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    I read a post that PATH with a 2/19/18 processing date won’t update with a DD this Saturday the 17th and that we would have to wait until the 24th to update for a DD. Any truth to this?

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    Learn more about cycle dates here: https://igotmyrefund.com/forums/topic/cycle-date-mean/



    Prior to PATH, the cycle codes were a good way for most people to figure out when you would get your DDD. The cycle codes are still good indicators of when you will see your DDD IF PATH DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU. My cycle is 20180505, but that isn’t going to tell me when I will get my refund this year because I have EIC and ACTC.

    As for the processing date: Last year, I, along with a lot of people, had processing dates of Feb.27th and received their refunds on the 22nd/23rd. There were also some people who got a DDD a few days AFTER the processing date.
    This year, my processing date is 2/19. Most likely, WMR will update on 2/17 with DDD’s for the following week. I think it is possible there will not be updates for some people until 2/24, but it’s still fun to guess!! :)

    Basically, you will know your DDD if you can view your transcripts and see code 846 with a date, or when WMR updates with a DDD.



    @laqueena mine is the same 20180505 which means we are weekly updaters and will prob not see a DD until 2/17/2018 update on WMR- Saturday Morning


    Mrs Turner

    What does cycle date of 20180503 mean?



    Yea that’s not correct. If that was the case I would have money by now as my cycle is 20180403



    The link below breaks it down so it’s easy to understand.




    It won’t let me post the links…



    My cycle date is Feb 7th I think…. 20180604 so how can that be? The processing date for me last year was Feb 20th and refund ddd was 22nd with cycle 0502. Can you explain that?



    Ok. My cycle date is 20180505.



    The cycle date refers to the year, week, and day. There’s an article on this forum that breaks it down.



    No, it’s your cycle date that will tell you. When you figure it out you’ll add 4 Days to the date for a DDD.

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The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.