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8 weeks after 4883C, I WAS still unpostable

As of 05/06/2013…
Filed 1/28/13 … 98 days ago…
TurboTax Transmitted 1/30/13 … 96 days ago
IRS finally Accepted due to 8863 delays on 2/14/13 … 81 days ago
Where’s my refund has been stuck in processing since then…

After 25 days and still in processing on 3/11/13 I called and was told they mailed me a 4883C… grabbed tax refund and verified on the spot… was told it would be 4-6 weeks from this point now that I was verified…

8 weeks (56 days) after first verifying I called again determined to not accept, “it is still processing” as an excuse anymore… did the math and counted the days… 56 days since verifying is 8 weeks NOT 4-6 weeks and all with no letter.

Called 1-800-829-1040 and hit 0 a crapload of times… got a live person… explained that there has to be some sort of issue it has been 8 weeks or 56 days, since I verified and have not yet even gotten any sort of letter good or bad they wanted more info… I long silence took place then a hold, then the news was told to me I was still unpostable and that the verification that took place and was documented should have closed the identity theft (4883C) issue, but it was still there even after I verified. They never clicked the button, they documented they verified me, but never closed the 4883C… I just waited 8 weeks for nothing. Was advised I could either do a referral which would take 30 days, or I could try calling again. Called 18008305084 EXT 123, explained again even though I verified I was still unpostable and blocked still… She immediately got apologetic and said “You are right, its right here. Plain as day, you verified but it was never turned off. I am so sorry. All I can do is verify you again and make sure it takes this time, but it will be up to another 4-6 weeks.”

What else could I do, I verified again, was given the TA number 877-777-4778… and was assured that she quadruple checked it, and that it really is off this time. *Sigh* I really am not the biggest fan of my congressman but I will probably be in touch, I can’t wait another 8 weeks.

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