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    Can someone please help me? I filed on 1/21/2019 was accepted on 1/22/2019. I had 1 bar with the tax topic. (Federal return) then woke today to see “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. Please read the following information related to your situation: Tax topic 152, Refund information

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    Cam Stevens

    They finally released my return. I will get it next week. I don’t know if it was the TAS or if it just happened to happen at the same time I called them.


    Cam Stevens

    I contacted the Tax Advocacy Service and after talking with them, they said since I had waited so long I qualified for their help. They looked at my taxes and created a case file for me and are putting someone on it to find out answers for me and to figure out what can be done. They said it could still take up to 6 weeks but at least now something is being done.



    Good evening everyone. I have been following this forum for quite some time now but this is the first time I am writing in. Reading everyone else’s 2019 tax return struggles/triumphs(not very many of those to date 😞) is the only thing that has been keeping me somewhat sane about all of this bullshit this tax year. So here it is…

    Filed: March 14th
    Accepted (one bar on WMR): March 15th
    Lost bar with “still being processed” message and tax topic 152: March 27th
    Requested a mailed transcript: April 22nd. No codes on the transcript
    Received 60 Day Review letter around May 3rd or 4th dated for May 1st
    60 days up on July 1st
    STILL NOTHING! No more letters, no codes, nothing!

    Haven’t called the IRS AT ALL! I’m scared to call honestly because I don’t want to be placed under another 60 day review. Like all of you here, I just want this nightmare to end already!



    Filed March 1 2019 ! No emails or letters have been sent. I’ve called many many times. First they could not find my returns so I sent them again certified Mail . Then I faxed them . Was told the delay was a clerical mistake on their end but reason why. It is Aug 24th now and still nothing!



    I flied on February 1, my return was accepted February 2. I received a letter dated March 18 stating that my return was being held for 45 days pending a review. I received another letter that same week saying that the review would take 60 days. I called the IRS on May 18 after the 60 days was up and they told me that my account review was extended another 60 days. I then received letter dated June 10 informing me that they are still working on my account and the reason for the delay is that they are waiting for my account information to appear on their computer systems and to allow an additional 60 days for review. It’s nearing the end of the second 60 day period and I still have not received my refund or an explanation.



    I filed February 13 and was accepted February 14 and still have not received my refund. I have talked to the IRS twice and they told me they were trying to verify my income and they have 5 60 periods they can take to get you your refund. They refuse to let you talk to anyone in the review department, saying they do not take phone calls or correspondence. So far, there is literally nothing I can do from what I have been told by the people I have talked to and have not been given any real answers.



    I have only received my state refund but not my federal..
    I filed Feb 18th.. accepted the 19th… got a 60 day review letter March 21st… which was up May 20th… day 78 I decided to call to ask why refund was still being processed… no bars, nothing. I finally got ahold of someone and she told me it was because my employers have not reported my wages… I contacted my co-workers and they’ve all received their refunds awhile back… I assume if they got theirs, should mean our employers did report our wages right? I don’t understand why they got theirs and I haven’t ? … I don’t know what to think anymore…please help.



    Sent taxes March 3 accepted March 4th. My info hasn’t changed that much in years.

    Received a letter on April 15th saying that they had to verify income (and like 3 other things), and to wait 60 days and not to contact them. It’s June 6th and nothing…. I’m waiting for a letter or something and I have nothing.

    Also, status page says, Taxes still being processed


    Denise Z.

    Still nothing, 129 Days…….



    I filed on turbo tax February 5th, but I traveled for work and had to end up sending in my w2’s which I did that very day. Then I got a letter about two weeks later saying I forgot a signature, that was my bad, I signed right away and faxed the signed sheet. Then two weeks later got another letter stating I forgot a sheet. So around March 1st I sent in that sheet (it was my 8863 form for school) I realized I hadn’t send it. I don’t have kids. No house. Nothing crazy to file, except my work. It is now June 5th. Have not received any other kind of letter and it just continues to say processing. Okay, its now been over two months since I turned in that last sheet and stagnant. I’ve called several times and gotten a hold of something and about every other week I get “give it another 2 week and it’ll be refunded or you’ll get a letter”. Two months later and still getting that same response. This is a joke.


    Bessie Wright

    Can someone please help me I filed my taxes on march 13 2019 it is may 22 2019 and I have not received my Federal taxes it keep saying it stil being processes a return date will be given to you as soon as it available


    Shaun #1 not some other Shaun

    I filed on 2/6 both credits on 2/23 my bar disappeared with the message STILL processing, got 2 letters saying im under review 45 days then 60 days, 10 days ago i filed to get help from the tax advocate and said id get call in 5 business days , 3 business days later i got a call from the tax advocate person , she was VERY helpful and polite she told me the reason i was under review was because my company never reported my income ( i was like wtf this company dont pay on time weeks late now this?) So , she told me to fax my last paycheck stub of 18 and a copy of my w-2 , she said after that she would submit it and about 95% of the time the irs refunds the taxes. I have not received my taxes (its been 1 week), she stated that after she sends copies to the irs it can take up to 10 business day’s for them to say ok for return and then up to another 3 weeks to get my return! So, if i would have just waited them out im sure i would have got another 60 day letter and god knows from that point when i would have received my money! I told the advocate lady my car was about to be repossessed and i gotta have it to get kids back and forth to school and that made me eligible for hardship



    I am in the same boat with all of y’all. BUT, I’m wondering if a commonality is we all have marketplace insurance of some variety. I see some comments about the IRS not being able to verify the 1095A information. Or possible fraud detected (we have had fraudulent returns filed in our name in the past).To avoid this agony in the future, perhaps we shouldn’t e-file. If they don’t have their act together and they can’t verify information electronically, then it shouldn’t be offered. IMHO. I think I am going to mail in the return next year….and the supporting documents.



    Adrienne you should have received a letter by now. I filed on 2/ 6 also but got 4464c letter around 3/16. You def need to speak w some one at the IRS.



    It’s been 2 months since I efiled (2/6). My refund status just says “still being processed”. I have not gotten any letters or anything. When I call the IRS or TA, I get the “we are experiencing a high volume of calls, call back on Wednesday” recording and then they hang up. I’m so frustrated, we really need the money this year. Baby number 3 is on the way, and we are were counting on this return.
    I don’t know what to do. I wish they would at least send me a letter to let me know what’s going on.



    From what ive gathered if anyone filed a step kid with different last name automatically pulled for review.. 2/6 filed got stupid letter take NO action and need an additional 60 day’s to review. Filed 3 kids , 2 mine and 1 step child. Yep HIT.. STR8 BULLSHIT. now what end of may .. Anything they can do to make problems worse..


    Martha sanchez

    Mine says the same thing did yours ever change



    @Tasha – I was similar to you. F/A 2/6, had bars until 2/25, then went to “still processing.” A month passed then I received a 4464C letter for wage verification. IRS never received my W2 from my employer. So…still waiting. And still on “still processing.”



    I have similar issues. E-filed on 2/4. I had bars up until 02/23. Now the status has been refund is still processing and no letter or error codes received. I have called multiple times and the same answer”There’s nothing needed from me and they have up to 8 weeks from the day it was accepted to receive a letter or refund. If I have not got either then the day after I can call to escalate the issue. 8 weeks will be on04/04 and no change in my status yet. 2 months. I have never experienced this and the money is much needed right now as a single parent! I don’t understand what is the problem if they don’t need any information from me and they cannot tell me if anything is wrong!



    We are never going to get our fuking money… FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK!!!!!



    I called Turbo Tax. They will not extend the debt date. You have to be deathly ill to qualify and then it is only for 21 days. My letter from the I R S says they need another 60 days.


    Tammie Schultz

    Thank you
    If they would of told me this when I first called about refund when it went to still processing on March 6th. Instead of just saying give them 2 week extension. Would of been solved weeks ago.
    Ta was nice at first til I told her I went to local office. ( Which she told me too)
    Idk this has been the craziest tax season ever



    @ Tammy Schultz mine took 30 days



    No update for me… same message since 3/9

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.


    Tammie Schultz

    My TA sent my letter with wages on it over to the IRS on Thursday since my employer didn’t enter my wages in box one. I went to my local tax office and had the TA look over everything she said it was plain as day the mistake. She stated my return would be in my account within 5 to 7 days.. But when i talked to my assigned TA she stated it could take three weeks. And wasnt sure if letter was good enough. When she told me to have letter head done with my wages on it. Even know all other boxes were filled out. I have been waiting since Feb 17th. Done everything she told me to do. She was so rude when i talked to her..
    My question is anyone know how long it will really take. I was told since I have hardship would go pretty quick. But they never had me fax over my hardship. Which didn’t make sense to me.
    Anyone can help would be great


    Yousef R

    Those of you who are getting told by TurboTax that they want their money but you’re still waiting for a return just call them and explain what’s going on and I’ll in my case they stopped the charge



    Been following this thread as mine were taking forever and finally today got a DDD of 4/3. So glad been waiting forever.



    Wmr updated today with ddd 4/03 finally been waiting since february.



    Wmr still says your ” refund is still being processed ” but my transcripts updated today to ddd of 04/03



    Day 51. Nothing.



    Just wanna add, I already recieved my state refund weeks ago.



    Had to mail in my taxes for the first time in years. I couldnt get my AGI from last year and I couldnt get my trancripts. Stupid me forgot to mail in a copy of my w2 with the return. Mailed it in on January 26Th. Showed up on wmr on feb 22nd with bars and tax topic 152. Went to still processing a week later. Got a notice in the mail last week, march 18 to fax in W2. I faxed it in the very next day. Its March 29 now, any idea how long IRS gonna process it now? Letter says 6 to 8 weeks after faxing in the w2. I hope it doesnt take that long.



    @Jean lots of folks are. Search these forums for all the posts about it.



    Is anyone else getting screwed by Turbo Tax because you haven’t received your refund yet. They are taking it out of checking account instead of the actual return.



    2/2 Filed and accepted
    Being processed TT152
    2/22 Switched to STILL being processed and TT152 disappeared and Amount Remained
    3/2 Received Letter for 1095 A & 8962
    3/4 Faxed required documents
    3/13 Called to request TA. Informed my fax was NOT received. Told to wait 3 days for an advocate to contact me.
    3/18 Advocate called STILL stating fax not received. Asked for documentation I sent and to give it 3-5 business days for an update. Also, advised I should know something no later than 4/8.
    3/20 TT152 Returned and Refund Amount Disappeared. Looks like movement, not sure exactly what it means though.

    Any thoughts?



    F/A 2/5. 1040EZ, ACTC – lost bars 2/23 and went to “still processing” on 2/23. Told I was on a 45 day review when I called the IRS on day 21. Got 60 day review letter on 3/18. Processing date on transcript was 3/11. My transcripts don’t show the code of any letter being sent but I still got one. I’M STILL WAITING. Passed the point of angry now.

    I changed my deductions to EXEMPT for 2019 so the IRS couldn’t fuk me again next year.


    Denise z

    Hopefully we see some update tomorrow.
    I filed on 1/28
    Accepted on 1/29
    Code 1541 on 2/01
    Updated to “We have received your tax return and it is still being processed” on 3/01
    Then, updated to “We have received your tax return and it is being processed” on 3/09

    Past 45 days, no letters, I haven’t called… Really praying for tomorrow!



    Ok thought I’ll bring you over here. Lol can does everyone have an account with sbtg or ones who’s about to get a refund?




    @rick…got a 4464c 60 day review letter yesterday, dated 3/14. Wage verification. Ugh. Same crappy employer. Gonna be a long wait



    I filed on feb 5th my state taxs were offset to pay back unemployment i never heard anything about my federal and its been 6 weeks since i filed can someone help me out?



    alabamagal87: You should call a TA hopefully they can get your money sooner!



    Can someone please help me? I have been following all the threads since the tax season started here is my issue.
    Filed on 1/8/19 why so early the tax preparer I went to told me some bs about it had to be sent out due to some kinda glitch in her system so I was stuck filing with her when I didn’t want to. I only went to see about a refund advance. I asked before completing the application that if I was denied if I had to file with them I was told no, but that was bs. I was told 1 refund amount then when I could not find my information on wmr I was given a different amount. The new amount allowed me to check wmr only to get a take action message with no codes. On 3/2/19 I got the message your refund is still processing and I have been stuck on this message ever since. When I call the irs I get the 45 day review spill. On March 8th I received a letter telling me I was in review allow 60 days nothing to do on my part. I was accepted on 1/14/19 and then told the review would not start processing til Feb 25th and that I should call back on April 11th. I have been sleeping in my truck since the beginning of Feb and my car note is behind so this money is very much needed for me to find a place and catch up on bills. My kids are staying with family and just recently like two days ago I found a job. I am lost and hurt I don’t know what else to do at this point.



    @rick..same here. F/A 2/6 lost bars and stuck on still processing since 2/ 25. No error codes or letters from IRS.



    i file in feb 7 and still haven’t gotten anything and at Where’s My Refund site i’m getting

    Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.

    i started getting this message around feb 23/24 and nothing has change since then and i haven’t gotten any letters either so what the frack is going on? i haven’t called cause i know the phone lines will be busy lol im not gonna wait on the phone for hours when other people here need to use it.



    Did you get your return yet. Mine says the same message. My taxes were accepted in 2/25/19



    @chasity same here !






    Day 36 for me, officially. Still nothing but delays and lies from our wonderful govt. This is getting ridiculous. If you’re EITC OR ACTC go to your HR dept today and claimed EXEMPT for fed and file on 4/15 next year. Don’t let them do this to you again next year. I certainly am not. F this.


    Denise z

    @toya queen thank you for your response. This waiting game is just ridiculous. So I’m hoping by what they told you, I will have some update by Friday or Saturday, since my return was accepted 1/29. Puts me more at ease. I will keep checking too though.


    toya queen

    Same here- Filed and accepted 01/30/19- Had the bar saying it was received-mines wasn’t going to be processed until 2/15 because of the child tax credits and what-not- however allllllll my friends status bar show approved and a expected refund date- mine however says your return is still being processed a date will be provided when available- I spoke with a IRS rep 03/04 and they said I don’t owe anything and was selected for manual review randomly. He said allow 45 days from 01/30 and the WMR website should update automatically. I still check everyday thought. The rep told me it should update on the 46th day


    Denise z

    ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Also, I did my taxes on 1/28
    Received 1/29
    PATH message changed to code 1541 on 2/3
    Then message “We have received your return and it is being processed” on 2/15


    Denise z

    I hope I get mine soon too. It has been on “we have received your return and it is being processed” for the past two weeks. I am unable to get transcripts, I dont have the code “152” next to the message, I have NO letters in thw the mail. Does anyone have thos same situation?


    Emily Garcia

    I filed 1\29 it got accepted the next day. It has now been over a month. It says still processing. I call IRS but the automated system does not allow me to speak to someone. I know their is a delay but darn it I want my refund like now. How much longer do I have to wait? Is this normal. I haven’t ever had a problem..I guess there is always a first.



    From Personal Experience, When the wording changes on WMR it may indicate a problem. Ex. I filed 1/26 accepted 1/28 status ” Your return had been accepted and is processing”, after a couple weeks it said “Your tax return is STILL being processed, a refund date will be provided when available” Tax topic was also gone . I read online that usually means there’s an issue and i would receive a letter in the mail. Surely enough around 2/23 i received a letter requesting i mail or fax in my 1095A as they could not verify it through the marketplace.** FYI once you have to send in anything additional it automatically throws the 21 day time period out the windows and adds 4-8 weeks waiting time. 2 weeks for them to acknowledge whatever u sent and another 4-6 for them to process and issue refund ***

    Faxed 1095A 2/25, on 3/8 Tax topic 152 was back but amount it gone and said it’s STILL processing. I’ve read that once you get tax topic back, a DDD should be shortly after however 3/12 still no DDD, and when i order transcripts they’re blank.

    My suggestion is it has been over 21 days (includes weekends) since it was accepted and you haven’t received a letter ,give them a call. Yes wait times are horrible, but better to call and get a jump start in case you do need to provide additional info, than to wait for a letter that may come a week or too later. Most especially if you’ve the wording on WMR has changed. Hope this Helps & Good Luck every one for a speedy return :)



    @Michelle same boat. Just waiting on who the fuck knows what.



    Filed and accepted 1/31 went to still processing about a week later. Just got a 12c letter yesterday and had to fax in my 1095a and 8962.



    Filed 2-4, accepted 2-5 still processing 152 today 3-7. So irritated because everyone has gotten their money. My taxes were extremely easy too!!! So disappointed…


    Blia Lee

    It’s Feb. 22nd.. refund still in process.. not sure what’s going on.. feeling frustrated..



    Was accepted on 2/2/19 showed the bar saying it was being processed with tax topic 152 as the link . It changed a little before midnight yesterday 2/22/19 with no bar just stating it’s still being processed with tax topic 152 still being listed. Makes me kind of wonder what’s going. Hoping it’s nothing.



    Ugh, here comes the ID verify crowd. No being processed does NOT mean you are getting ID verified. People like to pontificate that they know it all. Being processed means exactly what it says, your return is still being processed. I get that nearly every year and only had to ID verify once. Don’t sweat it. Sure it mean you need to I’d verify but that’s not the only meaning. Don’t let these know it alls get you down. Last year I got my refund a week after I got changed to being processed, and I didnt have to do anything.



    My transcripts finally updated today, but no 846 yet.



    @BCMDAN Good to know thanks for that info. I wish I could view my transcripts online but have to get them via mail I guess due to data breach and for security reasons I can’t make an account at the moment. But I’m in the same boat still being processed, no path, and etc

    I don’t think right now there’s an issue with my taxes I just think it’s taking longer than normal. But we will see …



    Hi Everyone,

    I experienced the same situation. I filed on the 27th and my return was accepted on the 28th. I had one bar and it remained there until earlier this week when I began receiving the message “your tax return is still being processed”. I am not receiving any of the credits (ACTC or EIC), I file my taxes myself, and have always received my refunds very quickly. Of course I went into panic mode and started googling :) when I found this site.

    I looked up my transcript (I had no idea you could do that) and found that my return had a refund issue date of 2/19/19. I looked at my previous year and it said 2/7/18.I logged into my bank account and low and behold, the deposit is pending for 2/19.

    FYI, I did a comparison of last year’s tax transcript and my deposit date; and the transcript and deposit dates matched. Regardless of what the IRS says, you can absolutely tell when your refund will be issued. I guess , I say all this to say—the message likely means nothing for a majority of us. I am now remembering that I received a quick alert which mentioned something about updates to the Efilig system, which likely affected the process.



    only saw one person so far that received this last week that can view their transcripts today and can see 846 with a ddd.



    Any one get an update on what this means or anything. Im going crazy thinking about what it means. Help!!!



    I filed 1/23 and was accepted 1/24. It gave the PATH message till 2/5 and then it said “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” I was able to order TT online today but for some reason wont let me make an account so i can actually view them online. So i ordered them but the 2018 ones were def there. I do have EIC, anyone else dealing with this reach out. Ive never had this messave before.




    Can anyone advise of the IRS # they called and actually spoke to someone vs the automated WMR hotline?

    Want to check and see if I have any issues with my return causing the:
    Your tax refund is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic152, Refund Information



    Updated to PATH from “still processing”. Just checked my transcripts and everything looks good. I should have my tiny refund by 2/22.

    Bridgett, you can wait on a letter since I obviously won’t be getting one roflmao.



    I filed 1/27 accepted 1/28. I have never showed up on WMR other than it’s in processing 152 . I’ve been checking and pulling transcripts and nothing.Except on the account transcript its dated 2-18-2019 no other info. So I checked my return and wallah there is $69 in ACTC. So I think it’s on hold until the 15th.



    I filed on the 18th, accepted on the 22nd.

    This is the first year claiming my baby and I am a PATHer; ACTC

    I have the same message and have since yesterday, and I have been checking daily.

    I logged in today to see my transcripts again, I also checked yesterday and its updated the Account transcript not the Wage and Income one, that one still says ‘No record of Return Filed’. But the other now has for 2018:

    Account Balance: $$$ due back amt AS OF: February 25, 2019

    Tax Return Filed Date of 02/25/19
    Processing Date of 02/25/19



    I always file early, always get my return by the 1st of February. This year, I filed 1/23 and was accepted 1/25. No kids. No credits. Easy return. Been stuck on processing and no bars since Saturday. Two of my friends who have kids already got their return on the 30th 🤷



    Same thing mine just updated last night to your tax return is still being processed



    This happened to me last year too. The day before I got my ddd it popped up this screen. “Still processing” with the 152… so for some it might mean ID verify but for me it didn’t. I woke up to the same message today. I’m usually a weekly so to see movement today was a shock! Fingers crossed it just means they are making progress! Not everyone has the same progress and tax situations. Let’s try to be positive and thankful everyone is able to share their situations to help each other out and ease the stress of the crazy messages! Happy Thursday!!



    I filed on 1/23 and was accepted within a few hours. I file early every year with TT without issue. Only credit claimed is CTC. I file both with a pin and my driver’s license information. I woke up this morning to missing bars and “Your return is still being processed”. Called the IRS and spoke to a very nice gentleman who advised there is nothing wrong with my return and that no additional documentation was required and that my return was simply transitioning from one department to another so the system did not have any information to pull at the time I made the request. He also stated that even though I filed early, I was still on track to receive my refund within 21 days which would mean I should receive my DD on 2/13. I am a weekly so I should update Friday into Saturday morning. He also stated the IRS To Go app sometimes provides information in more detail than the web site does. I hope this helps someone.

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