Tax Topic 152

Here is what the IRS says about this:

The Truth About Topic 152

Today, this scene is taking place all across the country. People are waking up bleary-eyed, rolling over to reach for their iPhone and opening the IRS2Go app. A few seconds to type and re-type the SSN, select the filing status and enter the expected refund amount. What happens next will quite possibly set the day’s mood.

As the IRS is processing tax returns this season, people just like you will be logging into WMR until they are locked out for 24 hours. (You can still use the phone line!) The stress and anticipation is palpable! And there it is… TAX TOPIC 152.

Am I losing my refund because I never paid that parking ticket? Oh no! My unpaid state taxes have caught up with me!


Was THAT there yesterday? Why would they add it?

It may or may not have been there yesterday. It may be gone tomorrow. There doesn’t appear to be any logical explanation for when Topic 152 shows up. But when it does, you are going to be ready!

Tax Topic 152 explains how refunds are distributed. And it’s there as a disclaimer.

It serves as one more reminder that the IRS needs 10-21 days to process a refund after receiving your tax return. It explains how to check your refund and points you Topic 303, a list of reasons why your refund processing may be delayed.

What it doesn’t do is serve as a magical indicator that you will wake up to a direct deposit date. In fact, you may see the topic appear and disappear several times during the time that it takes them to process your return. It also doesn’t mean your refund will be delayed.

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What Others Are Saying

  1. still nothing. 6 months later.

    filed in february. its august. still nothing. no letters, no straight answers from the call line, nothing.

  2. JJ

    @DLordessCano: yes! same here… I filed my tax on 2/13 thru TT, when I check WMR it says that we have received ur return and its being processed.. u will get ur refund within 21 days.. So yesterday was the 21st day, I called IRS to check the status and I was told that the day I filed my tax that their system was down and didn’t get processed/accepted until feb 26th, so now I have to wait longer. Anyway, I went to check my tax transcript 2013* it says non-filing. Im really frustrated, coz everytime I call IRS Im on hold for at least 30mins, then for some reason, when its my time I get hungup. argh!

  3. West palm beach Florida

    West palm beach Florida Everyone I was able to get my transcrip by mail with no problems for tax return of 2013 those this means i should expect a refund any time soon?. return accepted on jan-24-2014 and still on one bar.

    We have accepted your request for a 2013 Account Transcript . Please allow 5-10 days to receive it. The transcript will be sent to the address we have on file for you.

    If you need more than one copy of your transcript you are allowed to make copies for your personal records

  4. DLordessCano

    So I filed my return and like most got the stupid TT152. So I then go to look up my transcript and there is an asterisk next to it that means I didnt file a return. My state is also is saying that I didnt file a return. I filed both with turbo tax and both were accepted 2/2. Does anyone else have this problem?????

  5. Anonymous

    @Meelissa:When did you get TT 152? Just got that on my boyfriend’s return today. I did both of our taxes the same night. I just got my refund deposited at Republic bank.

  6. Meelissa

    Was worries like everyone else when I had tax topic 152 today got my ddd of Wednesday so it will come

  7. BrokeMama

    So when people say they got tax topic 152 do they mean the little disclaimer on where’s my refund?

  8. Cyndi

    I just saw on turbo tax where they talk like here .. And some1 posted that she knew some1’that worked there and if u get the tt 152 that meant u r in the next batch of ddd

  9. stillwaitingpatientlyinTX

    @krysten: hopefully not. But, just to share my experience last year, I filed with the college credits form 8863 and via HRB. I got held up and was finally able to reach a tax advocate. She told me that my form 8863 was missing two entries and that’s what had held my refund up. So I went into my account on HRB and found the form to print and fax it over to her so she could forward and get my refund to me (which actually only took a few days) . I noticed that the two missing entries were indeed entered on my end as I had assumed because, how else would HRB’s software have allowed me to go forward with the efile. Apparently, I was one of millions of ppl filing through HRB that had this same issue so it was something with HRB’s transmission of the returns that caused the problem. I know others were dealing with having to prove their identity and so on and that, whenever they’d see 1 bar then not be found, it was a sign that their return was being reviewed. Hopefully, this year won’t be a repeat of any of lasts year’s madness though. In most cases, it appears that once you get TT152 it’s a sign that your DDD is soon to follow. I hope that’s the case anyway. :-)

  10. stillwaitingpatientlyinTX

    @Cora: I think there were comments about the dates on the transcripts. If I remember correctly, your DDD is 10 days before one of the dates on your transcripts. I don’t remember which date though and trying to find a specific comment here is like looking for a needle in a hay stack lol. Anyway HTH

  11. chris

    So i just check Wheres my Refund and i see the Topic 152, is this going to be a repeat of last year? The problem with the education credit?

  12. krysten

    @needmymoney: i’m not sure about this year, but I the same problem last year. and I got my money exactly 60 days from the date on my letter. and it looks like I’m gonna have a repeat this year as well. I filed 1/31 accepted the same day. WMR cant confirm my identity with topic 152. this is how it all started last year. irs said last year that this “random” thing can’t happen two years in a row… hahahahaha well I’m off to a pretty good start for this year.

  13. April

    I efiled with H&R Block on 1/22/2013 they were accepted immediately and ive talked to the irs at least 6 times between then and now. I did not have the 8863 form just a 1040. I was given at leat 4 different dates along the way. Today I called the taxpayer advocacy and when they looked it up, I was told that the IRS deleted my return!! DELETED IT!!!! So i have to fax my return to the advocacy and they are going to help me from here. No idea how long this will take but just figured i would let you know.

  14. Sheree

    I filed form 8379 and was told today the refund amount and it was done processing on april 25th. When will I get dd?

  15. Kellideanna

    My check is scheduled to be mailed to me today anyone have thoughts on when I should receive it all input is welcomed

  16. Andy Pandy

    Mine was excepted on 2/14 with the education credits. After learning of the delay and being patient. I was told that the refund would post no later than 3/22. Still no refund. Why the misleading and false promises? Does anyone have any updated info?

  17. jemar707

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