Why didn’t I get my payment? Where is my stimulus payment?

If you were expecting a stimulus payment and didn’t get it, don’t worry. Here is why.

IRS Get My Payment portal launched on April 15th to check the status.  

Stimulus payments started and I didn’t get my deposit or check. How do I Get My Payment

The COVID-19 stimulus payments have started. We have confirmed that people have received direct deposits as early as today. Where is my stimulus? If you didn’t get a direct deposit of the stimulus payment, don’t worry. The Treasury Department partnered with the IRS were scheduled to “start processing” The Care Act stimulus payments on Thursday, April 9th.  But some people won’t see access to the money in their bank account until the week of April 13th. And for others, it could be longer. The key word “processing” is important to understand where your stimulus payment might be.

The process doesn’t start with a magical deposit into your checking account, there are steps behind the scene to make this money start appearing in checking accounts. And, some people will be waiting on paper checks. The Get My Payment portal is expected to launch on April 17th to expedite the process and avoid waiting on paper checks.  It launched early on the 15th here.

I didn’t get my stimulus payment.

You might be seeing people who say they got a direct deposit of the stimulus payment. But this doesn’t mean you will have a direct deposit show up immediately in your bank account. And checks can take longer. It doesn’t happen for everyone right away with a click of the button to a deposit into your checking account or a check in the mail. You might just be next in line.

There is a timeline for “processing”. It is a process that will happen in batches.


  • For people who have direct deposit setup with the IRS, the first step involves clearing the payments. First, banks get a transmission to confirm the money will reach the right accounts. This happens behind the scenes and you don’t see the money in your account. This has started. (If you are neurotic like many of us, we have some secret sauce to see some of this process behind the scenes. Go to the Transcript section below for tricks to see how.)
  • The first direct deposits are expected to actually hit people’s bank beginning Wednesday April 15th, but many people have confirmed direct deposits today.


There are an estimated 100 million Americans who don’t have direct deposit setup with the IRS. The IRS anticipates sending nearly 5 million checks mailed out weekly over a 20 week period. This starts happening the first week of May. Don’t want to wait, the Get My Payment portal is coming on April 17th. You will be able to check the status of stimulus payment and provide your banking info.


They want to expedite payments. An online application is expected to launch on April 17th called “Get My Payment” to allow people to submit direct deposit information so they don’t have to wait on a paper check.


If you are hurting for money like many people during this crisis, you are probably anxious for a stimulus payment. They are being processed like tax refunds and many people with IRS online access can see this activity on their IRS Account Transcript. At igotmyrefund.com we will be hunting for these transaction codes:

  • 766 Credit to Account
  • 846 Refund Issued

These would be separate and in addition to those that you would see for a refund and would be in the amount of the your stimulus check. Note: we are not guaranteeing this secret sauce, it’s just natural to think that there “has to be some sort of transaction” happen in the system.

NOTE:  We have confirmed there were NOT corresponding transactions on transcripts of people who got the stimulus already.  Weird, but true.  The only change was their “As of” date.  So throw out this theory.

More stimulus payments coming.

There has been some discussion of a second round of payments if Congress takes up another rescue measure. Stay with us at igotmyrefund.com for continuous updates of when you stimulus payments.

Have more questions?

We answer many of the FAQs about getting your stimulus payment here. Check the comments at the bottom of our stimulus check questions and answers page and on our home page for live discussion.

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