Your tax return is still being processed

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    How long does it take to receive the paper to ID Verify? Had 1 bar and Tues they disappeared to “Your tax return is still being processed”??

    Usually I get updated to PATH not this and seeing so many different thing a about bars disappearing

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    my federal refund is 0 dollar should i even check where my refund will it go from processing to approved I don’t have any taxes due will my transcript show 846 code

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    I had a your tax return has been received and is being processed on 4/ 7 to your return is still being processed on 4/ 10 now its saying its being processed

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    @Ben I was told that if we are unable to get ahold of our Ta’s that we can call the 800 national number and ask for a supervisor..hold that helps

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    Twa Neg

    I’m paying taxes for them to jerk me around every fuckin’ year smh

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    Twa Neg

    This is America nobody’s gonna do nothing but complain once you get your money you will be happy back to being normal again. The cycle continues until we all die. Lol

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    Seems getting T/A hasn’t helped. Leave voicemails that are never returned and now IRS won’t speak with me. Filed 1/29…went to Still Processing on/about 2/10.

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    Twa Neg

    Katie stop crying on here

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    Ok keep me postes because i thing ours is going through same thing

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    If i’m 06052019, filed 1/22, accepted 1/28, processed 2/25, got a cp05 3/4 4464c few days later (but doesn’t show that one was sent on transcript), EITC, ACTC and still have 0 on SSA wages, yet have a DDD of 3/27, then ya’ll are a week or so out for a DDD if things are moving in order.

    Get a TA though. I did, never actually spoke to them, just got a message, mail and used that fax # to send over a few paystubs on 3/12. 3/20 released, 3/27 DDD.

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    no update on wmr for me today either. hoping we all get it Wednesday morning. gl everyone still waiting

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    Marty B

    @Edgar, is there an update to your situation?

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    Marty B

    Katie, get a tax advocate immediately!

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    Where do I find out what cycle code we have?

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    We filed Jan 28th, but were not informed about the PATH bit until Feb 15th- after being told our money would be deposited on Feb 14th. It is March 24th and there is still no update- just “processing”. I am scared to death that it will never be finished and we just won’t get a refund this year. This is the most devastating thing I can imagine- we count on that money and as of now we are late on all of our payments- my husband lost his job in Feb and hasn’t been able to find anything- I literally don’t have .50. I don’t know what to do!! I just need the money. Our car will be taken, we lost the insurance on it because we couldn’t pay, all of my electronics are in pawn and I will lose them in a week, and we have no money for rent. My son’s clothes don’t fit and I can’t get him anything at all- I truly don’t even have 2 quarters. We are broke and devasted and this money is the only thing that will keep us from being homeless. Where is it and why is it still processing??

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    At amber I seen ppl with 06 and 07 got refunds so I guessing 09 and 10 will be this week don’t quote me

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    Yes and no change for me. Still on “you return is still being processed”

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    @ Amber: did you check WMR? Same situation but got DDD for March 27

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    So over it. I got a 60 day review letter the 14th and than the 18th got a 45 day review letter. Filed 1/30 and accepted same day. Cycle code 20190805

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    @gris…my first was dated 3/18 was a cp05 end date may 2 also just dot the second letter 60 day review dated 3/20 today. no idea why they send these letters as it doesn’t give much info in them. I filed the same as I have for the past few years including same kids same job same everything…never had this happen before so im not sure if its something new or the irs is behind and just buying time. ill check in here as much as I can to keep you updated

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    Hope i dont get another letter mine was dated march 18 review to end may 2nd well see what happens

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    @gris…no update but got another letter saying 60 day review dated 3/20

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    Still no update and no refund wat about u

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    Ok so i filed feb 17th. Got accepted on the 20th. 21 days according to them was on 3/13 and i should also have my money by this date. I called 3/14 to check status because I went from the accepted bar to no bars with topic 152. I have no letters and no codes. When I initially called in they asked a bunch of questions. I was told NOTHING was wrong just to try and be patient. Another week passed and I called back. I was then told it came out of the error dept on 3/5 which i wasn’t told that the first time. So I go from nothing wrong to an error.!! I asked about a TA bc this is getting exhausting. I left messages for them and one finally called me back a few days ago. She was not much help but very nice. She basically told me because its still processing there is nothing she can do. I did file the eitc and child tax credit. But today makes 30 days and I just dont understand why we get the run around when calling. I just want my money.

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    @gris…your details are exactliy same as me except I f/a25 looks like were in for the long haul

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    I know same here

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    I got a letter from the IRS saying they are holding my refund and reviewing it. It could take up to April 25 does anyone know if or how long before I get a date or know anything about what’s going on.

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    Filed 1/30 accepted 1/30 claimed 2 dependents bars disappeared 2 weeks later with tax topic 152 got letter dated 3/18 cp05 under review till may 2how long will it take to get my refund does anyone know?

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    Seriously… 49 days since accepted by IRS. Saturday I received 3 letters from the IRS, 1st was the access code to my online transcripts, the 2nd was my transcripts and the 3rd was a letter from the IRS stating “We have received your 2018 tax return and it is in processing. Your return requires an additional 60 days to review and will provide a response after we have reviewed your return”..

    I called on Feb 21st, to be told that my return was on hold because of the EITC and PATH Act, they told me to wait until Feb 27th to see an update. NO UPDATE. I called the IRS on Feb. 28th, I was informed that my return was now on a 45 day review as of March 4th. March 16th I received a letter from the IRS… as of March 13th I am now on a 60 day review. So I was now told that I will wait out my 60 days and at that time if everything checks out then I will receive my refund…If not then I need to contact them back and they will provide me with further instruction on any actions that may need attention. SoOoOoOoOo….. It could be May, June or July if I even see a return…

    Proud to be an American yet?

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    So we filed 2/3, lost the bars on 2/16, and has been stuck on “your tax return is still being processed” ever since. This has never happened, and a few days ago, my wife got a NetSpend card in the mail. So I honestly don’t know what’s going on. It’s been way over 21 days, and I can’t get through to the IRS to even speak to them. So frustrated right now, especially with a baby being born in a few weeks!!!

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    i e-filed and was accepted by the irs on feb 11th three days later got 9001 ext. 362 i called and verified identity and couple days later back to being processed but no bars or DDD.

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    Filed Feb 18 up til March 8 I had tax return is being processed March 9 updated to still being processed. I called March 15 I’m up fo review. ihave the same two dependants for over 12yrs n same job. Told to check bck after May 15 if I don’t receive it. Smhhhh

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    Yay me got the amazing 846 code on the transcript DDD finally 3/20 !!! Taxpayer Advocate push thru!! Wmr hasn’t updated though🤔… I know it’s tough and the wait is dreadful but I encourage everyone to hang tight. If you’re in a situation please get a tax advocate to help- some have their doubts but it’s worth a shot in my opinion

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    If u lost all your bars and/or have the still processing message sorry to say but you’re fucked and will be waiting a long, long time. The IRS is full of shit. If you call them you will get a different story all the time. There are people here who have been waiting MONTHS. I’m now on day 37. No letters, no codes. They’re just holding my money for no reason. I recommend any of you with EITC and/or ACTC file exempt this year so they can’t fuck you again next year. DO NOT over allow and give them even more of your hard earned money. I am now exempt and the IRS will not fuck me ocer again. Full me once…

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    Hello angry taxpayers, I too am livid.

    I filed early as I always do, being a family man, I have to provide for my wife and kids.

    I filed Feb. 1st. I was processing until there was a hold placed Feb 15. After many phone calls, there is no nirvana. Got a lettee March 4th saying, “we need 60 days to continue to review your return further. We require no information from you at this time. I.e. you need to do nothing.” So.. My son is going to be born on may 10th and now i can’t provide proper spoils my baby boy deserves.. Digging trentches in my own rent to provide for my girls. College grad and mad. Not okay. I overwithold, and would die for my country, the land Of the free like anu good tax payer I want thr system to work. Give me my taxes back 🇺🇸

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    Still no money. Still no letters. Still processing message. No bars. No TTC. When I called I was told they were delayed but no reason why. Transcripts blank. Filed and accepted 2/17. This is ridiculous. Gimme my money!

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    I received a letter in the mail to prove my identity. I did it over the phone and was told my return will be sent back to processing and all holds released. This is for fraud prevention. I get it. I am glad I know and it is taken care of. Now back to the waiting game for me…lol!

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    i filed and was accepted the 28th of january a week later i got the pathway message no bars saying it is being processed. nothing changed until last saturday the 23rd . then it updated to 2 bars and ddd of the 27. my friend filed the same day and after the pathways message disappeared it said Still being processed and she called and they said they’d sent her a letter in the mail to verify identity on the 15th . she has yet to get the letter in the mail. just our experience with it .

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    Jackie Norris

    My status says still being processed and I called today the rep said everything looked good but mine was chosen for further verification and it would take 5weeks from the day I filed instead of 3 and to expect my refund by march 3

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    Im being is verified and i have the still being processed message no codes

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    I have the message of being processed with no bars. With no way of checking my transcript or lack of knowledge of how to. I don’t have a credit card or loans so with that being said. Are most people still showing the processing message with no bars and on their transcripts show ddd of 2/22. Thank you

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    @Delia – To clarify, is WMR still showing you in a processing status but your transcript shows a DDD of 2/22?

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    Marty B

    @madluv, yes!

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    Is it still possible to receive a DDD of 2/22 if you are still processing? I can’t view my transcripts online to determine if I have an 846 code.

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    She doesn’t. But we can all clearly see Audri is talking out of her ass

    No one knows what “still processing” vs “processing” means unless you have a specific tax code or letter from the IRS

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    Im just asking but how do you know audrey didnt get her ddd

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    Glad I’m not the only one who caught Audrey being a complete lying @#[email protected]
    If you haven’t figured out by now, I’ll tell you. I’d say more than half are malicious liars that like to see others suffer by saying “I got my DDD ” when they really haven’t. People are cruel and Audrey happens to be one of them. Don’t let it get to you. But remember, not everryone here is telling the truth. Even the ones who pretend to help you.

    Good luvk

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    Audri, what kind of advice is that?

    “If it says still processing, there’s a problem…..but I didn’t have that, so you’ll get your bars back”

    Don’t speak on things you’re unsure of

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    For those worried about the being processed and still being processed with no bars here is what’s up. If your bars are gone but says it’s been received and is being processed then you are fine n it will be no time till u get your issue date. However if you see the “still” bring processed with no bars the chance are they have found some kinda of discrepancy in your return and have to look into further. I filed Feb. 1st n was excepted same day a week later I got the the PATH notification for about a week and then finally 2 days ago I got your refund is being processed and yesterday morning I have been approved and will be sent by the 22nd. So try not to worry to much the bars come back eventually!

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    Roseanna Ramirez

    Mine has shown it is being processed with no bars for 2 weeks. I filed 1/17/19 and do have the EIC. Hopefully it updates soon.

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    The updates seem to be wonky this year. I had path for 24 hrs before it updated to the recieved return processing message my transcripts show a ddd of 2/22

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    @taxes suck

    “Had your return is being processed 3 years in a row. 2 years ago I needed to ID verify. Last year it went away on it’s own after a week and I got my return the same day it went away This is year #3 so, we will see which way it goes. Don;t listen to these idiots who claim they know what everything means. No one knows how the IRS works. Sometimes I don’t think the IRS doesn’t even know what they themselves are doing.”


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    I filed my sisters and mines return on February 6th, and on both it still says in processing. Both filed with earned income tax credit. One time when I checked, on my sisters status, it read the long message about PATH, but mine has never said anything about PATH.

    I think every situation is different. Who knows. Yesterday was the day the IRS stops holding PATH returns, so we shall see when we get ours.

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    Last year WMF was on the first bar for over 21 days then went straight to the 3rd bar. My return was in my account when I checked it. Path states that if you filed EITC OR ACTC the DDD is February 27th if filed before February 15th. That may apply to people that filed in January also.

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    No change for me, I’m still processing.

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    Woke up to my transcripts are updated but no 846 code so hopefully tomorrow I’ll have something there..

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    Good Morning! So I couldn’t log on to check transcripts as it wouldn’t recognize my account number. I have had return still processing for 2 weeks! Well I am still paying back student loans. I logged in to and i was able to link my 2018 tax return!!! Keep hope alive it’s coming!!

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    Filed 01/26
    Accepted 01/28 or 01/28
    One bar, TT 152

    First year filing MFJ with EITC and ACTC. I have been told several different things in the process of 1) trying to find out how much if any will be offset from our return 2) weather or not our status (PATH) would be updated on WMR prior to the 2/15 hold date for PATH or if I’m just a sitting duck. The TOPS line only says theres 2 things my husband MAY be offset, I ordered transcripts by mail on 02/05 but of course we have 0 credit cards and 0 loans so I can only get them by mail, dont have them yet so I have no clue whats on it, once i ordered the 2018 transcript it just popped up saying theyve received the order…..does anyone have any advice??? Thanks in advance, and good luck to all!!!!

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    Noone knows i think it means different for everyone unfortunatly for me i was randomly selected to id verify.I hope you update to path soon

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    taxes suck

    Had your return is being processed 3 years in a row. 2 years ago I needed to ID verify. Last year it went away on it’s own after a week and I got my return the same day it went away This is year #3 so, we will see which way it goes. Don;t listen to these idiots who claim they know what everything means. No one knows how the IRS works. Sometimes I don’t think the IRS doesn’t even know what they themselves are doing.

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    Larry huff

    This site is a JOKE and of no use whatsoever

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    Army mama

    Just lost all bars !

    Filed 1/31 with H&R (in office )

    Trans still say N/A for 2018

    Have a message that’s States still being processed with tt 152 ?

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    Mine has been processing for two weeks so I take mine as a bad sign honestly.

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    No problem! There is so many crazies spreading false info… I was panicked when the “still processing” message came everyone on here was saying audit and id verify and whatever and then on Sat it changed to path. So I’m no longer listening to anyone and their theories… it meant nothing but it was still processing 😂😂

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    @tessa thank you I i hope that is true!

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    You may not have to ID Verify. I got the still being processed message for a week before I went to path. Also – some never see the path message and update. Everything might be just fine!

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