8 weeks after 4883C, tax return is still unpostable.

This is a scenario that happened to a taxpayer after they verified their identity and then their return was unpostable.

I filled my tax return 98 days ago. TurboTax Transmitted 96 days ago. IRS finally accepted my tax return after I received a 4883C letter for identify verification 81 days ago. The Where's My Refund tool on IRS website has been stuck on "it is still processing" since then.

After another 25 days it said "still processing" and I called the IRS. The agent told me that an 4883C letter was mailed to me. I verified my identity again on the spot and was told it would be another 4-6 weeks. 

Where's My Refund was still stuck on "it is still processing". 8 weeks (56 days) after first verifying my identity, I called again because I was determined to not accept, "it is still processing" as an excuse anymore. 56 days since verifying is 8 weeks NOT 4-6 weeks and all with no letter.

I called 1-800-829-1040 again and pressed 0 countless times and finally got a real person at the IRS. I explained that there must be some sort of problem because it has been 8 weeks, not 4-6 weeks still processing. I had not received any letter that something was wrong or the IRS wanted more info. 

A long silence took place. Unpostable.

Finally an agent was able to tell me something new: my tax return was "unpostable". They explained that when I did identity verification because of 4883C it should have closed and my return should have continued processing. But the issue still remained because the transaction was unpostable. I waited 8 weeks because of a system problem. The agent had to verify my identification again. They seemed very knowledgable and could see all the codes showing my return and identity verification was unpostable. But was it fixed? That was my question. They referred me to a tax advocate.

A tax advocate was able to confirm the problem and assured me that the problem was fixed. But it could be another 4-6 weeks. Sigh... I am still waiting.

This is just one example of something that can delay your tax refund. If you are experiencing problems, ask questions. Be persistent and contact a taxpayer advocate if you feel like you’re not getting answer or experiencing a financially difficulty because you haven’t received your tax refund.

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