Waiting for Correct 1095a

But what if you already filed your tax return with a 1095a that is wrong? Will your refund be cancelled while you are waiting for correct 1095a Form?

1095aToday, Healthcare.gov announced that as many as 800,000 taxpayers who signed up for insurance through the federal marketplace will be contacted because they filed using an incorrect form.  They are asking that those who have not filed to wait until the form has been corrected.  To read the message published on their website click here.

igotmyrefund.com has thousands of taxpayers reporting that they already filed their tax return and wondering will their tax refund be delayed because of the 1095a problem.

Waiting for Correct 1095a

Users here and on our Facebook page are asking a ton of questions and we are looking for answers.  Post your comments below to keep each other updated here and share any new info you find.

What does this mean for the thousands of people who filed with the wrong form?

How much longer will they have to wait for their refunds?

Will they have to amend?

What to do if you got the wrong 1095A?

Do I have to send in or fax the 1095A form?

What is the fax number to send the 1095A?

What happens if I do not file my 1095A?

Just Some of the Answers We Have Found

You will get a message on the marketplace HealthCare.gov if you received an incorrect 1095a

All corrected forms should be available by early March and available when you login to the site.

Fax to send 1095A has been busy and users have said that you can fax your 1095A to (559) 456-7233

If you received a 1095a form that is incorrect you should get a call and/or email from the marketplace in the next few days.  You will also get a message in your Marketplace account on HealthCare.gov. After logging in, you should select your 2014 application, and then select “Tax forms.” You will see a message letting you know if your 1095-A form is being corrected. Upon completion, you will also find your corrected 1095A online.  When the corrected form is ready, they will send a message to your Marketplace account.


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