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Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided…”

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    Update !!!!!!!!!! Help !!!!

    So WMR updated today to ” Your return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” No bars or TT 152 anymore !

    No movement on Transcript (NA) as they still have and as of date 2/22 meaning they have not viwwed my account since February 4th or before.

    Accepted 2/11
    N/a on transcripts
    3/2 updated to the above
    No bars No TT 152
    Amounts and information still on side bar.

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    M. White

    Michelle. Yes I totally agree with you. This is bull. I’m so sick of this crap. Last year I didn’t get my federal refund until june because of a 60 day review. And geuss what? I never got the interest check for it. They should have paid me interest for waiting on my refund that long.

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    Here for the comments. Wading in same swamp. PLEASE comment back when y’all see your money. I’ll do the same.

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    Tony V

    Just got off the phone with IRS they refused to even look into my account until tomorrow. Super rude. Had no clue what I was even talking about with the tax status bars not working or anything and when I explained there’s been other people that have received some type of information from them said that it was illegal so who the hell knows what’s going on.

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    Has anyone received there refund with just saying refund still being processed?

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    The same for me exactly. No explanation, no letter, nothing!! This is rediculous!! The IRS should pay late fees and interest for their delay in returning our money. Especially, when they know many of us are hurting financially and are barely (if at all) making ends meet due to COVID
    Of course, they’re blaming.COVID and stimulus payments for their delays.
    I call it a bunch of 🐂💩. We want our money back, now!
    Sorry, I wish I had an answer for you instead of my complaining.

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    @Elizabeth it is just 21 days NOT business days. So tomorrow the agents are forced to actually dig in and do some work. Lol

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    I filed as soon i received my w2 with TaxAct accepted 2/12 and I’m having the same message w no update . Also when they say 21 days does that include the weekends? If not then a lot of our 21 days won’t be up until next week not the 5th

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    Accepted 2/12/2021 no bars 2/26 I was hot mad not to see any bars again today. I spoke to them this morning and the IRS agent said they didnt started processing returns until 2/12/2021, that I am still in the time frame, and if I dont see any updates by Monday March 8, 2021 to call them.

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    I applied Feb 2nd and accepted Feb12 Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.

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    Same here mudding! Ugh

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    I think we will all get updates tonight for ddd of 3/10 or 3/12 , in past years I have been weekly and it always updates on fridays or saturday for ddd of Wednesday

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    Update: refund rejected by bank. I have to wait until the 8th for one little mistake

    if it was the banks fault, I would be pissed. This tax season has been awful. We are waiting far too long for what should be relatively simple. IRS is only getting worse. The ineptitude is off the charts.

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    Still nothing

    Update: refund rejected by bank. I have to wait until the 8th for one little mistake

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    translation..if you did your taxes early, it made no difference.No benefit whatsoever.

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    My husbands was accepted on the 13th. It was showing his bars now all its been saying for the last 2 weeks is accepted still being processed no bars, so what does that mean. Turbotax bar only half way. The 6th should be 21 days… What and how do i find transcript i keep seeing? What is it and where do we find his at?

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    Turbo tax blue bar means nothing.It will fill up completely when you reach day 21.Turbo receives no info on your return after its accepted.

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    This is some shit. I have the still being processed message I was accepted on 2/11 through turbo tax. Both credits no fees. My fiance filed the 21st and was accepted on the 21st. She got a ddd of 3/8 this morning. Bullshit!!

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    Still no change for us. Same message me NA return transcript, and account transcript still just has the stimulus info and says no return present ….ugh

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    @guy101 i dont either lol but it was only half way full last time i checked. Thats the only change anywhere so hopefully it means its coming

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    @ Bitchwheresmymoney

    Mine did but I’m not sure what that means

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    Did anybodys bar fill up on turbo tax?

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    Still nothing

    @hfvarney. It was on two bars wmr yesterday with a dd of 3/3/21. I checked today on wmr and it said sent to bank on 3/3/21. I checked the bank with a no deposit.

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    Bars went away on Monday and today marks the 21st day with no refund since it was accepted. Will be calling today to hopefully get an update.

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    Did you refund not show up or are you saying nothing showed on wmr?

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    @still nothing did you lose all your bars and tt152?

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    Still nothing

    3/3/2021 greendot bank. I had my refund sent to my bank and nothing showing up. I got accepted on Feb 13.

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    I filed on 2/7, WMR showed as accepted. Received refund on 2/24 from HRB because I had prep fees deducted. Now WMR bars are gone and have still processing message. So weird and kind of scary too

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    I filed 02/03/21 was accepted for the stimulus the 13 of Feb was had bars and they disappeared now all I’m getting is the “your refund is still being processed messages it’s been there for bout a week and a half and my 21 days is up tomorrow. My state is $0 I didn’t file for my taxes only for my stimulus HELP PLZ!!! WHAT DID I DO WRONG? I JUSG WANT MY MONEY

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    Also, transcript for 2020 is N/A. Personal tax data still showing in full on the left.

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    I filed on 2/12, got accepted same day or next day. Got my state back early last week. WMR bars disappeared a few days ago, no TT, “still being processed, date provided when available” messaging.

    I filed through TaxAct, and I used the lookback rule for EITC, ACTC, and Form 7202. I did not claim any stimulus $$$ as I already received them before filing.

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    Filed free hrb 2/7/21
    Accepted: 2/8/21
    Wmr: no bars for awhile now
    21 days: 3/3
    I’ll be calling tomorrow.

    Ill update y’all.

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    Its crazy ive been with no bars for awhile now. Blank transcripts last i got them. My husband has a 846 for 2/26 he still hasnt got a dd. But some people are getting checks that had dd setup. No offsets. But his wmr just updated yesterday from one bar to 0 bars and still processing msg. We know his refund is coming though. This year is very confusing. My mom also now has no bars as of yesterday! Wth.

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    Refund accepted 2/13 all bars disappeared too 3 days after and it says it’s processing I’m scared I need this money I only have the child tax credit I called irs he only told me it hasn’t been updated

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    Even my IRS account Transcript shows “N/A” under 2020 tax return and record of account. I filed through TT and got both got accepted (federal accepted 2/11 and stare accepted 2/16) I got my state return deposited into my account on 3/1 but my federal says “still processing” through WMR.

    anyone else have “N/A” on their 2020 transcripts even though you filed and got “accepted”???

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    Accepted 2/10/2021 bars left 2/26/2021 still same thing still processing a refund date will be provided

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    How do I view my transcripts to see if it shows a ddd? I was accepted 2/13 and for the past 2 weeks, maybe longer, I have no bars and no codes…just the STILL processing crap!!! I filed with turbotax…can someone please help me by letting me know how to view my 2020 transcripts!? Thanks 😊

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    I got my state return 2 days ago, yet it was accepted 2 weeks after my federal! It still shows “accepted” on to though. Why is federal held up! :(

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    As of Mar 3 . Still says still being processed and a date will be available.. Feb 12 accepted.. One Bar Mar 1. With Tax Topic 152.. . My 21 days will be tomorrow… I’m not understanding what’s going on this year. Same info . Same dependents. Same earned income credits as last year. I pray at least Friday is the Day 🙏

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    @Chris my hubby and I did not claim any stimulus. We got both stimulus checks already . We also don’t have the earned income or extra child tax credit .

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    Sneakz69 When you lost bars did you have the same message we are all seeing ? And could you see your transcript before you lost bars or while bars were missing ?

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    I have no bars and NO TAX TOPIC NUMBER. Am I under review?

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    I filed for the first stimulus check back in April of last year and never received my $1,200 then I never received the $600. So now when I file again, the status never updates 😐 I hope I get it this year.

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    Zeus Tej

    We all here with the same problem I see I filed with TurboTax too and no my bars disappeared on Monday

    “Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.”

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    Hey u guys I lost bars Monday 3/1 …3/3 bars are back and ddd 3/5

    Just came back now?

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    Hey u guys I lost bars Monday 3/1 …3/3 bars are back and ddd 3/5

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    The same thing with me. I received a 5071c letter to verify identity 4 days ago. I filed Jan 11, accepted Feb and tt 152 disappeared on the 14th. My $ ss# and filing status still show on left along with Still Being Processed message. Always N/A on top 2 of Mar 1 went to Mar 15.

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    The same thing with me. I received a 5071c letter to verify identity 4 days ago. I filed Jan 11, accepted Feb and tt 152 disappeared on the 14th. My $ ss# and filing status still show on left along with Still Being Processed message. Always N/A on top 2 transcripts..account transcript changed from as of Mar 1 to as of Mar 15th .

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    Mine says the same thing! Got accepted 2-11 😩🙄

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    Sandra A

    My 2 bits

    Most of the test batches possibly went to another test server and for some reason they delayed the transfer to the Production ones that handle the tax filing. This is the only thing to me that may make sense since many are in the same boat… Who knows.

    #4463702 Reply

    GEE it is stupid to really think something like that.. You have no clue what is holding up so many peoples tax refunds and u come on here pointing fingers at illegals SMFH wow it really shows what this world is coming to… 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ If you got true information on where everybody’s taxes are then say it but please stop say crazy things…

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    This is happening because of new covid checks being sent out to illegals .They come first not americas!!!
    what a mess to hold our money longer
    Saturday will be 21days for me

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    @ladync21 yeah I got my WV state today which is really weird. I always get federal before I do state. Heck my state was accepted AFTER my federal too.

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    Alyssa Mai

    I have the same message no bars no tt152. Shows amount.

    Last year I got a cp63 for two previous years so I mailed those in February 2020. They processed one in Sept and we got our refund in November. I called and they just started processing the second one Feb 1st 2021 and said it could take up to 9 weeks and I will not be getting my refund till the.(I owe for the previous year) I’m kind of hoping it means they are done sooner than the 9 weeks but I have no hope ha ha.

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    I filed with TurboTax for like the 10th year, IRS accepted 2/12. Lost my bars Monday now show TT 152 still processing. My transcripts say n/a on top 2 and account transcript shows as of date: Feb. 22. My cycle number shows 05 and then another one is 02. I am so at a lost right now. 21 days is Friday and this has never happened to me. I really hope the DD goes in by Friday.

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    I know that they do major updates to transcripts on Wednesday and Friday’s and for WMR on Tuesday and Saturday. I’m hoping that most of us see an update Friday🤞🏽

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    @Ladyluck84 i hope so!

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    I’ll b honest tho, last year we lost bars after a week and never seen nota til August…. EIC on 4 grand babies… this is the 3 rd year with them… So seeing a bar makes me hopeful….🤣 SMH….

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    Update State has been sent as of today .

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    My bars disappeared and says the same thing ! It was accepted on the 11th and I’m still waiting for a deposit date . I had bars last week but this week it just disappeared. I’m hoping by next week I receive my return.

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    M White,,, how about August 3 rd… I couldn’t believe it!last year sucked

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    @K.G. I’m in the same boat as you. Mine hasn’t changed at all. I so hope we see a DDD for next week soon or I am going to go crazy. I’m trying to plan a vacation and have had to change the days off with work like 3 times already.

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    M. White

    Last year I didn’t get my refund until june. It was crazy. They said we were under a 60 day review. It was awful. I hope that doesn’t happen this year.

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    Taxpreparer,,, did u stay “is being processed “ til 3/1 changing to “ still”… I’ve been 1 bar, “is being”, TT 152 since I filed 2/13 acceptance… no change whatsoever

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    @tax preparer.

    I filed 1/22 and got accepted 2/10. 2/14 i had 1 bar and TT 152. then 2/22 lost 1 bar so as my TT 152.
    now when i track it through WMR it says Your refund is still being processed, refund date will be provided once available. How long should i wait? i claimed EITC not CTC. i have no update yet so far.

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    Tax Preparer

    I have the “Still Being Processed” msg on WMR (updated on 03/01). Transcripts updated today with 846 code & DD 03/08.

    Filed: 01/29
    Accepted : 02/10

    WMR updated 03/01 to “Still being processed”

    Transcripts updated 03/03 with 846 DD 03/08

    Fingers crossed people will get their money next week!

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    Same message for me. Last year I didn’t get mine till may, and nothing was wrong with it at all.

    #4463568 Reply

    the imposter in chief has bungled the IRS even worse than we thought. Has anyone had to wait this long for their money before? MY LORD. Who the heck is running the country? Its a dang clown show at the top.

    #4463565 Reply

    the bs needs over. We want our refund. Not a month from now. Bills are piled high.If anyone here lives in Texas and was affected by the Storm from hell, you know what I mean.

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    @Fuck the IRS I agree…You know this next stimulus is going to cause major delays. I mean they delayed the opening of tax season for the 2nd one. I just want my money!

    #4463559 Reply
    Mu Mo

    I also got the same crap.

    Accepted Feb 12th
    Two days ago the same message appeared. I need this money like yesterday.

    #4463551 Reply
    Fuck the IRS

    The president should be addressing this issue as of now!! We all need our money. Fuck third stimulus check send us our tax money first then 3rd stimulus!!!

    #4463550 Reply

    Where are you all seeing the TT 152? Is it the WMR website?

    #4463548 Reply

    My husband and I received the same message and our bars disappeared but my account shows TT 152 and his doesn’t. What is this madness?!?

    #4463545 Reply

    Same here, I have the same message. Its quite frustrating. I hope I dont end up in an audit. I have nothing to hide but it’s still time consuming and annoying.

    #4463540 Reply

    my bars disappeared yesterday and I’m getting the same message. I filed 2/3, accepted on 2/12.

    You can look up the major bank to see if your bank fees has come out (if you chose direct deposit) this will let you know if the IRS has sent over your refund. For Example I filed with TaxAct they use Republic Bank.

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