfaith I truly hope so.


    Just checked my account and saw the pending deposit from “Dept. of Treas.”
    I used Jackson Hewitt and had Republic Bank take my fees for preparing my return out my refund. It’s coming y’all!!


    No stimulus yet for me either hopefully on the 28th


    Hello everyone!!

    So my GMP it state unavailable, I check my transcripts and stated on 1/4 Refund issue, than on 1/18 tax credit. To me this is so crazy…Republic Bank sent a check to me for the first Stimulud, and now for this second nada. I PRAY AND HOPE, it comes in by this week. In dire need like everyone else. Its nonsense thay IRS is giving everyone different answers and that makes it worst. Pleasr update if you get yours.

    Orlando, FL


    I have Netspend. They usually post deposits quicker than regular banks but I havent seen anything yet. Holding out hope we see something before 2/1


    Nothing for me today.


    Does anyone that gets early deposits see their stimulus yet? I haven’t gotten a test deposit and my status still says not available. I’m just working on a hope and a dream that I will get mine on or before the 2/1


    10 working days from the 13th is the 28th, if you’re counting MLK day, Jan 18th, it’s a holiday.


    Ice fishing again today, 🤞!


    Today is the 25th and still no money however 10 working days from the 13th will be the 27th (not including weekends) so we will see what happens.


    I spoke with the IRS agent on Friday and they told me that my payment was sent to a third party account and that they would be reissuing the money by February 1st. They put a tracer on the check to see where it was located and that if I don’t receive February 1st then I can claim it on my taxes. There payment tracker is down until January 25 and it should be updated then is what the irs said. Good luck everyone. My status siad unavailable on the irs site.


    Well what I was told was this week there going to be a massive drop they have to reissue 8 million checks, direct payments, or meta bank card. Biden sign and executive order that mandates that the IRS resubmit payments by February 1. My belief is that’s why they pushed the tax season back from The end of January until February 12th . So they can get as mush payments out before the new season begins. So let’s see if that would be doing all of this this week.


    I’m over it. I was told to just claim it on my taxes. This is so disappointing.


    Let’s have faith something will come.

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