These terms are thrown around when discussing the dates provided by the WMR. HDD was coined as “hard direct deposit” because the language from WMR says something about “your refund will be deposited on XX” and trends tell us that this is usually a firm (hard) date that doesn’t hange and pretty accurate. A DD (direct deposit) date however is used to describe the various dates WMR spits out: “refund will be processed by…”. We look at DD dates as more of ballpark and they are often changed with various WMR messages and also your refund is usually not deposited on a DD date. The good news happy dance is for when you see a HDD because you likely can count on it being close to the day you will get your refund.

  • This is typically the message people see that the dates are often changed:


  • This is the message people call “HDD” because it talks about the actual “deposit” date rather than a estimated “refund date” shown above.