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      I logged into WMR earlier and noticed that my bars had gone missing and I had a generic message that stated “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” My refund amount and tax topic 152 was still there as well. What does this mean? Am I under a manual review or is my DDD close. Does anyone know what the answer is?

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          I filed my taxes on February 3 was accepted the same day then two days later bars left an was saying being processed date will be provided when available I called after my 21 days an was told it was just holding but was told not receiving a letter was good an I had to wait six more weeks but no reason was giving I have been calling but can’t get thru today April 9th 2015 I called the Tax advocate an have opened a file I hope they can help things along an today I checked an my status no says refund is being processed so Im hoping there working on it. First change I saw since Februar .

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            If you get this message, you have a problem that requires a person to look at it. The best number to call to reach someone at the IRS is 1-800-829-0582 ext 352. The may make you wait 21 days after you filed electronic or 4 weeks after filing paper. In my case, the system just stalled out for no reason. Noone could tell me why and no notice was sent. Finally, one rep said they would send a email to that department, but they didn’t even know what to do. I then called a tax adovocate. It took 1 day for this mess to be cleared up and next week I will get my refund. I checked today and I can see that my tax transcripts are ready…which only confirms that all is over and my money is on its way.

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              Mines says the same thing last year and this year. Last year when it said that 2 months had passed finally spoke to someone from irs and they said it was an identity issue . Then I received my refund 2 days later .

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                I’m in the same exact spot. Hopefully it’s good news. Maybe we will get an update tonight. All my updates usually happen on a sat night in the past.

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                  Filed/accepted 1/23. DDD of 2/4. Transcript was available 1/30 with refund issued code. Bars and refund amount disappeared on WMR on 1/28 . Still had topic 152 displayed with the generic message about still processing and a refund date would be provided when available. It updated this morning to show refund approved and a DDD and same amount on my return.

                  Not sure if I went through a manual review but if so, it was very quick. Had education credits, EIC, and child tax credits, and a small ACA penalty.

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                    I don’t know what’s going on I filed 1-21 per JH self employed with a w2 3 kids which are mines and have claimed them for 5 years..and this nightmare began..stuck on one bar I have been able to pull acct trans since Monday but only shows ooo with head of house hold and at the bottom no refund on file ..I received a letter from examiners office wensday required me to set an appt to review 2013 taxes and schedule c income ..I ask if that could delay 2014 she told me it hasn’t made it to that point yet it could take 3 mos to get to her..ughh but when I called IRS yesterday no offsets and could not give me any info on 14 cause it hasn’t been 3 weeks. Any info would help

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